Mario’s Guild

Episode One

Setting: Mario’s guild headquarters (aka his basement)

Mario: I call this guild to order!

Luigi: *raises hand*

Mario: Yes

Luigi: Why am I the only one here?

Mario: um…. a dirty water supply? okay, I forgot to invite people.

Luigi: But, Saumas is making her famous cookies, and Falco and Fox were going to bring the board game I’m addicted to.

Mario’s Mom: HON!!!!!!!!! IT’S PEACH!!!!!!!! SHE’S ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!

Mario: *Goes up the stairs and grabs phone* h’lo?

Peach: HI, I got five tickets to the carnival, want to come?

Mario: Who’s going?

Peach: Me, You, Luigi, Daisy and Bowser of course.

Mario: What about Toad?

Peach He’s sick. Do you want to come?

Mario: On one condition.

Peach: which is….

Mario: You join my guild.

Peach: okay, whoops! my mom needs the phone, bye!

Mario: Bye! *hangs up*

Luigi: What was that about?

Mario: We are going to the amusement park!

Luigi: Yay!

Episode Two

Setting: Amusement park

Mario: Were goin to the amusement park!

Luigi: Where is it?

Mario: *Looks at Luigi and not the road* (he’s driving, y’know) It should be right here…

Captain Falcons Car: BEEEEP!

Mario: Oops…..

Luigi: That’s not any amusement park I’ve ever seen.

Bowser: * Get’s out* Geez…. it stinks!!!!

Peach: *Get’s out* your right! I got ripped off!

Daisy:*get’s out* Even yoshi’s notdone tree house is better!

Luigi: *Get’s out and makes a face* grashius

Mario: *get’s out* This isn’t cool.

Captain Falcon: *get’s out of his car* It isn’t good at all.

SFX: *Wolves Howl*

Every one stood there for a minute and then..

Captain Falcon: (Screaming) I WANT MY COINS BACK!

Mario: *get’s back in drivers’ seat* get in everyone.

All (except captain falcon): *get in* this rots!

Mario: WAIT! Captain, will you join my guild?

Captain Falcon: Sure! I’ll follow you there!

Mario: Grand! See you there!

Episode Three

Setting: In the car

Mario: Wow, Luigi, you really blew it this time!

Luigi: What was that?

Daisy: Yeah, what was that?

Mario: You heard me.

Peach: Mario.. um..

Bowser: uh.. yeah.. Mario…

Peach: Are you copying me?!/

Bowser: No, I’m-

Peach: I thought you agreed to be good in this movie!

Bowser: I did!

Peach: Well,your copying me!

Every body argues, until 3:30 P.M. when every one get’s into the guild

Setting: Mario’s Basement (Guild Headquarters)

Mario: Well, it’s true that you did that!

Luigi: At least I didn’t have to change my pants in second grade!

Mario: That never happened!

C. Flacon: Oh! That’s a dis!

Mario: Hey!

Peach: Boy’s these days…. *sigh*

C. Falcon: Hey! What’s that mean!

Daisy: Case in point. He thinks he knows about disses!

Mario and Luigi: (together) Hahahahaha

C.Falcon: Oh, so now your ganging up on me!

Saumas: *walks down the stairs* Hey.

Everyone: HI SAUMAS!

Bowser: *walks down* Hia guys, Hey Saumas.

Everyone: HI BOWSER!

Saumas I brought cookies!

Everyone: Yay!

They all stopeed arguing and debated over cookies until 7:00

Mario: Thanks Saumas!

Episode Four

Setting: Mario’s Guild headquarters.

Mario: Yup… that’s 50 names. and who votes for…

Luigi: Theres 1 vote for each.

Mario: I didn’t vote… I vote for… Mushroom palace!

Toad: Hey! I put that in!

Mario: Congratulations.

Sonic: Docters taste good

Mario: How do you know this?

Sonic: I’ve tried one.

Tails: Please excuse him. He had a little too much beer.

Knuckles: His brain is bad when this happens. He doesn’t really eat doctors.

Saumas: Yeah. I saw him at the doctors office. His doctor came out fine.

Wario: I was there too! Are you sure… cause I think that Doctor only had one ear.

Mario: Quiet down! Here’s the main council:

1. Me
2. Luigi
3. Bowser
4. Peach
5. C. Falcon
6. Link
7. Daisy

The end of this story, P.S., I’ll be sending them form from now on, K? bye!

Episode Five

Setting: Guild headquarters.

C. Falcon: I hate the name.

C. Falcon leaves.

D.K.: I hate these cookies.

D.K. leaves

Eventually everybody but Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser.

Bowser: Well this stinks.

Bowser leaves

Peach: I’m sorry Mario

Peach leaves.

Mario: I call this guild to order!

Luigi: *raises hand*

Mario: Yes.

Luigi: Why am I the only one here?

Mario: … dirty water supply?