Super Mario Bros. 3 Review

The greatest game of all time. No game before or since could ever rival SMB3.

The gameplay is genius. 2D run and jump action has never been better. In addition to mushrooms and fire flowers, SMB3 included a new item, the leaf, that lets you turn into Racoon Mario and fly for short amounts of time. Hitting B lets you swing your tail at enemies and blocks. On top of those three regular items three special suits are in the game. One lets you turn into a frog, one a statue, and one a hammer brother.

The Froggie suit makes swimming effortless.

Replay value is endless. I’ve never gotten tired of this game, and I probably never will. The levels are challenging, and fun to play over and over. After playing for ten years I am still being surprised by the number of secrets the 88 levels hold.

Hundreds of secrets hide in SMB3.

The graphics and music in the game are just beautiful. The original is actually better than the remakes.

Who doesn’t love Giant World (Big Island)?

I give Super Mario Bros. 3 a 10/10 [perfect].