Super Mortal Kombat

Last time at the Super Mortal Kombat when the evil Wario Shang Tsung had prepared a fighting tournament knowing called
Super Mortal Kombat. The champion Mario Kang when he defeated Waluigi known as Kano with the metal plate on his face.
Wario Tsung which it’s his real name has escaped and so did Goro known his real name Boro and Kano also escaped to
the Outworld to reach a new tournament. Super Mortal Kombat II at Shreoa and this time Wario Tsung will be participating.
Now a new enemy has struck and it happened to be Wario Tsung’s Master. Ganon Kahn and he has come to take over the
Mortal Kombat that he now holds and controls and his target is to collect the Shoaling Amulet that he used his socceror
Wario Tsung to control but he failed. So Ganon Kahn has come and to eliminate Mario Kang and his fellow warriors that get
in his way. With the henchmen he has. King. K. Kintaro the other 4 armed creature and relating to Boro so.
Aswell his target would be Luigi Lao. Last time when Wario Tsung had stole Koopzero’s Soul. YOUR SOUL IS MINE.
Screaming Wario when he had his soul and had a collective of two souls and matter with a third very soon. Get you hands
off me you blinded fool screamed Mario Kang when he was asking Koopzero a question of how he froze that person as Mario
Kang wanted to settle the score with Scoopion. Mario Kang was facing Scoopion at the Athelbar Forest when Scoopion had
disapeared. Scoopion had kicked Mario Kang as he fell down. Mario Kang began to spin around three times and kicked
Scoopion and fell 7 meters from Mario Kang and he threw a fire ball at Scoopion and was getting burnt and they stood to
each other and Scoopion had disapeared. Scoopion unfortunentely Scoopion at vanquished back to the Shroom Kuei and
was never seen. Raiden why do you think that women was looking at me said Mario Kang? Well it’s probably because
you are the only person who can defeat Shang Tsung said Raiden. You think so said Mario Kang as he was excited?
No heh huh huh huh huuuh as Raiden was pissing himself laughing as Raiden was sitting in a chair. So the highlights
of what happened at the last Super Mortal Kombat. Now this time we have these new fighters coming to fight where we have.
Mario Kang. Koopa Cage. Toad as the Thunder God Raiden. Wario Tsung. Walkano.
Boro. Scoopion returns. Koopzero also returns. Now we host these new characters as such as.
Koopraka as Baraka. Zelda as Millieena, as Millieeda. Donkey Kong as Jax, Jax Kong. Daisy as Daisy Blade.
Green Ninja Koopa that I made up as. Kooptile. And last with a shock who got killed by Boro 500 hundred years ago.
Luigi Lao has come back.

Now this tournament will now be the loser who will die eventually and the winner moving at the top with new rules
and getting closer to the evil Wario Tsung and the council Ganon Kahn. Mario Kang. Koopa Cage. Dasiy Blade Jax Kong. And Luigi Lao all join
forces to move up togather and get rid of the Wario Tsung. Unfontunentely Princess Kitana Peach has some buisness
of her own to take care of down at the Earthrealm and eventually will be back. Let the Second Tournament Begining.

At Ganon Kahn’s Tower:
You have failed me Wario Tsung and I told you to defeat Mario NOT to escape you fool said Ganon Kahn.
Yes my lord please forgive me one more chance I just trained Walkano if he can defeat Kang but he was to skilled
and I’ll take him on just for you my lord Ganon said Wario Tsung.
Very well then accept this as your last chance got it and this time I will accept noooo failure. Do I make my self clear
Socceror Tsung said Ganon Kahn? You sure do my lord Kahn i’ll go to the Shoaling shroom Temple to collect that
Amulet for you that you want and to be honest why do you need it anyway said Wario Tsung as he really wanted to
know. THAT IS NOT…your consern Wario Tsung you just get me that Amulet or…King. K Kintaro said Ganon Kahn.
Wario Tsung looks behind him and thought it was Boro but it was King. K Kintaro coming down as Wario Tsung
gets up and moves aside near Ganon Kahn. You fail me Tsung and I’ll get him to rip your body off alright said Ganon
Kahn. Very well said Wario Tsung as he walks away. Kintaro come here as Kintaro walks to Kahn. I want you to set
up the tournament and make people regret if they escape this tournament this tournament will be more intense got it said
Ganon Kahn. Kintaro walks and begun to command Ganon Kahn’s men to prepare the tournament.
Now this is what I have to see and this young fellow Kang Mario Kang is quite skilled. Well I’ll just have to have a shot
at him her heh huh huh huh huh huuuuuuh.

At the Shroom Shaoling Temples:
Alright well done rookie monks off you go now we must get up tommorow for the big day said Elder Monk.
Wario Tsung and Walkano walks into the temple where the Elder monk was.
Well well well the famous ace fighter Elder Monk. His won 6 tournaments and never lost said Wario Tsung.
What do you want from my family and my home you evil monkey said the Elder Monk?
Well we want the Amulet of the Shaolings said Walkano. Now give it to us if you want to live.
Go to Hel you red eye’d freak said the Elder Monk as he puts his arms out ready to fight with a stick he holds.
Wario Tsung and Walkano now both surrounds the Elder Monk as he looks he looks at them both one by one.
Wario Tsung runs and jumps as he kicks as the Elder Monk begins to block them all and kicks Wario Tsung
at the stomach as he falls, Walkano walks in and trys to punch the Elder Monk as he dodges and punches walkano
at the Jaw and trips him and smashes his nose at the ground and was in a lot of pain. After Wario Tsung gets up and
trys to punch the Elder Monk but blocks it and kicks Wario Tsung twice at the rib cage and punches Tsung as he falls
and Walkano behind him gives the Elder Monk a arm block and as Wario Tsung gets up holding his ribs in big pain
and begins to punch the Elder Monk at the stomach and punches him at the face. But the Elder Monk headbutts
Tsung at the nose really hard and was touching his nose on the ground rolling in pain as the Elder Monk with full
power kicks Walkano at the shin and lets go and the Elder Monk was about to punch Walkano but blocks it and
punches the Elder Monk and jumps and kicks him and falls and Wario Tsung and Walkano both walk up to him and
they started to go him as the Elder Monk blocks Walkano’s punch and gets punched by Wario Tsung and backs
away and hits Wario Tsung with his stick and uses his monk ball power and throws it at Walkano and falls and was
knocked out so that was one down. Now Wario Tsung gets and prepares for the second round as they walk to
each other the Elder Monk throws his stick away and begins the Kung Fu style as with the blocking and punching
starts as Wario Tsung punches the Elder Monk at the face and front flips and kicks him at the jaw and the Elder Monk
backwards punches Wario Tsung at the eye and blocks the second punch from the Elder Monk and does the eye
trick at him and flicks his both eye’s as the Elder Monk walks back as he was screaming he was in a very big pain
as Wario Tsung now starts to build up a big life force flamming ball and launches it at the Elder Monk and flys
and smashes himself at the pole and falls down of unconcoius. Wario Tsung walks to him and begins.
YOUR SOUL IS MINE said Wario Tsung as he gets the soul out of the Elder Monk. The Elder Monk was defeated.

Huh huh huuuuuuh fool said Wario Tsung as he walks to grab the Amulet. Walkano gets up slowly and as he was in’
pain he was rubbing his head. Ouch god I coped a good one, You defeated him well done my lord and we have
the Amulet aswell, 1 down 2 to go said Walkano. Yes I know Im a genius now lets go before all the monks begin
to crush us said Wario Tsung. As Wario Tsung and Walkano runs off a Monk walks in. NOOOOOOOOOO.
Now we must all have a minute silence said the Monk preist as he was burning the body of the Elder Monk
some Monks were crying. Some were having there heads down and some were praying as the priest Monk
was speaking the words of the heavens.

Meanwhile Mario Kang was walking at the road and was getting close to Shreoa as he stoped for a little break.
Geez I wonder what Outworld really looks like I mean like think about outworld is like outworld I suppose said Marioi
Kang. 3:00 AM as it was pissing down rain. Mario Kang walks into a water puddle and begins to get all cranky.
Oh damn great I steped into a water puddle you son of a gun grr said Mario Kang angrily as he keeps walking.
Im only 2 more miles to get there so i’ll get there eventually but I wouldn’t mind having something to eat over there
said Mario Kang. 6:00 AM in the morning when all the rain had stoped. Geez im just about there I can see it it’s a
Massive Temple place said Mario Kang. Mario Kang still walks but all of a sudden when he had to cross over a
bridge he saw a person with a hood on. Err excuse me sir said Mario Kang but would you be so kind if you can move
out of the way thanks. You can get lost loser said the man. I beg your pardon said Mario Kang? I said???
The person takes off his hood and it was a person in purple and had spikes everywhere and had very sharp teeth
and it was…Koopraka. You want to fight then lets go said Mario Kang as he threw his bag. Koopraka got out his
two massive mushie knives and began to get him. Mario Kang leaps into the air as he kicks Koopraka in the head
and kicks his spine. Koopraka falls and gets back up and starts to swing his mushie knives everywhere and gets
Mario Kang at the shirt. Mario Kang looks at the shirt and it was riped. Koopraka looks at him really furiousely
and tackled Mario Kang into the ground and Mario Kang kicked Koopraka behind him and they both get up again.
Koopraka puts them mushie swords away and punches Mario Kang at the face and looks at him and kicks Koopraka
at the ribs twice as he was in pain holding his ribs as Mario Kang Jumps and and spins and kicks Koopraka and falls
into the river. Mario Kang runs to the river and see’s him as he grabs the log and runs back to the Super Mortal
Kombat Temples. Geez that was a rush said Mario Kang as he picks his bag up and walks to the temples.

Mario Kang arrives.
Heh hay well look who’s here said Koopa Cage as they both run to each other and hug. Well I thought you
would be here you son of a glasses said Mario Kang look at you it’s been a year said Mario Kang.
Yea well unfornunentely you just missed Peach she has to go to the Earthrealm to settle some buisness but she will
come back at the 3rd Super Mortal Kombat so don’t worry oh and she left you something at the room you will go to room 13
said Koopa Cage. Thanks said Mario Kang as he taps Koopa Cage and goes to his room.
Alright what did she leave me said Mario Kang as he looks and see’s a nice necklace. Wow this lovely said Mario
Kang. It is isn’t it said Raiden as he was sitting in a chair reading a book about girls.
Raiden oh it’s good to see you long time no see are you here to help me and Cage said Mario Kang?
Possibly said Raiden but first I have some news to tell you the evil socceror Wario Tsung is here somewhere but
it’s not his tournament anymore said Raiden. WHAT said Mario Kang then who? Ganon Kahn is the main council
said Raiden and Wario Tsung will also be participating in this tournament. Oh well then at least i’ll fight him said
Mario Kang. Well lets hope said Raiden but your not ready to versus Ganon Kahn thoe he’s really powerful so
don’t rush said Raiden. No problem said Mario Kang as he goes to his bag to get something. Look oh said Mario
Kang as he saw Raiden had disapeared…AGAIN.

Welcome fellow mortals we now summen a very cruel tournament where we have I the ruler and Conqeror of
Realms emperor Ganon Kahn this time you will fight till you get to the ladder aswell got it said Ganon Kahn.
Well then look said Koopa Cage it’s our old friend Wario Tsung. Here you are my lord Ganon said Wario Tsung.
Exellent prepare the draws now will you said Ganon Kahn. Ahh lookie here Tsung said Mario Kang I herad that
you will now be fighting aswell huh said Mario Kang. Ah heh heh don’t be such a smart allick mate when the time
comes I will defeat you Fool said Wario Tsung. Yea you can try you hammer head but I never lose said Mario Kang.
Wario Tsung walks away. Lets go Mario don’t worry about that creep lets go and gets some lunch said Koopa Cage.
I know man because you beat him dosen’t make you that he’ll return maybe it was a warning or something said
Koopa Cage taking a spoon full of japanees noodles. Yea well this Koopraka will pay for that said Mario as
he takes a drop of wine. You…Mario Kang had seen a person with a hood wearing a green round hat with a L
on it and had rubber on them. Koopa Cage looks at the direction Mario was looking at as he see’s the myterious man
run away. Who was that said Koopa Cage? I don’t know it looked like…dosen’t matter as they finished eating and
went to see the draws rooms.

Alright listen to me Boro and Walkano we must defeat Mario and Koopa Cage alright and even if you said that
Kintaro was serving Ganon Kahn dosen’t make him stronger than you Boro alright said Wario Tsung.
Boro leaves as same with Walkano. Walkano walks to the top tower and see’s the view. Soon i’ll defeat this
Mario Kang and get rid of him once and fall said Walkano. Think again. What the said Walkano. Someone in
a blue ninja suit gives a surprize punch at Walkano and falls as he gets up again. You your dead Wario took
took your soul said Walkano. Sure did but that was my older brother and im out for revenge said Koopzero.
Koopzero punches Walkano and jumps and kicks Walkano at the face 3 times and hits himself at the ledge and
slides down. Walkano gets up and punches Koopzero and turns around and kicks Koopzero as he was going to
punch him again but blockes it and grabs him by the neck trips him down as Koopzero jumps and lands down on
Walkano and begins to stomp Walkano and Walkano grabs his feet and pushed them down as Koopzero lands
on his back as they both get up Koopzero punches Walkano but blockes it and kicks Koopzero at the face
and punches Koopzero and Koopzero jumps and Walkano tryed to kick Koopzero and backfliped once more
and backflip kicks Walkano and falls down as they were both ready for round two they run as Walkano blocked
Koopzero’s punch and 2nd punch and blocked Walkano’s kick and dodged his kick as Walkano blocks the punch
and Koopzero dodges twice and and used his leg to block Walkano’s leg kick and Walkano blockes Koopzero’s
punch and Koopzero blockes Walkano’s and Walkano punches Koopzero and kicks Koopzero at the face as he
moves and turns back and leaps into the air and kicks Walkano at the bottom and punches Walkano at the
teeth and trips him as Walkano grabs the feet of Koopzero and starting punching and blocking and again they both
get up Koopzero punches Walkano and fly’s in the air kicks Walkano and knocks kimself out at the bricks and
loses. Koopzero has won. Next time I’ll make the punches harder said Koopzero as he walks away.

WHAAAAAAT said Ganon Kahn loosing his temper. You said that Koopzero was dead and he’s returned what is this
said Ganon Kahn? Well my lord Kahn it seems it’s not accauly the Koopzero from the Shroom Kuei it’s the younger
brother of the other Koopzero that I stole the soul from said Wario Tsung. Oh and he’s out for revenge on YOU said said
Ganon Kahn. Walkano walks in. He gave me a good beating said Walkano. AGAIN said Wario Tsung. You really
are hopeless you know said Wario Tsung. Oh no but this Koopzero is really skilled but he’s seems to be good…
MAYBE said Walkano. Well whatever you two must find him and KILL him or I’ll feed you to the Pirhana Plants
got it said Ganon Kahn. Mario Kang walks to his room about to sleep. Mario Kang have you reed this said Raiden?
Hmph no I haven’t what are you doing here anyway said Mario Kang? Well that Koopzero that Tsung killed earlier
on has returned and I was right said Raiden. Alive said Mario Kang but his soul is in the hands of Wario Tsung said
Mario Tsung. Well perhaps but it’s his brother I found out and he wants revenge on Wario Tsung for it said Raiden
as he walks out the door down to the hallway. Geez said Mario Kang how long will this keep up? Pishhhhhhhhh.

The Next Day:
What is it King Kintaro Rool said Ganon Kahn???? Kintaro gives Ganon Kahn the message. Its sess.
Well well Scoopion has returned said Ganon Kahn and it looks to me that he wants Koopzero dead said GanonKahn.
Kintaro Rool as he walks to Ganon Kahn. I want you to find this Scoopion and bring him to me un spoiled saidGanon
Kahn. Kintaro looks away as he goes and finds him.

Koopraka enters Wario Tsungs Lair:
Warioshhh Tsuungthhhh my lordh said Koopraka. I hope you have eliminated Mario Kang said Wario Tsung.
No he’sth very stron and he beat meee said koopraka With shame as he puts his head down. Now now said Wario
Tsung we still have our assasins come said Wario Tsung. A lovely woman walks in with a purple dress with long
blonde hair with a purple handkerchieve covering her mouth and fliping her mystical knives that are blunt.
The door shuts. You two can work togather because you two are same spisces and I have created her said Wario
Tsung. Very welth I’ll take her donwth said Koopraka. Her names Millieeda now treat her like a gentlemen and go
and fight togather now shew said Wario Tsung as he goes to his dinning room. Walkano come here you idiot
as he was eating a chicken drumstick. Yea what is it Wario said Walkano. Well I have sent Koopraka and
Millieeda so they can hunt down Mario Kang so what I want you to do is find Koopzero again got it said Wario Tsung.
Borocome here said Wario Tsung. Boro walks over. Now look Im going to deal with Ganon Kahn so if I can participate
against Mario Kang so what I want you to do is keep that Kintaro person out of the way alright and don’t fail me
again said Wario Tsung. Boro walks away. And with that I’ll defeat Mario Kang and i’ll eliminate Ganon Kahn one
day and i’ll be under control of the Mortal Kombat. FOREVER. HEH huh huh huh huuuuuuuuu. Ganon Kahn
walks to the court yard and see’s someone in yellow. Hay show your self said Ganon Kahn as the person in yellow
runs off to the temple of Fire. Ganon Kahn runs after him.

The Temple Of Fire:
Now where did he go said Ganon Kahn? Behind you said Scoopion as Ganon Kahn turns around and see’s
Scoopion Behind him and punches Ganon Kahn as walks not very far thoe. Lets’s settle this then said Scoopion.
Ganon Kahn puts his fist up to his waist and rotates them and smiles. GET OVER HERE screamed Scoopion
but Ganon Kahn grabs the chain and pulls Scoopion towards him and punches Scoopion and gets up really quickly
snatches his chain and runs away. Well then that was a rush said Ganon Kahn and even if he wants Koopzero
he’ll just have to get him himself said Ganon Kahn. Good morning said Koopa Cage how was your night at the
hotels last said Mario Kang? Well it was not bad but we all had to be naked at night that’s all said Koopa Cage.
Well I injoyed it from the heavens to said Raiden. Really said Mario Kang what did you do at the Heaven Disco?
Well I just was drinking with my elder Gods that’s all said Raiden but I have some news to tell you come…both
of you. Mario Kang and Koopa Cage both go near Raiden. Well I found out that Wario Tsung has sent Koopraka
and some women named Millieeda said Raiden and they are coming after you and I also found out that Ganon
Kahn is sending King K Kintaro to find Koopzero because he wants to kill Wario Tsung and you fellows should
become allies if he really hates Wario you know said Raiden. Well alright I’ll see what I can do said Mario Kang
as Raiden disapeared. Well then lets find this new Koopzero said Mario Kang. Lets go said Koopa Cage.

Ganon Kahn walks to the door. Send him in said Ganon Kahn. The door opens and he now has the new ninja koopa
Kooptile. Well well then my dear servant Kooptile you are now here to help Kintaro find this Koopzero what’s he up
to and I want you to spy on Scoopion if you find him. He’s quite fishy said Ganon Kahn. Very well said Kooptile
i’ll first find this Koopzero and hunt him down as he runs to find him. Now then Wario Tsung is probably going to
to kill Mario Kang when he gets the chance and where is that Kintaro person said Ganon Kahn.
Kintaro walks to the underworld at the underground area where he manges to see Koopzero walking around.
I have failed you my brother said Koopzero as he begins to burn his older brother. I will get my revenge soon I
promise. Kintaro walks away and goes back to tell the news to Ganon Kahn. Meanwhile Mario Kang and Koopa
Cage goes to the temple of water. Alright then we have just see someone in here said Mario Kang. Well suppose
but I think that we are being watched said Koopa Cage just don’t say anything alright and don’t stare said Koopa
Cage. Koopraka and Millieeda jumps from the poles and puts there gaurds up ready to fight. Well well it’s Koopraka
said Mario and your face has a big lump on them to. Alright Mario. Koopa who is that behind them said Mario Kang.
A person with a mask comes behind them. Ahrrrrr it’s you said Koopraka. Koopraka was about to punch when
the guy jumps and kicks him at the temple and Millieeda comes and punches but the man blocks it and punches
Millieeda twice and elboes her at the temple aswell making her faint and as for koopraka he goes behind him
and smashes the hat so really hard at the temple Koopraka had totally been killed so that was one down.
Millieeda comes from behind the man as Koopa Cage jumps from far and kicks Millieeda and Millieeda runs away with
pain holding her face. That was close said Koopa Cage. Hay who are you said Mario. Im that guy who people
speak about in legend and Im finally here to help you guys, as he lifts his head and it was……Luigi Lao who
who had been killed 500 years ago and he now is back. But how said Mario Kang who brought you back to live.
Well a person named Koopzero and he’s willing to help us all and do you better meet with him soon and meet
him at the place called the totlet mountain. it’s a 1 hour walk so I sudgest that you be there for the night said
Luigi Lao. No problem well then how do we get there said Mario Kang? Follow me said Luigi Lao.

We now have these new fighters participating now said Ganon Kahn and let me introduce them to you.
Jax Kong show your self please. Jax Kong walks with these huge metal arm plates. Yea Bro I’ll smash
anyone who gets in my way said Jax Kong. Come here sweetie pie. Daisy Blade walks with a Shroom Gun.
Yes okay now listen this Wario Tsung when I get up to you I want to die for me because I will kick your butt said
Daisy Blade. Lets go Jax. As they both walk out. Well then Koopraka is still alive you say said Wario Tsung.
Yessss and I thinnnnnk thatttt a persssson nammmmmed Luigi Lao has jusssssst knocked him outttttt said
Millieeda. Very well then I’ll send 3 of my guards to collect him said Wario Tsung. But you are still to be in the
Tournament to kill this stupid Daisy Blade woman for me alright said Wario Tsung. As Millieda did not answer
back and walks away. Not answering back hmph well then that’s the taste I like to see said Wario Tsung.
Hello nice to meet you said Jax Kong im with the Mushroom Government to protect humans on this country.
That’s good said Mario now we must all go then. Wait I know a short cut to the mountain follow me said Koopzero
. As Mario Koopa Luigi and Jax and Daisy all follow him to the Mountain.

Koopraka wakes up and was in a lot of pain from his temple. Arrr that mush headed freak Lao knocked me.
I must Confess said Koopraka. Yesth it’s my juty that I wish to fight Luigi Lao when the Tournament begins said
Koopraka. Alright then revenge battle said Ganon Kahn. Millieeda is just going to find Daisy blade so you better
practise for the tournament said Ganon Kahn. Very welth said Koopraka.
Meanwhile at the Totlet Mountain:
I will win the tournament and this shall be the best time to particpate as well as he gets his binocules and views.
Hmph said Koopzero I see Koopraka training for the Tournament well then in that case said Koopzero.
In that Case you better die said Scoopion. What the?? said Koopzero.Huh huh huuuh you want revenge from
Wario Tsung and I see that you killed me 500 years ago you peanut said Scoopion. That was my brother
and I’ve got nothing to do with this said Koopzero. Then explain this iceball you left behind you lieing ANIMAL
said Scoopion. But that was my. But Scoopion had punched Koopzero at the face and both started to fight.
Scoopion blocks Koopzero’s Kick and kicks Koopzero at the face and punches Koopzero at the face and then
grabs him and smashes him to the rocks and falls down. Errr let me finish speaking you frog said Koopzero.
Scoopion dodges Koopzero’s punch and punches him at the gut and uppercuts Koopzero at the jaw and falls.
Scoopion prepares to take his out his rope but as soon as that happened Koopzero kicks Scoopion at the
face and jumps up and fights for round 2. Koopzero blocks 2 punches from Scoopion and punches Scoopion
at the face and kicks him at the stomach and leaps over Scoopion’s head and kicks Scoopion from behind and
falls and grabs him by the head and kicks Scoopion at the face and falls. Scoopion disapeares again.

Meanwhile. Ah Kintaro my servant what have you found out?? ah huh yes…very interesting. Oh said Ganon Kahn.
He wants revenge on Wario Tsung very well let him kill him if he can the only thing I care is that Kooptile
must find Koopzero before it’s to late said Ganon Kahn. Very well.
Meanwhile Mario Kang Koopa Cage and Luigi Lao all get to the top of the Totlet Mountain.
Koopzero said Luigi Lao. Koopzero quickly puts his mask back on. Ahh there you are my friend Luigi glad you
can make it said Koopzero. Yes these are my friends Koopa Cage. How ya doin said Koopa Cage. Yep said
Koopzero. Daisy Blade. Im onered said Daisy Blade. Well you are quite attractive glad you will be my ally said
Koopzero. Jax Kong said Luigi Lao. How bro good to see you im from Kongo jungle and your cool bro said Jax
Kong. And last the reason Im here Mario Kang. Ahh the Earth’s Mightiest Warrior Mario Kang. Good to meet you
Koopzero. Yes now we must kill Wario Tsung as soon as possible said Mario Kang. Yes My opinion to said
Koopzero. Well then we always have that Kintaro person. I’ll deal with him said Koopzero. Very well this Boro
Person will be mine said Koopa Cage. And Walkano is mine said Luigi Lao. Well then guys lets all go and win
this tournament said Koopzero. Ah na na na naaa easy now said Raiden. Raiden now what said Mario as
everyone turns around. Raiden now gets a bit off electrical powers and shocks them at Kooptile and falls knocked
out. Breaking the rules hmmm said Raiden. Oh dear you like saved Koopzero’s life said Koopa Cage.
Well then Koopzero good to have you on our side we’ll go down to Ganon Kahn’s tournament lets go said Raiden
as he leads the way.

Alright the day has come when you fellow warriors now fight for who or must versus said Ganon Kahn.
I will fight Wario Tsung and that’s what’s is going to happen said Mario Kang. As Mario Kang and Wario Tsung
looked at each other like enemys. Daisy Blade you will fight Millieeda said Ganaon Kahn. Daisy Blade and Millieeda
looked at each other. Jax you will fight Boro the four armed creature said Ganon Kahn. Luigi Lao you will face
me said Ganon Kahn. Luigi Lao was at the temple and was preying and closing his eye’s hoping that he can
win this fight. And Koopa Cage you will face Walkano said Ganon Kahn. There you are you coffee mug I’ve
been looking for you everywhere said Walkano. Not NOW said Wario Tsung. And I will face Kintaro said Koopzero
and trust me I will win. Let the. Wait just a minute what about this stupid Kooptile said Raiden I must confess
about him said Raiden. Lord Raiden you finally show up now said Ganon Kahn. If nobody wants to fight him then
I will said Raiden. Whoa no said Mario Kang you will totally smash him said Mario. Perhaps but there is no
one else said Raiden. Very well then said Ganon Kahn but I promise you Kooptile is quite strong you know as
he was laughing. Wait said Koopraka who will I fight then said Koopraka. Hmph Ganon Kahn was thinking?!
Me said Scoopion. SCOOPION you imusult said Wario Tsung you dare leave me. Yes I am now on my own to
eliminate Koopzero but since that he’s versusing that freak head show King K. Kintaro I’ll fight Koopraka and
believe me it won’t take long said Scoopion. Very well said Ganon Kahn…FIGHT.

Mario Kang leaps into the air and started fighting Wario Tsung. Daisy Blade now punches Millieeda and kicks
her as she falls down Daisy Blade keeps going untill Millieeda gets up and smashes her at the pole.
Scoopion used his chain and got Koopraka at the shoulder and punched him twice and jumps and double kicks
Koopraka at the face. Raiden was like toying with Kooptile as he uses his acid and hits’s Raiden’s shoes
and Raiden electrfies Kooptile and then punches him and fly’s back and hit’s the pole. Raiden’s eye’s
begins to light in his pupils. Koopzero waa kicking Kintaro so many times in the shin but no affect. Kintaro
picks Koopzero and starts to smash him and throws him across the arena. Koopa Cage punches Walkano
and spins leaps into the air and does the super kick with lots of Koopa Cage’s and kicks him as he falls.
Luigi Lao gave one good punch at Ganon Kahn but Ganon Kahn blocks the second and kicks him and
fly so far back with the power Ganon Kahn has. Ganon Kahn goes to him again and begins to fight as
as Luigi Lao was blocking the first two punches but Ganon Kahn was blocking the 2 punches and kicks and
punches Luigi Lao and goes up to him he kicks him at the ribs and after that he grabs him by the jaw and
headbutts him down. Luigi Lao still fights and try’s to punch Ganon Kahn but dodges and uppercuts Luigi
at the lower chin. Mario Kang blocks Wario Tsung’s punch and Wario blocks Mario’s punch and Mario
kicks Wario at the hip as they keep going Wario blocks Mario’s elboe attack and blocks the kick and flips him
and falls as Mario Kang gets up again he blocks Wario Tsungs Punch and dodges and jumps and backflip
kicks Wario Tsung at the face and comes back on ground and Wario Tsung blocks Mario Kangs punch and
punches him at the gut as he takes a few steps back. Millieeda was kicking Daisy Blade at the face and then
grabs her hair and swinged a good punch at Daisy Blade and jumps and swings her leg really high kicks
Daisy Blade and falls down. Haaaaad enoughhhhhhhh said Millieeda as she took off her handkerchive.
Whoa babe I think you need a mirror becasue your ugly as Daisy Blade gets back up and jumps real high
in the air elboes Millieeda at the head so high Millieeda was knocked out unconcious and Daisy Blade had won.
Scoopion punches koopraka at the face and punches him once again and again and one at the ear and trips him.

Want more punches said Scoopion? Na yourth turnth now skull head as he jumps and and kicks Scoopion
at the face and scratches Scoopion at the arm and punches Scoopion and hits himself at the pole as Koopraka
was going to punch again but Scoopion kicks Koopraka at the you know what and punches Koopraka
and trips him and kicks Koopraka at the neck and was knocked out. Jax was jabbing Boro at the gut as Boro
smashes Jax and kicks him as he was about to get up and Jax jumps and lands on Boro as he was to heavy
he falls down and kicks him at the face as Boro grabs his legs and trips him and slaps him across the face.
They both get up and Boro grabs Jax Kong and starting to punch him so many times and threw him down
and Boro begins to walk to him and Jax with a surprize so fast punches Boro and Boro falls down as he gets
up Jax blocks Boro’s punch and kicks him at the face and dodges the second one and kicks him so really hard
at the heart and punches him at the face and falls down. I think youv’e lost now for man. To soon Boro grabs him
him and smashes him at the ground and smashes him at the pole and was chocking him as Jax saw the fire
torch and burnt Boro’s face and drops Jax Kong and runs around so many times but he was burnt pretty
badly and falls down and was defeated and was killed from the burntness. Yea thats what Im talking about said
Jax Kong. Thoe my spine and neck hurts thoe ouch said Jax Kong reaching for his spine.

Walkano punches Koopa Cage and then he swings at the pole and kicks him right between the eye’s and was
chocking him as Koopa Cage was trying to make him get off as Walkano punches Koopa Cage twice
and kicks him and got smashed and fell down as Walkano walks to him Koopa Cage gets ready for round two
as Koopa Cage sprints and leaps and kicks and Walkano and rock smashes Walkano and drops and then he
he grabs him and smashes a uppercutt at Walkano and falls down and got knocked out for the hard he fell on
ground. Raiden was really bashing Kooptile as he electricfise Kooptile and kicks him at the neck where he
can’t breath and Kooptile punches Raiden and leaps and kicks him again. Not bad but good enough said
Raiden heh huh huuuh. Kooptile looks at him. Oh sorry ahhhh. Raiden kicks Kooptile with an electric kick
and was electricuted knocked out as he turns into reptile and runs off back to his base as Raiden jumps
for victory.

Koopzero jumps and does a speacial combo and karate choped him then kicked him and headbutted him and
uppercutts him at the teeth and used his Ice fist and punched Kintaro and falls down as he gets up and roars
Kintaro kicks him while he was running then he smashed him and grabed him and was swinging him around
and threw him as he chips off a piece from the pole he falls as Kintaro runs and throws his crown and scratches
Koopzero at the eye and remains a scar as he was really screaming so he gets up and runs to him and punched
his rib cage very very hard while Kintaro was in a lot of pain Koopzero then prepares an Iceball and launches it
and freezes Kintaro and Koopzero runs to him and smashed him as all the parts goes everywhere and see
Kintaro flying threw the air and was outer space and will die from no oxygen so I really don’t know how he did
that but it must of been speacial and so Kintaro was killed and Koopzero had won.

You fool you will lose said Ganon Kahn as Luigi Lao blocks the punch from Ganon Kahn and kicks him at the
face and Ganon Kahn smashes him at the temple and was knocked out Luigi Lao had lost as Ganon Kahn
watched for now with remaining fight between Mario Kang and Wario Tsung.

Mario Kang makes a fire rope with a mouth and stings Wario Tsung and falls as Wario Tsung then throws fire
balls everywhere and hits Mario Kang at the collarbone and leaps and kicks him and falls down as he goes to
Mario Kang he punches Mario Knag and Mario Kang blockes Wario Tsung’s punch but got punched in the
stomach and kicked him and Mario Kang dodged and blocked Wario Tsung’s punch and jumped his kick and
and Mario Kang’s punch was blocked by Tsung and Wario Tsung backflip kicks Mario Kang and blocks them
with his arms and and blocked the second punch from Wario Tsung and Tsung blocked Mario Kangs punch
and blocked Wario Tsungs punch but snuck another punch and punched Mario Kang and he fell down.
Had enough mortal said Wario Tsung? You must be dreaming said Mario Kang. As he leaps he punches
Wario at the face with a speacial punch and kicks him 5 times at the leg as he falls losing balance
and Mario Kang smashes Wario Tsung with the palm as a deadly move and fly’s to the pole and falls down
as Mario Kang walks up to him he uses a fireball at him and hits Tsung as he was about to get up and to
finish him off Mario Kang prepares a deadly finish off and snaps his neck and Wario Tsung was knocked out
and Mario Kang had won.

I win Ganon Kahn now let us free said Mario Kang. There is still one more tournament where you must compete
at the outworld and defeat me or suffer earth as my fun for conquering said Ganon Kahn. Very well said Mario
Kang I accept your challenge and i’ll see you in three weeks then said Mario Kang as Ganon Kahn open the
portal he jumps in and Wario Tsung wakes up and runs to the portal and jumps in followed by Walkano as
Millieeda jumps in aswell Koopraka gets in aswell and the portal closes.

Scoopion looks at Koopzero and disapeares. I’ll return for you Koopzero said Scoopion as he vanquishes.
Well well guys well done we fought well very well and…Luigi Lao as Mario Kang runs to him. Are you alright
said Mario Kang? Yes im fine but he’s really powerful, Mario you are not ready yet you must not fight him unless
with special tranning said Luigi Lao as he gets up and puts his hat back on. Well whatever it takes I will defeat him
said Mario Kang and we must hurry to get to the outworld before Ganon Kahn plots to take over the world said
Mario Kang. Very well then said Luigi Lao I’ll help you. Jax and I will aswell okay and I promise we’ll help said
Daisy Blade. Yep you can count on us bro said Jax Kong. Very well then I have4 Warriors here to save the world
alright then I just recieved a message from the gods that my partner Fujin the wind god is in peril and I must
help him at the Earthrealm said Raiden so you are now on you own said Raiden farewell and good luck and
Mario Kang trust your instinks against Ganon Kahn now fare well. And he vanquishes. Ring as Daisy’s phone
rings. Hello Blade…yes…WHAT…on my way said Daisy Blade. Jax you go with Mario and that because the
Government needs my help at the Sarrasaland alright I’ll be back and she runs off. Great im on my own said
Jax Kong. Well don’t worry you still have us we better go now guys said Koopa Cage. Yes Kitana or Peach
will meet us over there to said Luigi Lao. Right then lets go guys said Mario Kang.
As Mario Kang. Luigi Lao. Koopa Cage. and Jax Kong all go the outworld and Nintendo Warriors we are counting
on you.