Paper Mario Returns

Hello there. I have once told you the tale of Paper Mario the thousand year door, but have you ever wondered what happenes next? You’ve come to the right place, for this is the tale of the Seven Moon Stars. And this is were it all begins. . . .

It was a bright and sunny day, and Toad was out watering the flowers. Good morning Princess Peach! He croaked. How are you this morning? Oh I’m fine, but have you seen Mario? Nope, he probably went out on a nice walk or somthing. Miss Peach! Miss Peach! Toadsworth came rushing outside. Master Mario, he left this note! Here, it says: Sorry I had to leave without saying good bye it was sort of urgent. Apperantly lord Crump has taken over the x-naut forces and is wreaking Havoc across the land in his search for the Seven Moon stars wich are like the seven Crystal stars except more powerful. I’m In Rogue Port right now, and I just talked to Pro. Frankly. I’m on a very impotent quest. Sincerely Mario

Oh no! Mario’s in trouble! Don’t Fret Peach, Master Mario always finds a way through.

Meanwhile in Rogue Port:

Mario and Goombella travel to Petalburg to meet Koops, Spud, Madame Flurrie, Vivian, Miss Mowz, and Admiral Bobbery to decide were to look for Crump first. I say, perhaps we should try Keelhaul Key, it makes a great hideout, said Bobbery. Nah! He’s probably in Glitzville a floating island makes a great hideout, argued Spud. My darlings isn’t it obvious that their hiding in Boggly Woods? Said Flurrie. Maybe he’s hiding back in the Rogueport sewers, said Goombella. Hey guys he could be anywere maybe we should let Mario choose first! Said Koops. Pro. Frankly! Said Goombella. Sorry to interrupt your conversation Mario but I found, while you were gone, a box that only opens if your seventy or older, and it leads to the Crystal Moons! Exclaimed Frankly. With the power of all seven Crystal Moons you can make a huge blast causing anyone hit by it to perish just like that. He added. Oh no! But that means that if Crump get’s them before us then . . . . .well you know. Said Goombella. The map shows the first one is in. . . .THE DARK PALACE!!! Suddenly everyone started running around screaming. It’s all right I was only kidding, the first one is in Fahr Outpost. Well apart from the Ice Piranha Plants and the freezing weather I guess that’s not so bad. Said Koops. Oh yeah There’s just one more thing, said Frankly. What’s that? Asked Vivian. Well I figured that you couldn’t get into a lot of places without him so I figured he should come with you, Mumbled Frankly. What who? What’s the matter Frankly? Asked Vivian. Hey Slick, long time no see! Suddenly the nearest Toad transformed into Doopliss. What! What’s he doing here, Frankly don’t tell me that he’s coming with us! Cried Goombella. I’m afraid your going to need him, said Frankly. Frankly please tell him he can’t come he’ll be really annoying and start copying us! Claimed Vivian. I’m afraid you have no choice, and he’s not that annoying! Replied Frankly.

And so the argument went on until Frankly finally won (never underestimate an old man).

I can’t believe we have to travel with Freak-sheet! Said Spud. I mean he’s so annoying. Hey my names Doopliss not Freak-sheet! Ugh, I can’t believe this guy! Said Vivian. Make it Stop! Cried Koops. I say, this chap is quite annoying. Exclaimed Bobbery. Please stop-a-talking your driving us-a-nuts! Ha ha ha, weeeee! This is fun! Said Doopliss .

Meanwhile on the x-nauts secret base: Sir Dude, I mean oh wait, no hang on, I think it was . . . Come in! Yelled Crump. What is it? He asked. Oh um I think, hey wait, was it, Crump dude, or maybe it was Crump sir dude . . . Crump rolled his eyes and waited for the x-naut to finish. Oh yeah it was Sir Crump! Yes, asked Crump, trying to keep his patience. We’ve just discovered that Mario is searching for the crystal moons himself, in other words he’s on to us! Ugh, Mario huh? He’s medaled with us for the last time, we have three crystal moons already, which means we have the head start, Oh yes weren’t you telling me a little while ago that preparations are complete? Asked Crump. Yes sir, the Magnus von Grapple 3.1 is ready. Good we’ll be going to Fahr Outpost then? Asked Crump. Yes sir! Replied the x-naut. Good, Mario won’t know what hit him. . . Buh, buh huh, buh huh huh huh huh!

The next day. . .

Okay Mario, Lets move out. Okey-dokey! Let’sa go! We’ll have to travel through the sewers to get to Fahr Outpost. The group travels through Rogue Port until they reach a small vent in the ground. After you, said Koops. The group turns sideways and slips through the vent. They drop onto a platform sticking upwards. Alright Spud, your up! Said Koops. Spud carries all of the characters across a gap one by one. Oh hang on Mario could we make quick stop at Twilite town? Asked Vivian. Sure. they head up a door and go down a pipe.Okay guys I just need to go get something. Said Vivian. Ah, home sweet home, said Doopliss. Hey freak sheet don’t get any ideas! It’s okay, I lost my imaginashion while i was in show business. The group sat there waiting. And waiting. And witing. Where on earth, or not earth is she? Said Spud. What do you mean “not earth”? Asked Koops. Well Remeber that time we went to the moon? Suddenly a scream came from the building Vivian just entered. Oooh! Goody a scream Someone must be brewing trouble! Said Doopliss. Let’sa Go! The team rushes into the building, and they see someone standing there waring a cloak. Look, that old chaps got Vivian! Exclaimed Bobbery. Who is he? Asked Spud. Suddenly the figure threw off the cloak. Everyone gasp’s no it cant’t be! It’s, it’s, Big Boo! Cackle Cackle! You fools know that your fools, wich means i’m not a fool who is foolish but you are foolish fools who arent really foolish! Huh? Never mind, let’s get this over with! Mario enters battle with Big Boo and chooses Bobbery for battle. Now it’s battle time, whenever Mario gets in a battle, this will happen whenever te battle ends it will go back to normal, Big Boo has 25 health, and 2 defense. Mario has 30 health and 0 defense, so let’s start this battle:

Bobbery: Alright mario Let’s show this Big white blob!
Big Boo: Hah! You don’t know what you up against!
Mario: Let’sa Go!
Mario attack first and chooses power hammer, giving Big Boo 4 Damage.
Then Bobbery attacks giving him another 4 damage.
Big Boo: Hmmm, You are powerful, but how do you like this!?
Big Boo slams Bobbery and Mario, and gives them both 5 damage.
Mario and Bobbery switch the order and Bobbery attacks first and gives another 4 damage.
Bobbery: Mario use something special!
Mario: Okey-Dokey!
Mario pulls out a thunder rage and uses it, giving Big Boo 7 damage.
Big Boo: Now Your getting annoying! Take this!
Big Boo Repeatedly pounds Bobbery and Mario giving each one 15 damage.
Bobbery: now it’s my turn!
Bobbery uses bomb attack and gives Big Boo 4 damage.
Mario: And let’sa finsh you-a-off!
Mario Hammers Big Boo and gives him another 4 damage, giving him more than enough!
Mario: Yes!

Now switching back to normal mode.

Thanks Mario! Said Vivian as big Boo Flew away. Okay Mario we should probobly go now, said Koops. Okey- Mario could you try not to say that it’s rather annoying. Every one turns to see Bowser standing behind them. Whats the matter still tired from your last battle? Well to bad! Bwa ha hah ha ha ha! I’m gonna send you all the way back to the Mushroom Kingdom!