Paper Mario Guide

As the game starts, Parakarry, a para-Troopa, will deliver a letter to Mario and Luigi. Luigi reads the letter to Mario, telling him about a party happening at Princess Peach’s castle. They go there, and as soon as you enter the castle, you gain control of Mario. From there on, you can walk around the castle, talking to each of the guests, if you want, and even get a chance to get into Peach’s room! You’ll have to talk to the guard in front of the room about five times before you get the chance to go in. After talking with all the guests, you go up all the stairs to a long hallway. From there, you get to meet Peach. But just as your saying hello, the whole castle gets lifted out of the ground! Bowser’s Castle lifts Peach’s castle into the sky! Then Bowser crashes through the window and Mario and Bowser fight! Right now, the only chooses in this fight is Mario’s trademark jump attack, so your going to have to use that. Noting really exciting happens at the beginning, Mario attacks, then Bowser attack, but then, Bowser uses the Star Rod, a precious mystic item he stole from the Star Haven. Bowser uses the Star Rod to power himself up, so you won’t be able to harm him! Your jump attack won’t do any good, but you’ll have no choice. You’ll be able to land two jumps before he decides to finish you off! After your HP (Heart Points) goes down to zero, Bowser blasts you out of the sky. Then cut the title “Paper Mario”. After this, the adventure TRULY begins!

Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

First, there’s a cut-scene, showing the Star Spirits from the Star Haven giving Mario the last of their powers so that he’ll survive. Then a young Goomba girl finds Mario and has her family help him back to the nearby Toad House (note: the Toad house is a perfect place to recover after fighting. Remember this, because there will be one in every village you visit! Plus it’s free!). There, a Star Spirit will tell you to go to Shooting Star Summit. Mario wakes up, and after a talk with the Toad of the Toad House, you’ll regain control of Mario! Walk around Goomba village, the place you landed near, and talk to the family that lives there. The only way to get to Shooting Star Summit is through the gate, and the father, Goompapa, is fixing that. Once you go into the house and talked to the grandparents, Gooma and Goompa, the gate will be fixed. But just as you’re about to leave, Bowser’s right-hand Koopa, Kammy Koopa, swoops down and forms a block, “blocking” your way. After she flies off, cackling, Goompapa mentions that Goompapa has a hammer that can break the block. But when you go out to the veranda, there is no veranda! And Mario will fall down the cliff!

Don’t worry, Mario will be fine. Once you land, look for Goompa, and together, you’ll both look for the hammer. Go right to go to a garden-like area with lots of bushes and trees. The hammer is in the bush at the far right, but still search every bush, because they have coins for you to collect (Note: you’ll need coins to buy many things. Mostly items, but other stuff as well. You’ll see as your journey continues.). Once you find the hammer, use the B button to whack stuff. Whack the trees to get more coins. Whack the tree on the far left to get a Dolly. Keep it for later. The brick block next it has 10 coins. Whack it ten times to get them! Then, when you try to leave, a small Koopa, still in his eggshell, barges in and starts a fight with Mario!

Jr. Troopa
HP: 5
Attack: 1-2
Defense: 0

This Koopa, known as Jr. Troopa, isn’t that hard. Just use the Hammer or Jump attacks until he’s down. Sometime in the battle, Jr. Troopa increases his attack power to 2, but don’t worry, that just means he’s almost done in! Once you beat him, you’ll win 20 Star Points (Note: once you’ve collect 100 star points, you’ll be able to level up. More on that later.) Leave the garden and break the block! But before you contine, hit the tree next to the block to get a Mushroom. Also, go up and jump on the spring to find a Fire Flower. Later on in your adventure, once you fight a more powerful hammer, break the Stone Block, jumps where it was, and find a Repel Gel (Note: There are two kinds of items, key items and usable items. Key items, like the Dolly, are intended for certain events that take place over the adventure. Usable items, like the Mushroom, can be used any time, anywhere, either in battle or on the field. There are different kinds of items. Items like the Mushroom, which restores 5 HP, are know as recovery items, and can be used anytime. Items like the Fire Flower, which deals 3 points of damage to all enemies, are know as attack items, and can only be used in battle. Items like the Repel Gel, which make you invulnerable to all attacks, are known as defensive items, and are also only used in battle. Use items strategically!) Also, before you go on, it the Heart Block! That recovers your entire HP! That’s also very important to know!

From there, continue up the path, and you’ll run into a number of Goombas. Goompapa mentions First Strikes, which is when you jumps or hammer an enemy; you’ll do a little damage to them when you enter battle. First, you’ll run into a regular Goomba, which won’t be too hard. Heck, it’s not hard at all! But the next one up, the Spiked Goomba, might me tricky. You can only use a hammer to attack them. Otherwise, the spike will hurt your feet! Then it’s the Paragoombas, which can fly! The hammer has no effect on flying enemies, so jump away (Note: Goompapa mentions that the jump attack can be used to jump of enemies in the front, to the ones in the back. This is an important tid-bit of information!). Also, for fighting one more Goomba, Mario can move back and find a Star Piece, which can be used to trade for badges, but more on that later. Anyway, continue to move up the path until you reach the Goomba Village. There, meet up with Goombario, the son, and Goombaria, the Goomba girl that found you. Goompa will go in the house and get something, while Mario talks with Goombario and Goombaria. This is your chance to give Goombaria her Dolly back, and she’ll give you a Star Piece, and a kiss. Then the three of you talk about stuff until Goompa comes out with the Power Jump badge, and goes through an explanation about how to put on and take off badges. Pay attention, because it’s very important! Afterward, Goompa let’s Goombario go with Mario on his journey. Congratulations! You’ve found your first partner!

Abilities: Telling Mario about people, objects and areas around Mario
Headbonk: jumps on another enemy: does 1 to 2 damage
Tattle: tells Mario about other enemies; makes their HP visible

After that, go rest at the Toad House, hit the tree next to the house for a Goomnut or 2, shake the bushes for some coins, then brake the block and go out on your adventure with your new partner. And don’t forget to make sure your Power Jump badge is being worn!

As you continue through Goomba path, there are numerous Goombas for you to fight. But with your new partner, Goombario, they should be easier to fight (Note: Any time during your numerous fights, press the Z button to switch between you and your partner, or visa versa. This is useful information, as sometimes you’d want your partners to attack first.)! Also, there are signs that can be read. If you read the one with a Goomba on it, you’ll have to fight it, but if you read one with a Mushroom on it, you’ll get a free mushroom! Also, there will be a red question mark (?) box as you continue. Hit it to get a Close Call badge, which increases evasiveness when Mario’s in Danger (down to 5 HP). And when you see a Heart block, be sure to hit it, especially when your HP is low, because after that, you’ll have to fight the Goomba Bros.!

Blue Goomba
HP: 6
Attack: 1
Defense: 0

Red Goomba
HP: 7
Attack: 1
Defense: 0

Take out Blue Goomba first, as he has less HP. Use Goomario’s Headbonk and Mario’s Power Jump to attack, but watch out. Using Mario’s Power Jumps costs FP (Flower Points), but don’t worry too much. If you have some Goomnuts with you, you should be able to recover them by 3 points (Note: The Heart Block mentioned before can not only recover HP, but FP as well. Keep that in mind!). Once Blue Goomba is down, take care of Red Goomba, and they will both go running back to their boss! Before you continue, go back and hit the Heart Block, then hit the Save Block near where you fought the Goomba Bros. (Note: I forgot to mention before, hit a save blocks whenever you can! If you lose all your Heart Points, the game will be over, and you’ll have to have to start from the last point you saved at. Always remember, if you see a save block, save!).

From there, continue down the path. There is a sign that appears to have a mushroom on it, but if you read it, you’ll end up fighting a Goomba! In any case, whether you read the sign or not, you’ll end up running into a large castle. There you’ll meet up with the Goomba Bros. again, along with their boss, the Goomba King! This is your first real boss fight!

Goomba King
HP: 10
Attack: 1-2
Defense: 0

Goomba Bros.
HP: 2 (each)
Attack: 1 (each)
Defense: 0

At the beginning of this fight, Goombario suggests attacking the Goomba Bros. first, since they are already weak, but there is a better strategy! There is a tree in the background, a tree with a large Goomnut hanging from it. Use the jump or hammer attack on the tree where the X is, and the Goomnut will fall, hitting the Goomba King and both the Goomba Bros., dealing 3 points of damage to all three of them! After that, just use the Power Jump and Goombario’s Headbonk to finish the Goomba King off! (Note: After the battle, you should have earned 100 Star Points by now. That means you can level up, and choose what you want to increase, Heart Points (HP), Flower Points (FP), or Badge Points (BP). If you increase BP, you’ll get to wear more badges, with is good! If you increase FP, you’ll get to use more powerful attacks and such more. If you increase HP, you can take more hits and not worry about running out of HP as much. For beginner to the game, I suggest increasing HP first, but it’s really up to you. Choose the best strategy that fits you! Just pick one and go for it!)

After the battle, you’ll need to do some searching for a way to get through to Toad Town, where you need to go to get to Shooting Star Summit. Hit the tree where you fought and find a Star Piece. Check the door in front of the castle to hear a conversation between the Goomba King and the Goomba Bros., and find out that there is a switch right outside the castle. Check the bushes, find the switch and hit it! The bridge will appear and the door will open, letting you through to Toad Town! Before you go, though, cross the bridge and go down to find a brick block. Break the block and a “?” Block will appear. Hit that to get a Super Shroom, which heals 10 HP! After that, continue to Toad Town, but as you leave, you see Kammy Koopa floating in the sky, and fly off. Now, here, your asking to either continue, continue and save, or save and quit the game, and return later. It’s all up to you…