Super Mario Galaxy Review

Super. Mario. Galaxy. Three words. That’s all that’s needed to prove that games on Nintendo consoles can be Visual, Audial, and Conceptial wonders. But. It also has it’s downs. Lets begin!

The games storyline revolves around this ship that passes by the Mushroom Kingdom every 100 years, and throws down star bits (which are edible, and taste like honey).

The inhabitants of this ship are a girl named Rosalina, and many Lumas. Lumas are tiny star-like creatres that can transform into different things when they grow up (Could be a comet, planet, or even a power star).

Rosalina, who is the person the Lumas reffer to as ‘Mama’, was abducted at a young age by a little Luma. They inhabited a small planet, and with time, created a space station where Mario can shoot off into different galaxies from.

Anyways. Basic Mario game. Bowser comes. Bowser creates giant explosions, takes Peach, and leaves with her castle, once again (Reffer to Paper Mario for N64). his whole scheme this time is to create a mega planet, with which he wants to rule ALL of the other galaxies with Peach by his side. (…………….)

Gameplay was excellent. I was expecting something a little more in terms of 2 player gameplay, though. The star bits don’t do a lot of damage. The camera job was excellent, and as always, the CGi cutscenes are making brilliant use of the ATI technologies in Wii.

Now then. Super LUIGI Galaxy was fun, but dissapointing. They couldn’t have rushed this production more. In Ghostly Galaxy, the first power star is saving Luigi. It suits well for Mario Galaxy, and Luigi is able to help find three stars, but when it comes around to Luigi Galaxy, he saves himself. ( :S )He also helps himself find three stars. It was kind of akward to see Luigi talking to himself. It would have been much more preffered to see LUIGI save MARIO. It would’ve shown his courageousness. *brave pose*

I give Galaxy a 9.2/10.