The Mines & A Missing Princess

[Mario finally defeated the currently, only member of the axem rangers, Red. Mario’s gotten the second Star Piece, after a long journy through the woods. Smithy still is roaming, causing destruction with his creations. There are 5 more to collect, and Mario has to hurry up!]

(Once again, a glow surrounds Mario, and he learns the star move Ivy Swirl,
which poisons enemies!! Afterwards, the team head back to Rose Town. When
they enter, Gaz, the kid, runs up to them.)

GAZ: Hey, Mario! What’s up?

MARIO: We have to collect the Star Pieces again, that’s what!

GAZ: Oh! Good luck on your adventure!

GENO: And Gaz, here is a gift for you.

GAZ: Wow! Amother Geno doll! Where did you find it?

GENO: I found it up in the Star Road. I guess someone wished for “Geno” to
come back…

GAZ: That was my my wish!

MARIO: Probably because Smithy destroyed the Star Road right when your wish
was granted, and a doll appeared there!

GAZ: Well, I got it from the wish itself! Now I can see you always, Geno!

GENO: You must really like that doll.

GAZ: Well, I guess I’m sorta wasting your time, eh? Good luck on your
adventure! Oh wait! Geno, this is for you.

(Geno learned Star Shot!)

GAZ: Good luck!

(The team leave Rose Town, and enter Pipe Vault.)

MALLOW: What a place!

MARIO: Watch out!

(A rockslide appears and nearly hits the party. Luckily, they move before it
hits them.)

GENO: That was a close call!

LUIGI: Gotta be more careful from now on!

(They continue through the vault, battling relatively easy enemies.
Eventually, they see a bunch of pipes, including a red one. They enter it,
and appear in a water cave. They see a yoshi swimming around in it.)

LUIGI: This must be a cave under Yo’ster Isle.

GENO: Let’s head up!

(They head up a pipe, and appear on Yo’ster Isle. They talk to Yoshi. Mario
hops on Yoshi, and rides around a tree.)

MARIO: What’s this?

(Mario learned Fire Fury!)

(The gang then heads back through Pipe Vault and go to Moleville.)

PA MOLE: Well, Mario! Glad to see you again! We need your help!

MARIO: And what kinda trouble are you in now?

PA MOLE: An orange, bright star fell into the mountains and caused a cave
in. Some moles went in to look for our missing kids, Dyna and Myte, but they
were at the fountain all along, so the investigators got trapped in! You
think you can help them out?

MARIO: Okie-dokie! Let’s go!

(The team runs to the mine’s entrance, and see a couple of worker moles
trying to break a boulder blocking the inner entrence to the mines.)

MOLE #1: Phew! This sure is tough!

MOLE #2: Hey, look! It’s Mario! He can break this rock! Could you help us?

MARIO: Of course!

(Mario jumps up to the higher ledge and hits the rock with his hammer. It
doesn’t break. He tries again and again, but the rock won’t break.)

MARIO: That’s weird.

GENO: Why don’t we enter the lower entrance?

MOLE #1: Um, I’m afraid we can’t let you. There are top secret equipment in
there that WE can’t even know about. We’re here to gaurd it.

MOLE #2: ! I just remembered! There is something in here that can help you!
I’m sure the mayor won’t mind me giving it to you.

(Mario got a Super Hammer! Now he can break rocks that he coudn’t break with
his regular Hammer! You can also use it in battle, to deal lots of damage to

(Mario smashes the rock, thus breaking it. The team then enters the mine,
and eventually catches a gold mushroom falling from the ceiling.)

MALLOW: What’s this?

GENO: It appears to be a mushroom made out of gold! It could be worth alot!
We better keep it with us so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

(Mario got a Gold Mushroom!)

MALLOW: Let’s keep going, guys!…! Wait… I just heard something…ACK!

(A bomb hits Mallow and sends him flying.)

MARIO: Mallow! wuh…AHHHH!!!

(Another bomb hits Mario and he gets flown away.)

GENO: Mario! Watch out, Luigi! ACK!!

(Two bombs come in and hit Geno and Luigi, sending them flying.)

(The team awakens in a dark, damp cave room, tied to walls with weak

MARIO: Uh…wuh… W…where are..we?

LUIGI: I don’t…kno..w

MARIO: I think it’s a prison cell.

(Mario and the gang easily break out of the chains, and head out of the
cave. They come across a weird-looking bomb.)

MALLOW: What’s this?

(Suddenly the bomb flickers on and attacks the gang.)


LUIGI: Give that gold mushroom back!


MARIO: Get him!

(The team chases after him, and eventually catches up to the robotic-voiced


(Mario got the Gold Mushroom back!


(Myno jumps away, and the party heads towards the nearby exit.)

MARIO: C’mon! This must be the way to the Star!

(Mario tries opening it, but it open. He tries smashing it, but to no

MALLOW: That’s weird.



(Myno appears behind them, and attacks them again.)

GENO: What’s WITH you?


(The team enters a battle against Myno. He has 520HP and has two Bob-ombs
and two Rob-ombs with him. The team beats him with barely any effort. Then
Myno gives up.)


(Myno runs off, leaving a Bambino Bomb with him. Mario picks it up. Then he
uses the gold mushroom and opens the door. They appear in a dark room.)

MALLOW: Pretty dark in here.

LUIGI: Hey! I think I see a light!

.. . . . . .

MARIO: Ch-ching! A Star Piece!

(Mario tries grabbing the Star Piece, when suddenly, Mack, the large
sword-like monster that works for Smithy, drops down.)

MACK: Wharharharhar!!!! If it isn’t Mario! You’re going down NOW!

MARIO: Bring it, freak!

(Mario enters his third major boss, this time against Mack. Mack has 920HP,
and has five Shysters around him, each with 50HP. This battle lasts a while,
and Mallow faints. Mario uses a Pick Me Up to revive him, then the battle
resumes. They eventually beat him, and the team gains the third Star Piece.
But where is the Princess?)

MARIO: Thank god thats over with.

(Mack suddenly explodes, dispersing a Power Star.)

MALLOW: That’s two!

LUIGI: What’s this? Huh..? Whahhh!

(Luigi examines the mine cart and sails off. Mario and the team then jump
after him and fit into the cart.)

MARIO: Look! Lots of Power Stars! There should be Seven here, since we found
two, and there’s still one at my castle. Let’s try to collect them all!

(They ride around, eventually grabbing a Power Star. They then grab two in a
row, then they find the rest at the end of the track.)

LUIGI: Only one more to go!

???: Mail! For someone named, Mario?

MARIO: Mail?

MAILMAN: Here’s your mail! It’s from the chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom,
I beleive.

(Mario opens the package, and finds the Mailbox Wii that Mario ordered from
the Internet!)

MARIO: Finally! It’s in! Hey! I have a message! It’s from the Chancellor!

{Hey, Mario! The workers JUST finished repairing your house. Come back
quickly! Sorry to bother if your busy, though. Bbye!}

MARIO: Let’s head back to the Mushroom Kingdom, now!

(The team heads all the way back to the MK, only to find that everything is
in ruins.)

MARIO: WHAT has happened here?

?????: Hmmmmuaaahahahahaha….


(Suddenly, a gigantic boulder drops and knocks everybody off the island,
into the water. Hours later, they float to shore. They then realize they’re
in a cave.)

MALLOW: Wh.. what happ….ened…?

LUIGI: That rock threw us off the hill!


MARIO: ? Ah! Another message!

{I F Y O U E V E R T R Y T O S T O P M E , Y O U ‘ L L G E T I T !}

MARIO: That’s weird. I wonder who it was from.

GENO: Probably Smithy.

(The team heads inside the castle and finds the key to his house.)

MARIO: Yes! Now we can get the last Power Star!

(The team heads to Pipe Vault.)

GENO: Why are we HERE?

MARIO: You’ll see.

( The team heads to the red pipe that they can’t enter. Mario inserts the
key and they fall in a hole. They emerge in a pool of water. They then jump
out to find Mario’s Castle.)

MALLOW: What a big castle!

MARIO: Let’s go!\

(They enter the castle and see the Power Star lying right there. They head
to pick it up, but a mysterious figure jumps out and grabs it.)

LUIGI: Hey, what the…

?????: Hee heee heeeee hee heeeeee!!!!!

(Doopliss, the duplighost, appears!)

DOOPLISS: Heeheeheeeee! I’ve come to take back your body! And you’re NOT
gonna get it back! HEEEEEHEEHEHEEEEEEE!!!!

GENO: Let’s get him!

(They enter a battle against Doopliss! He has 1200HP. Even with the high HP,
Doopliss is relatively easy, and all he does is headbonk, and sometimes
temporarily change into a party member and use their attacks(except Mario’s
Star moves, and he uses his own FP, which starts at 20. Doopliss eventually
gives up and gives Mario the final Power Star!)

DOOPLISS: Urrrgh… ONE of these days, ONE of these days… WAAAAHHHH!!!

(Doopliss runs off, leaving behind the Power Star.)

MARIO: Yes! We got it! Now where’s the Chancellor?

?????: Mario…


MALLOW: Chancellor! Are you okay?

CHANCELLOR: Yes, I’m fine. I see you’ve gathered all the Power Stars! Here,
give them to me!

(Chancellor implants the Power Stars into a nearby shrine, and Princess
Peach appears!)

CHANCELLOR: Princess?! Oh my gosh! Are you okay? Are you harmed? Need

PEACH: Calm down! I’m perfectly fine! Mario? I’m so glad to see you! Are you
here to collect the Star Pieces again?

MARIO: Yes, I am!

PEACH: Here, take this jewel I found! I heard it invokes some kind of power!

(Mario takes the jewel, and he learns the special move “Bomb Squad”! With
this, he can deal 120+ damage!)

PEACH: I’m going to take a rest.

MARIO: Okay, we’ll come back!

LUIGI: Where could we find the next Star Piece…?

[Mario defeated the evil sword Mack, collected all the Power Stars, rescued
the princess, and beat the sheet out of Doopliss for the third time! Will
Mario find the rest of the Star Pieces? Find out in Super Mario RPG: Return
of Smithy – Chapter Four – Stars Full Of Wishes!]