Mario Party 3 Review

Graphics 10/10 – The best ever in the Mario Party series, I really like how they designed Tumble and the Miracle star. Definately deserves that perct 10 as it is one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 graphicaly speaking.

Sound 8/10 – Still the same sounds from Mario Party 1 just sort of remixed a bit, however the sounds still are quite good and well done. The only real drawback in the sound is how the announcer is exactly same as she was in Mario Party 1.

Gameplay 10/10 – The game plays as you go around a board collecting stars which cost some money. Once everyone has has had there turn you get to play a minigame which earns you money which you can spend on Stars or items which help you out alot. This Mario Party happens to be the best for gameplay as it had the most minigames out of all the games for the Nintendo 64. It also had the best minigames, from seeing who could eat the most pizza, to rolling snowballs on top of a giant mountain, to running around a giant Eye.

Replayability 10/10 – This is the best part as you will never ever stop playing this game as there are so many minigames, I still play this game 4 years after and I plan to never get tired of it. The minigames keep you playing forever, they are just so damn fun! Also beating the story mode on every difficulty trying to get all those S Ranks it will take you forever, I have had the game since release and I still havn’t even done that.

Buy Or Rent: As I doubt that you will see this game for rent anywhere I suggest that you buy it the second you see it! However if you are not sure if you would like this game or not from the way it sounds and see it for rent you should definately rent it.

Overall (Not an average) 10/10