Mario Kart Wii Review

Platform: Wii
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
ESRB: Everyone
Rating: 8.0

Well this time around, I am proud to say that I had the chance to review Mario Kart Wii. How is this possible you ask? Well I had an early copy. I would not like to say any more. With the effort I have put in this game so far, I would like to say that this game is awesome! Motor bike here and there, and including hot rods for those giddy gamers. So far there are 32 stages. With the awesome design given off by Nintendo, the stages offer more realistic crowds and objects. Bigger turns and huge road blocks and obstacles, this game is tough for first time players. I think the games uses almost the same weapons, modes and some stuff you would see in a normal Mario Kart game. Some new stuff that has been added to this very game would be Nintendo WFC and the Mario Kart Channel. I have not tested these modes, though I think they would be something new and fresh to the series. The best part I think that is in this game would be the sort air stunts. When you gain speed and during a bump within the course, your character will soar through the air for a short while. And during that moment, I think it is the best time to do those stunts. I would recommend doing this because you would need the stunts to do certain types of miniturbos. Its not like older series when you would have to do dashes and slides. Nope, just stunts and speed will help you do miniturbos. So I will close my entry for now, but I might continue, this is a big game I might add!