Where’s Toad?

At three o’clock in the morning toad was awake well half awake he was tired because he didn’t get any sleep that night because toadette was hosting a party at my castle she loves hosting party’s she holds them to 9:00 am or something toad decided to go out and find some where to sleep in peace he told toadette and toad went off he was walking along when he simply dropped to sleep on the pathway.

He woke up and found him self in he didn’t know what it was but it looked like a temple or something. He stood up and looked around when he heard someone say mario let me go what are you doing wait that was princess peach oh no! what’s mario doing and what will he do next he heard foot steps coming closer are toad I got some water for you it was in a bucket and it didn’t look like clean water to me I didn’t want it

Meanwhile with toadette : Where is toad toadette thought she asked her party mates mario, kooper, yoshi, and of coarse toadsworth and all the other toads they didn’t know a thing toadette was getting worried

Meanwhile with toad : I don’t want it said toad he could see the key in Mario’s pocket he took the bucket of water and chucked it at mario arrrrrrr mario cried wait thats not mario it’s . . . shadow mario I thought we got rid of him he took the key unlocked his cell and Peach’s cell they walk back to worried toadette what happend she asked well I fell a sleep he said and someone kidnaped me it was shadow mario and I got rid of him with some water I thought we killed him toadette said well bowser made him before he made him again peach said well I’m sooo glad your back said todette.