Super Mario 64 Review

This was pretty much one of my first Super Mario games I have ever been given. It’s a pretty long story but, one day I went to one of my friends house and we played this game for an hour or two and I remember setting my focus on getting a Nintendo 64 so I could play that game myself!

Hehe, so I asked my grand-father to help out with the purchasing and he did. (I thank him for that!)

For days after I got the 64, I never put Mario 64 down! Damn, so many sunny days were wasted out of my foolishness. But oh well, it was a good game to say the least.

I saw this game as being pretty good because, this was a different viewing of the game and a more detailed version which I was always a “fan boy” about! And still am today. Basically, you play as Mario and you have to find all the stars which are located in each room of Princess Peach’s castle. (All stars in the room sections that is.) This needs to be done so you can enter areas where Bowser awaits you (3 in total.) Bowser is easy the first time around and the second time. If you use your smarts the third time, you can beat him. There are many secret areas in the game. I do recommend this game to fans, if you have not bought it yet (released on 9-26-97) or the Super Mario 64 DS game.

Something that is also interesting is that an upcoming Mario title for the Nintendo Wii, which is supposed to make it’s debut on November 19, 2006, entitled “Super Mario Galaxy” is supposed to be released and is thought to be the sequel to SM 64. (Release dates vary for this.) At E3 2006, Miyamoto said that the title would become available soon after Wii’s launch. People think this may be out by May of 2007.) – Nothing is for certain!