Mario’s Adventure: Episode One

Mario!…Mario wake up!….The princess has been kidnapped again!. Mario leapt out of his bed looking around, but only saw his room. He walked to his door and opened it. He saw a Toad. He, like all the others was not very tall and had a mushrrom for a head.

“Mario Peach has been kidnapped!

Peach’s Castle

Mario stood in front of Toadsworth, an old Toad. “Master Mario as you know the Koopa King has captured our princess again.”

Mario nods. “I shall go then.”

Toadsworth nods too. “Be careful Master Mario.”

“I will.”

He exited the castle.

Mushroom Road

He hurried along Mushrrom Road. He passed the town, Haunted House, and the Mushrrom Alter. He then turned and headed towards Bower’s Keep. He then saw tthe keep. He walked up warily. He put a hand on the knob and slowly opened the door, and walked in.

Bowser’s Keep- floor one

He walked inside. He saw three Koopas and two Goombas. Koopas resemble walking turtles and Goombas look lik chicken nuggets with small legs. They must have heard the door creep open. They turned to the door, and charged at him. He sighed, and pounded the Koopas. The goombas fled through a small hole in the stone wall. He shook his head

Mario said, “there is no way I’ll fit through that.”

He looked around and saw a door, which was big so Bowser could fit through it. He walked up to it and entered. This room had nothing in it. He saw a door on the other end of the hall, but he also saw a stange glow. He ignored this, and started to walk forward. Then something hit him in the stomach. He flew backwards and hit the cold cinder block wall. A Big Boo had appeared, and now floated in front of the door going to the second floor. Mario shook his had dazedly and stood up.

Big Boo said, “Mario! You will not pass through this door!”

Mario said, “We’ll just see about that.”

Mario charged forward and leaped. He tried to pound the Big Boo, but ended up going right through it. The Big Boo laughed, and threw him against the wall again. Mario winced and fell to the ground again. The last thing he saw before passing out was a swarm of Koopa Troopas.

* * *

Bowser’s Keep- Dungeons

Mario regained awareness in a small cell. It was dark and dank. He walked to the steel bars holding him in the room, and tried to peek down the long narrow hallway. It was lit with torches that stuck to the wall. He also saw two koopa troops. One on each end of the hall. He looked around his cell. There in the stone wall was a hole. Not too big, but just big enough to allow jis entry. He walked over, and crawled into the hole. It was as he had thought, a tight squeeze, but he continued forward. He saw the exit, and smiled. He crawled out of the hole and stood. He was still in the dungeons.

He wiped his sweaty forehead, and started silently down the hall. Luckily there were no guards on this hall. He came to a corner. He looked around and saw a lone Koopa headed this way. Mario stood there and waited. The Koopa came around the corner. He pounded it swiftly. He turned down the hall and crept along again. At the other end of the hall was a set of stairs.

To be Continued…