Super Princess Peach Review

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Graphics 9/10: Graphically, this is probably the most beautiful platformer I’ve ever seen. The 2D sprite-based visuals are smooth and clean, and the presentation never negatively effects gameplay.

Sound 8/10: As you would expect from a Mario game, there is plenty of good, happy music. There are some voice clips of Peach, but none are annoying or intrusive like they are in the Super Mario Advance series.

Gameplay 8/10:
This game is a lot of fun to play. At its core the game is standard 2D Mario platforming. From there the emotions and parasol are added in. The addition of these elements gives the game a fresh and unique feel. The levels are laid out well. Although they are semi-nonlinear, I never got lost or frustrated looking for the next pipe or a Toad. Unfortunately, for long time fans the game will be reasonably easy. The early levels especially have few enemies, and Peach is armed to the teeth with her jumping ability, emotions, and parasol. There is plenty of stuff to collect, and after beating it new levels are unlocked. Although too easy in parts, and never really becoming difficult the gameplay is fun and should last a decent amount of time.

7/10: Replay of levels is encouraged to find all the Toads and puzzle pieces. Exploring the expansive and creative levels is also entertaining. The game is entertaining enough to warrant multiple play throughs, but this isn’t a game you will pick up every day after you have completed it.

Overall (Not an average) 8/10: Super Princess Peach is a fun, old-style platformer that any Mario fan should enjoy.