Top 5 Video Game Villains

Smashmatt’s List

5. Wario

I love this guy, he’s just a jerk who’s only in it for himself and himself alone. He’s greedy, he’s a gross slop, and he’s got tons of strength. It’s a shame he isn’t portrayed as much as an antagonist these days, or he would have been higher.

4. Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

He’s persistent almost to the point of Bowser, and when you think about it, he’s pretty similar to Bowser in that they both try different tactics, though they usually revolve around one typical goal. For Bowser, it’s kidnap Princess Peach, and for Dr. Eggman, it’s collecting the Chaos Emeralds. He’s not completely evil, though still evil enough to do mass destruction, as seen with Sonic Unleashed.

3. Bowser

Yeah, he had to be here. He’s Mario’s longest recurring enemy, and still maintains a certain threat level, unlike other villains who’s threat levels have either died down or have dropped out. He’s evil, yet still funny, and as long as Mario’s around, so will he.

2. Ganondorf

The King of Evil, according to The Legend of Zelda. He’s ruthless, and will do anything to achieve his ultimate goal: world domination. If you’re portrayed as the embodiment of evil, odds are, you’re going to be high up on the villains list.

1. Pokey/Porky Minch

He beats out Bowser and Ganondorf because he’s NOT the impiety of evil or a force to be reckoned, but rather a spoiled brat who was led down the wrong path. When you first meet him in EarthBound, he’s just a jerky neighbor pestering Ness, but as the game goes on, he starts being more and more of a jerk, before finally revealing himself to be aiding the main villain of the game, Giygas. Then, in Mother 3, he’s MUCH older and has an entire army as his command, but he’s still just as immature as he was as a kid. Since he’s trying to awaken the dragon, one would think he’s truly evil, though Shigesato Itoi called him the embodiment of humanity; he sort of portrays the worst a person can get. Plus, with various hints at a friendship with Ness, one has to wonder, is he truly evil, or was he just misunderstood and started doing all the wrong things? Plus, with all the brainwashing he’s done to get people to like him, one would also think he’s just very lonely and wants friends of his own, which makes it all the more tragic when his fate was sealed… literally.

Nightmare’s List

5. Foreman Spike

He was the original Mario series jerk before Wario. He’s not to evil, but he was motivated by money, and would even side with Bowser for the right price.

4. Dr. Albert Wily

Very persistent. He was never really evil, but was just jealous that Dr. Light got all of the glory. Which is pretty weird considering that Wily has built dozens and dozens more Robots than Dr. Light has, ultimately including Bass and Zero, two of the coolest characters in their respective time periods.

3. Wolf O’Donnell

For a lot of the same reasons that Goombachi said, especially about how it’s an intense dogfight through the whole battle. Nowadays he isn’t as cool as he was at his introduction, because he was BRITISH.

2. Psycho Mantis

The coolest boss fight ever! He’s got all of the stuff a good villain has: powers, a drawn out back story, a cool outfit, and humor. The damage Psycho Mantis caused to the Forth Wall was almost unrepairable.

1. Dr. “Eggman” Robitnik

The best villain of all. I can’t describe how great a villain he is. He went from a random generic mad scientist with no history or real goals other than taking over an island into the complex villain we all know and love. Sometimes, he really is evil, and hell bent of destruction or conquest, but other times, you can clearly see that he’s just under appreciated and wanting attention(like building so many assistants, and putting his face on all of his battleships). He motives and ultimate goals can shift from crystal clear to quite foggy in a single cutscene. Not to mention that awesome Sonic characters came from Eggman one way or another, as he introduced characters like Metal Sonic, Chaos, Emerl, Gamma and Omega into the story. He has lots of technical skill, and even though he sits and builds all day, he still finds the time to keep his obese body in peak physical condition, enough to keep up with others famous heroes and villains. And unlike most villains, he will side with heroes for a common goal. With all this combination of character and depth, Eggman easily becomes one of the greatest video game villains of all.

Catnip’s List

5. Twinrova (Ocarina of Time, Oracle Series)

Ganondorf’s surrogate mothers and just as wicked as him. These two brainwashed the Gerudo who dared challenge their son and then put her in armor and challenged her to Link. Link had no idea he was fighting the woman he had met 7 years ago. In the Oracle series, they resurrected Ganon and then once again fought Link. Their magic skills make them quite tricky and almost unpredictable, and everything comes together with their master schemes.

4. The Black Knight (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)

I count him as a villain, in the end he was serving Ashera, plain and simple. After surpassing a legendary swordsman in strength, Ike named him his final mentor after he died proudly. The Black Knight also kept his identity secret to the end, until a Laguz had to go and spoil it with his great sense of smell. Before then, he was a random, unpredictable knight who did everything from revolt Daein back together to serve the Goddess of Order.

3. Bowser (Super Mario series)

He may be comical, but to be honest with you, he uses advanced technology to sometimes alone force his way through an army of Toads and steal the woman of his dreams. He’s actually pretty evil! He also always has the Koopa Troop and some helpful elite fighters to aid him in his plans.

2. Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time) [this is about Ocarina of Time ONLY]

Ganondorf was wise enough to wait extremely long, until he had the king’s eternal trust to trust him over his own daughter. Once the Hero showed up, Ganondorf executed his plan perfectly. After killing mercilessly, including the King of Hyrule himself, Ganondorf gained his power. The only flaw in his plan? Ruling out the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom to be hidden in Link and Zelda just because he felt it wouldn’t be them.

1. Smithy (SMRPG)

Anyone who can force Bowser out of his own castle is a true villain in my book. Causing two arch rivals to team up and even forcing a princess into battle makes his master plan truly master. Smithy even had his own gang that defeated the Koopa Troop, and had many unique and powerful commanders, such as the Axem Rangers and Exor.