Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Guide

Shine Sprite Locations

Shine Sprites are used to level up your partners! Collect three of them, present them to Merlon, and level up your partner once! There are several Shine Sprites in different locations, such as follows:


-On the rooftops on the East side of Rogueport 9gangster side); it’s in plain veiw. To get on the rooftops, se your Yoshi friend to cross the riverso you land South of the fence. Climb up the crates and ride Yoshi onto the rooftops on the your left.

-Behind the house that has a padlock on the door on the East side of town (Garf’s house). Get on the roof and slip bewteen the crates.

-Behind the first house on the West side of town (the one with the Toad family living in it). Roll into a tube and drop through the small hole inside the house.

-In Bobbery’s house on the East side of town. You won’t be able to get to the Shine Sprite in the back room until the prelude of Chapter 5.

-Behindthe cracked wall next to the Item Shop on the West side of town (the rich side). Blow a holein the wall with Bobbery.

Rogueport Sewers

-On a high platform to the left of the Thousand-Year Door. Use Paper Mode to go through the fence and use the spring to get up onto the high platforms. If on the right side, use Plane Mode to get to the other side and jump on the spring there.

-On the ledge next to the warp pipe that leads directly to Petalburg. You’ll needthe Super Hammer to smash the yellow block in your way.

-In front of the door that leads to the Twilight Town warp pipe. Yoshi must be in your party to reach it.

-3 are in a hidden room that you can reach only with Boat Mode. You’ll also need Flurrie’s Gale Force to reveal the pathway to the Boat Panel (as well as a warp pipe leading to the Pit of 100 Trials)

-On a platform in the room where you fought Blooper. Use Boat Mode to sail to the platform.

-On top of the pedestal nest to where Dazzle hangs out. To get there, use the Spring Jump (that comew with the Ultra Boots) to grab the small pip in bewteen the Shop and where Wonky hangs out. Move right across the rooftops and land on the pedestal.

Hooktail Castle

-In plain view at the beginning of the hall with the yellow and purple blocks.

-In front of the weapon rack in the room where you first meet Ms. Mowz.

-At the top of the tall staircase just before you exit onto the bridge outside.

Boggly Woods

-To the left of the high Paper-Airplane panel. Toss Koops to your left to snag the Shine Sprite.

The Great Tree

-In the bottom of the right-hand corner of the room where you encase the Punies in bubbles.

-On top of the pedestal in the room with the two Paper-Airpland panels. Use Flurrie to blow the vase off the first panel.

-In the room beneath the first wooden panel you see after acquiring the Super Boots. Use the Spin jump to break through and jump onto the different pedestals to reach the Shine Sprite there.

-Above the lily pads after you fill the room beneath the water room with water. You’ll see it when you cross it.


-To the right of the stairs that lead to the Glitzville arena (the Glitz Pit) entrance. Use your hammer to reveal a coin block beneath the Shine Sprite to reach it.

-On the second floor of the Storage room in the Glitzville arena (the Glitz Pit).

Twilight Trail

-Behind the last tree before you reach Creepy Steeple.

Creepy Steeple

-Behind the small openingat the beginning of the first hall (along with the Cookbook, a Star Piece, and the Ice Smash badge). Use Tube mode to enter the opening.

-At the bottom of the well outside the front gate.

-To the left of the incline where you have to push the door-shaped barricade (near a save block)

Keelhaul Key

-To the left of the cliff as you make your way toward the Pirate’s Grotto. Ride Yoshi to the block underneath the Shine Sprite.

-Behind the large palm tree leaf to the right of the area with the bridge. You’ll have to jump around there to find the Shine Sprite.

Pirate’s Grotto

-Concealed behing a stalactite over the first wrecked ship. Jump while you’re standing on the bow (the long pointy thing0 to procure the Shine Sprite.

-Near the top of the cliff within the Grotto. Stand on the top step and toss Koops to your left to reveal an invisible block.

-Above the barrels in the where you find the Grotto Key. T reach the Shine Sprite, ride the crate that acts as a counterweight.

-Hovering over the water to the right of the wall of spikes. Uses Koops’s Shell Toss to retrieve the Shine Sprite.

-At the beginning of the area that follows the wall of spikes. use your hammer to find a hidden block beneath the Shine Sprite.

Excess Express

-Behind the table in Cabin 005 (Mari’s Cabin).

-In Bub the bob-omb’s possession. Give him the engineer’s autograph to receive the Shine Sprite as a toekn of his appreciation (you get it automatically as the game progresses, actually)

Riverside Station

-On the steps behind the station (youll see it, as you continue long the path).

-Near the top of the stairs that unfold afteryou hit the numerical switches. Toss Koops at the Shine Sprite to nab it.

Poshley Heights

-Outside Poshley Sanctum, to the right of the entrance. Perform a Spring Jump to reach the Shine Sprite.

Poshley Sanctum

-Beyond the painting, on the second heighest ledge on the left. You’ll have to skimmy across the bars overhead to get to the Shine Sprite.

Fahr Outpost

-Behind the first tree in the second area on your way to Fahr Outpost.

-To the right of the last house in the Fahr Outpost (Gnereal White’s house).