Wario vs. Knuckles


Knuckles the Echidna

Wario: Big, bad, and somewhat smelly. A few of the many words that would describe Mario’s evil counterpart and arch-rival, Wario! Be prepared for an unusual fight…

Knuckles the Echidna: Sonic’s rival and eternal Guardian of the Master Emerald. He’s known for his enormous strength and treasure hunting skills! He’ll be tough to beat…

Fade in to Toad’s Castle battle arena, backstage…

Toadette: Hasn’t Mario, Toad, or Peach gotten out of the hospital yet?!

Bowser: Not yet.

Toadette: Well, it doesn’t matter. Because the next fight doesn’t involve them.

Yoshi: Yeah! Donkey Kong vs. Knuckles!

???: Not quite, suckers!

Everyone’s heads turn, and they see Wario! And in his WarioWare outfit no less!

Luigi: Wario?! Why are you here? And what do you mean by “Not quite”?

Wario: I mean, DK wasn’t able to fight, and I’m fighting for him!

Toadette: How come Donkey Kong isn’t fighting?

Wario: He had his reasons…


Wario is seen holding a large brown sack over a cliff.

Wario: Sorry, buddy, but it was either you or me!


Wario throws the sack over a waterfall.

*End Flashback*

Bowser: Well, then, why are you wearing that?

Wario: It’s in honor of my appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! I think it makes me look slightly cooler!

Toadette: Well, okay. Get ready to fight next.

Wario: I was born ready! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

*Later that day*

The arena was filled once again with loyal fans, ready to watch another amazing fight!

Toadette: Hey there, everybody!

Audience: *cheers*

Toadette: For all that I know, Toad’s still in the hospital, and I don’t feel like choosing a new co-announcer, so it’s just me for now!

Audience: *cheers*

Toadette: Now, let’s bring out our fighters. On the side of our beloved Toad’s Castle is the mean and nasty, and just plan greedy guy, WARIO!

“Starring Wario!” plays as Wario rides onto the stage on his motorcycle! He hops off and strikes his trademark pose as the crowd goes wild!

Toadette: And on Sonic’s side, we’ve got the red powerhouse with a temper problem. He’s the gullible Emerald Guardian, KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA!!!

“Unknown to M.E.” plays as Knuckles walks out onto the stage. Though there are boos, some applause can be heard for the Red Echidna’s fans!

Knuckles: I’m not that gullible.

Sonic: Eggman tricked you, like, how many times?

Tails: I think it was over 10, but I lost track around 5…

Knuckles: Grr…

Wario: WAH HA HA! Stupid red bozo! You won’t stand a chance against me!

Knuckles: We’ll just see about that!

Toadette: Our fighters seem ready; so let’s get this fight started!!!

Audience: *cheers*

GG: WAIT! What about me? I’m supposed to interview the fighters!

Toadette: Didn’t you get the memo? You were dropped, since you weren’t that popular. That’s why you weren’t included in the last fight.


Bowser: You heard the girl! Get lost!

Bowser kicks Gabby Goomba across the stage.

GG: *thrown all the way in the air and is long gone by Bowser*

Toadette: Now, without further a due, let’s get this battle started. Fighters take your positions!

Sonic: Kick his #$% Knuckles!

Knuckles: No worries. I’ll have this done and over with within 10 minutes!

Wario: Heh, don’t make me laugh! (I have a few tricks up my sleeve).

Toadette. *sighs…* Anyway, here’s Ref Guy to start us off.

Ref Guy walks onto the stage, along with a Space Bunny.

Toadette: Who’s that, Ref Guy?

Ref Guy: Oh, him? He’s a pin pal of mine who wanted to watch the fight. Don’t mind him. Okay, now you guys understand the rules, right?

Knuckles: Yeah.

Wario: Of course! *snicker*

Ref Guy: Okay, then. FIGHT!

While Wario is distracted elsewhere, Knuckles uses this opportunity to give him a nice uppercut which Wario virtually flies in the air and is punched back down by Knuckles; the crowd gives a good cheer!

Knuckles: Oh what do we have here? Look it’s the big tub of lard no good.

Wario jumps up catching Knuckles off guard and is thrown across the Stadium and in addition to the attack; he lands a good but plant on Knuckles.

Toadette: Is this the end? Will Wario now have the upper hand? I’d rather not speak I’m sort of ruining the match!

Crowd: *starts a commotion*.

Knuckles: Heh heh poor Wario, always thinking he has the upper hand when in fact all he’s doing is delaying the inevitable.

Wario: *interrupting* Silence fool! You’re already too weak to even attempt at an attack on me. What will you do lash out at me with pathetic chatter? I’ll end it now!

Wario runs towards Knuckles until…

Knuckles: Yah! Ahhhhhh!

A huge shield of red light covers the Stadium floor and stops the demented Wario in his tracks and leaving the audience puzzled yet interested at the same time.

Wario: Oh man, his powers are off the charts! Ah well then it’s only time to break out what I do best and that’s to warp a good fight!!

Toadette: An intense moment here at Toad’s Castle Stadium as Wario is now pulling out some sort of laser gun- which is against the rules none-the-less… Ref Guy?

Ref Guy: I swear, it was this big, THIS BIG!

Space Bunny: No, freaking, way!

Ref Guy: I swear it was big as me!

Toadette: REF GUY!

Ref Guy: What?

Toadette: Didn’t you see that?

Ref Guy: See what?

Toadette: …Oh, nevermind.

Wario *thinking to himself* Ha ha, it’s working! That pin pal of his is also one of my buddies, and he’s keeping that stupid referee distracted for me to pull my sneaky stunts! *end thought*

Toadette: Anyway, this makes a good match. Let’s continue.

Knuckles: While walking. You think you can harm me with a small weapon like that. If relying on technology to beat someone shows your nothing but a coward. You hear?! Take this!

Knuckles knees Wario in the stomach and sends him sky high. With the help of a Super Rage Punch Wario leaves a small dent in the Stadium floor and is not moving.

Toadette: Wow!! The Red Powerhouse is the winner. Wait, who is this I hear coming to the Stadium??

Unknown voice: Arggh. Contend with me now mortal!

Knuckles: Hmm… wait your…

Toadette: *gulp* Folks, our stadium is virtually destroyed if you
cannot notice already. Knuckles delivered a harsh blow to
the sneaky Wario and smoke bellowed out of the stadium floor. But one
can only ask theirs elves if Wario has lost the match; he’s nowhere to
be found! Knuckle’s stands, poised, and battle damaged until one
moment…. a dark voice speaks!

???: Ha ha ha! Knuckles you fool, don’t get over confident and I’d
hardly get comfortable at this point if I were you. Be prepared to
challenge me now! Ah ha ha ha!

Knuckles: What… who are you?

Sonic (yelling from the scared audience): Eggman, this is not the time!

???: Eggman? What a funny name!

Knuckles: No, Sonic, this is not Eggman. It’s… someone else!

Unknowingly to everyone else, Wario is speaking through a voice
changer and is sneaking under ground and waiting for the moment to
attack Knuckle’s from behind.

???: Fighting is useless; you must join us in the conquest of this


???: Bother not trying to figure out my identity for it will not
matter before long! Blah ha ha ha! Now fall!

Wario jumps out from a smoky hole behind Knuckles and gives him a
damaging blow to the back.

Knuckles: Ah! What the?

Wario: Brains over bronze works nicely you hot-tempered baboon.

Knuckles: I’ll show you!

Toadette: Ouch! Now this has GOT to be against the rules, somehow!

Ref Guy: No way!

Space Bunny: I tell you, Takamaru could totally own Link in a fight!

Ref Guy: PLEASE, Link’s got bombs, bow and arrows, AND a shield to block himself! Plus a boomerang, and that neat Hookshot!

Space Bunny: Yeah, but Takamaru is an awesomely skilled samurai, and he’s got loads of magic powers! You’re just saying Link would win because you never played Nazo no Murasamejou.

Ref Guy: Am not!

Toadette: REF GUY!

Ref Guy: Huh? Oh, sorry. We’ll have to continue this later.

Space Bunny: Okay.

Toadette: Well, in any case, the match is intensifying as both contestants can
barely move and are still battling it out. It looks as if anyone of
them could drop at any moment… it’s sadly just a matter of time!

Wario: Getting tired?

Knuckles: Just keep thinking that!


Knuckles: Never…ever… say that again. You’re on dirt bag.

Toadette: Both battlers have now locked fingers and are pushing for
one another to surrender. Who will it be?

3 Minutes Later…

Wario: OUCH, DAMNIT, STOP! I give up, you win! I will leave, I promise.

Ref Guy: So these two guys walk into a bar and… Oh, right! Wario forfeits the match! The Winner is KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA!!!

*Crowd cheers*

Sonic: I knew Knuckles would win. Another point for our team!

Luigi: We probably wouldn’t have lost if DK had fought…

Elsewhere, A clam and pink star were talking to each other, when a yellow star drags a wet bag onto the beach.

Kyorosuke: Hey Stafy, what �cha got there?

Stapy: Yeah, let’s see it!

Stafy: Fee!

Stafy opens up the bag and Donkey Kong slumps out. He shakes off the water, then looks at Stafy, then the clam (Kyorosuke) and then Stapy.

Donkey Kong: …WHO ARE YOU?!

Meanwhile, back at Toad’s Castle…

Toadette: As Knuckles walks away Wario gets up and tries one last
sneak attack but not before being knocked in the face. There he lays a
loser and Knuckles enjoys his glory. So, what’s next for the World of
Nintendo? Will Wario just accept he lost? Stay tuned for more heart
pumping action!

This character battle was done by Smashmatt and Gage.