Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the third game in the Super Smash Bros. Series. Its previous incarnations have helped it evolve into what it is today. This game had many delays, but when it came out, it came out with an explosion!

Story: The story may seem confusing at first, switching from cut scenes, to running, to fighting, but after a while it begins to make sense. How the characters find each other, join up, and fight off the baddies all fits together like a puzzle. The cut scenes in the story mode are really something to look forward to after fighting all those monsters! The story is quite long: nine hours when played nonstop. But you will have to go back after beating the story and collect all the items to redeem that 100% on story mode.

Game play: Like the other Smash Bros, you beat the living crud out of each other till one of you flies off the stage. But now the stages are more complicated. You will sometimes have to do certain things, and if you don’t, POP, you’re gone, and that may be your last life! The speed in this game is quite quick. You will have to keep an eye on things, or you might get meteor smashed! Pressing the A button over and over will not help you when you are falling off the stage, and button mashing will leave you ashamed by your peers. And when the Smash Ball comes around, you better be quick, or you and all the other players may be executed by the Smash Ball holder’s Final Smash!

Graphics: Graphics in the game are extraordinary for the Wii. Usually cut scenes in games look way better then the actual game play, but in this game they are pretty much the same. There are not white lines when wall meets floor, and there is no lag when a bunch of monsters come. Characters look so life-like you will be amazed; Pokemon actually have fur, clothes have threads, and swords have detail in this game!

Controls: With more then three ways to play, you will be satisfied with your choice. Yes, that’s right, Brawl gives you the choice of how to play. Are you a move around while brawling kind of person? Then choose the Wiimote and Nunchuk combo for your controls. Do you like old school? Go with the GCN controller! It’s all up to you, and they each have their ups and downs.

Sound: Music playing in almost every screen, and they are all fabulous. Each song will be stuck in your mind, because they are both peaceful and action filled. You might find yourself humming the opening scenes song in your daily life, they are just so catchy. They all are crisp, and never miss a beat, and you can listen to them all, once you unlock them of course, in your My Music option on the menu.

Overall: This game is revolutionary and will be played for years to come. From the graphics to the controls, you will be mind blown. And with the new WFC feature, you can brawl with friends around the world, or some you don’t even know!

This game gets, and owns, a 10/10!