Yoshi vs. Tails



Yoshi: This cute little dino is fighting again, this time, to protect Toad’s Castle from Sonic’s Gang. Once again, everyone (save a certain someone) seems to be on his side. Will he win?

Miles “Tails” Prower: A clever, young, two-tailed fox who’s Sonic’s best friend and is smart enough to rival Dr. Eggman’s I.Q.! He’s pretty formidable and usually polite, but this fight might bring out the worst in him…

*Toadette busts through the door*

Toadette: Toad! I’ve got great news! The ratings are up! The deathma…I mean charactor battles are more populare than ever!

Toad: That’s great! I’m so happy!

*Toad runs up to Toadette and starts to hug here, but is pushed away*

Toadette: Toooad, not here!*whispers* there are people watching!

Toad: That’s stupid! What is this?! some kind’a internet event or something?!

Toadette: You’re just looking for an excuse to show me a PDA!

Toad: But I don’t have those! There way too expensive!

Toadette: You KNOW what I mean.

Toad: OHHH! You mean public display of affectio-

Toadette: SHHHHHHH! The people!

Toad: Toadette! When are gonn’a leave your little fantasy world?!

*Camera pans out to the door of the room where Tails and Emerl are listening with their ears to the door*

Emerl:*whispering* Hehe…told you this was a great idea!

Tails:*whispering* Yeah this is better than an internet event!

*Yoshi walks by the corner past the hallway but turns back after realizing what he saw*

Yoshi: Hey! You guys aren’t allowed back here!

Emerl: Yeah, so?! What are you gonn’a do about it Butt-sucker?!

Yoshi:Why I ought’a…

*Yoshi chucks an egg at Emerl and hits him in the head*

Emerl: Ha! You fool! I’m to powerful to be destroyed!

Tails: Wait, weren’t you already destroyed in sonic battl…Emerl?

*Emerl is gone like he was never there*

Yoshi: Emerl?! You’re crazy!

Tails: WTF! You just threw an egg at him and you say I’M crazy?!

Yoshi: You need to watch your language! You’ve been hanging out with Shadow, havn’t you?! Besides, that was you I hit with an egg!

Tails: Are you trying to make me look-OW! My head does hurt!

Yoshi: Yeah, probably because it’s gone to long without a brain! Now little boy, 8 year olds aren’t allowed back here! We’re going to go find you parents!

Tails: THAT is the LAST STRAW! I’LL see YOU in a DEATHMATCH!

*Yoshi and Tails turn their backs and walk away. Camera turns to the door*

Voice: Wow! Emerl was right, this is fun Toadette! The ratings are about to ge higher then ever!

3 days later…

Toad: Hello, and welcome to the latest improvement of Toad’s Castle deathmatchs!

Toadette: Toad! We changed the name, it isn’t death-

Toad: That’s what you think! Didn’t you hear what they said to each other?! I’m pretty sure this is a deathmatch!

Toadette: Well, anyway, I’m your host Toadette, and this is my assistent,

Toad: Hey, Hey, HEY! I’M the host and YOU’RE the co-host!

Toadette: Hey! Don’t make me call that Shy Guy back!

Toad: AH!!! So…much…clogging!So cold…so dark…

Toadette: AS I was saying, I’m your-

Tails: Ah, shut cha neck-hole and get on with the deathmatch!

Toadette:My word! YOU just lost yorself an interduction little mister!

*A wrench flies through the air and hits Toad*

Tails: Consider that a warning shot!

Toadette: I don’t know about you but he SURE convinced me, hehehe…
anyway, you know him, you love him, you’ve been playing his games since 1992, the guy who needs no introduction (and with a cute adorable face like that, who couldn’t recognize him?) Yoshi, our undefeated CHAMPION!

Audiance:*jumbled* Yoshi!
Go Yoshi!
Egg’em up, Yoshi!
*together* Yo-shi! Yo-shi! Yo-shi!

Smashmatt: Boo! Yoshi stinks! Slit his troat with your oversized tails!

*Camera shows Smashmatt flying out the 3rd story window*

Audiance: Yoshi hater! This is a no-dising area you loser![/oximoron]

Tails: Aw, just get on with it!

*Yoshi eats Tails and does a double front flip, spitting Tails to the ground like a cannonball*


Toad:*getting up* Wa-what happend?

*Toadette hits Toad with the same wrench*

Ref Guy: Eh-hom!

Toadette: Goodness, I got so caught up in this fight that I forgot to introduce our referee, Ref Guy!

Ref Guy:*mumbling* Yeah, yeah, that’s what she always says…alright, lets get out there and have a clean*observing the scene*…public execution.

*Yoshi is kicking Tails, on the ground, over and over again*

Tails: augh…ohh…

*Yoshi swallows Tails and walks toward to out-of-bounds and spits Tails in an arc. Just when Tails is 3 feet away from the ground, his eyes open and he stats to fly*

Tails: HA! SUCKERS YOU JUST CAN HOLD DOWN THIS FREE SPIRIT! NOW I’M GONN’A*hits wall* Arg!uaoginae.m257@!#^!@$$*****!!!*falls to ground*

Toadette: Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Toad: Toadette! Wake up! You’re daydreaming again!

Toadette: WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE FAKE?! WHY????!!!!

Toad smacks Toadette with the wrench.

Toadette: Thanks, I needed that.

Toad: Good for me then, JOB STEALER!

*Toad hits Toadette with the wrench*

Toad: Now, your ONE AND, ONLY NOT CO-HOST, HOST! will tell you what’s happening. It seems that Yoshi has been kicking Tails for some time now, sheese, no wonder that lazy Ref Guy hasn’t been promoted…

*Wrench comes out of nowhere and hits Toad. Ref Guy jumps to where Toad usually sits*

Ref Guy: I just got on the bosses good side today! Sweet dreams TOAD!

Yoshi: Well do your job and start the countdown! My leg is gonn’a get Carpal Tunnel Syndrom!

Tails: Then here, let me help you, PROPELLER PINWHEEL!

Ref Guy: Amazing! Tails just did a jump recovery while kicking Yoshi up in the air! Whoa! His two tails are spinning like tornadoes! Hit after hit! Yoshi must have really high stamina to withstand an attack like that!

*Yoshi spins in the air and ground pounds Tails, pinning him*

Yoshi: BREEEEE-HA!!!!!!!

Ref Guy: I’ve never seen anything like it! In 2 moves and an unsympathetic, meciless barrage of kicks, Yoshi pinned Tails OUT OF THE RING, WHILE USING THE MOMENTUM TO BOUNCE BACK INTO IT! WE HAVE A WINNER!

*Ref Guy walks into the arena and holds up Yoshi’s arm*

Ref Guy: The winner and still champien…YOSHI!

*Smashmatt’s voice is heard from the castle grounds outside*


Yoshi: Who’s your hero?!


Tails:*getting up* I’m…not…done yet!

Yoshi: Are you ready for a once in a lifetime suddendeath?! I KNOW I AM!

Audiance:*screaming like mad dogs* YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tails: I’ll…never loss to…Aurg!

*Yoshi laughs and smirks, then whistles. Many different Yoshi’s come and one blue one gives him a power flower.Yoshi eats the power flower and turns bright red, he inhales and makes his chest puff out*

Ref Guy: Hey! No outside help! Oh what the heck, this whole match is configed up anyway!

Yoshi: If you can’t take the heat, than you’re gonn’a LOVE this!

*Yoshi blows out a stream of fire and singes Tails bald. Tails wobbles and falls over*

Ref Guy: Now for the countdown, 1…2…3…

Toad & Toadette:*together* Who needs to count? This match is over…not t just for Yoshi!

*They both hit whack Ref Gey with the wrench*

Toad: We’ll discuss your pay later…

Later that night…

Mysterious voice: Hehehe! They’ll never find out about our plan until it’s too late…

Mysterious voice 2: Yeah! You said it Emerl!

Mysterious voice: You idiot! You used my name! This is why we don’t use names, METAL SONIC!

*Punch and kick sounds can be heard as the camera pans out*