Super Mario Bros. The Seven Gold Stars


At the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, it is night outside. Outside the Castle, you can see the whole front yard lit up with lights and the grass as green as ever. A bunch of stars light up the night sky with a crescent moon. Each side in the front, there are big bushes. They are 10ft tall. One of them is the image of Princess Peach and the other side is the image of Mario and Luigi, with each of there arm on there shoulders with both of them giving the peace sign. They are perfectly trimmed to there image. There is a big water fountain near the middle of the front yard, glistening running water reflected from the moon and stars. The Castle windows are lit up with the stream of light coming out of the windows. In the middle of the Castle, a stain glass portrait of Princess Peach is lit up so beautifully bright and so colorful.

Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and Toad, THE TOAD, are in the basement of the Castle. Toad is short with his big white Mushroom head, those 5 red spots on it, and blue vest. Toadsworth is a little taller and much older than Toad, but has a big Brown Mushroom head instead of white and has 5 white spots on it. A firm white mustache, small bifocals, and a wooden staff with a Brown Mushroom on the end of it. He is also wearing a strikingly good blue vest with a gold trim. Princess Peach has beautiful blonde hair and a crown on top with a center stone, which is red. She wears a long pink dress with a blue brooch on her chest with sparkling blue eyes and earrings and red high heels. They are in a storage room with a very old chandelier that has accumulated so much dust. It still works though and also there are torches on the wall that help brighten the room. There are cob webs on the chandelier and ceiling.

Originally, they went down to the basement so Toad can post a note on a door because Mario and Luigi are suppose to go to the Castle to fix the plumbing tomorrow. But, Princess Peach wanted to take a look in the storage room to see what was in there. They haven’t been down there in about ten years. There were boxes and old lamps that go way back. Princess Peach was looking in a box that had old vases, dresses, and jewelry. Toad was looking at the old stand up lamps while holding a vase with a design on it. He tried turning it on, while knowing it wasn’t going to work. Then he put the vase down. Toadsworth was standing by the door waiting impatiently.

“Princess, it’s getting late and we have to post the note for Master Mario and Master Luigi.” said Toadsworth. “Okay Toadsworth, just one more minute.” she said. Toad saw Toadsworth shake his head and then he said, “You guys can go and I’ll go put the note on the door.” “Thank you Toad.” said Toadsworth. Toad walked toward Toadsworth and then he walked out of the room. “Princess, please?” asked Toadsworth. Princess Peach looked at him and saw him wave his staff toward the door. Princess Peach sighed. She put whatever she had in her hand back in the box and started walking toward Toadsworth. She was walking fast and didn’t see the vase Toad put on the floor. She stumbled over the vase. She tried to maintain her balance by grabbing an unlit torch on the wall, next to her, but it gave way and turned. The torch made a clicking sound. She fell on top of some boxes and a huge cloud of dust filled the air around her.

Toadsworth gasped and shouted, “PRINCESS!” He ran to her and helped her up and could hear her coughing. “I knew it was such a bad idea to come to this room. Nothing but useless junk. Are you okay?” he said to Princess Peach. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She stood up and started brushing herself off. Then she and Toadsworth noticed that the wall was opening up next to them. They could see it opening and could hear the wall scrapping the floor. The wall was fully opened and torches in that room lit up one by one until there were six of them lit. Toadsworth and Princess Peach looked at each other. Then Toadsworth said, “Princess, we’re not going in there.” “We have too. This room just appeared by itself, we have to look.” Toadsworth grabbed his head and moan. “Fine! But, let me go first. I want nothing happening to you.”

Toadsworth and Princess Peach moved the boxes that were in there way. Then, Toadsworth readied his staff and he started to walk into the room. Princess Peach was right behind him. They walked in and they looked around. They saw nothing in the room, except a big wooden chest. Toadsworth walked toward the chest and Princess Peach took one of the torches of the wall and held it near the chest. There was so much dust that accumulated on it. It had a giant rusty lock in the middle. “How old do you think it is?” asked Princess Peach as her voice echoed. “I don’t know.” “Let’s open it!” and she was about to open it, but Toadsworth held her back with his staff. “Stand back and let me open it.” he said. “I can’t stop you from opening it so I will do it. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Toadsworth walked in front of the chest and examined the lock. Then he took his staff and went into his batting stance. He charged up his swing and he swung the bat with all his might and hit the lock. The lock, being rusted to death, flew clean off.

Princess Peach was happy and ran to the chest. “Good job, Toadsworth.” “Thanks.” he replied. “Let’s open it.” he continued. She gave Toadsworth the torch and she lifted the lid of the chest. The hinges started squeaking badly and when she lifted it all the way, the hinges gave way and the lid broke of the chest completely. It fell onto the floor and shattered. Princess Peach and Toadsworth gasped and dust flew into the air. They started coughing and when the dust cleared, they looked inside the chest with the torch. They stared at it for 5 seconds and then Toadsworth said, “It’s only a piece of paper.” Princess Peach grabbed the piece of paper. She then noticed that it was folded. “What do you think it is?” asked Princess Peach. “I don’t know, but I think it would be best if we look at it upstairs.” said Toadsworth. “Good idea. It’s starting to get creepy down here.” she replied. Toadsworth and Princess Peach put back the torch and left the secret and storage room. The torches blew out and the wall to the secret room sealed itself.


Toad was in the big cellar at the other end of the basement. Instead of lights, there were torches lit with a flame giving off light. He walked to the door that had the water on the floor. His footsteps kicked up water as he walked to the door. He posted the drawing on the door. “Hmmm. Maybe I’ll take a peak.” he said with a curious tone. He took the handle and turned it. It made a squeak as he turned it, like a rusty door hinge, and the door creaked open. He saw the pipe system and water all over the floor. He could hear drips dropping into the big puddle of water. “Heh, I didn’t expect it to look that bad.” he said to himself. He closed the door and started to walk away, but then he saw someone, in the shadow, by the door he came through to get into the basement.

“Hello?” No response. “Hello. Who is it?” he asked again. Still no answer. Toad walked closer to the figure that was blocking the door. The figure saw him move and he moved forward. Toad stopped nervously and said shaking, “Who are you?” The figure kept walking and soon, Toad got a good vision of who it was. He gasped, “It’s you! How did you–” But before he could finish, somebody smacked him in the head with a hard object. Toad fell face first onto the floor and the second figure kicked him. Toad didn’t move an inch. He was unconscious. The 2 figures walked through the door and went upstairs.

Princess Peach and Toadsworth were sitting at the dining room table. There are wall lamps lit very bright. There must have been 6 in the big dining room. Two sets of candles, with 3 in each, in the middle of the table lit up, and a Crystal chandelier over them, which let out a shine when the lights hit it. There’re two guards at each of the 3 doors. Princess Peach carefully unfolded the piece of paper. What they saw was a map. Toadsworth was confused. “It looks like a map.” he said. “Yeah. But, it looks weird. It doesn’t look like the Mushroom Kingdom.” “But, it clearly says it right here.” he said as he pointed to the upper right hand corner.

They thought for a moment. But then, the map started to give off a light. Toadsworth and Princess Peach gasped and backed away. The guards also backed away. The map started flashing very bright and the bright white light, that filled the room, was pulsating. Then the map was floating in the air and Princess Peach and Toadsworth saw it and couldn’t believe it. The map’s design was changing. Then it gave out a flash and the light disappeared. The map fell onto the table and they went to go look at it. They were shocked. “Princess look, the map.” said Toadsworth. They looked at the map and the design was a map of present day Mushroom Kingdom. They looked at each other. “We have to call Mario!” said Princess Peach. Toadsworth looked at the clock and it read 11:57 PM. “But it’s late. We’ll tell him in the morning.” “Oh fine.” said Princess Peach with a sigh. “Where’s Toad?” asked Toadsworth. “He probably went to bed already.” replied Princess Peach. Toadsworth shrugged his shoulders and grabbed his staff and Princess Peach grabbed the map and they were ready to go to bed.

Suddenly, the door slowly opened and they heard it creak. The guards backed away. The door was fully opened and nobody was there. “Toad, is that you?” asked Princess Peach. Nobody was still there. The guards readied there spears. “Toad, this isn’t funny, so come out now.” said Toadsworth angry. Still, nobody was there. Toadsworth pointed to the two guards to go see. They both crept to the door and looked through. They both stood outside.

Suddenly, Toadsworth and Princess Peach saw two the guards vanish and dropped their spears. Then all they heard was two gunshots. They both gasped and the 4 remaining guards jumped in front of them. Then, they saw a round object headed toward them and dropped at there feet. “IT’S A BOB-OMB!” shouted the guards. Before anybody could react, there was an explosion, and everybody was flown in opposite directions. The table was broken into a million pieces and created a hole in the floor. The chandelier fell and shattered on the ground and some of the wall lamps broke and some were flickering. There was so much dust and smoke. Some of the furniture was on fire and lamps were shooting out sparks. Toadsworth was the only one coughing. “Princess.” He continued to cough uncontrollably. He had cuts and scratches and he couldn’t walk. His bifocals were bent, but he could see a little. He managed to find Princess Peach on the ground, but she wasn’t moving. He started to crawl to her. “PRINCESS!” he shouted as he crawled. He reached Princess Peach and she wasn’t moving. Her dress was partially black and torn with cuts and scrapes on her face. He checked her pulse and it was still there. “Guards, HELP!” They didn’t respond. The two figures saw a big piece of paper and picked it up. They looked at it smiled. Toadsworth saw two figures but, couldn’t exactly see them because of the smoke and his vision. “Please help, the Princess is unconscious.” he said scared. Then without warning, he was shot. Toadsworth put his hand over where he was shot in the stomach area. He was groaning and he lay on his back. He started to bleed a lot from his stomach.

“Oh God!” he said in a muffled voice. His breathing was getting heavy. He saw the figures pick up Princess Peach and left the room. “TOAD! CALL 911! CALL MARIO!” No answer. “TOAD!” He was lying next to the hole on the floor and he looked down and saw Toad in the basement with his face down. Toadsworth was shocked. “Somebody help us.” he said to himself as a whisper. He looked around and saw the alarm on the wall. He started to crawl to the alarm. He started coughing and blood came out of his mouth. He reached the alarm, but it was too high. He couldn’t stand up either. Then he saw his staff against the wall. He grabbed it and he tried to hit the switch. He missed the first and second time. The third time he nailed it and the alarm was wailing so loud throughout the Castle. Then everything was flashing red. Toadsworth lay there not moving. His hands are over his stomach.

They blew up the dining room and killed the 6 guards. Toadsworth lay on the floor after he was shot. Who could have shot him? Who could have done this horribly thing, kidnap Princess Peach and take the map? Only Toad knows who, but they knocked him unconscious in the basement. Will he ever wake up? We leave the prologue of Toadsworth lying on his back, the 6 guards dead where they are, and Toad (in the basement) lay unconscious on his face. This is horrible! This is serious!

This is………
Super Mario Bros.
“The Seven Gold Stars”