Mario Party 7 Review

Graphics 9/10 Pretty good for a GCN game. Not as good as SSBM, but pretty nice.

Sound 10/10 The soundtracks are addictive; I can’t stop listening to the Neon Hights BGM!

Gameplay 9/10 LUCKILY, it’s not the same, “Buy the star” idea. Each board has it’s own special rule. I personally like the Pyrimid Park rule, where you have to steal your oponents star via riding a Chain-Chomp! I’d tell you more level rules, but that would ruin the fun! 😉

Replyability 7/10 Suprisingly fun to play party mode, but the story mode is kind’a boring if you use the same charactor.

Secrets 10/10 The suivinears(sp?) are simple, but entertaining! I’ll give you a hint; when you are viewing a suivinears say the words that are green, red, blue, e.t.c. for a special treat! Suprise!

Overall 10/10 Highly recomended for a Mario Party Veteran, or a new fan entirely! Go get it now!