Race for The Stars

[Will Mario find and defeat Smithy again? This time, things should go smoothly with Luigi by his side, right?]

(We see Mario and Luigi walking though Mushroom Road again. They are heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom Castle.)

MARIO: Toad Town is just past Goomba Valley. We should be there in a few minutes!

LUIGI: I hope so. My back is sore.

MARIO: Come on, Goomba Valley is this way.

(Mario and Luigi enter Goomba Valley, and get in a battle with 2 goombas.)

LUIGI: Goombas! These are Bowser’s minions. They should be easy to beat though. Let’s go!

(They easily beat the goombas. Luigi then teaches Mario about the tattle log. After the session is over, they continue through the valley. Eventually, they come across a hurt mushroom citizen.)

MARIO: Hey! Are you allright?

CITIZEN: Yes, I am.

LUIGI: What happened?

CITIZEN: Well, I….. I fell….


CITIZEN: Um…. um….

MARIO: Well, you should be headed towards Toad Town now.

CITIZEN: Okay. Bye!

LUIGI: Yikes!

MARIO: What?

LUIGI: Look at that!

(A giant goomba appears and enters a battle with Mario and Luigi. There are also 2 goombas with him. Now, Mario can tattle on the goombas, and the giant goomba with his Tattle Log. The giant goomba has 100HP, which is pretty high at this point, but is easily defeated by the Mario Bros.)

MARIO: Yes! We can go to the castle now!

LUIGI: Let’s go!

(Mario and Luigi enter Toad Town, buys some items at the shop, and takes a rest at the inn. Then, he enters the castle’s throne room.)

MARIO: Chancellor!

CHANCELLOR: Ah, yes. Mario. I already know.


CHANCELLOR: You have to….

MARIO: Rescue the princess?

CHANCELLOR: Actually, I was going to say, that these cookies you made are deli…. wait…. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE PRINCESS…

MARIO: Yeah, again…

CHANCELLOR: Egads! Not again!


CHANCELLOR: Huh? Luigi? When did you get here?


CHANCELLOR: Anyhoo, you must rescue the princess! Oh yeah, that earthquake we had recently, you don’t think that was… hold on…


CHANCELLOR: No!!! Not Smithy!


CHANCELLOR: Oh, WHAT are we going to do?

CHANCELLOR: You must rescue the princess, and defeat Smithy!

MARIO & LUIGI *sigh* Yep.

CHANCELLOR: Sorry, i’m just really worried. Anyways, off you go! Oh yeah hold on.

(Chancellor goes to a cookie tray and gives Mario and Luigi two yoshi cookies, which turns an enemy into an item. He also gives them a map.)

CHANCELLOR: There you go! Good luck! Oh, wait! About your castle, Mario, the worker toads will fix it soon enough. Okay? Bye!

(Mario and Luigi leave Mushroom Kingdom, and head into Mushroom Way again. On their way, they meet Mallow.)

MALLOW: Hey, Mario, long time no see! So what’s been happenin’?

MARIO: Not much, but Smithy…

MALLOW: Yeah, I already know. I was looking for you! Wait a sec! Are YOU the legendary Luigi? Mario’s bro?

LUIGI: Of course!

MALLOW: Wow! Well, um… anyways, let’s go find Smithy!

(Suddenly, a robot appears and swoops away with Mallow.)

MALLOW: Waaah!

MARIO: Mallow! Come on, Luigi, let’s see where he’s headed!

(Mario and Luigi follow the robot, and it disappears in to a warp. Mario and Luigi follow him in. They end up in Sentryville.)

MARIO: What is this place?

LUIGI: There’s robots everywhere!

(Mario and Luigi go around defeating sentry guards and robots, and they eventually catch up to thr robot holding Mallow.)

MARIO: Hand him over!

ROBOT: Never, foolish human. This is being used as a power source.

LUIGI: Get him!

(Mario and Luigi enter a battle with the robot, and two other robots, but it isn’t a boss battle. Mario and Luigi defeat the robots. Mario and Luigi level up. However, the robot holding Mallow is still intact. Suddenly, the robot absorbs Mallow’s body and grows more powerful.)

MARIO: Woah!

LUIGI: Hand him over, bolt brain!

ROBO: My name is ROBO! And don’t forget it, or I’ll thrash you good!

(Robo jumps away with Mallow. Mario and Luigi follow him.)

MARIO: We getting closer to his base!

LUIGI: We have to destroy that thing!

(Mario and Luigi run down Robo, while defeating more enemies. Eventually, they reach the base. Then they head inside and meet Robo again.)

ROBO: So, back again, are you? What do you want?

MARIO: WE’RE gonna thrash YOU!

ROBO: Oh, really? Perhaps you’re wrong. I’m just going to say Vice Versa to make it better.

(Mario Bros. enter a battle against Robo again, this time as a boss battle. Robo has 280 HP, but is easily defeated. Mario goes to Level 3 after the fight. Mallow appears out of the scrap metal.)

MALLOW: Woah! That was weird. Thanks, guys!

MARIO: No prob. How about joining us?

MALLOW: Alright! Time to whip Smithy’s extra terrestrial butt again!

(Mallow joined your party! He is a useful character that mainly uses lighting-based attacks. In the field, he can stun enemies so you can get a first strike easily, with his shock attack. In battle, he can use his Froggie stick to whack enemies, and use thunderbolt to attack them all!)

MALLOW: C’mon, let’s go!

(The team exits Sentryville via the portal they came in. When they return to Toad Town, the place is covered with arrows, and the people are frozen like scarecrows.)

LUIGI: Hey! What’s with this place?

MALLOW: I think Bowyer’s behind this.

MARIO: You mean the Smithy creation that shoots arrows?

MALLOW: Yeah! Of course! Let’s find him!

(The party enter the castle, defeating the Flunkies, which are arrow enemies. Eventuallly, they reach the throne room. They see Bowyer threatening the Chancellor with arrows. Before Bowyer turns him into a frozen mushroom, Mario and the gang step in.)

BOWYER: Huh? Who are you? Wait… remember you, I do! Taught a lesson you must be!

PARTY: Bring it on!!

(The team enter a major boss battle with Bowyer. He’s accompanied by two Flunkies. Early in the fight, Bowyer gets mad.)

BOWYER: Now three against one! Nyat fair! What I do is this! Place three panels I will place. When a target an arrow hits, that button LOCKED!

(They continue the battle. Bowyer has a whopping 500HP[at this point], so it will be a long battle. Through the tough battle, the team triumphs over Bowyer.)


LUIGI: Look! What’s that shiny star-thing?

MALLOW: It’s a Star Piece! Quick, Mario collect it!

(Mario picks up the star piece, and the chapter ends!)