The Halorifacts

Mario and co. are trying a different way to catch Browser.

Chapter 1: Two New Surprises

Luigi: Hope it works

Mario: Of course it will work Luigi.

Luigi turned it on and Toad set the course with Peach watching.

Peach: Good Toad you set the course right.

Toad: Thank you.

Mario got ready to fight when the pipe moved.

But instead of browser coming out two girls come out.

Mario: I thought you set the course right Toad.

Toad: I did.

Peach: their girls Mario maybe 10 years old.

One of the girls wakes up.

??????? : Hi my name is Miranda and I already know your names.

Luigi: Do you know my nickname?

Miranda: Yes and the girl next to me is Megan.

Megan wakes up

Megan: Hello. Who are you?

Mario: I’m Mario.

Luigi: Luigi.

Peach: I’m Peach

Toad: Toad.

The King: I’ m the king of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Megan: Oh

Miranda told them how she knew them. She also asked them if they have 9 or 10 magical stones.

Miranda: Yes! `

Luigi: why do you ask?

Megan: Because we are one of the chosen ones.


Miranda: If you give me the box I’ll prove it.

Mario: Ok

Mario gives her the box and then she takes out the ice stone and Mirror stone. She gives the Mirror stone to Megan. They start to glow light blue and then they had an outfit on. Both out fits were white. Miranda had blue squares on hers. Megan had silver squares on hers.

Both: See

Mario: ya we see.

Peach: Mario!

Mario: Sorry.

Megan goes to where Luigi is and turns on the thing.

Luigi: What are you doing!

Megan: What dose it look like I’ m doing.

The King: turning it on.

Both: Yes.

The pipe shakes and the rest of the team comes out with their outfits on. They go through the whole who are you thing again.

Nicole: Well its nice meeting yawl.

Spencer: This is weird. Totally.

Cayla: You’re so right.

Just then a loud BOOM!!!! Happened in Peach’s room.

Mario: What now!

Chapter 2: Our First Fight

Miranda: maybe it’s Browser.

She was half right it was he and King Boo.

Miranda: I Thought he did not like Browser ATOLL!!

Mario: Me to.

Morgan: I’ m confused.

Megan M: Relax its just a Ghost.

Peach: Run!!!

King Boo: She’s right. {With a smile}

He then swoops down and grabs Peach and Morgan. Miranda shoots an ice beam at him but only hit the side Morgan is on. She then moves Peach out of his grasp.

Peach: Thank you.

She hugs Morgan.

Megan D: Get Browser!!

Browser: To late I’ve got what I want.

Mario and Luigi: He’s got the golden Mushroom!!!!

Everyone {not Mario, Peach, The King or Luigi}: …

So they start to explain about the Golden Mushroom.

Wendy: what is that.

Browser: Something for Ludwig. It will help him remake something I want him to.

She glares at him then leaves.

Megan: Do you know what his making?

Mario: No. {with a disappointed look}

Miranda: I might know. He might want to remake Shadow Mario?

Wendy: Ludwig! What are you trying to remake.

Ludwig: Shadow Mario. But I need the Golden Mushroom.

Wendy: King Dad has just stolen it.

Ludwig: Then I’ll go get it.

Ludwig leaves his room. Right when he almost passed his dad Browser gave him the Mushroom. He went back to his room to finish.

Ludwig: Yes its done.

He was punched in the face.

Shadow Mario: I don’t take orders from a boy.

He walks out the door to Browser throne.

SM: Master

Shadow Mario kneels down to Browser

Browser: I have a Quest for you.

He told him the plan.

Cody: how do we stop him?

Spencer: To late. He already made it.

Caitlin: We need to make a full proof plan.

Everyone: OK


Cayla: What now!

Peach tried to sneak out of the room but was caught by a shadow. Miranda used Ice and slowed it down, Megan and Allysun broke the Ice and the shadow.Mario caught peach with luck. But SM got her anyway.

SM: Bye

Chapter 3: Bowser’s Castle

He leaves with Peach.

Megan: OH NO!!!!

Miranda: I know. {With a stud look}

Toad comes in running.

Toad: What happened here.

Miranda: What dose it look like.

Megan: Miranda!

Miranda: Sorry.

Toad: Two people are missing!

Megan: Two! {Surprised}

Cody: Where’s Spencer?

Morgan: Yaw where is he.

Spencer: Where I’m I?

He looks around and almost screams he was in a dungeon.

Spencer: Oh. I wonder where Peach is?

Wendy comes in the room.

Wendy: Hello cutie!

Spencer: …

Wendy: Take off that helmet! Now!

Spencer: No!

Miranda: OH NO!! He’s gone he’s gone.

Megan: Chill girl he’s fine.

Morgan: I hope so.

Mario: We need a plan. We need a plan!

Luigi: Mario is right we need a plan.

Cody: Why would someone want to get Spencer!

Girls: Wendy!

Boys: Right?

Morgan: She’s one of the koopa kids.

Cody: …

Girls: we’ll explain on the way.

Wendy: Larry! Get down here now and bring a venues plant to NOW!

Larry: Whatever!

Larry comes down with a Venues plant.

Larry: Happy now.

Wendy: Yes.

She throws the plant in the cell and pushes Larry down.

The plant almost ate Spencer’s Helmet.

Miranda: There it is!

Megan: Let’s land over there behind the trees

After they land they go to the doors and knock out the guards.

Then they went to the dungeon and find him.

Spencer: Help!

Miranda: There he is!

Megan: Look out Spencer!

Spencer moves out of the way and thanks them.

Chapter 4: The End (not)

Miranda: Ice Beam attack!

She shoots an Ice Beam strait at Shadow Mario’s hand and thaws it to the wall.

Morgan: He’s got Peach!

Morgan: And she is unconscious

Shadow Mario shoat a Shadow ball at the group to make them fall to the ground.

Miranda and Mario go in rage and attack Shadow Mario.

Megan: Oh brother!

Luigi: It’s actually funny!

Michaela and Nichole join the fun.

Nichole: He is going down easily.

Miranda: One more blow.

Then she hit him with a Beam and he went all the way to the Shadow Kingdom.

Morgan: Ops!

Megan: Yes!

Peach: Thank you thank you!

Miranda: your welcome.

Cody: Where’s Mario and Luigi?

Cayla: they went to fight Browser.

Cody: Oh.

Back at the castle Miranda and Mariah were talking to Mario, Peach, and Luigi.

Miranda: I wonder if Shadow Mario will make an appearance.

Peach: I hope not.

Chapter 5: The Letter

Luigi: Me too. He might make it to the high school dance.

Mariah: Yeah that would be bad.

Just then Daisy and the others come in.

Daisy: I hope we’re not interrupting anything

Peach: No not at all come and sit down.

Morgan: What are you guys talking about?

Mario: Just seeing and wondering things.

Megan: let us change the subject.

Miranda: to what?

Megan doesn’t say a word. The room was quite.

Megan breaks the silence.

Megan: Do you here that?

Mario: What?

Megan: Shhhhhhh. Something Loud. A drill.

Peach: Why do we here drilling?

There was silence again. Just then Toad came running in a calm.

Toad: The mail is here.

Peach: What is it?

Toad handed a letter.

Peach opened it and began to read.

Dear Peach,

She Paused Then began again.

Dear Peach,

Something weird is going on I need you and your Friends help.

People are disappearing without a trace and we do not know anything

except This, Hand over the jewels or die. So you see we need your

help to stop this person or spirit.

Your Brother,


There was a long silence. Miranda was the first to speak.

Miranda: What!

Megan: Yeah.

Morgan: You Have a brother!

Peach: Yes. There is more.

P.S. He also has Pokemn. He has Dark powers so he would like to have STAR BURST. The code to the door is Heroes are stupid. So help us pleas.

Daisy: Long ago writing.

Peach: Yes. 2,000,000,000 years ago.

Morgan and Miranda: Yikes!!

Megan: Yea don’t you say so Nicole?

Nicole: The dead. Oh what? Yea.

Peach: He scared people that way.

Miranda: Oh. {Still scared with Morgan.}

K.T.: Sir? Shadow Mario Is a King now at the Shadow Kingdom chapter 2 letter quinsadince

Browser: Go away! I know. His going to attack my castle at 12:00 tomorrow.

The Girls just got done with a concert and were on their way to the Mushroom Kingdom.

When they got there they saw Mario running at them.

Mario: Look at this note from Browser.

Miranda: Well, where’re full of letters today.

Mario started to read

Give me all your Jewels, Treasure and your most prized possessions and people. Or else.

Sign Your Enemy,


Michaela: Is Peach gone?

She didn’t like hot weather and Dark Land is always near lava.

Mario: no, Browser is in trouble with anther land

The girls went to the portal tower on Earth to see what was going on but the boys stayed with the others to help with portal there. Spencer was thinking about the letter.

Spencer: I’m thinking about that letter Peach, about the code. Can you read it?

Peach: I never learned how.

Spencer: Oh, Wait I hear that drilling sound again, it might be coming from the attic

Cody: did you hear a drilling sound?

Spencer: yeah, sounds like its coming from the attic.

Peach went to the next room and left Spencer and Cody alone.

Spencer: this is our chance let’s go.

Cody: ok

So Cody and Spencer went to the attic.

Miranda: I wonder what those two boys are doing.

Michaela: Their having fun.

She wasn’t worried atoll.

Caly: Girls go to M.K.C.B.A Ok, Ok.

Spencer: I sent the letter. Now, wait look over there! {Gasping}

He saw a crack in the floor and a drill, and note!

Cody: Read it.

Spencer: It says

Vertical Scroll: Dear Dairy, Long ago a sprit know as Shadow came to my house one night in the shadow kingdom it tried to get all of ore riches but because of my Dad’s kindness and pureness he could not he was so mad he swore revenge on my family and me. I Love Dairy, 1997 Dan Age 9 33

Miranda: Cool.

This startled Spencer and Cody.

Megan: we are full of letters today.

Cody: Yes we are. Anyway he’d be 17 right?

Megan: Maybe. What was he up to anyway?

Miranda: Don’t know, we should split up areas and search the place for more clues.

Morgan: Miranda and me will go this way.

You and Michael go that way. The rest of you will go that way

Morgan: we’ve bin searching an hour. Wait look over there.

Miranda: I see. It’s a letter I think. Not a letter a book.

Morgan: The title is 100 Ghosts and Ghouls + Spirits

Flowchart: Internal Storage: 100 Ghost and Ghouls + Spirits Flowchart: Predefined Process: 278Miranda: and look at page 278!

Miranda: That’s what we want.

Just then a bird flew and took the book..

Morgan: Well, Our page ripped out.

Miranda: What dose it say?

Morgan: Well, it says here,

Shadow copy: A copy of a person

In an evil form. To stop it you need to

Morgan: that is it.

Alison: Michaela? Do you feel weird? I do.

Michaela: Yeah a little.

Just then a huge bird flew in and grabbed Michaela by the shoulders.

Alison: Michael Ou how am I going to tell the others?

When the group got together Spencer said,

Spencer: Where is Michaela?

Alison: A Huge bird flew in and grabbed her.

Miranda: oh great!

Mario: What?

Morgan: Michaela got kidnapped.

Luigi: no way!

Nicole: yes she did.

Cody: anyway the big group found a clue.

Spencer and Cody stepped aside to revel Deonna and Tyler.

Deonna: I am going to freak!

Tyler pushed some people to the wall with a dark attack.

Nichole: No way! You have powers to!

Tyler: Yeah.

Then Deonna did a psychic attack on Morgan. Then Nicole fell to a secret floor.

Mario: lets see where it leads.

Everyone fell to the ground at that.

Luigi: is everyone ok?

The bird that took Michaela stopped in a forest and dropped her to the ground.

Michaela: Ouch!! That hurt!

Then she saw some one.

Michaela: Hello is some one there?

No one answered.

Michaela: I will find my own way home.

And so she did.

At the end of the path where Mario, Luigi and the others stopped they saw a door and William.

William: Hello their do you want to open the door?

They nodded so he put in the password and pushed Nicole in and closed the door. He did this at least 13 times. Then he went in.

Morgan: what was that for?

When she said this she got zapped with a laser.

Then a voice said,

?????: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

He did not let them answer.

?????: anyway my name is Shadow

Morgan: yeah whatever. Your name is Shadow Mario.

She got stuck in a cage.

SM: Well that will teach you a lesson.

When he said this, a cage fell on them to.

SM: your hope is lost those cages are all power proof except .

Michaela: Water gun!

She opened all of the cages

Megan: Miranda now is our chance!

Megan and Miranda turned into sailor Ice and Mirror.

Caly: I will help. Storm!

She made more water come in

Megan: ok it is time for you to feel the pain!

Megan and Miranda did an ultra attack.

After that he was gone forever.

Miranda: Well, it is done for now.

She and Megan turned back into Ice and Mirror.

Caly fell to the ground tired.

Caitlin: Yes it is all over.

Megan: lets go upstairs to tell peach what happened.

Everyone agreed to.

Miranda: Hello Peach.

Peach: Hello, where have you guys bin?

Megan: Well,

Megan told her everything that she mist. Then Nicole said,

Nichole: crime dose not pay at all.

They all laughed.

Everybody: we’re Friends forever!