Super Mortal Kombat II

Last time on Super Mortal Kombat. Whoever will be facing Wario Tsung will be me said Mario Kang. Accepted said Ganon
Kahn. Will you just listen to but Scoopion punched Koopzero grabed him threw into the rocks. ah err said Raiden you did
not obey the rules as Raiden makes a electrical ball and throws it at Kooptile with not expected. Whoa said Koopzero you
saved my life. Luigi Lao are you alright said Mario? Yes im fine but Ganon Kahn do not fight him he’s to powerful your not
ready Mario said Luigi Lao. Highlights of the previous Super Mortal Kombat. Now these new fighters awaits Mario Kang and
his comrades at Outworld like. Pauline being as Sindel. A yellow toad being as Kabal. Cyrax sector and smoke are the same
as the first Shy Guy being as Stryker and last we have A Kremiling from Donkey Kong Country as Motaro body gaurd of Ganon
Kahn. Plum from Mario Golf being as Sheeva the four girl armed creature. Another blue Toad being as Nightwolf. A red Koopa
named Koomac the red ninja. Samus as Jade with no suit in green clothes. And second last we have Human Smoke and last
of all we have…Noob Saibot and we don’t have many details about him. And we have a purple Koopa ninja being as Rain.
This time the Tournament has a powerful fighter named Kremtaro he has NEVER lost.
Let the Outworld Tournament…BEGIN.

Entrance of Outworld:
Great so this is outworldhuh said Koopa Cage taking a gulp. Yes the homeworld of Ganon Gahn and in this world he has
a secret bodygaurd named Kremtaro said Koopzero as everyone looks at him. Koopzero now go’s to his mask and slowly
takes it off as he just looked like a normal Koopa with a red scar on his right eye. What the said Mario Kang I thought.
Yes a shock I have to take the mask off when I go to outworld for respect of that stupid emperor Kahn said Koopzero as
he puts his mask away. Now follow me said Koopzero as everyone was following him. So you now understand that outworld
is a dangerous place said Luigi Lao. Of course said Jax Kong only if Daisy saw this thoe. As they appraoch the fallen
temple of skill. Now we hold the ultimate Temple where Ganon Kahn fought hundreds of years ago said Koopzero.
Well here looks kinder really werid said Mario Kang looking at the Koopa Skeletons everywhere. Now I leave you now
and see you later when the Tournament begins said Koopzero as he vanquishes from the ice.

Well…er we go to some place said Koopa Cage thinking. Idiot said Luigi Lao. Follow me. As the comrades walks
to the temple where everybody is. Meanwhile at the briefing of the villians.
Now we have lost Boro and that King Kintaro person but they were to weak for the upcoming tournament said Wario Tsung.
Perhaps but we now have these new fighters said Walkano. The door opens as Pleeva and Tobal and Jadmus walks in
and were lining up. Well well said Wario Tsung Pleased you are now under my command said Wario Tsung hmm.
Well sire said Pleeva I also serve Ganon Kahn so you want to go a little easy on me said Pleeva. As you wish said Wario
Tsung. Now hold on now where is Ganon Kahn anyway said Walkano? Relax said Wario Tsung he will arive shortley said
Wario Tsung.

Meanwhile at the Temple of the Dead:
Have you done for what I asked said Ganon Kahn. Yes my lord we have your body gaurd here and Tobal and Pleeva are
working on it now as we heard Scoopion might even be around somewhere said Kain the Purple Koopa Ninja.
Very well show me these 2 Cyborg ninjas of yours said Ganon Kahn. Very well said Kain as he orders the Gaurds to open
the Metal sliding door as a red and yellow robots walks to the hall way. Ahh yes well done as Ganon Kahnwas sitting
on his throne clapping. Now send Kremtaro here now said Ganon Kahn. Kremtaro walks as Ganon can see Kremtaro down
below his basement that lies a cave where Kremtaro lies and walks from the shadows. And one more said Ganon Kahn
send me Koomac. Koomac appears and walks to Kahn and bows. My lord I am here to serve you for my life said Koomac.
Exellent said Ganon Kahn we are now preparing a tournament and prepare the draws said Ganon Kahn. As you wish said
Kain as he runs. Now Koomac lead the Cyborg Ninjas to eliminate Koopzero and his friend Smoke now will you I have a
surprize for Smoke said Ganon Kahn. Oh what is it said Koopmac? DO AS YOUR TOLD said Ganon Kahn as he straight
away gets up and yells with spit coming down. Now that is none of your concern just BRING them here and then you’ll see
said Ganon Kahn. Koomac bows and gets Cyrax and Sector and leads them to find Koopzero. Hmph they are called
Sector and Cyrax said Ganon Kahn as Kain runs back. My Lord this Smoke is an allie of as Kain was interupted.
I know Koopzero’s friend I sent the cyborgs Sector and Cyrax to kill them both you just get back your job said Ganon Kahn.
KremTARO screams Ganon Kahn. Kremtaro runs back to Ganon Kahn from the basement as he looks up at Kahn.
Ganon Kahn throws a dead toad at him who failed him, for Kremtaro to feast on as he closes the door. Heh huh HUH HUH
HUH HUH HUUUUUUUUH screams Ganon Kahn.

Alright said Koopzero preparing. Errr you going somewhere said Mario Kang? Yes I must meet up with Smoke said Koopzero
as he leaves and forgets his mask at the ground as Mario Kang picks it up and places it at his room. Well his gone but
who will lead us here then said Mario Kang? I will as Kitana walks to the door. OH your back wonderful to see you back Peach said Mario. Yes well my task is complete now said Kitana as she walks to meet with the others.

Well well well nice to meet you said Jax Kong as he walks right to her. Yes a pleasure as the others meet up with her.
Luigi Lao was meditating as Mario Kang walks outside to see Luigi Lao. You busy or can talk said Mario Kang?
No no please company is nice said Luigi Lao as he sits up and looks at Mario Kang as he takes off his hat and places it.
Ummm Mario Kang there is something you have to know said Luigi Lao taking a deep breath as he was ready to spit it out.
What is it Luigi Lao said Mario? Well…err…well…err god…YOU are part of my family said Luigi Lao. Really said Mario Kang
as he gets up excited. Err yea said Luigi Lao. Cool I mean thats sick we are related said Mario Kang as he hugs Luigi Lao
when Luigi Lao looks around him smiling and thinking to hug and huged him as well. Well that’s cool we must be both monks
then said Mario kang. Yes we both are being tought by a person named Bo’ Rai Cho said Luigi Lao. Really well I don’t
remmember said Mario Kang. As they werew both talking Kitana just huged Koopa Cage and looked outside see’ing them
talk as she go’s outside to join them. Hello said Kitana looking around as she saw Luigi Lao with a big shock. But…your
suppose to be dead Kitana walking backwards. Now Peach this is the new Luigi Lao he’s ummm been ressurected by
Koopzero said Mario Kang. Koopzero said Kitana but he’s dead. Well unfornunentely but he’s not said Luigi Lao, that would
happen to be the younger brother of the orignal Koopzero said Luigi Lao. Oh and I suppose he’s out for revenge said Kitana?
yes on Wario Tsung, Mario defeated him during the second tournament said Luigi Lao. Oh well done Mario tapping him at the
shoulder. Err yes well that’s a wrap but Kitana Luigi Lao, Luigi Lao Kitana. Im onered said Luigi Lao. Greeting shoaling bowd
Kitana. Where’s Raiden said Kitana as she looks up at Mario Kang quickley? Oh yes well he had a job to do at the heavens
to help someone by the name of…Fujin some wind God so he won’t be participating in this Tournament said Mario Kang.

Ah yes the beautiful Sinline said Wario Tsung sent from Ganon Kahn to eliminate Kitana. Yes I take NO as an answer
and I will find her said Sinline. Exellent said Wario Tsung well get on with it and lead my comrades Tobal Pleeva and Jadmus
said Wario Tsung. Oh yes and bring her to me alive and unspoiled said Wario Tsung as Sinline leads the fighters.
Hope you know what your doing said Walkano. Oh shut up said Wario Tsung as goes to Ganon Kahn’s Tower.

Ah yes Stryker Guy welcome as Stryker walks in. Welcome said Ganon Kahn as he gets up and taps hin in the shoulder.
Glad you cam make it well I want you to spy on Wario for me cause I don’t trust him is that alright said Ganon Kahn?
Of course said Stryker as he grabs Ganon’s hand and walks away like a show off. Hmph another arugent person Ganon Kahn
as he walks bact to his throne and sits back down. KAIN screamed Ganon Kahn as Kain runs back quickly to Kahn.
Keep survaillence on this Tower while I go and pay a little visit somewhere said Ganon Kahn as he walks away.
Very well that puts me in charge said Kian as he sits on the throne as the new Emperor for only 12 hours.
A mysteroius Ninja in black came crawling quietly as he crawls down the wall behind Kain to strangle him as he just then
grabs Kain’s neck and began to strangle him and chocking.

Meanwhile in an extinct subway area:
Koopzero comes as he waits for Smoke to arrive. There you are said Koopzero as he see’s a white Ninja Koopa walking to
Koopzero as he see’s him with no mask. Well then said Smoke no mask how do you feel about that said Smoke smiling?
Well it’s weird but I can handle it said Koopzero as he makes Smoke walk beside him. You know the Shroom Kuei is calling
reinforements to help the Earth’s Distruction said Smoke. Yes we seem to be in a good spot and Ganon Kahn won’t notice
it aswell said Koopzero. All of a sudden a massive explosion comes as Koopzero and Smoke fall down the ground coffing.
Cyrax and Sector have arrived. What the Shrroms said Koopzero what is this now? NO…IT CAN’T BE yelling Smoke.
Who are they said Koopzero? They are Cyborg Ninjas working for some mysterious force said Smoke and they offer Kahn
for help. Sector and Cyrax puts there Guard up and were ready to fight. Well then said Koopzero they want to fight…lets get
this over said Koopzero. As Koopzero and Smoke Vs Cyrax and Sector. Sector comes flying and kicks Koopzero as he fly’s
and lands as Koopzero quickly gets up he runs to him and kicks him 5 time while in mid air as Sector grabs Koopzero’s
leg he smashes him at the ground and punches him at the face and swings him across the Train Station. Sector looks at
Koopzero and runs to him as for the other fight Smoke blows smoke at Cyrax but no affect, Cyrax trips Smoke and grabs
Smoke and tosses him behind him with Cyrax losing balance he falls aswell. After Smoke get’s up and kicks Cyrax at the
stomach and turns his other leg and was going to kick Cyrax at the face but was blocked and Cyrax punches Smoke
as Cyrax walks to follow Smoke as he walks behind from the punch.

Sector try’s to punch Koopzero but blocks it as Sector try’s to kick Koopzero and dodges it and kicks Sector and leaps
and grabs Sector by the helmet and falls backwards and tosses Sector as he fly’s he crashes into Cyrax as they both fall.
Koopzero and Smoke run to each other and puts there guards up for round two. Cyrax and Sector both get up and both
kick Koopzero and Smoke as Smoke blockes Cyrax’s punch and kicks him at the stomach and side kicks him as he fly’s
Smoke runs after him. As Koopzero runs to Sector he jumps and was going to kick Sector but dodges and and tackles
Koopzero as he tooses him at the wall, Sector arrives next to Koopzero and punches him at the stomach as Koopzero
falls he grabs Koopzero but Koopzero knockes his arms out and leaps as he kicks Sector twice while in midair and kicks
Sector at the neck caussing Sector to fall. Koopzero drops and puts his guard up, Sector jumps up and jumps and
punches Koopzero as he falls Sector side kicks Koopzero to the ground as Koopzero rolls in pain as Sector then grabs
Koopzero he smashes him to a pole and tosses him at the train and falls with back injuries and was about to launch
a grenade and launches it but Koopzero makes a Ice clone and hits the clone as Koopzero was just in the air as he kicks
Sector at the helmet he lands and kicks Sector twice at the stomach as Sector was trying to block them but failed and
Koopzero and turned around and kicks Sector and falls down as Koopzero puts his guard up.

Cyrax then kicks Smoke at the face as Smoke trips Cyrax down and he gets up and kicks Cyrax at the helmet and kicks
Cyrax at the stomach twice really quick and punches Cyrax as he fly’s to the wall and falls down. He then gets up and
jumps into the air with his legs up and double legs attached and kicks Smoke as he falls, he runs to him and was kicking
him while on the ground several times and as Smoke quickley rolls he kicks Cyrax at the helmet and was falling really
high as he falls, Smoke runs to him and blows big smoke at Cyrax and was unable to see anymore as he looks at Koopzero
for now.

Sector blockes Koopzero’s kick and punches Koopzero to fall with balance as he jumps with his head down and
legs crossed and hands holding them he lands on Koopzero and stomps him twice as Koopzero rolled as Sector fell he lost
balance and as Koopzero gets up he kicks Sector at the back leg and falls as Koopzero then jumps behind him to strangle
him, Sector elboes Koopzero and drags his arms to Sector’s side and punched Koopzero as he rolled he kicks Sector
once more as Sector gets up he frontflips kicks Koopzero at the skull and had charged and runs to him and got his leg out
and kicks Koopzero far and hits himself and that pole and falls with defeat. Sector defeated Koopzero. Sector looks at
Smoke and helps Cyrax as he runs.

Cyrax kicks Smoke at the hip and falls as he kicks Smoke at the face as Cyrax was going to kick him again, he rolled
as he jumps he kicks Cyrax and kicks him at the face and jumps to a wall and bounces as he gets his fists really hard
he smacks Cyrax and falls down as he lands. Sector just kicks Smoke and flys infront as Cyrax see’s him flying towards
them he grabs his arms quickley and tosses him and smashes into a pit of sand. After he gets up and see’s two robots
walking to him and looks where Koopzero was and saw him lying there unconcious. So it was all up to Smoke now as he
runs to him he kicks Cyrax at the helmet as Smoke blows smoke at Sector as he lands . Sector blockes Smokes’s punch
and punches him as Cyrax comes from behind, he grabs Smoke with an arm block and Sector begins to jab Smoke at
stomach 8 times and could not take it anymore. As it looked Koopzero and Smoke were defeated. Cyrax drops Smoke
and looks at Sector and both grab Smoke and takes him to Ganon Kahn.

Koopzero wakes up and see’s that Smoke Sector and Cyrax were not there no more as he gets up slowly he runs back
to Mario Kang and his comrades.

HIS GONE shouted Koopzero. Sector Defeated me and took my friend Smoke, DAMN this yelled Koopzero.
Don’t worry we will sort it out alright just calm down said Mario Kang. It will be finished before they turn him into a cyborg
said Koopzero. Don’t worry we’ll stop these two Sector and Cyrax trust me said Mario Kang as he quickly go’s outside
and see’s what Ganon Kahn is up to. I really want him dead said Mario Kang.

Ganon Kahn returns as he stops and see’s Kain dead lying on the ground and runs to him. What has happened here now
said Ganon Kahn as he grabs him and tooses him to the worms. Hmph…Mario Kang said Ganon Kahn looking around and
see’s Koomac behind and shoots a massive boulder the size of a exercise ball and hits Ganon Kahn and falls down.
Koomac saw him lying there and he runs away. Ganon Kahn gets up. TRAITOOOOOOOR yelled Ganon Kahn.
As the door opens Sector & Cyrax comes in with the badly defeated Ninja Smoke comes in. Ah yes Exellent well done
very proud of you Cyborgs now to make him like a third Cyborg noe heh HUH, But only that Koomac has betrayed I will
…guards yelled Ganon Kahn as three guards run in. as the fourth brings a Metal silver cyborg suit and helmet ready for
Smoke to be inside in. Alright then as Ganon Kahn walks to Smoke as he just woke up really sleepy and hurt. Now then
Smoke as Ganon Kahn begins to steal Smokes soul and and Smoke was no more but a wasted body for nothing as
Ganon Kahn puts the Smoke soul into the cyborg body and then…Smoke the Cyborg had come to live. Huh huh huuuuuh
exellent exellent jumping Ganon Kahn as he re programs Smoke to kill Koopzero. Alright Smoke you now serve me and
you will now eliminate Koopzero if you find said Ganon Kahn as Smoke Sector and Cyrax all became allies and walked off.

Meanwhile at Wario Tsung’s Temple:
Now then since everybody has a chore you and I Walkano should go see Ganon Kahn to see when I may versu Mario Kang
again and only this time I will win this time said Wario Tsung. Perhaps but what if Ganon Kahn makes you verus Koopzero
cause he want’s you badly dead you know said Walkano. Well either way said Wario Tsung, I’ll smash them both as Wario
Tsung and Walkano walk off to Ganon Kahn’s Tower.

Kitana walks with Mario Kang into the forest of colour as they see the lovely butterfly’s fly around.
Mario I appreiciate your help and everything but when I run into a fight the fight who wants me is mine got is said Peach?
Of course said Mario Kang holding hands with Kitana as he thinks the really hard way of what he thinks will happen with
there relantionships. I have to tell you something Mario said Peach! What is it said Mario Kang? I am the step daughter of
Ganon Kahn said Peach Kitana. WHAT yelled Mario Kang. Why didn’t you tell me this before as Mario Kang was getting
a little angry. Please understand Im trying to help you and your friends succseed but you have to believe me you must go
said Kitana as Mario Kang was getting more angry. PEACH yelled Mario as he grabed Kitana by the upper part.
What are you trying to say Don’t test my patience Peach I can get quite nasty said Mario Kang. Please said Peach, you
must go I will help you kill Ganon Kah I promise as Mario Kang turns away and runs away. Sinline the appears and fly’s

Hello Peach having a grin on Sinline’s face….Mother as Kitana walked to her. Your alive, but how can this be said Peach?
To bad you will die said Sinline as she puts her guard up. Mother please I don’t want to. But as she spoke Sinline kicks
Peach at the face as she walks back. Fight me said Sinline. My mother died long time ago I think as Peach began to
understand as she had to fight with no other choice. Sinline kicks Peach at the face and kicks her once more and falls.
As Peach gets up again she kicks Sinline at the face. Is that anyway to treat yout mother said Sinline? My mother died
long ago said Peach as she punches Sinline at the face and then kicks her at the Stomach and elboes her at the ribs and
kicks Sinline at the leg and the last time she reverses her punch and hits Sinline and falls down. Sinline looks up at Peach
and gets up. You will die for this said Peach. Sinline began to spin around and had dissapeared. Peach then was going to
run back to Mario Kang if he could find him!

Meanwhile Tobal was looking for Mario Kang as he stomp on a certificate saying. JOHNNY CAGE THE WINNER?
As Tobal was reading it he scrunched it away and threw it as he began to walk he Mario Kang facing a tree.
Mario Kang looks behind him as Tobal then puts his guard up to fight Mario Kang. Mario Kang rolled his eye’s and puts his
guard up to fight aswell. Tobal popped the eye’s from the helmet he makes this attack where he picks up Mario Kang and
brings him forward to him slowly as as he punches Mario Kang and falls down, Mario gets up and kicks Tobal at the mask
and punches Tobal at the stomachand walks backwards and puts his guard up again and so did Mario Kang.
Then a mysterious rope with mushroom sticking out which had a mouth and began to look fammiliar as it came from the
deep forest and goes around a tree and then appeared…Scoopion and runs back super fast and gets his rope back inside
his hand and puts his guard up to fight Tobal. GET OVER HERE. as Scoopion threw his rope it got Tobal at the shoulder
and kicks Tobal at the stomach as he looks at Mario Kang and looks back at Scoopion for 3 secs as Mario Kang walks
away slowly and Scoopion begins to fight Tobal. Mario Kang was running and looks at Scoopion once more thinking
if he would help Mario Kang but was not that cockie as he began to run away.

Scoopion grabs Tobal by the head and punches him at the side cheeks and kicks him to a tree and then all of a sudden,
he for the first time takes his mask off ans was a angry looking koopa skull as he looked more angry he had fire lighting
from his eye holes and began to blow fire as Tobal was burnt at the mask he fell with defeat and lost. Scoopion looks
around and puts his mask back and runs away from the woods.

Mario Kang had just reached outside the woods when all of a sudden a woman in green appeared with another mouth
or those things what covers your nose down to your mouth. Anyway it was Jadmus who just appeared and stoped Mario
Kang. What do you want said Mario Kang. Here take this said Jadmus as Mario recieves some kinder diamond with smoke
moving inside aswell. What am I suppose to do with this now said Mario Kang? Well im working for Wario Tsung but really
don’t like him so this diamond will help you defeat Ganon Kahn said Jadmus. You are helping me defeat Kahn but how can
this be said Mario Kang. Just use it said Jadmus when she runs away and was not seen anymore. God weird this area as
looks at the diamond and heras a voice in it saying use me. Mario Kang looked at slowly how to use it and went back to his

So you say Mario Kang defeated you said Wario Tsung. Yes said Jadmus he’s quite skilled and he can beat Kahn.
Really now said Wario Tsung? Well that’s just stupid since he beat me in the last tournamnet I will kill him when I get the
chance said Wario Tsung. Very well I don’t need further help from you said Wario you now can leave and your free now go
before I change my mind said Wario Tsung as Jadmus walks out and probably not the last you seen of her thoe.
Now this is getting out of hand said Wario Tsung. I must find Koopzero.

Koopa Cage walks outside to have a view of outworld and all of a sudden he see’s a red koopa coming to him. Hay stay
where you are you Kahn worker as Koomac it happened to be as he comes and grabs Koopa Cage by the shoulders.
I am here to help you said Koomac and kill Ganon Kahn said Koomac. Yea well do I trust you said Koopa Cage as he
grabs Koomac’s arm and pushes him away from him. Listen said Koomac he killed my whole family and I had nothing
but serve him and since I escaped I’d do anything to help you kill him and free me so I can live said Koomac.
Oh Yea prove it said Koopa Cage as Koomac grins at him thinking that he’s really annoying not paying attension.
Then that black Ninja Koopa appeares who killed Kain earlier on as Koomac looks at him closesly. Who the fungi is that
now said Koopa Cage as he looks at Koomac. Koop Saibot the bodyguard of an uknown force said Koomac
as Koopa Cage and Koomac look at each other as Koopa Siabot puts his fists up. Well I have no choice said Koopa Cage
as Koopa Cage and Koomac join forces to beat Koop Saibot. Koop Saibot runs them both and was gone.
What? said Koopa Cage as Koop Saibot was behind him and grabs Koopa Cage by the neck and throws him as he runs to
Koomac and kicks him and fly’s and falls to the ground as Koopa Cage runs to Koop Saibot and punches him below the
back and kicks him at the back neck as he falls. Then Koomac punches Koop Saibot and then blockes Koop’s punch
and kicks Koopa Cage behind and backflip kicks Koomac and they both fall as Koop Saibot lands he looks as someone
comes he dissapeares into the black smoke.

Peach runs to Koomac and Koopa Cage as they both get up slowly. Well I see you do want to join with us said Koopa Cage
and help Mario Kang. Yes well of course I don’t lie said Koomac as Koopa Cage makes everyone meet Koomac.
Peach comes inside the temple as she was so puffed running. Koopa Cage Jax Luigi Lao Mario Kang has went alone to
find Ganon Kahn said Peach Kitana as Koopzero just shows up from behind her. Yes very well Mario needs our help
and we’ll give him help said Koopzero as everyone runs out to find Mario Kang. Mario Kang was walking all up the stairs
to enter Ganon Kahn’s Tower as all of a sudden a wolf was behind Mario Kang as it hit him and was facing Mario Kang.
Get away from me said Kang as he was scared. The wolf then began to transform back into some ordinary Toad.
Toadwolf and walks around looking at Mario Kang. Hello Mario Kang nice to see you in a situation like this said Toadwolf
as he walks up to Mario Kang. So you are that Nightwolf Toad are you said Mario Kang? You are correct said Toadwolf
and sorry to scare you like that I just can’t help it said Toadwolf anyway you are here to face Ganon Kahn are you said Toad
wolf? Yes of course said Mario Kang and I will beat that fat pig said Mario Kang. Heh huh huh laughed Toadwolf as he taps
Mario at the shoulder. You know your not ready said Toadwolf you must defeat Sector and Cyrax before you can verus
Ganon Kahn and he’ll kill you if you don’t succeed said Toadwolf. Well where are these two robots that bashed Koopzero
I’ll kill them big time said Mario Kang. Well don’t get to cockie said Toadwolf they are good, lets go said go Toadwolf
as Mario Kang and Toadwolf walk all the way up to Kahn’s Tower.

Koopzero looks at the clues that learks on the ground as he found a something belonging to Mario Kang. Look said
Koopzero one of Mario Kang’s belts and he’s headed for Kahn. Great said Koomac he’s die from him and he’ll never win said
and we get to him as quick as possible said Koomac as they keep running to Mario Kang. All of a sudden Scoopion
appeares and see’s them stop running. Koopzero walks infront of Scoopion as Scoopion looks at Koopzero. Thought you
would be back sooner or late said Koopzero as Scoopion can see that Koopzero was without his mask as Scoopion looks
at Koomac he takes his mask of as Koopzero was in shock. Err hmph well Scoopion Im sorry for your curse not having
a face but it’s Ganon Kahn’s fault said Koopzero. Sccopion puts his mask back on. Now I was out for revenge to kill Wario
Tsung and you want to kill me and Kahn as Scoopion walks to Koopzero. You miss your family and never saw you 16 year
old son and daughter im very sorry about that but if my brother killed you 500 years ago there is nothing I can do said
Koopzero. Scoopion grabs Koopzero’s neck but was not chocking him as Koopzero was standing there looking at him.
We can be allies said Koopzero and there is a way where you can get your face back. Sccopion then screamed with anger
and drops Koopzero. THERE IS no way of getting my face back and SHUT UP about that as he runs to Ganon’s Tower.
Heeeh not good for Scoopion he wants his face back but he gets so angry when people say the word “face” to him and I
understand why said Koopzero. Well look we don’t have much times said Jax Kong we must get up there quickly as
possible and lets go. As they continued running.

Tobal was spying on them when he was that they were running to Ganon Kahn’s Tower and dissapeares.
After Mario Kang had reached into some laboratory area as he see’s that Toadwolf had dissapeared. Great on my own said
Mario Kang. After Cyrax comes infront and breaks all of the window doors and Sector comes smashing threw the wall
as Mario Kang puts his fists up as whe the new Cyborg came in. Smoke and was only watching for now.
Well then…stance said Mario Kang as Sector runs and kicks Mario at the hip but blockes Sector’s punch and kicks
trips him down as Cyrax jumps and was going to kick Mario Kang as he dodged he grabs him and smashed him to the
chemistry’s sets and falls over the desk, as Sector gets up he blockes Mario Kangs punch and blockes Sector’s kick
doged and blocked Mario Kang’s kick and jumps as Mario Kang leaps he kicks Sector and backflip kicks him as Sector
fell. Cyrax gets up and kicks Mario Kang causing him to smash into another chemistry set as he blockes Mario Kang punch
and kicks him and elboes him behind as Mario Kang punches Cyrax and spins and kicks Cyrax as he falls, Mario grabs
Cyrax and smashes him into a pole as pushes him away and kicks him as he smashed himself into a pole with robotical
damage as Mario Kang throws a fire ball at Cyrax and Cyrax was getting burnt he was shut down and killed as Mario Kang
red cyborg Sector gets up and tackles Mario Kang as he grabs him by the legs and swings across the laboratory and
into a table of potions. As he gets up he punches Sector at the stomach as Sector punches Mario at the face and Mario
then leaped to a pole and bounced of and kicks Sector as he hits another, Mario Kang runs up and starts his new attack the
flying kick as he was kicking him several times making weird turkey noise he lands as Sector was smashed in the wall
Mario then was upgreading his fire ball and throws it as it hit Sector and was burnt as Sector falls as he was just about to
die as when Cyrax gets up he was still alive somehow when his yellow suit was burnt and was a little black he opened his
little door on his chest and launched a green net as Mario Kang throws a chair at it as the chair got trapped into Cyrax’s
net and melted as Mario Kang was in shock. He then grabs a potion that says”Toxic burn” he throws it at Cyrax and hits
him as Cyrax was melting and was for sure totally dead as it stoped his leg was melted in half as you can see a bit of
the wire’s sticking out and the helmet was kinder little bit destroyed as you can see Cyrax had wires on the side of his
down ear as Mario Kang went near him it was a person in Cyrax and it was a black Toad with no mushroom hat
as the side of him were wires as he was half human half robot as Mario Kang puts the helmet back on and see’s Sector.
Sector was preparing a bomb that could desroy the room in 3 mins as he activated it, Mario Kang grabs Cyrax and runs
out the door as he was about 20m away from it. BOOOOOOOOOM. The explosion had happened.

Mario lays Cyrax and calls for help. Toadwolf where are you damn it said Mario Kang as Toadwolf had appeared next to
Mario Kang. Yes im here you fought Exellent you are now ready to figth Ganon Kahn said Toadwolf. Yes whatever look this
is half toad so we need him to be reprogramed to be on our side but needs to be preapred said Mario Kang.
Very well said Toadwolf I help to my people but this is the last you’ll see me in a long time you know said Toadwolf.
As Mario Kang nodds and Toadwolf carry’s Cyrax but to his home land. Smoke appeares with his little door and was
preparing a missile as he was just about to launch it but luckily Koopzero just froze him and was still going to be launched
as Mario see’s Koopzero and kicks Smoke and falls as he blows up to pieces.

You made it said Mario Kang as Luigi Lao comes and handshakes Mario Kang as they both look at each other.
Alright Mario this is it you must face Ganon Kahn said Luigi Lao. But I don’t know if im ready said Mario Kang as he was
nervous. We belive in you said Luigi Lao as Jax Kong Koopa Cage and Koopzero all look at him. And then Peach appeares
you can do this said Peach. Mario looks at the fighting pit at the top and squeezes fists and had confidence that he can
defeat him. Alright but Wario Tsung I must find him first I always wanted him dead first said Mario Kang. NO interupted
Koopzero I will he killed my brother you just face that big monkey alright said Koopzero I’ll fight him. Very well as Mario
walks up the stairs to fight for the Final Battle against Ganon Kahn.

Alright we’ll take care of anyone who gets in our way said Koopa Cage. Alright Tsung is mine said Koopzero as he runs
to him. Koopzero enter’s Wario’s Tsung fighting pit. Ah huh huh huh huh huuuuuuh. As Walkano was walking and sits down
to watch. Well well Koopzero the younger brother pf the other Koopzero said Wario Tsung. You filth you will pay for my
brother’s soul and this will be the last you ever live said Koopzero as he puts his guard up ready for this last.
Fool I will beat you and it won’t take LONG.

Luigi Lao, Koopa Cage Jax Kong and Kitana walks into the basement of Kremtaro. You know this place is scary said
Koopa Cage as he walks behind Koomac. Don’t be frightened there is 5 of us isn’t there said Koomac. Yea but STILL it’s
scary. After Pleeva appeares infront of them. Hello humans said Pleeva as she jumps and gets her 4 arms out to fight
Kitana. You go I’ll fight this creep said Peach as she was fighting Pleeva. Great just 4 of us now lets go guys said Koopa
Cage. They keep running as they see the fearsem creature more scary and stronger than Boro. Kremtaro.
HOLY FUNGI’S screamed Koopa Cage. Luigi as Luigi Lao listens to Koopa Cage. You fight this cakehead and I’ll watch
said Koopa Cage. Luigi Lao turns around looks at Koopa Cage angry.

Kremtaro runs and was going to smash everyone with it’s horns as everybody jumps away as all the poles fall down.
Great we take turns in fighting Kremtaro alright said Luigi Lao as he was forst up taking a deep breath.
Luigi Lao takes his hat off and throws it at Kremtaro and just bounces off him. Great more things to worry about said Luigi
Lao. as he jumps and does a speacial technique with kicks called a drill kick as he began doing it he kicks Kremtaro
and Kremtaro’s head only moves as he grabs Luigi Lao he smashes him and was sent flying 20m from the others as he falls
with big pain. Jax Kong was next as he runs and grabs to Kremtaro and jabs him at the back as Kremtaro wiggles off and
moves backwards and smashes Jax Kong with his big legs and was down next to Luigi. Alright me I guess said Koomac
as he runs he try’s to make a special green power attack as it had no effect on Kremtaro at all as he runs Koomac stood
there as he jumps to a ledge and kicks Kremtaro and was hit finally as he drops to him and grabs him by the horns as
Kremtaro smashes him into the wall and fell unconcious. Great Im the only one as Koopa Cage runs and leaps as he
super kicks Kremtaro and makes a powerball and and kicks Kremtaro at thr leg causing him to lose balance as he fell,
Koopa Cage punches Kremtaro as he gets up again he smashes Koopa Cage with his metal tail and was sent flying across
the arena as he was hurt. Luigi Lao gets up again and leaps as Kremtaro punches Luigi as he was in mid air, as he grabs
him he was about to smash him with his horns untill Luigi Lao bit Kremtaro’s arm and backflip kicks Kremtaro and uses
his hat to weaken his legs as he threw it and damaged Kremtaro’s legs as he fell and could not get up as Jax Kong runs
Kremtaro spits a fire ball at Jac Kong as he was behind a pole and and fell down, and looks at this pole next to Kremtaro
and lloks as hit could squish Kremtaro. Luigi get over here now as Luigi Lao runs next to Jax Kong as he smahes it with
his metal arms and the whole roof began to crumble as Jax Kong grabs Luigi and gets everyone up in a hurry and the whole
dungeon was about to collapse as they ran they saw Kitana kicking Pleeva at the ground as the dust was coming down.
Kitana hurry said Luigi Lao as Kitana kicks Pleeva once more and runs away with the other’s as they escape outside,
WHAT THE screamed Pleeva as the rocks fell on her and Kremtaro fell as the rocks hit him at the back and then the
whole of the dungeons was collapsed as the peice of a little rock falls.

Mario Kang walks up the stairs and walks to the room where Ganon Kahn was sitting in his throne. Well well we meet atlast
said Mario Kang as Ganon Kahn get’s up from his throne and and walks slowly to Mario Kang. You dare fight me said
Ganon Kahn and you will suffer your life with me forEVER screamed Ganon Kahn. Well then as Mario uses the diamond
and was floating in the air as it healed Mario Kang into his soul and became twices stronger.
Now you will suffer said Mario Kang, well that’s a challenge then said Ganon Kahn as he walks up outside to his
fighting pit with egyptian statues everywhere as Mario Kang follows Ganon Kahn as the torches light fire as Mario Kang
and Ganon Kahn puts there fists up and it was the ultimate showdown between Mario Kang Vs Ganon Kahn.

Now you will lose said Wario Tsung as he jumps and kicks Koopzero and lands back on foot, any last request said Wario
Tsung? Yea your in trouble and whack Koopzero punches Wario at the gut a she continues to fight and kicks Wario Tsung
at the face as he falls down the ground. Well not knowing that your losing said Koopzero as Wario Tsung kicks him and
jumps back on top and jumps and spin and uses his left leg first and kicks him and straight away kicks him with his right
while in air as he comes back on foot he uppercutts Koopzero and falls down. Koopzero gets up as he wipes the water
off his mouth. Wanna finish this said Wario Tsung? of course as Koopzero runs and was going to kick him but Wario Tsung
blockes it and punches Koopzero and backflip kicks Koopzero a she falls again. Wario Tsung walks to him up the stairs
and preapres a soul steal attack. You will soon join you dead brother said Wario Tsung feroiusly as he begins but Koopzero
jumps and lands next to Wario Tsung, Hello as Koopzero tried but was blocked Wario’s Tsung’s leg as he quickly turns
around moves around again and kicks Koopzero making him spin around and falls. You r getting flogged said Wario Tsung.
Koopzero turns around and see’s Wario Tsung walking to him as Koopzero gets up and gets his guard up another way,
alright let’s go said Koopzero as he leaps and kicks Wario Tsung with both legs attached togather and lands on foot and
turns around and kicks him as he fly over and falls down falling of the stairs and rolls down to ground and quickly gets up
again as he leaps to kick Koopzero and kicks him as he walks backwards as Wario Tsung pushes him to the wall and
punches him 4 times really fast and side kicks Koopzero and falls down. Koopzero was looking at Wario Tsung as he was
loosing the fight by far. Koopzero closes his eye’s and jumps up again as he punches Wario Tsung and punches him
as Koopzero kicks Tsung at the leg causing him to lose balance and Koopzero leaps and kicks him and falls down again
as Koopzero grabs Wario Tsung and throws him to a wall and falls down. Im ready when you are said Koopzero as Wario
Tsung gets up he kicks Koopzero twice at the stomach as he was walking backwards and uppercutts Koopzero as he
dodges the second punch he punches Wario Tsung and side jumps and lifts his leg in the air and over Wario Tsung’s head
and kicks him as Koopzero jumps he kicks Wario Tsung once at the head and second at the neck as he lands back down
he kicks Wario Tsung again at the face and for the last time Koopzero backflip kicks Wario Tsung high and falls down the
stairs landing on neck first and then back.

Wario Tsung was beggining to fade away as he said. I’ll return eventually and remmember that Mario Kang will die one day
as Wario Tsung dissapeares to a portal as Walkano just makes it in there. Well then as Koopozero walks out he was happy
he beat Wario Tsung and raises his hands for victory. KOOPZERO wins he screams as he thought that Wario Tsung was
not to worry about anymore and runs to help Mario Kang.

Mario Kang stands as Ganon Kahn was looking at him, ready for this said Ganon Kahn? ready when you are said Mario
Kang. As they now prepare to fight. Ganon Kahn runs at Mario Kang fast with green power coming from behind and hits
Mario Kang and got smashed to one of those statues, Ganon Kahn runs to Mario Kang and swings a punch but Mario Kang
dodges and uppercutts Ganon Kahn at the face as he walks back, Mario Kang leaps and try’s to kick Ganon Kahn as he
moves aside and Kahn kicks Mario Kang at the back, Mario Kang falls as he gets up fast and reputs his guard up.
Mario Kang blockes Ganon Kahn’s punch as Ganon Kahn blockes Mario Kang’s punch and Mario Kang jumps to smash
Kahn as Ganon grabs Mario by the legs and swings him as he hits another stautue and lands back down.
Ganon Kahn grabs Mario Kang and spins and kicks Mario Kang and falls again as Ganon Kahn runs and punches Mario
Kang as rolls down. Mario Kanh holds his nose as he was losing for now. Mario Kang gets up as Ganon Kahn was going
to punch Mario Kang as he blockes it and leaps over Ganon Kahn and runs back and begins to run as he charges and
has his right leg was forward and his arm up in the air and kicks Ganon Kahn as he fly’s and hits the big statue and slides
down. Ganon Kahnwas really fuming as he launches a green solar ball as Mario Kang jumps and flew to Ganon Kahn as
lands and backflip kicks Kahn as he falls down again, Mario Kang runs to him but Ganon Kahn kicks Mario Kang at the face
as he falls down and Ganon Kahn grabs him by the neck as Mario’s foot was not on the ground as Ganon Kahn then swung
a massive punch and sent Mario Kang flying and hits another statue and rolls down.

Okay there is his Tower we must get up there quickly lets go said Koopa Cage as they begin to save Mario Kang.
Ganon Kahn gets smashed into a wall as Mario Kang runs after him as Mario Kang swings around for a kick as Ganon
Kahn dodges and Mario Kang swings his legs twice and kicks Ganon Kahn as he spins around and falls down, Mario Kang
jumps to slam Ganon Kahn as Ganon moved and trips Mario Kang quickly as he got back on foot.

There yells Koopa Cage the door to his throne as they continue running, wait we must let Mario Kang fight his own battle
said Luigi Lao, I not going without my FRIEND yells Koopa Cage, Mario Kang will be very angry with you if you help him
said Luigi Lao as Koopa Cage puts his head down and takes off his sun glasses off.
Mario Kang was holding Ganon Kahn’s face as Ganon Kahnwas holding his hair as Mario Kang pushes Ganon Kahn’s face
and falls as Mario Kang leaps and front flip kicks Ganon Kahn as he was in the air and falls back down again.
Mario Kang walks down the stairs as Ganon Kahn takes out his big earth Hammer as he began to run at Mario Kang,
Mario runs back as he launches a fire ball and hits Ganon Kahn and hits a statue as he slides down again.
A big statue was moving around as it was about to fall it fell Ganon Kahn as the whole celling begins to collapse down as
Mario Kang had defeated Ganon Kahn and was running out of the fighting ring as all of the roof fell down. Ganon Kahn is
dead. Mario Kang had won. I WIN screams Mario Kang as he walks out to the view balcony as he see’s Koopa Cage, Luigi
Lao, Jax, Koomac, and Kitana looking at Mario Kang and were all smiling as Koopzero walks in he see’s Mario Kang and
as he knods his head as Mario Kang knods his head back at Koopzero. Lets go home said Mario Kang as it was all over.

Meanwhile at the Temple of the Elder Gods:
Lord Ken.C.Shinnok was walking down the temple to the Elder God council. My lord God I come to you now said Shinnok.
What is it you have reported said The God Council? Well Ganon Kahn is dead and was defeated by the Earth’s mightiest
Warrior Mario Kang and he’s headed back said Shinnok. Huh huh huuuh well then they think it’s over and Wario Tsung has
banished to the Netherealm said the God Council. Yes my lord God, Raiden had trained Mario well and he’ll return for
another and Raiden must be participating said Shinnok. Yes we must said him down and get his old friend Fujin to come as
well said the God Council but this time, the tournamnet can only be won by mortal’s said the Council. As you wish said
Ken.C.Shinnok as he turns around as he walks away to prepare a fourth Super Mortal Kombat.

Back to Earthrealm:
Well guys thanks for helping said Mario Kang as Koopa Cage comes and hand shakes Mario Kang. No problem mate i’ll
always be behind your back said Koopa Cage. Yes your fought bravely said Luigi Lao as he places his hand on Mario Kang
‘s shoulder. As Jax Kong comes fourth. Well dude if there will be another tournament I’ll be next to you said Jax Kong.
Yes as Koomac comes. Mario thanks for defeating Ganon Kahn and now I am free and I can get on with my life said
Koomac. Yes well as Koopzero walks to Mario Kang as he puts back his mask on cause he’s at Earthrealm, well this
mask has to be wored again and must return back to the shroom Kuei said Koopzero as he hand shakes Mario Kang.
Thanks for your help and everything said Mario Kang. Yes no problem but now I leave you mortals as he gets frozen
and teleports back to the Shroom Kuei. Well guys thanks for everything and we’ll see each other again said Mario Kang as
he waves to everyone while Jax Kong has to go back to the real world at Brooklyn as Koopa Cage waves to Mario Kang
once more and puts his sun glasses on and walks back to mushywood ro make a movie called Super Mortal Kombat 3.
As Koomac also already goes on Kitana comes to Mario to say farewell. Mario this is a moment for me to never forget as
Peach places her hand at Mario Kang’s head and kisses him at the cheek and she begins to walk off. Well Luigi all of
the monks will be great and very surprized to see you again said Mario Kang. Yes of course and lets get going said Luigi
Lao as they go back to the shaoling Temples. Scoopion just appeares as he looks at Mario Kang and Luigi Lao walking
home and Scoopion turns around as he takes off his mask and throws it away as he puts new one on with weird looking
points on top as he puts that one on and runs off.

At Shaoling Temple 2 days later:
Everybody was so pleased and shocked that Luigi Lao has returned and Mario Kang has heard the bad news as the Elder
Monk was killed from Wario Tsung. Mario Kang was outside when the sunset begun as he looks at the ocean throwing
flowers as a minute silence for the death of the Elder Monk as Mario Kang gets up and can see the black horizen as you
can see Mario Kang and Luigi Lao training up at the mountains with fists and bamboo sticks.