The Mysterious Grand Tree

[Defeated Bowyer, the arrow-shooting maniac, Mario did. Mario found a Star Piece there, so that must mean that Smithy has once again broken the Star Road. Will Mario find the strength to collect them all and trounce Smithy again?]

(Back to the story! After Mario collects the Star Piece, he gets the so-called “star move”[a move he gains from collecting a star],Aura Blast, which does some good damage and may inflict sleepiness on enemies. Afterwards, the Chancellor and the taods come out from hiding.)

CHANCELLOR: Ah! Thank you, Mario! You’ve once again, saved our lovely kingdom! Thanks, again! Ehem! Now, then. When Peach’s castle blew apart, I noticed that most of the Power Stars were destroyed. However, ten still remain. I ask you of a simple task: find and bring to me those ten Power Stars. That is all I ask. they shouldn’t have gone far, so you won’t have a long trek to find them!

MARIO: Okay! Let’s go guys!

LUIGI & MALLOW: Sure thing!

(The party heads out of Mushroom Kingdom, into the Bandit’s Way. There, they head for the entrance to Kero Sewers.On their way, they find a glowing Power Star.)

MALLOW: Hey! Is this one of those Power Stars?

MARIO: Sure is!

LUIGI: That’s one down, nine to go!

MARIO: Oh yeah! That reminds me… I hope those workers repair my castle very soon. I remembered that I had a Power Star in my castle. So once they’re done, we’ll be able to collect it!

MALLOW: How did your castle get wrecked, anyway, Mario?

MARIO: I was in a battle with Bowser, a few weeks back. He called in lots of Bonzai Bills but one tore up my castle!

MALLOW: Oh! Well, I DO hope it’s fixed soon.

LUIGI: Guys, look at this! I think it leads to Kero Sewers!

MALLOW: That’s the one! Let’s go!

(They enter the pipe and emerge in Kero Sewers.)

MALLOW: Eewwwwwwww…. it’s rotten in here….

MARIO: I suppose…. let’s go!

(The party jumps in a pool of water and swims to the other side. They jump out and go down the next pipe. They emerge in a room with a stretch of water, leading to another area. There are two other pipes here, and they enter the one on the right. They emerge in a room with goo all over the place.)

LUIGI: Yuuuuck!!

MARIO: What is this slime?

(The slime starts swirling around, and joins together and creates a monster known as Greep.)

GREEP: Huh? Who are you! Get out of here before I make you!

(The party enters a battle against Greep. He has 460HP, and the Glooms accompaning him have 5oHP each. The team beats him in a short time.)

MARIO: That was weird.

(The party continue along, battling Boos, Glooms, Shadows, Strawheads, and eventually reach a switch.)

LUIGI: I wonder what this switch does…

(Luigi steps on the switch and Belome falls down.)

MALLOW: Aaaaack! It’s Belome!!!

MARIO: Let’s get him!

BELOME: Harharharhar! I think not!

(The party enters another battle, this time against Belome. He has 550HP, but he easily gets defeated. After he runs away, the large door opens and the gang gets washed away to Midas River.)

MALLOW: What a ride! Now, let’s head to Rose Town!

(They go to Rose Town, only to find Axem Red holding a Star Piece.)

AXEM RED: You!!!!!

MARIO: Why are you here?

RED: Well, you beat me and my team, I survived, they didn’t, I want revenge. That’s a long story short, my friend! Now, away with you!!!!

(Red uses magic and casts away the team to the entrance to Forest Maze. They traverse through it, eventually running into a four-way maze. They head through left, left, straigh, and right{in their point of view} and find an open stump. They head down it, and find lots of treasure. Then they head back to the entrance of the four-way. They head right, left, straight, right, left, then left{in their point of view, once again} and come across Red again.)

RED: Eeeeergh… What’s WITH you?! NOW you’re going down!

(Red casts a spell at the team, but suddenly, Geno appears and deflects it away from them.)

RED: Aaaaargh!!

(Red runs away, and Geno walks up to Mario.)

GENO: I see the Star Road was destroyed again…

MARIO: Yeah…

GENO: Don’t mind if I join you now, right?

MALLOW: Of couse not!

(Geno joins Mario’s party! He is a very useful character. In the field, he can use his rocket fist to knock down stable walls, or blocked mines. In battle, he can use Finger Shot to damage and enemy, or use his Geno Beam special to damage even more!)

LUIGI: I wonder where Red went…

GENO: Of course, he went to the Grand Tree!


GENO: The Grand Tree! And I know how to get there! Go down this stump and you’ll get there! C’mon!

(They enter the stump and appear around the Grand Tree.)

MARIO: This tree IS pretty grand!

?????: You didn’t think you would be leaving without… THIS, DID YOU?!

(Stars rain all over, so the team heads inside the tree.)

LUIGI: That was close…

(Suddenlt, Red appears.)

GENO: You! Hand over the Star Piece, now!


(Red runs away, leaving the gang behind. They start chasing Red up the Grand Tree. Finally, they make it to the top.)

RED: Get away!

MALLOW: Give us the Star Piece!

RED: Errrrrrrg….. you’re going to REGRET this!!

(The team enters a major battle with Red. He has 700HP, and use powerful magic. The gang defeats him after a while, finally.)

RED: Aaaaarg! Fine! Take the stupid Star Piece!

(Red runs away, leaving the Star Piece. Mario picks it up, and the chapter ends!)

[Mario finally defeated the currently, only member of the axem rangers, Red. He’s gotten the second Star Piece, after a long journy through the woods. Smithy still is roaming, causing destruction with his creations. There are 5 more to collect, and Mario has to hurry up! Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of Super Mario RPG: Return of Smithy!]