Petey Piranha

Likes: Piranha Plants
First Appearance: Super Mario Sunshine

Petey is the leader of the Piranha Plants who has given Mario trouble for years. He first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine as the boss of Bianco Hills. In order to defeat him, you had to spray water in his mouth to make his belly button appear and then you had to do a ground pound on his stomach 3 times to win. When you beat him, he turns into brownish gloop. Later on, we find out he didn’t die but was just making himself stronger. In order to defeat him, you had to shoot a little enemy at him to begin the fight. To win, you had to shoot him with water while he was in the air to make him fall to the ground. After that, you have to fill his mouth with water to make his belly button appear then ground pound and repeat 3 times to win. He has been in other games such as Mario Kart Double Dash as an unlockable character paired with King Boo, he has also appeared in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis, he appeared in Mario Pinball Land as a boss in the windmill table,and he will also appear in Mario Superstar Baseball.