Paper Mario Returns Part 2

Welcome Back to Paper Mario Returns! And now back to the story:

Gwa ha ha ha! Mario this is where you lose! Bowser roared. Lets’a go, pant pant. Bowsers max health is 40, and defense is 2. Mario’s max health is 30, but has dropped to 25 from the last battle. Mario chooses Vivian as a partner. Now entering battle mode:

Bowser: Gwa ha ha ha! I’m gonna crush you!
Mario: *pant*
Vivian: Let’s do this Mario!
Mario attacks first with his hammer attack, and gives Bowser 4 damage.
Then Vivian attacks using special and sends fireballs every where giving Bowser 8 damage.
Bowser: Hah! That all you got? FIRE BREATH!!!
Bowser uses fire breath and gives Vivian and Mario 5 damage each.
Mario: Owowowowo!
Vivian: We can do this Mario!
Mario attacks with special and uses ground pound, giving Bowser 5 damage.
Then Vivian attacks with another special giving Bowser 8 damage.
Bowser: Grrrrr, you’ve got sweet moves Mario, but in the end I will prevail!
Bowser uses ground pound and gives Mario 8 damage.
Vivian: Mario hang on!
Mario uses normal hammer and gives Bowser 4 damage.
Vivian attacks and uses normal fire punch, giving Bowser 4 damage.
Bowser: Now your getting annoying! And I can’t use any special attacks!
Bowser uses fire breath and gives Mario and Vivian 5 damage each.
Vivian: come on Mario he’s only got 7 health!
Mario: I-a-only got-a-7 health!
Mario uses normal hammer and gives Bowser 4 damage.
Bowser: Oof!
Vivian: Now I’ll finish him off!
Vivian uses fire punch and gives Bowser 4 damage! Which is more than enough.
After the battle Mario regains full health. Now leaving battle mode.

Yeah Mario you did it! Exclaimed Vivian. I was so close! Growled Bowser. That’s it Mario next time I’ll show you! *Hops in Clown-mobile and fly’s off*Let’s head for Fahr Out Post! The group leaves Twilight Town and enters the Fahr Out Post tunnel. All right chaps here we are, said Bobbery. Wow sure is chilly. Oh come on you’ve been here be- oh sorry I didn’t know that was you Doopliss, said Koops. Now check the map, the Crystal Moon should be close by!
Very close by indeed! Sorry Mario I got it first! Lord Crump comes walking up a hill with the Crystal moon in his hand! Buh buh huh, buh huh huh huh! Crump! We should have known you’d be here! Yes but you didn’t, and now I have the fourth Crystal Moon! All-a-ready? Yep, and now I shall destroy you! *Pulls out remote and presses button* . Say hello to the Magnus von Grapple 3.1! Buh buh huh buh huh huh! Bring it on Crump! Exclaimed Koops. Yeah your going down! Let’sa go! Crump is in the Magnus von Grapple which has 30 health. No one knows how much health Crump has. Mario got an upgrade and his max health is now 35. Now entering Battle mode:

Crump: Buh huh huh huh! Your move Mario!
Mario chooses power hammer and gives the Magnus 5 damage.
Vivian chooses special and sends fire balls around the room giving the Magnus von Grapple 0 damage.
Vivian: Huh?
Crump: Did I mention the Magnus von Grapple is fire proof? Buh huh huh huh huh huh!
Mario uses his turn to swap partners and he chooses Koops.
Koops: Alright Mario, let’s bring on the heat!
Koops uses power shell and gives the Magnus von Grapple 6 damage.
Koops: Hey wait a second, the Magnus von Grapple never took a turn!
Mario: Your-a-right!
Crump: Oh yes I did! I charged the Magnus von grapple so it will give you fools even more damage on my next turn. Which is now!
The Magnus von Grapple jumps in the air and puts it’s hands together and smashes into Mario and Koops giving both of them 10 damage.

Koops: Wooaaaahhh!
Mario: Yowch!
Mario uses power hammer on the Magnus von Grapples foot, and gives it 5 damage.
Then Koops uses power shell and gives the Magnus von Grapple 6 damage again.
Crump: Hmmmm I hope I’m not going to need to make a Magnus von Grapple 4.1!
The Magnus von Grapple uses stomp and gives Mario 5 damage.
Mario uses normal hammer because he can’t use power anymore and gives the Magnus von Grapple 4 damage.
Then Koops attacks and uses Normal shell slam, and gives the Magnus von Grapple 4 damage.
Crump: I can’t let you win!
The Magnus von Grapple uses stomp and gives Mario another 5 damage.
Koops: Mario use your star power!
Mario uses Star power and sends stars shooting at the Magnus von Grapple, giving it 8 damage.
Koops: Now’s are chance Mario!
Koops uses normal shell slam and gives the Magnus von Grapple 4 damage.
Crump: Uh Oh! Eject!
Crump ejects from the magnus von grapple and shoots out of site riggth before the Magnus von Grapple blows up. Mario and Koops win the battle and gain full health. Now leaving Battle mode.

Alright Mario we did! Quick get the Crystal Moon! Cried Koops. Why don’t you ever pick me as a partner? Asked Doopliss. Let’sa go! Said Mario. Oh sure just ignore the “Freak Sheet”.

This has been Part two of Paper Mario returns. But Mario’s quest is far from over.