Mario Party Review

Graphics – 8/10 The graphics could’ve been better but were still good. Anyway not that many people care about grapics more then gameplay. But the reason for me to give the graphics an 8/10 is because they wern’t impressive neither were they dull, so lets just say they were right at the level of capability that the N64 had.

Sound – 8/10 Somewhat good sound, definately could’ve been a little better, I like the fact though that they have a sound test, I remember when I was younger I used to listen to that for hours. But ya, the reason for me to give the graphics an 8 because I feel it was at lthe average level of sound quality for the N64.

Gameplay – 10/10 This is the best part of the game. You start off going around a board trying to get stars. After everyone has had there turn they play a minigame, which is randomly selected by the computer. The minigames are the best part of the game, as you never know what it will be, if it’s digging for burried treasure or counting the number of bombs, or playing basket ball, to walking a tight rope.

Replayability – 9/10 The Replayability of this game is quites high, but since there arn’t that many minigames compared to the other games (this one only has 50), you still willl be playing this game years after however. I still think of this game as one of the best mario party games ever made.

Rent Or Buy: I suggest that you rent this game first, just to see if you like it and then if you do, you should buy it. But you probably won’t be able to find this game for rent anyway, only to buy, but if it is only a few bucks you should buy it.

Overall (not an average) 8/10