Stars Full of Wishes

[Mario defeated the evil sword Mack, collected all the Power Stars, rescued the princess, and beat the sheet out of Doopliss for the third time! Will Mario find the rest of the Star Pieces?]

MALLOW: I’m glad that’s over.

MARIO: Let’s get going! Wait… Where will we find a Star Piece….

MARIO & MALLOW: ! We know!

MALLOW: Let’s ask my grandpa in Tadpole Pond! He should know!

(An so the adventurers headed off to Tadpole Pond, and talk to Mallow’s
grandpa, Frogfucious.)

MALLOW: Hello, Grandpa!

FROGFUCIOUS: Hello, Mallow! Is there anything you need?

GENO: Could you tell us where a Star Piece could be?

FROGFUCIOUS: Hmmmm… I see. A Star has been sighted on Star Hill, far far
away from here!

MALLOW: Thanks grandpa!

(The team leaves and when they reach Booster Tower, they find a note:
{From Booster – Note to self: The key to the chest with the key to open the
Star Hill core is in my playroom. DON’T TELL ANYBODY!})

GENO: Let’s get in!

(They try to go in, but an invisible sheild knocks them back!)

PEACH: Ouch! What’s that?

LUIGI: It’s some kind of force field.

MARIO: How do we get in?

(Suddenly a Snifit falls on Luigi’s head, then two more Snifits and Booster
fall to the ground.)

GENO: Give us the key Booster!

BOOSTER: You think you can catch up to me? If you do I’ll give it to you!

ALL: Get him!

BOOSTER: Never gonna catch me!

(Booster deactivates the sheild, then enters the tower. The team follows
Booster. They reach the top before him using a hidden elevator using Geno’s
rocket fist. Of course, if Booster reaches the top first, they will have to
battle him alone. He only has 500HP however, and is a somewhat-pushover.
Either way, the Chest Key is theirs now.)

BOOSTER: Nooo! How could you beat me? ugh. Here’s your Chest Key. But, I
will NEVER tell you the Chest’s location! Otherwise you will fight my

(They wait a few seconds…)


ALL: …


SNIFIT 1: Oh, sorry boss.

SNIFIT 2: We’ll get them!

SNIFIT 3: Psst. Guys-that-we’re-fighting. You BETTER let us win. Or else.
Pretty please?


(They enter an even easier battle with three Snifit enemies with 200HP

SNIFITS: Whahhh!

BOOSTER: Fine. Here’s a map of the island! You’ll find it there!

(Booster points at Marrymore.)

MALLOW: It’s in Marrymore?

MARIO: Yep. Let’s get going!

(And so they continue to Marrymore, and once they get there, there’s a big

BOWSER: What are YOU doing HERE?!

MARIO: Bowser? What are YOU doing here?

BOWSER: well, erm…. one of my kids were captured by that creep Booster.

GENO: Booster?! I think he’s leading us into a trap!

BOWSER: You won’t be in a trap with ME around! And don’t tell me to stop
bragging, either!

LUIGI: O..O..Okay!

BOWSER: And that no-good Smithy is going to pay for my castle! AGAIN!!!

(Bowser joined your team! He can use his powerfull Shell-pound to find
secret entrances and nooks underground! In battle, he can also use his
Terrorize skill to scare away some enemies, too!)

BOWSER: Well, let’s get going!

(They enter the wedding chapel to find a mysterious figure.)

GENO: Who are you?…

FIGURE: Well if I told you I’d have to…

LUIGI: Well, let’s just not ask him for his name…

ALL: ….

LUIGI: …Well….What are ya lookin’ at?

BOWSER: If you have to do with Smithy somehow I’ll…

FIGURE: …What? Whatever I’m outta here…

(The figure dissappears. Geno has a mystefied look on his face.)

GENO: There was something familiar about all this… Anyways, moving on…

(The team enters the next room and they find a save block, and they save.
They then open the door to find that the wedding hall is completely dark. No
torches on the side of the wall are lit. As they approach the pedestal, the
torches light up to a bright orange-red and they hear a voice.)

???: Kaj, Hasa, Gyrsa…

MARIO: Sounds like a spell chanting of some sort…

(When they reach the pedestal, the remaining torches on the back wall light
up. The figure that they met at the entrance is there.)

FIGURE: So you’ve decided to follow me, eh? You dare to disturb me during my
attemp to create the most vile thing in the world?

MARIO: So THAT’S what you’re up to!

FIGURE: It won’t matter if you know, because you’re going to the world of
the in-existent!

(The gang brings out they’re weapons and start a battle. The figure has
1500HP which is alot, but thankfully he is alone. His attacks are powerful,
but the team takes him down eventually.)

FIGURE: Urgh….

GENO: This is total deja-vu…

FIGURE: Why… why did you do this… Gen….my….br…..

(The figure fades away. The team find the chest and open it. The find a key
that resembles a star.)

LUIGI: Now, all we need to do is get to Star Hill and another Star Piece is
(A portal appears and they hear the figure’s voice one last time…)

FIGURE: You are fools to be after these delicate objects. But if you

(The gang gets sucked in the portal, and they appear at Star Hill.)

BOWSER: We’re here.

(The walk around and eventually find a giant star with a keyhole in it.)

MALLOW: I think we need to touch those flowers to open this.

(They look around, and touch the 6 flowers in this area. The keyhole opens,
and they enter. They continue through various stars until they reach an
empty area.)

LUIGI: Have we been trapped?

GENO: I don’t think so…

MARIO: Well, there’s flowers in here!

(They touch the flowers, and a giant star appears, but it’s glowing very
brightly and alternates colours.)

LUIGI: Hmmmm…

(They insert the star-shaped key they found in the Marrymore chapel and it

BOWSER: That was almost too easy!

(And so they enter, but instead of the normal star hill layout, they appear
in a place with dark air blowing around everywhere, something like Smithy

MARIO: Is this Smithy’s lair?

MALLOW: Something seems fishy to me about all this…

(They walk around, and they find a switch a few rooms ahead, with no enemies
in sight.)

LUIGI: I wonder what this does…?

(LUIGI pushes the switch, and a ghost of SMITHY appears.)

SMITHY: Errrrr…. You guys again?

MARIO: Smithy! Does this place happen to be your lair?

SMITHY: Haven’t you figured it out yet? My lair was built from this place,
which is why there is no ground! But somehow, the past of this place

GENO: Is it you that is really here?

SMITHY: No, it isn’t. See, along time ago, long before you were born, the
same thing happened. Some gang like yous defeated me, but before I rebuilt
my lair into this place. My ghost always remains here, but the ghost you see
here is the one that YOU left behind, 10 years ago…

BOWSER: Which means your not the one we’re after.

SMITHY: I have watched these events. I did NOT drop EXOIR into Bowser’s
Keep. But someone else that I know did. But I’m afraid that there are ways
that I can return…

MALLOW: Well, who did?

SMITHY: I have no clue! BUT, I DO know it is someone that I had much
experience with in my past… If you want a Star Piece, it’s up North,
guarded by a beast that may or may not resist to you. There is nothing I can
give you but, this.

[Smithy gave you a Smithy Badge!]

SMITHY: It should help you defeat that monster.

LUIGI: WHY are you helping us?

SMITHY: For reasons that aren’t known, for you anyways. Ta-ta!

(SMITHY’s ghost disappears.)

MARIO: Ok, then…Let’s go!

(And so they head up and they hear a voice, all of a sudden.)

???: And who are you?! Gack ack ack!!

(A giant Boo appears and chuckles loudly at Mario & co.)

BOO: Muhahahhahahahaha!!! You want this shiny piece of the Star Road? You’ll
have to get it from me!

GENO: Just hand it over, boo-face!

BOOMUNGUS: The name is Boomungus! And don’t forget it!

(The gang enters a boss battle with Boomungus. He has two Boo Guards with
him, which have 150HP each, while BOOMUNGUS himself has 1000HP. BOOMUNGUS’
defense is very high, so the gang decides to attack the guards first.)

BOOMUNGUS: Ack! You’ve defeated my guards! How do you like this!

(BOOMUNGUS lowers his defense down, giving our heroes an advantage, but he
also raises his ATK by 20 for 3 turns, which isn’t so good. But
nevertheless, our gang defeats BOOMUNGUS.)

BOOMUNGUS: Nooooo! How can this be! It can’t end like this! You’ll regret

(BOOMUNGUS explodes, revealing the fourth Star Piece and a key with a
mushroom on the end.)

MARIO: We did it!

BOWSER: What was that badge that Smithy gave us anyway…?

GENO: I think the badge has to be some sort of enhancement…But I’ve been
wrong before…

MALLOW: What’s the key for?

MARIO: …! I remember! There’s a room in my castle that’s been locked ever
since it was built! I think this is the key!

LUIGI: Do you even know what’s in that room?

MARIO: No! This is why we’re going!

(The gang heads off to Mario’s castle, but on the way, Toad{yes THE TOAD}
stops them.)

TOAD: Mario! Luigi! Something terrible has happened! Quick! Follow me to the

ALL: What happened?

TOAD: There’s no time! Quick! Come!

[Our heroes defeated BOOMUNGUS, the giant boo, and obtained another Star
Piece! But who is that mysterious figure? Is Geno somehow related to Smithy?
But more importantly, what has happened at the Mushroom Kingdom? Will our
heroes adventure prevail succesfully? Find out in Super Mario RPP: Return of
Smithy-Chapter 5: Mystery of the Sea!]