Not HIM Again!

[This story takes place after Super Paper Mario, the new paper mario game. This story is the sequel to Super Mario RPG:Legend of The Seven Stars. As the name implies, Smithy apparently survived the destruction of his factory. He seeks revenge on Mario and his friends. Witness the more powerful Smithy, and find out the true story behind Geno…]

(The story starts on Mushroom Road, with Mario taking a walk with Luigi.)

LUIGI: So you’re serious?


LUIGI: How did it feel to defeat Smithy?

MARIO: Pretty good. He was one of the strongest villains I ever faced.

LUIGI: Well, I’m heading back home. Coming with me?

MARIO: Okay.

(Mario and Luigi headed back home for a quick snooze. All of a sudden, Mario heard a noise.)

MARIO: Huh…? What is THAT?

LUIGI: Uhh…. wha…

MARIO: I think I heard something at the castle. Let’s check it out!

(Mario and Luigi head for the castle. When they get there, the castle is in pieces.)

MARIO & LUIGI: What happened?)

(Mario sees a flying ship above him)

MARIO: Hey, that’s the…

*Mario has a flashback*

MARIO:…the blade!!

LUIGI: The what?

MARIO: That’s Smithy’s airship! He’s back!

LUIGI: Uh oh…

MARIO: Let’s get him!

(All of a sudden, Smithy drops down in front of the brothers.)

MARIO: Smithy!

SMITHY: I’ve come here to destroy you, Mario! And you’re puffy cloud friend, that broken doll, the princess AND the ugly turtle!

LUIGI: That guy DOES look weird…

SMITHY: Silence, you red plumber look-alike!

(Mario and Luigi try to attack Smithy, but Smithy teleports onto the Blade and flies away.)

MARIO: Darn!

LUIGI: Let’s look for the princess, Mario!

(Mario and Luigi search desperately for the princess, but they can’t find her.)

MARIO: Oh, where could she be?

???: I think I have an answer…


(Suddenly, Bowser appears with the princess.)

LUIGI: Bowser!!

BOWSER: Whet happened to this castle? Ah well. Don’t try and stop me Mario!

MARIO: Let’s-a go!

(Mario enters a battle with Bowser on the chandaliers in Peach’s wrecked castle. He has infinite HP, but Mario easily beats via destroying the chain connected to his chandalier. Mario gets 10 EXP from this battle.)

LUIGI: You beat him! Oh and you got Experience Points! When you gain enough of these, you can go up a level.

MARIO: Hand over the princess!

BOWSER: Or what? Pbbbthbbbth!!! That’s what!

(Suddenly, a giant sword, known as Exor, smashes through Bowser’s castle on the other side of the island.)

BOWSER: Noooooooo!!!! Not again!

(Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach feel an earthquake and are sent flying. Mario lands in is house. Mario goes outside, and sees Luigi fallin. Mario grabs a matress and puts it on the ground for Luigi to land on.)

LUIGI: Yikes! That was scary.

MARIO: Let’s go to the Mushroom Kingdom and inform the chancellor about this mess.

LUIGI: Mario! I’m going with you to find Peach and defeat Smithy!

MARIO: Okay! Lets-a go!

LUIGI: Okie-dokie!

(Luigi joined Mario’s party! In the field, Luigi can smash things and activate switches with his Hammer, like Mario. In battle, he can jump on enemies with his Jump special, and uses his boots to kick enemies!)