Super Smash Bros. Guide

6.Captain Falcon
12.Star Fox
16.Ness Guide


Super Smash Brothers is a great game. It’s like a
fighting game with characters and items from many
great Nintendo games. I have listed all the characters
in order of my favorite. The items and secrets are in
no particular order though. Also if you have any
questions e-mail me at



This little guy is from Earthbound. It’s an o.k.
game. The odd thing is he uses all of Paula’s moves
and not his own (Paula is the second character you get
in Earthbound). The only move he uses on Smash
Brothers that’s his on Earthbound is the flash that
you see when he does a double jump or throws someone.
Here are his moves.

Up+B: This is PK Thunder.
B: PK Fire
Down+B: PSI Magnet. Restores HP when special move hits
Up+A: Around the world with a yo-yo.
A: normal attack.
Down+A: yo-yo sling
Forward, A: built in Baseball Bat!
A,A,A: Punch and kick
Jump, Up+A: Headbutt in air
Forward+A: Charge

1. After you use the PK Thunder you control where it
should go. If you hit yourself it sends you flying in
that direction with no damage. Good for getting back
on the land.
2. PK Thunder is weak so don’t use it as a weapon be
the weapon. Hit yourself with the thunder and go
flying in the opponent for like double or triple
3. The PK fire is an annoying weapon. Notice the
little lightning thing right after you press B? It’s
from Yoshi’s Island.
4. When fighting the Master hand use the magnet shield
when he shoots the missiles. Your percent goes down by
30 for each missile!


Many people HATE Jigglypuff because all he really
does is Sing. Well Jigglypuff has one of the strongest
moves in the game, the sleep attack! It’s hard to do
but if you’re right next to your opponent they’ll go
flying off far off the edge.

Up+B: Sing people to sleep.
B: HELPFUL, but not very strong punch
Down+B: Very powerful sleep attack.
A,A: Double punch
Forward, A: Sliding kick
Up+A: Upward Headbutt
Up,A: Little Flip
Jump, Up+A: Jump and slap
Jump, Down+A: Downward twirl kick


1. You may want to sing your enemy to sleep before you
do the sleep move.
2. The sleep attack is only an attack while Jigglypuff
flashes white. The rest is nothing until you get up.
3. Pressing B in midair sends Jigglypuff an inch
forward without puffing him up. This is really helpful
when getting him back to the side.
4. Don’t use Jigglypuff unless you have a lot of
experience at the game.


Yoshi is a pretty good character. All his moves
can be seen in at least one of Yoshi’s games. He is
also the only character that doesn’t use a bubble as a

Up+B: The old egg toss.
B: Eat the opponent and turn him into an egg.
Down+B: Stomp
Forward,A: Smashing Headbutt
Forward+A: kick
A,A: double kick
Up+A: Weaker Headbutt
Up,A: Another use of the head.
Down+A: Tail Sweep
Jump, Up+A: Tail Stab
Jump, Down+A or R: Striking Kick


1. Turn an opponent into an egg at the edge. Sometimes
they go right off.
2. To lower the egg toss let go of up right after you
use it. To make it go higher hold up as you throw the
3. (Not for Yoshi) If you are in Yoshi’s egg press A
and rotate the joystick to get out faster.
4. If you press Down+B on the ground you’ll go about a
foot (in game length) whatever direction your facing.
In the air you go straight down.
5. One fun trick to do with Yoshi is to eat them while
your in mid-air. Most of the time opponents will fall
helplessly down.


Pikachu is a great character for experts and
beginners alike. He is easy to master unlike some of
the other characters. That may be a reason why a lot
of people use him when the first start playing this
game. Pikachu also has some pretty good moves.

Up+B: Some thing that teleports you up in the air.
B: Thunder shock that moves on the ground.
Down+B: A big lightning bolt strikes Pikachu and hurts
and nearby opponents.
Up+A: Backflip
Down+A: Some spin kick
Jump, Forward+A: Thunder punch, good combo
Jump, Down+A: Downward Thunder punch
Forward, A: A funny electric hookshot or something
A,A: Double Kick


1. The Thunder punch is good against the master hand.
2. You can double the teleport thing by changing the
direction. If you master that you can easily get back
if you’re knocked off the side.
3. Use the lightning bolt A LOT because its really
annoying for any people above you.

Captain Falcon

CF here is from F-Zero and F-Zero X. I’m quite
sure that he is the fastest character in the game.
He’s pretty strong, so you may want to try him out.

Up+B: This move makes anyone explode that touches you.
B: Falcon Punch
Down+B: Falcon Kick. (This guy needs projectiles).
A,A,A: Punch, Punch, Kick
A rapidly: Lots of punches
Forward+A: forward kick
Forward, A: Thrust Kick
Up+A: Spinning Uppercut
Up,A: Overhead heal kick (something)
Down+A: Roundhouse kick
Down,A: Dumb Kick
Jump, Up+A: twirl kick in air


1. Use Up+B to keep airborne people away from land.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the strongest character in the
game. He can pick up crates and barrels and walk
around. This gives him an advantage. Also DK can knock
someone off the edge at a less percent than others

Up+B: Helicopter punch
B: Strong Punch
Down+B: Ground Pound
A,A: Double Punch
Forward,A: Smash Slap
Forward+A: Punch
Up+A: Slap n’ Clap
Up,A: Slaps all around
Jump, Forward+A: 90 degree pound (in air)


1. Use DK’s throw a lot because it is useful and very
2. The ground pound is useful to get rid of annoying
opponents. That is maybe one of his best moves.
3. If you want a really funny (and cheap) way to kill
your human opponents, go up to someone and grab them
and then tap the joystick toward the character. You
will pick them up and be able to walk with them. Now
go jump off the edge. 😉


Link is a great character for intermediate
people. He has one long-range move and built in bombs.
His sword spin isn’t the best for getting back on the
land but at least it’s powerful.

Up+B: Sword spin
B: Boomerang
Down+B: Bombs!!!
A,A,A,: Lots of sword stabs
A (rapid): Link will swipe his sword around after the
Forward, A: Big sword slash
Forward+A: Weaker swipe
Up+A: Combo thing
Up,A: Reverse Overhead Swipe
Down+A: Double Stab
Down,A: Lower Swipe
Jump, Forward+A: Spinning thing
Jump, Down+A: Downward Stab


1. Use bonbs a lot. They are pretty powerful. (However
they’re not as strong as bob-ombs).


Kirby is a great character for beginners. Almost
all his airborne attacks are combo attacks. He has a
ground pound which makes it easier to get back on the
ground if you play against high level computer
characters who keep hitting you up in the air. Kirby
can also mimic other character’s moves by sucking them

Up+B: Holds a knife goes up and slams down and makes a
little wave.
B: Suck up the character and do something
Down+B: Slams and turns into an orange block
A,A: double punch again
A (rapid) lots of punches.
Forward,A: A Smashing Kick
Forward +A: Flipping Kick
Up,A: Overhead Kick
Down+A: Spin Kick
Jump, Forward+A: sideways spin kick


1. In team battle or versus you can use an opponent
you in and make a weapon out of him. Just press A and
Kirby will spit the guy out. If it makes contact with
someone, then they’ll take about thirty damage.
2. Kirby is invulnerable when he does a ground pound.
3. The best thing about Kirby is that he can suck in
characters that have the hammer! Suck them in near an
edge and spit them out off the side. Since the guy
with the hammer can’t do a double jump, they fall off
the edge giving you an easy kill.


Samus is an o.k. character but she is better for
experts. She has many moves that require good aim and
timing. Of course if you’re into combos here’s your

Up+B: Jump up and do a big hit combo
B: Charge up and make your beam strong, then shoot.
Down+B: Samus’s famous bomb.
A,A: Double hitter.
Forward,A: Strike with the back of a gun!
Forward+A: Roundhouse Kick
Up, A: Use of flame-thrower.
Up+A: Flame-thrower.
Down+A: Low roundhouse kick
Down,A: Fast low roundhouse kick
Jump,Up+A: Upward spiral kick thing
Jump, Forward+A: Cover attack with gun


1. Use the Up+B move to annoy people and catch them
off guard or use this to keep someone off the edge.
2. You can catch a foe with the blue grappling hook
thing and then use the flame-thrower


Luigi is a pretty good character. The only reason
he is better than Mario is because he can jump higher.
Luigi is a good character if you have trouble getting
back to the land.

Up+B: Punch and Jump
B: Floating Fireball
Down+B: Spinning Punch
A,A,A: Punch, Punch, Kick
Forward, A: Strong Punch
Forward+A: Roundhouse kick
Up+A: Head Butt
Up,A: Uppercut
Down+A: Sweep
Down,A: Low Kick
Jump, Up+A: Flip Kick
Jump, Forward+A: Twirl Kick


1. If you can’t decide on Mario or Luigi, pick Luigi.
They’re basically the same but Luigi Jumps higher and
Luigi’s fireballs aren’t affected by gravity.
2. Luigi’s Up+B move is a great move to keep others
off the edge.

Star Fox

I don’t use Star Fox too much. He just doesn’t
suit my style. He can be good, however, with a good
deal of practice. Use him and see what you think.

Up+B: A rocket attack (Fox is the rocket I guess).
B: Laser
Down+B: A weird shield that reflects energy attacks
and some non-energy attacks such as the bumper.
A,A: The double hit
A (rapid): tons of kicks
Forward, A: Smashing Twirl Kick
Forward+A: Forward Kick
Up+A: Flip and Kick
Up,A: Another odd kick
Jump, Forward+A: Twirl Kick


1. You can use the Down+B shield to hit a bumper on
the ground into opponents. Pretty funny.


Mario is basically the same as Luigi. So I’m not
going into detail. Go look at the Luigi section.


This section has things that aren’t really
secrets. You’re supposed to get the other characters.
Also you can easily run into the hidden menus.
Although, I guess you’re getting more info here than
from the guide book.

Jigglypuff: All you have to do is beat the game on any
difficulty and any number of lives and as many
continues as you want. This is basically the first
secret character anyone gets. The easiest way to beat
him after he challenges you is just throw him off the
end. He’s a very easy opponent.

Luigi: All you have to do is beat bonus number one
with all the original 8 characters. To beat Luigi
just, keep beating on him. If you lose then beat the
character’s bonus stage again for the character you to
fight Luigi.

Captain Falcon: Beat any mode under 20 minutes. This
is easiest in Very Easy mode. You can tell if you get
to face him if it says “Speed King” in red after you
beat the Master Hand. Just keep throwing him in the
lava and you should have him.

Ness: This is the hardest character to get but he is
worth it. Beat Normal mode with three lives without
continuing. I recommend using DK because he is the
strongest. Check the Ness guide section for the
easiest ways to get Ness.

Secret item menu: Here’s something fun to do. Play
versus like 50-100 times and you should get it.

Mushroom Kingdom: Beat Normal mode with the original 8
characters and only three lives. Then it will say you
have it. *Note:* My friend said that he beat Very Easy
with every character and didn’t get it, but when he
played Training mode for a little bit it just

Sound Test: Beat Bonus 1 and 2 with ALL the


This is a section of all the items, what game they are
from (or at least in), and what they do.

Beam sword

From: Lots of Star Wars Games
Purpose: This is a pretty good sword that’s an o.k.
thing to have in battle.

Homerun bat

From: Earthbound
Purpose: This is a baseball bat that is about as
strong as the sword. However if you combine it with a
SMASH hit then the character will “hit a home run”
which basically nets you an instant kill.


From: The original DK series
Purpose: You pound left, right, left, right, etc.
until you finally kill someone. It’s a very powerful
weapon, and you’re pretty hard to hit!

Motion Sensor Bomb

From: Goldeneye 007
Purpose: This little bomb is pretty good. You can
stick it to the ground or even the walls of something.
It blends in well and explodes when someone steps on
or near it. It’s great when put by the edge.


From: Lots of Mario games
Purpose: It’s the most powerful item in the game. In
direct contact it will either kill or take about 40
damage from the opponent.


From: Lots of Mario games
Purpose: Knocks opponents away. If red, it goes back
and forth. If green, it goes straight.


From: Super SMASH Brothers
Purpose: You throw it on the ground and people who hit
it get bounced away. This has the games symbol on it.


From: Super Mario RPG
Purpose: It’s a weak old fan that I think is even
weaker than regular attacks. Better to throw by
pressing R.

Max Tomato

From: Kirby Games
Purpose: Recovers 100% of your damage (That’s not all
of it, just 100 points).


From: Zelda Games
Purpose: Recovers ALL your damage


From: Mario games
Purpose: Makes you invincible for about 10 seconds.

Ray Gun

From: Earthbound, thanks to Jkinc6 for pointing it
Purpose: Pick it up and then you can shoot people with
lasers. Pretty annoying for the guy getting shot,
unless he’s Ness…

Star Rod

From: Kirby Games
Purpose: You can hit people with it and you can throw
little stars by pressing Forward, A.

Fire flower

From: Mario Series
Purpose: Blow on it and fire comes out.


From: Poke’mon.
Purpose: A Pokemon comes out and attacks the enemy in
some way. Here’s the list.

Mew: Mew appears. Then he leaves. The only thing he
does is give you 50,000 points if you happen to see
him in normal game.
Onix: Goes up in the sky and does his rock throw move.
Snorlax: Flies up in the air damaging people and comes
back down to do more damage.
Koffing: Comes out and use his poison gas attack that
does some damage.
Meowth: Uses the payday move and gives you killer
Hitmonlee: Makes a weird noise, and does his low kick
attack. Watch out it’s strong!
Goldeen: Appears and does the worthless splash attack
while saying Goldeen Goldeen, Goldeen Goldeen.
Charizard: He uses the flame-thrower attack. Quite
annoying for people getting hurt by it. Makes a good
protector for his “master”.
Blastoise: One of the best moves, which is Hydro pump.
This uses lots of pressure that knocks Blastoise back.
Beedrill: Flies away and gets a whole swarm of
Chansey: Throws out Chansey eggs.
Clefairy: This guy (or girl) uses Metronome attack.
Clefairy uses one of the moves listed above.

Ness Guide

This section is made up of guides that very briefly
describe easy ways to get Ness. So far there are only
2 characters, Pikachu and DK. Everyone wanted a guide
on Pikachu, so I added him later on. I got Ness with
DK so that’s why he’s there. E-mail me if you want a
different character. The best way, when trying to get
Ness is not die at all (if that’s possible, for you).
However if you make it to the hand with at least one
life to spare you should at least get to see Ness…

Donkey Kong

Link: Just keep throwing him off the left edge until
he can’t make it back. Simple as that.
Yoshi Team: All you have to do is the helicopter punch
one each Yoshi and you’ve won.
Fox: Use the ground pound to weaken him and then start
throwing him off until he can’t make it back.
Mario Bros: Go down to the bottom platform that goes
in and out. Keep throwing them off the end. Eventually
the platform will be to far back where they can’t make
it to the side.
Pika: He’ll probably kill himself but if not just beat
him to death.
Giant DK: This is the hardest guy on the way to the
hand. If you’re lucky you will get good partners. Just
wear him down until he falls off.
Samus: This girl isn’t that easy either. Throw her in
the lava and keep her there with the helicopter punch.
Kirby Team: This is so easy with DK. Just helicopter
punch until all 8 are gone. They all die within one
Metal Mario: All you do here is ground pound. Do that
until he’s around 250% which takes about 4 hits. Then
throw him off!
Dummy Team: So they’re the polygon team who cares.
This is what they call them in Japan, except it’s in
Japanese. Just do the same as you did with the Yoshis.
There should also be a tomato or heart half way
The Hand: The hand is pretty hard. You will most
likely die once so be prepared. Us DK’s Jump,
Forward+B move. Don’t use any B moves. They’re to
Ness: Well you made it, or not! This guy is though.
Use the helicopter punch and ground pound a lot.
Around 60 or 70% you can throw him off. Good Luck.


Link: This is easy. Keep throwing him.
Yoshi team: Use the Thunder Punch and keep hitting all
the guys.
Fox: Keep throwing him off the left edge. When Fox
flashes, getting ready to do the rocket thing, shock
him by Down+B. It might lead to his demise.
Mario Bros: Go to the bottom left area (with the
moving platform) and start throwing one of them. When
the other jumps to get you try to hit one into the
other (in mid air).
Pikachu: Just weaken him and knock him off.
Giant DK: First off, when DK is on the platform use
the lightning bolt and shock him. Next start throwing
every item you can at him especially crates. Then get
a strong item and hit him off.
Samus: This is probably the hardest fight to keep a
life on. Try to knock Samus in the lava at the
beginning when it’s low. That will deal a lot of
damage. Then try to weaken her with all you have, but
try not to get to close to her, or above her.
Kirby Team: Your best attack here is the lightning
bolt. Sometimes it will kill them at once. After two
hits with it they are usually always dead.
Metal Mario: All you have to do is weaken this guy
with the lightning bolt. Then throw him off the edge.
Dummy Team: These guys are a bit harder than the
Yoshis because there are more of them and they are
faster. You’ll just have to use your best attack in
any situation because just using lightning bolts won’t
Master Hand: The Hand is pretty easy with Pikachu.
Just use the thunder punch and you may have an easy
Ness: This will be hard. You fight at the Kirby stage.
The best way to do this is get Ness in the air. When
he is about to use his PK Thunder, jump on the highest
platform. Then jump in the air and press B. Now hope
that little electric ball hits him. If it does Ness is
practically dead. If he still survives then remember,
he’s lightweight. You can throw him pretty far. Also,
try to get away from most of his attacks.