Yoshi vs. General Guy

General Guy
Yoshi: He is, perhaps, the most popular Mario character in the history of Mario! And why not? He’s so cute! But he fights like the best, too!
General Guy: He’s here to make up for his soldier’s loss! He is a tactics mastermind and has ben on the battlefront many times! He’s a tough one!

Fade into Smashmatt’s office, where General Guy is in deep discussion with Smashmatt and Eric.

Smashmatt: Look, General, I can understand that you’re greatly affected by our last fight…

General Guy: That’s right! The Shy Guys are suppose to be a strong race!

Eric: Is that why they’re short?

General Guy: ENOUGH! I must prove how strong the Shy Guy race is! You must let me fight in the next battle!

Smashmatt: Sound like a good idea. But who should we have fight you?

General Guy: I don’t care; anyone is good.

Eric: How about Yoshi? He’s a popular character and sure to bring in a crowd!

Smashmatt: Yoshi?! *angrily* GRRR! Yoshi’s always winning contests, polls, and fights! I’d lie to see him lose for once!

General Guy: Not to worry! Have me fight against him, and I will assure you, he will lose!

Smashmatt: Deal!

Eric: Then it’s settled! The match will begins this weekend…

The weekend comes, and there’s a full house! Toad and Toadette are sitting together at the commentator’s booth.

Toad: Well hello and welcome to the match that has finally come where we host Yoshi Vs General Guy! Toadette, what’s your opinion?

Toadette: Well Yoshi will smack him really hard but the thing that stops me is General has a tank and that’s a problem.

Toad: Well we are about to find and introducing…YOSHI THE SO CALLED GREATEST CHARACTER OF TIME. Not.

Yoshi walks into the crowd and screams with joy and others up and looks up at a blimp that says Yoshi and everything.

Toad: And second we have is General Shy Guy from Paper Mario.

General Guy drives in with his tank waving to the crowd where not many people are actually cheering for him.

Toad: Well today I put 1200$ that Yoshi will win Toadette.

Toadette: You really have to stop gambling you know that.

Toad: Never my Father, Toadsworth, always gambles so I gamble.

Ref Guy: Okay peoples and Yoshi’s I want a clean match from both of you got it.

Yoshi: Sure do Ref.

General Guy: Yes, of course.

Toad: FIGHT.

Yoshi runs and flies up in the air was going to do a ground pound at General Guy but he just closes the hatch and gets inside his tank and Yoshi smashes the Tank and was saw from the Metal and General opens the hatch and smashed Yoshi as he falls down the ground and holding his nose which he was in pain.

General Guy goes in the inside his Tank and tries to find something in there.

General Guy: Huh huh, you will be a piece of cake now as soon I throw this.

General Guy was going to throw a Bomb at Yoshi and throws it, but Yoshi rolls and grabs an Egg and throws one and hits General Guy and falls in his tank.

Yoshi: Ha ha! I’m winning.

General Guy comes up the hatch.

General Guy: Are you now? Well, we’ll just have to see that then private Yoshi of the losing Yoshi tribe.

General Guy starts his tank and drives it near Yoshi to hit him. He kept driving but it was to slow to catch the speeding Yoshi, but all of a sudden he trips as the tank was coming really slowly but stops then.

General Guy gets out of the tank and goes to Yoshi. But he was not there.

Yoshi sneaks behind him and hits him across the head with a Egg that had Red spot on them.

Yoshi then swallows General Guy and started chewing him and spit him out.

General Guy: You fool! You made my clothes like a rotten thing from the dump!

Yoshi: Think I care? This is a match where people fight you know.

General Guy kicks Yoshi at the shin and pushes him down and climbs up his tank and reverses it.

Yoshi gets up and goes after General Guy and he jumps on the light bulb holding on.

General Guy moves the tank left and right trying to wiggle off Yoshi but Yoshi had a good grip on the light bulb and did not let go.

Yoshi jumps onto the hatch and tried to open it but it was locked.

Yoshi: Great; now how am I going to bash him now, I wonder.

Yoshi jumps off the Tank and looks at it thinking.

General Guy: Huh huuuh! No match for the Shy American tank! Hey, you need rocket launcher to destroy it or even a Bob-omb.

Yoshi had just got a brilliant idea.

Yoshi: You should not of ever said anything about a Bob-omb, ha haaa.

General Guy: ?!?!

Yoshi just sits there and watches what General Guy was going to do.

General Guy: Err, what am I waiting for! I’ll just light up another bomb!

He goes inside his tank gets another bomb and throws it at Yoshi.

Yoshi stands up quickly and gets his tongue out and swallows the bomb and burps.

General Guy: You should have exploded by now, you stupid Dinosaur.

Yoshi opens his mouth and spews it out and explodes the Generals tank and he was flying in the air but with a smart trick General Guy had a parachute and landed safely.

General Guy: Never interrupted, the technology Shy Guy Corp. has.

Yoshi runs to General Guy and hits him with his nose and swipes him with his tail and falls down.

Yoshi then runs the General and he eats a pineapple that Mario gave him earlier.

Yoshi had turned orange and started firing the juice everywhere at General Guy and falls again.

General Guy: Ahh, idiot! Doing nothing but stuff that has got to do with that tongue of his! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Yoshi leaps into the air and falls down with a ground pound but misses.

General Guy goes near Yoshi and grabs his tail and starts spinning him around and throws him and hits himself at the pole and falls

down in pain. After that, General runs to Yoshi and stopped for a second.

General Guy: Wait, I have an idea! I should get that big wood pole the Shy Guys gave me after the defeat of Mario.

General Guy runs to his Tank and looks for it and has successfully found it.

General Guy: Now you’re a goner, Dinosaur.

He begins to run at Yoshi when he was starting to get up now and was going to find the General and looks behind him and gets whacked over the head with pole and whacks him across the head with it.

Yoshi then kicks the pole out of his hand and kicks the General away and stands to fight General Guy and jumps into the air and

starts to mow him with his legs running into the air, like in SSBM, and punches him in the gut and falls holding his stomach in pain.

General Guy: Grr, you foolish weaklings can be so annoying at times, you know that.

Yoshi: Well, you are holding you’re stomach. I can’t be in pain, you silly General. Think and use you’re head.

General Guy: I ALWAYS USE MY HEAD! How do you think I became a General?!

General Guy gets up and tackles Yoshi down and starts to punch him but only gets him twice.

Yoshi grabs the pole and hits him with it and holds his neck and punches him and falls again

Yoshi gets up and kicks him as he swallows him again and walks to the end of the ring to spit him out.

But the General had this thing in his pocket, his tazer, electrocuted Yoshi and spits the General out back into the ring as Yoshi falls electrocuted and could not really get up.

General Guy: Huh huh huuuuh! You really are funny and I will miss you Yoshi for the fun you have invited me in.

Yoshi still could not get up.

General Guy goes inside his destroyed tank with only a couple of items in there that survived and he got his bomb bag with at least another 6 inside. The General begins to walk to Yoshi and was going to light up a bomb and he did and he was going to throw it at Yosh. Buy Yoshi wakes up and was back to normal as he gets up he calls the Yoshi herd.

Yoshi Whistles

Yoshi: You are gone now, General of the Shy Guy republic.

All the Yoshi’s come and begins to run him over like a pancake.

As he was getting run over the bomb was about explode in about three minutes.

Yoshi: THE BOMB!

Yoshi runs to the bomb and aims at the dressing rooms and throws it.

Meanwhile, in the dressing rooms.

Cleaner #1: You know George we never get to watch any of the fight’s you know?

Cleaner #2: Yea it’s like a bomb comes in and blows us all the way to the grands, huh.

The Bomb appears next to the Cleaners and…


The cleaners fly into the air and land next to these nice young girls couple.

Cleaner#1: It really happened

Cleaner#2: Harry it did.

Girl #1: Hello there, want some popcorn?

Cleaner#2: Well, err, okay!

Meanwhile back at the fight where the General was trying to get Yoshi with his bombs but Yoshi kept on dodging them and jumping them as well as coming up and kicking the General at the face and as he jumps again ready to kick him again, The General dodges him and grabs his tail and swings him down and runs to him and giving him a headbonk and as Yoshi gets up again the General kicks him at the stomach with Yoshi retaliating, giving General Guy an uppercut at the chin and gets his tongue out and trips his legs and jumps to slap him with his tail as The General moves his head and gets his little light bulb and smashes him at the eye’s and kicks him as Yoshi runs to him and tackling him down again as General Shy Guy punches Yoshi at the chin and is on top of him giving him a punch at the face after he drags him near the pole and climbs it and jumps in the air going to pound at Yoshi but he rolled and smashes his big nose at the ground.

Yoshi: That will hurt you; ouch.

Yoshi grabs the General by the neck, slamming him by the pole Smashing him with his tail twice and slammed him at the ground climbed the pole himself this time and jumped and pounded the General and was unable to move no longer.

As Yoshi gets him he had to finish him off.

Yoshi saw the last bomb at the bag and opened it and he began eating it after he swallowed it, it turned into a bomb egg and threw it at General Guy and…


The General flew across the arena and falls to the ground with a slam! He could not fight anymore.


All of the crowd cheers and clapping while The Ref Guy gives Yoshi a hand shake.

Toad: Huh, the life I’m having Toadette is remarkable as I get $1200 from Bill down in Brooklyn!

Toadette: You are such a flatterer Toad. (Nodding her head).

Toad: What? More money the better! Yeesssssssssss.

Toadette: Oh dear, I really need a vacation right now.

Toad: Well anyway, thanks tonight for watching and we’ll see you next time where we host our first team match between Mario Bros against the Wicked Bros. Farewell and Goodnight.

Meanwhile, Smashmatt and Eric had just watched the whole match.

Smashmatt: NO! NOT AGAIN!!!

Eric: There’s just no beating Yoshi.

Smashmatt: One day, Yoshi, one day soon! You WILL lose! And I’m going to laugh right in your face! MWA HA HA HA HA!!!

Eric: …nice evil laugh.

Smashmatt: Thanks.