Super Mario Bros. Review

This is a special game. It’s a classic; the first true platformer.

Strangely, one of the greatest things about this game is that it’s short. Whenever you’re bored you could pick it up for a quick game. The replay value is unbelievable.

To those who’ve never played (all three of you), the goal is to go from level to level running and jumping your way past obstacles and enemies. The levels are split up into eight worlds. At the end of each world is a castle guarded by a creature that looks like Bowser, but when killed is actually revealed to be merely a less powerful enemy in disguise. At the end of the eighth world, the Bowser is really Bowser, and this time the princess is not in another castle. The gameplay is outstanding, and the game looks and sounds great. No complaints here.

Firey Mario killing some Goombas

I give Super Mario Bros. a 9.5/10 [nearly perfect].