Toadette vs. Omochao



Toadette: She seems pretty grumpy, today. She’s just as fast as Toad, and maybeeven stronger (never underestimate the power of a woman)! Who will be the co-host in her place, though?

Omochao: …Wait a minute! This is that annoying toy Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog games! What’s he doing here? He certainly caught Toadette in a bad mood…

Fade into Smashmatt and Eric on their way to Toad’s Castle.

Smashmatt: I’m thinking… “Tubba Blubba vs. Eggplant Man” for the next fight!

Eric: Why Tubba Blubba and Eggplant Man?

Smashmatt: I think we should follow out with General Guy and go with Paper Mario bosses. Eggplant Man… Well, most people don’t even know who Eggplant man is! This would be a good chance to score some publicity!

Eric: I suppose so…

Suddenly, a dark shadow loams over them.

Both: What the–

They quickly turn around to see the source of the shadow.

Smashmatt: *gasp* YOU!

No sooner did he say this then he was quickly knocked out.

Eric: Smashmatt!

Eric is knocked out, too. They are both at the mercy of the shadowy figure…

Meanwhile, about a few days later, Toadette is waking up rather later then usual. She gets out of bed, gets dressed, has a very light and quick breakfast and head off for work.

Toadette: Nobody better get in my way today! I’m in a bad mood!

Toadette arrives at work. She walks into a meeting room with Toad, Ref Guy, Mario, and his friends (and Bowser, too).

Toadette: Yeah, I know, I’m late. Sue me.

Toad: …Are, you feeling okay?

Toadette: Just PEACHY!

Princess Peach: Me, too.

Toadette: Shut up.

Toad: Okay, people. We’ve got a situation here. Both Eric and Smashmatt haven’t showed up in a few days. The local Snifit Police Force (the SPF) is looking for them as we speak. However, we’re in a bit of a situation here. Seeing as Eric and Smashmatt…” aren’t here, and seeing as they are usually the ones to choose a fight for us, we’re going to have to either choose a fight ourselves, or cancel this week. …So, any ideas?

There is a pause. No one says anything. Luigi opens his mouth to say something, but then closes it and shakes his head.

Donkey Kong: How about Mario vs. Mario?

Toad: What? How can Mario fight himself?

DK: We just call Dr. Mario and ask him to wear Mario’s clothes for the match.

Toad: …Okay. We’ll put that in the “maybe” section. Any other ideas?

Bowser: How about ME vs. Mario?

Toad: That’s been done WAY too many times.

Bowser: No, wait! There’s a twist! Mario is bolted to the floor, and the floor is made out of hot lava! Also, there’s a guillotine overhead! And I shoot Bullet Bills from my Koopa Clown Car! It’s an awesome idea, I tell ya!

Toad: …Okay, we’ll also put that in the maybe section.

Toadette: That means “no”.

Bowser and DK: Aww.

Mario: How about Tubba Blubba vs. Eggplant Man?

Toadette: That’s the stupidest idea I ever heard! Only a complete moron would come up with an idea like that!

Toad: Are you sure you’re OK?

Toadette: Fine! I just need my coffee.

She’s about to take a sip of her coffee, when suddenly, a blue, robot-like thing flies across the room and crashes into Toadette, knocking her down.

Omochao: Hi! I’m Omochao!

Everyone stares at Omochao; while Toadette, getting up, notices her coffee’s all spilt. She turns red.

Omochao: I come bringing a message to all of you! You are all-

Toadette: THAT’S IT!

Toadette grabs Omochao around the throat and shakes him violently. Omochao, confused, gets very dizzy.

Toadette: You’re going to get it, blue bot!

Toad: I think we found our fight…

DK: What? Mario vs. Mario?

Later that day, there’s a full house at Toad’s Castle Battle Stadium. Everyone’s excited about the fight, and also very anxious.

Goomba: This fight better be worth the wait!

Koopa: Yeah, it’s been FOREVER since the last character battle!

Toad walks into the Commentator’s Booth and begins to announce.

Toad: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another exciting character battle!

Crowd: *cheers*

Toad: I realized you’ve waited a long time for this battle, so I thank you for your patience. I assure you, this fight will be worth the wait!

Crowd: *cheers*

Toad: Also note, Toadette will be battling this time, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be commentating alone this time-

Girl: WAIT!

A long-eared bunny runs up to the both. A blue creature, similar to Omochao, is flying next to her.

Toad: Who are you?

Cream: Hello. I’m Cream the Rabbit. And this is my best friend, Cheese.

Cheese: Chao!

Toad: Well, what do you want?

Cream: Well, if you don’t mind, I would like to commentate. I hope it’s okay.

Toad: I don’t mind.

Cream: Thank you very much.

Cream sits down.

Toad: So, what are you doing here?

Cream: My friends were going to come here, but I got here before them.


Toad: Okay, okay.

Cream: That was very rude of them…

Toad: I know, but I don’t mind. Let the fight begin!

Crowd: *cheers*

Cream: Fight? Is someone going to fight? I detest fighting. People always get hurt…

Toad: Oh, well, too bad… This is a Battle Stadium. Fights occur here all the time.

Cream: Oh!

Toad: But don’t worry, no one will be hurt too bad! So, anyway, in the right corner, my co-hostess and a very close friend of mine! TOADETTE!

Toadette, still grumpy, walks onto the stage as the crowd cheers, as “Peach’s Birthday Cake” is being played in the background. Then she sees the Commentator’s Booth.

Toadette: HEY! Who is THAT?!?

Toad: Uh oh…

Cream: Hi, I’m Cream! Nice to meet-


She continues to walk onto the stage.

Cream: She seems mean.

Toad: She’s just a bit grumpy today. She’s really quite nice, once you get to know her.

Cream: Okay.

Toad: Go ahead and announce the next fighter.

Cream: Really? Thank you!

Cream reads a script Toad gave her to see who’s fighting.

Cream: Oh, Omochao! I know him.

Toad: You do?

Cream: Yeah! Ahem… Hello, everyone, I’m Cream! Nice to meet you! The next fighter is one that I know from where I come from! He’s a toy version of a Chao, and is very helpful in a tight spot! Meet Omochao!

Omochao flies onto the stage, with a confusing background music playing. Hardly anyone applauded. In fact, most of them booed and hissed at them. Bowser glares at Boo, who is suppressing temptation.

Omochao: Hey! That’s not very nice!

Roy: You stink!

Roy throws a can at Omochao.

Cream: That’s very mean of them.

Omochao: I’m used to it…

Omochao flies to the center of the stage, along with Toadette.

Toad: Now here comes our referee, Ref Guy!

Ref Guy, just for a change of pace, flies onto the stage using the tiny propeller on his head. When he lands, it disappears.

Ref Guy: Okay, now, I want a good, clean-

Toadette: I’m the hostess, I know the rules! LETS START!

Crowd: Yeah!

Ref Guy: Okay, fine. Fight!

Toadette: HI-YA!!!

Omochao: Oof!

Toad: And Toadette quickly starts the fight with a swift karate chop!

Cream: Oh, I hope Omochao is all right…

Omochao: OWW! THAT HURT!! Why’d you hit me like that? What did I do to you?

Toadette: You ticked me off, that’s what you did!

Omochao: OWW! THAT HURT!! Why’d you hit me like that? What did I do to you?

Toadette: I just told you, I-

Omochao: OWW! THAT HURT!! Why’d you hit me like that? What did I do to you?

Toadette: SHUT UP!

Cream: Oh. Omochao is fighting back with his “OWW! THAT HURT!!” whine! It’s working on Toadette!

Toad: Yeah, and on me, too!

Omochao: OWW! THAT HURT!! Why’d you-

Toadette: All right, that’s it! You asked for it! GRRR!

Toad: Uh-oh! Omochao is in for it, now! Toadette is closing in on him!

Cream: Oh dear.

Toad: Uh, I’m sure he’ll be fine, Cream. Don’t worry too much…

Omochao: …Blue Steel Slash!

Toadette: WHAO!

Cream: Oh, I see! Omochao was using his “OWW! THAT HURT!!” whine to lure Toadette for an attack. How clever.

Toad: It’s going to take more then that to beat Toadette!

Toadette: You’re just making me angrier, blue boy!

Omochao: Oh no! Don’t hurt me!

Toadette: Time for my special attacks! FUNFI FRENZY!

Omochao: Owie!

Toad: And Toadette hits Omochao with a fury of punches and kicks!

Toadette: And now, Goomba Stomp!

Toad: Now she hits him with her Goomba Stomp! Of course, now it would be called an “Omochao Stomp”.

Omochao: All right! That’s it! Now you’ve forced me to use my most deadly attack!

Toadette: BRING IT!

Omochao: NAG ATTACK!


Cream: Oh no! Not the Nag Attack! I can’t watch! Or hear!

Omochao: Use the control stick to move in different directions.

Everyone except Cream and Cheese: What?

Omochao: You can jump higher and farther by holding the jump button longer!

Toadette: Stop!

Omochao: You can choose different choices to choose from on the menu.

Toadette: UGH!

Toad: Omochao’s attacking… by telling Toadette information she already knows!

Cream: I know! It’s just horrible!

Cheese: Chao, Chao!

Omochao: Press the Pick Up button to pick things up and put things down! Break stuff down with powerful attacks! Brush your teeth twice a day!

Toadette: Oh, for the love of Todd, shut up! You’re worse then Navi!


Navi: Hey! Listen! Watch out! Hey! Listen! Watch out!


Link aims one of his arrows to his head

*Back at the stadium*

Omochao: Surrender now, or I’ll tell you the most obvious bit of advice of all!

Toadette: N-n-never!

Omochao: Okay, here it goes!

Cream: This is it!

Toad: Oh no!

Everyone in the audience is on the edge of their seat.

Omochao: …Don’t buy Mario is Missing! It’s a terrible game!


Toadette fall over; so does nearly everyone else in the audience.

Toad: With that last nag, Toadette is down!

Ref Guy: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7-

Toadette: Grr.

Toad: OH MY GOSH! Toadette’s getting up!

Cream: She must be incredibly strong willed to withstand that!

Omochao: You should have stayed down! I’ve still got more useless info to give you!

Toadette: Save it! I’m not about to lose this fight!

Cream: Toadette is taking out something! What is it?

Toad: …It’s a Metal Mushroom! Hmm. According to the rules, as long as Toadette had it with her since the beginning of the fight, then she is allowed to use it.

Toadette: This fight is mine! Now you’ll pay, you little blue twerp!

Munch! Gulp!

Omochao: Oh, no, you don’t! Blue Steel Slash!!


Toad: Whoa! That all happened a bit fast! Toadette ate the Metal Mushroom, but Omochao tried to cut her off by attacking! Too bad, she already ate it.

Cream: But Toadette is a mushroom, isn’t she? Wouldn’t that be cannibalism?

Toad: Uhh… Well, that’s subject for debate…

Toadette: …

Omochao: Uhh…

Toad: What’s this? It looks like… Instead of turning into metal, Toadette seems to have grown long, sharp, and deadly claws!

Cream: Oh, they look scary!

Toad: Just think of how Omochao feels in this sort of situation!

Omochao: AHHHHHH!

Toadette: …Metal MushSHREAD!!!


Omochao: Ohhh…

Toad: Omochao is down after that fearsome attack!

Toadette: Now to finish you off!

Cream: She’s coming over to Omochao and picking him up! …OH NO! Take cover!

Cream takes cover behind the Commentator’s Booth.

Toad: What’s wrong? What is it? Toadette is just going to toss him across the stage for a final attack.

Cream: That’s exactly it!

Toadette: Hi-Ya!


A huge explosion filled the entire arena! When the smoke clears, Toadette is shielding herself with her giant claws, which retract soon after. Toad and Cream come out of Commentator’s Booth to get a good look at the fight.

Cream: Amazing! Toadette is still up!

Toad: And look at Omochao! He’s in pieces!

Omochao: You big jerk! Now look what you did!

Toadette: You brought it onto yourself!

Omochao: You just wait until I get back together! Then you’ll get it! Ugh! Grr! Well… I can’t. But if I could you’d be in trouble!

Ref Guy: Omochao is unable to continue! The Winner is Toadette!

Crowd: *weak cheer, due to the sudden explosion*

Toad: Wow! What I fight! I don’t think anything could have topped that-

???: What’s going on here? Omochao, what are you doing?

Sonic the Hedgehog is standing at the entrance to the arena, followed by Shadow the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, and Dr. Eggman!

Toad: What’s all this?

Cream: Hooray! You’re finally here!

Cheese: Chao, Chao!

Sonic: Hey Cream! Omochao, what do you think you’re doing?

Omochao: I’m sorry, Sonic. I was going to deliver the message, and then this pink girl attacked me for now reason!

Sonic: Geez, Omochao, you’re so lame!


Toad: Just what are you doing here? This is a MARIO fan site!

Sonic: Not for long! We’re taking over! Sonic fan sites are WAY cooler then Mario ones, and everyone knows it! That’s why we’re here to add this site to the number!

Mario: No a chance! You’re-a not going to get-a this site without a fight!

Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Peach, And Bowser: Yeah!

Sonic: We’ll see about that! Bring it!

Toad: Wow! What an unexpected turn of events!

Toadette: Yeah right. As if I didn’t see that coming from a mile away.

Toad: We, it looks like Toad’s Castle’s in trouble, and we need YOUR support to get through it! Will our cast of Super Stars be able to pull through? Or will Sonic’s Team beat us, and claim our site as their own? Find out next time on the next Toad’s Castle Character Battles!!!