Super Mario 64 DS Review

Sound – 10/10 Perfect sound for the DS, way better then the Game Boy Advance. The sounds for when Mario jumps, runs and punches are all the same, but way better then the Nintendo 64 as this system is portable.

Graphics – 10/10 The best graphics I have ever seen on a Nintendo handheld because well no Nintendo handheld has had better graphics then the SNES as of now. The graphics have even been touched up quite a bit since the Nintendo 64 version.

Gameplay – 10/10 In this game you run around and jump into paintings (which are the levels). And then when you get into a level you have to around and collect stars. You get the stars by doing the task it says to when you start the level, some examples would be “Collect the 8 Red Coins”, or “Race Koopa the Quick”. Another great addition to this game is the games room, I still am trying to beat my old records, and I have had this game since launch.

Replaybility – 10/10 The replayability of this game is very high, as you try to get all of the 150 stars (30 more then the Nintendo 64 one) in each file. Once you have done that then you try to set really high records in the games room.

Rent or Buy: Well if you liked the Nintendo 64 version alot this is a definate buy, plus I don’t think you can even rent Nintendo DS games.

Overall (not an average) 10/10