Super Mario Strikers Review

Sound – 7/10 I find that the sound can get annoying after awhile, like when they get smashed into the gate and make that “AAHHHAHAHAHH” sound. So can whenever you check somebody or do a Super Strike. However other then that the sound is good.

Graphics – 9/10 The graphics are done well like when the people do a Super Strike it makes goes to a special scene. Also all of the characters are done well in a graphical sense.

Gameplay – 10/10 The reason I gave the gameplay a 10 out of 10 is it is so fun. In single player cup battles you go through a tournament trying to get in 1st place. However it is really easy to beat all the cup battles in one day.But when you increase the difficulties the game gets way harder. The multiplayer is the best part of the game as you can play for hours and hours on end.

Replayability – 9/10 If you have friends to play with you will be playing this game for such a long time, however if you have no friends you will get bored of the game a few days after you beat it.

Rent Or Buy: I suggest that you rent the game first to see if you like it, then if you do you can go and buy it.

Overall (not an average) 8/10