Super Mario Sunshine Review

Review by cyclone1993

This a Great Game! The Graphics are great the music is beautiful. The gameplay is awesome and the controls are easy to learn. The levels are somewhat hard. It actually has voice overs in it. In some places it is quite funny. It also introduces FLUDD, a small water pack that goes on your back. But the levels without the FLUDD are very hard and gets on your nerves easily. The bosses are cool and have their own way to be beaten. Plus you can go back to any of the levels in order to collect blue coins, which adds to the replay value.

I would give this game a 8/10 [above average]

Review by superluke

When I first saw the commercial for super Mario sunshine I could not wait to play. When i picked up the control i was surprised. Mario had to “clean up” the bad guys? first a carpenter, then a plumber, and now a janitor? It may be a big change to fans but the games sure is fun. I guess with the great graphics, new and classic enemies, and incredible gameplay this is it a pretty good after all. New bosses like Evil Mario, and Petey Piranha are in the game as well as some classics like King Boo. I do enjoy the game even though the story is kind of unexpected from a Mario game, therefore giving it an 8/10.