New Super Mario Bros. Review

Graphics – 10/10 They are the best that I have ever seen on a Mario Bros. Game and the Nintendo DS. Nintendo did a great job with the visuals, surpassing my expectations by a long shot. (I never watched any gameplay movies.)

Sound- 10/10 Remixing the old Mario sounds to sound even better is just what Nintendo did with this game. They kept the old da da da duh type song from level two from the first game but made it even better. The enemies even dance around to the music a bit which I think was a really funny thing that Nintendo put in there. Nintendo totally surpassed my expectations with the sound too!

Gameplay – 10/10 This is where the real points come in. First off it is just like the first Mario Bros. game you just go through the level trying to get down to the flag pole. The controls are X and Y are run or throw your fireballs and A and B are jump. The game seemed really easy at first but then I started to die quite a bit after the first half world castle. A drawback in the gameplay is the easiness to get 1up mushrooms and fire flowers so it is very doubtful you will get a game over. The giant and small mushrooms are not that common and neither are those blue koopa shells. The game takes elements from all but two original Mario games. The flagpole from number one, the level map from three and the alternate exits from Super Mario World.

Replay Value – 10/10 I still can imagine playing this game after they release the Nintendo Quad Screens as I still play the first game and I have played that since I was only 2. The thing is that this game is quite short and you could probably beat it in about 6 hours of rushing. As right now I have just been trying to take it slow and complete it quickly at the same time.

Rent or Buy? Buy Well, I don’t think you can rent DS games (or at least where I live) this is a definite buy. But if you didn’t really like the other games but you can rent DS games then definitely give this game a try.

Overall (Not an average) 10/10 This is the best Super Mario game ever made I advise you to run out and by this game as soon as possible!