Mario Kart DS Guide

Mario Kart DS: Table of Contents

1. Copyright
2. Introduction
3. Version History
4. Controls
5. Characters
6. Karts
7. Items
8. Grand Prix
9. Time Trial
10. Mission
11. Courses
12. Multiplayer

1. Copyright 2005 NDS_Master

This guide is copyrighted to me, which grants me full permission to use
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Fortunately, there is an easy solution if you want to use my guide.
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2. Introduction

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, Nintendo has finally made
perhaps the greatest release of the year. I am partially talking about
Mario Kart DS, but I am also talking about online play. Mario Kart DS
sets new standards for the popular Mario Kart series, with thirty-two
tracks, hordes of characters, and plenty of new and familiar items.
With so much replay value and excitement, this game is a dream come
true for every racer and Mario fan on the planet.

However, it gets even better. Mario Kart represents Nintendo’s first
major attempt to go online, and it has done so successfully. Now
everyone can play against people from all over the world. Gamers will
never go without competitors again!

As a result of its massive game play, Mario Kart DS has more than
enough challenges for both newer players and old pros. Because of its
challenge, gamers will need help with Grand Prix mode, Time Trial, and
Versus. Whatever mode they need help on, this is the place to be.

Maybe you need help just finishing 50 cc Grand Prix. Most likely,
though, you need help with advanced strategies for destroying opponents
and dominating Time Trial. That’s what this guide is for. Browse
through it, search for the information you need, and take over the

You will quickly notice that this guide does not have the most advanced
or detailed strategies for this game. Since the game has only been out
a short while, I have barely had time to scratch together a decent
guide with all of the basic strategies that you need. Despite its lack
of expert strategies, this guide will help you with part of the game.
As the weeks go by, this guide will quickly expand into perhaps the
most detailed and complete Mario Kart DS guide on the planet. Just wait
— and enjoy this first version while you do.

3. Version History

What’s different between this version and the versions before it? That
is the main question dealing with version history, and that is why this
section is in here. For Mario Kart DS version history is extremely
important, as I will be constantly updating this guide for the first
few weeks of its existence. This section includes the first version
information as well as information about upcoming versions and when I
expect to have them submitted to GameFAQs.

Version 0.2
Monday, November 14
Initial Version

This is the first version of the guide. With partial character, item,
and control information, it provided the basic for this all-new game.
It also had seven course maps and course information for several

Version 0.25
Tuesday, November 15

For the second update, I finished a little more of the basic sections
and I added a course information for three more courses. I also started
working on Mission.

Version 0.3
Wednesday, November 16

In this version, I did some more work on the Mission and Courses
sections. Along with that, I fixed a few inaccuracies I found with my
previous version.

Version 0.35
Thursday, November 17

I didn’t get as much done in this version as I would have liked, but I
did get some work done on missions, multiplayer, a course, and a few
other basic areas.

Version 0.4
Friday, November 18

I added quite a bit of mission info along with some other basic info in
this version. However, I don’t think this will be my only version for

Version 0.45
Saturday, November 19

I did manage to finish this small update on Friday like I had hoped,
but I wasn’t able to submit it until Saturday. I added course
information for two more courses and I wrote some more about Mission

Version 0.5
Tuesday, November 22
Major Update

Taking advantage of a free weekend, I started working on advanced
strategies for a couple of courses, and I wrote down more basic course
information. Mission mode has a bit more to it now, as does the
Advanced Techniques part of the Controls section. I added quite a bit
to the Nintendo WFC portion of Multiplayer, including a section written
specifically for all you disconnectors. Go to the very bottom of the
FAQ to see it.

Version 0.52
Thursday, November 24

I did some more basic maintenance work on many parts of the guide,
added a map and course information for Pipe Plaza, and I also added
some more three star Mission strategies. Currently I have no set order
for which missions I am covering, as I am just randomly picking levels
and writing strategies for them. Some of the levels have been fairly
difficult, so at least visit the Mission section to see if I have
covered a mission you need help on.

Version 0.55
Friday, November 25

It’s not much, but I did get a bit more done on Missions and Courses.

Version 1.0
December 20
Major Update

Who knows how many versions will be in between 0.8 and 1.0? Four, five,
nine? It all depends, as I will constantly add new information to
improve the quality of this guide. By December 20, however, I want to
have in-depth strategies and maps for all of the courses and mode. Once
this version is up, I shall continue to work on advanced strategies to
make this guide even better.

That’s it for now. I will still have plenty more to do on the FAQ, but
for now the time frame of when that will get done is still unconfirmed.
Keep checking back to see what else I am planning to do.

4. Controls

A: Accelerate
B: Brake/Reverse
X: Use Weapon
L: Use Weapon
R: Hop/Drift
Y: Change Map View
Touch Screen: Change Map View
Start: Pause

Advanced Techniques

Power Sliding

In the midst of a difficult curve, power sliding is an important way to
not only make it through the curve, but to also gain some additional
speed. When you approach a curve, press R and the direction that you
wish to turn. You will want to do this a little before the turn so that
you will be in a full drift by the time you reach the curve.

Once you have started to drift, as is indicated by dust coming out of
your tires, let go of the direction that you are holding for just a
split second to press the opposite direction on the D-Pad. Immediately
return your finger to its normal position. Your action must be
distinct, or it may not work. If done correctly, this will create blue
sparks. Wait about a second and do it again. It will turn the sparks
orange, and when you let go of R you will receive a burst of speed.

Often throughout this guide, I will tell you to start a power slide
early. This is simply stressing a fact that should always be true.
Whenever you decide to power slide, you need to start a good distance
before the actual turn. It takes some time before the power slide is at
a maximum turn, so you need some extra room if you want to make a turn
without hitting a wall.

Rocket Start

Previously, Mario Kart games required that you press A right before the
race began in order to get a power start. In Mario Kart DS, it is a
little different. Immediately after 2 appears and becomes as large is
it will become, press A and hold it down. When the race begins, your
kart will take off with tremendous speed. Should you happen to press A
too early, however, a cloud of smoke will indicate that you have
stalled. It will take a lot longer to get up to speed if that happens.


When you are behind someone else and you need a boost of speed, taking
advantage of a slipstream is exactly what you need to do. As a kart
goes forward, it breaks through the air that is normally stationary.
The air moves to the side of the kart, so that the kart can go through.
In the end, this action causes a slipstream, a V shaped section where
the air has already moved away. At the point of the V is the kart (I
realize that it is upside-down), and the section behind the kart is the
area where the air has moved away.

Now, of course, you want to know what the point of this information is.
Since the air has moved away, if you drive within the invisible V that
is behind another kart, you will go faster since you will not have to
battle with the air! Blue streaks will start flying past you when you
are in the slipstream, and eventually a blue circular shaped line will
start pulsing in front of your kart. That indicates that you have just
gained maximum speed from the slipstream, at which time you should pass
the kart in front of you. This is useful for stealing places from your
opponents. However, if you see someone trailing you closely, especially
near the end of the race, you had better do something quickly to get
him out of your slipstream before he passes you.


For all the anti-snakers out there who don’t want this information
spread: I apologize. But, I will still tell about snaking. Basically,
snaking is doing power slides while going straight. During a
straightway start drifting one direction. Quickly turn that drift into
a power slide by press left and right at the appropriate times. Once it
is a power slide, release it immediately. Hop and start drifting as
soon as you end the first power slide, and do the exact same thing.
Keep doing this as long as possible, and you will frequently gain speed
boosts. This got the name snaking because you go right, then left, and
then right again, so you seem to slither back and forth across the
track. However, if you do it well, it will seem like you are merely
driving straight rather than actually snaking (or something close to
that). It takes practice, but it has tremendous benefits.

Screen Display

Team Box
Item || |_| Lap 1/3|
Box–||__| Lap Indicator|
| |
| Race Screen |
| |
|Position Wi-Fi |
|1st Box \_|
|1__| Time 0’00″00 |
Character |2__| Race Time|
Positions-|3__| |
|4__| |
|5__| Map |
|6__| |
|7__| |
|8__| |

Item Box: This displays any items that you are currently carrying. You
can only have one item at a time, so be sure to get rid of your current
item before attempting to collect a new one.

Team Box: If you are playing on a team, your team color will appear

Lap Indicator: This shows which lap you are on and how many laps there
are in the race.

Race Screen: If it isn’t obvious enough, the race screen is where all
the action takes place. You will spend most of your time looking here.

Position: Whether you are in first or eighth, your position will appear
on the lower left side of the top screen.

Wi-Fi Box (When Applicable): This box appears for Wi-Fi races, and it
has up to three bars in it. The more bars, the better the wireless

Character Positions: When you want to know how your opponents are
doing, look here. It has the positions of every single opponent, along
with what items they are carrying at the time.

Race Time: Displayed in minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, the race
time tells you how long you have been racing.

Map: To see an overview of the course, look here.

5. Characters

Mario Kart DS hosts a horde of characters; some them start out as
playable characters, others require certain tasks to be completed
before they will appear on the character select screen. Each character
has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses that will ultimately
determine how well they do in a race.

Starting Characters


A faithful servant of Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad is
always ready to help out his allies in any way he can. In Mario Kart,
though, he doesn’t have allies. His small size makes him ideal for
acceleration, and he won’t be affected as much by tough terrain.

Princess Peach

Although the princess of Mushroom Kingdom may seem helpless because she
is constantly imprisoned by Bowser, in Mario Kart she will not need
Mario’s help at all. Peach is similar to Toad and excels in the same


This peaceful dinosaur has helped Mario out in many adventures. He
tries to avoid conflict, but he is always willing to take on anyone who
challenges the peace of his land. As a racer, Yoshi enjoys friendly
competition, and his size, which is between medium and small, makes him
effective in acceleration and tough terrain. It also gives him a slight
advantage in the top speed area.


In his first game, Mario debuted as a carpenter. Shortly afterward, he
changed his full time occupation so that he became a plumber. On the
side, Mario has taken up several hobbies including saving Mushroom
Kingdom, golfing, playing tennis, and racing. Mario is the most well
rounded character in the game, giving him excellent acceleration and


Often out of the spotlight, Luigi Mario is the brother of the world’s
most famous plumber. As such, he is also a well-rounded Mario Kart

Donkey Kong

Typically, Donkey Kong stays out of Mario’s way, keeping to himself on
his own island. When it comes to racing, however, Donkey Kong is not
afraid of getting in on the action. Though he is a little heavy and
slow to start, he can attain great speeds when he gets going.


Wario is the nemesis of Mario, and he is also very greedy. In the few
games he has starred in, Wario makes it clear that he is all about the
money. Despite his heavy weight, which gives him bad acceleration yet
good top speed, Wario is not afraid of going for gold on the track.


Once a totally despised criminal, Bowser has occasionally stepped down
from his position of evilness to have some fun with Mario and his
friends. He is still a long ways from perfect, as he often kidnaps the
princess or causes trouble in Mushroom Kingdom. As a racer, Bowser is
extremely heavy. That’s good for top speed, but horrible for
acceleration and off-track racing.

Shy Guy

This classic baddie appeared in Super Mario Brothers 2, and he has
caused trouble for Mushroom Kingdom ever since. In Mario Kart DS, he
takes some time off to have some fun racing. Shy Guy is only available
in DS download play, and only the person downloading from the main
cartridge can play as him. As a light racer, Shy Guy has excellent
acceleration and off-road abilities.

Unlockable Characters


Unlockable: Get gold in every cup on 50cc Retro mode

Daisy is a good friend of Princess Peach a good racer. Her karts put
her in the medium racing class.


Unlockable: Get gold on every cup in 100cc Retro mode

Waluigi is to Luigi as Wario is to Mario. That’s right, Waluigi is
Luigi’s archrival! Although he doesn’t have his own game franchise like
Wario does, Waluigi does participate in many of Mario’s multiplayer

Dry Bones

Unlockable: Get gold on every cup in 50cc Nitro mode

One of Bowser’s lowly minions, Dry Bones is a skeletal version of a
Koopa. Typically, he lurks around Bowser’s castle, waiting to cause
serious trouble for Mario when he arrives. Since there is not much to
him, Dry Bones is a light racer with excellent acceleration and decent
off-road driving.


Unlockable: Get gold on every cup in 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro mode.

Okay, this is really weird. You get to race as an accessory for the
NES! Who would have thought of this? Actually, R.O.B. has been in a
game before — Star Fox 64, where he controlled the main ship, provided
maintenance, and offered advice. R.O.B. is completely metal, which
makes him very heavy and terrible off of the track. His top speed is
good, however.

6. Karts

Following the style of Double Dash, Mario Kart DS allows racers to race
in different karts. These karts have their own individual abilities
pertaining areas including speed, acceleration, and handling, so each
player will have to decide which kart he or she feels is best. In this
game, karts even have an indicator of the quality of items that players
will receive while using the kart. I’ll add more info on the karts
later, but for now here are the names of the karts and the characters
that are typically associated with them (note the use of the word

Each character has a light kart, a medium kart, and a heavy kart. Light
karts are typically good with acceleration yet low on top speed, while
heavy karts are the opposite. Also, light karts only get one mushroom
in Time Trial while heavy karts get three.


Standard Toad
4-Wheel Cradle


Light Tripper
Standard Peach


Egg 1
Standard Yoshi


Shooting Star
Standard Mario
B Dasher


Poltergust 4000
Standard Luigi

Donkey Kong

Standard Donkey Kong
Rambi Rider


Standard Wario


Standard Bowser


Light Dancer
Standard Daisy
Power Flower


Gold Mantis
Standard Waluigi


Standard R.O.B.

Dry Bones

Dry Bomber
Standard Dry Bones

7. Items

Mario Kart games are known for their wacky items. With each ? box, you
get yet another chance to score a valuable item that you can throw you
opponents’ way. These items keep Mario Kart interesting, as they
provide an element of randomness while adding a layer of challenge to
the game. If you want to be successful, you will need to know how to
use and defend against the many items you will encounter in this game.


Bananas are the most boring items in the game. All they do is sit on
the track, waiting to slip some character. Once you have a banana, you
will want to hold it behind your kart by using the L button. When it is
behind your kart, the banana will block one item that is thrown at you
— or it will cause major problems for any opponent that decides to get
a little too close. Since the banana is behind your kart, it will also
be removed from the inventory slot, allowing you to acquire another

Despite the advantages to constantly holding a banana behind your kart,
you will eventually want to lay the banana so that you can fire another
item. Find a narrow stretch of track and lay the banana in a place
where your opponents are most likely to run over it. Remember, if all
of your opponents avoid the banana, there is a chance that you will hit
it on your next lap. Take that into consideration when you are choosing
a drop site.

Although simply laying a banana is good, it will not help you earn any
leads. If you want to gain a position, you will need to throw your
banana forward by pressing up when you release L. The banana will go
straight for a short distance and drop to the ground, which only gives
you a small chance of disrupting your opponent. It is worth the
attempt, but beware that you will have to avoid the banana if your
opponent escapes.

Banana Bunch

The banana bunch is just like the banana, only more useful. After you
get a banana bunch, tap L to hold three bananas behind your kart. These
bananas work just like regular bananas, as you can throw them forward
or drop them. With three, it’s really easy to litter the track and slow
your opponents.


A new item for Mario Kart DS, Blooper has one of the most interesting
attacks. To release Blooper, press L and send him at an opponent. He
will fly over to the opponent and put ink on him or her. If you receive
a Blooper, large blobs of ink will appear on the top screen for a
while, which will make it difficult to see. To eliminate the ink
quickly, use a mushroom or go over a boost plate.


With a massive range of effectiveness the Bob-omb is extremely useful,
especially on narrow sections of the track. When you get a Bob-omb, you
can hold it behind your kart by holding down L. Letting go of L will
throw the Bob-omb far ahead of you, where it will bounce for a few
seconds and explode. All karts within its explosion will wipe out or
fly into the sky. You can also drop it behind you by pressing down when
you let go of L. A little later, someone behind you might be feeling
some pain.


Dastardly ghosts have infested nearly all Mario games, and Mario Kart
is included in the selection. In Mario Kart DS, Boo will steal an item
from an opposing played and make you invisible. You can use the item
immediately, and the invisibility will last several seconds. Also, you
are invincible when you are invisible.

Bullet Bill

A new item for Mario Kart DS, Bullet Bill is a great item to have no
matter what place you are in. When you activate this item, you will
turn into a Bullet Bill for several seconds. After that, you will not
need to do a thing. Bullet Bill will fly across the course on his own
at a rapid speed, taking out any enemies he hits along the way. Once a
few seconds are up you will return to normal, most likely with a
position a few numbers lower.

Fake ? Box

Functioning similarly to bananas, fake ? boxes add another layer of
treachery to the game. When you lay a fake ? box, it is exactly the
same as a regular ? box — except it does not have a ? inside it. If an
opponent isn’t paying attention, it is really easy to mistake it for
the real thing. Other than its appearance, the fake ? box is exactly
like a banana in every way.

Green Koopa Shell

These basic items make racing time very exciting. They not only bounce
for a long time but also cause major harm to any karts they come in
contact with. Upon discovering a green Koopa shell in your inventory,
you should hold it behind your kart by holding the L button. It will
block shells and harm tailgaters. To throw the shell, simply let go of
L. The green shell will spin straight forward, bouncing of any walls
that it comes in contact with. Because it can bounce back and hit you,
I recommend that you don’t shoot it forward unless you are fairly
certain that you can hurt the opponent in front of you. If there’s
little chance that you can score a hit, press down when you let go of L
to shoot the shell backwards. With its surprising speed the green shell
can quickly stop someone who is trailing you on a straightaway.

Triple Green Koopa Shells

When you need a shield and a few good weapons, this is the item to
have. Press L once and three green Koopa shells will circle your kart,
giving you protection against land-based attack. If you want to attack
someone, just press L once to shoot a single green Koopa shell. Once
you have shot all three shells, your shield and this item will be gone.
As with regular Koopa shells, you can shoot these forward or backward.

Red Koopa Shell

An advanced form of Koopa shells, the ones with the color red have
homing abilities. You can hold it behind your kart, but when you
release one it will slide forward (or backward, depending on which way
you shot it), acquire a target, and roll along the course searching for
that target at tremendous speed. Whenever a red shell hits a wall, it
will become useless.

Triple Red Koopa Shells

Perhaps one of the best items in the game, the triple shells mean
serious trouble for your competitors. Like the triple green shell, you
can press L once to have the red shells circle around you kart. Each
one you shoot will home in on the nearest opponent that is ahead of (or
behind) you and track him down. Don’t shoot all three at once, however,
or they will all hit your opponent at about the same time, causing less
damage than it would if you waited until he was back on track before
pounding him again.

Blue Winged Spiked Koopa Shell

The granddaddy of all Koopa shells, the spiky blue one packs a powerful
punch. It is neither stopped by items nor hindered by speed. Once it
locks onto its target, there is no stopping it. As soon as it is
launched, the blue Koopa shell will fly through the air and seek out
first place — a massive explosion will signify its success.


As the most coveted Mario Kart item, lightning is rare and useful. The
only negative part is that you will usually only get it when you are
way behind. Unleashing a lightning bolt will zap all opposing players
(except for those protected by stars and Boos), causing them to spin
out and shrink. In their diminished state, the opposing karts are easy
to run over, which will damage the kart and force it to wait a few
seconds to return to normal. Small karts can’t go as fast as large
karts, and they also can’t use mushrooms, stars, or Boos. With
lightning you have a hefty wild card that you can play against your
opponents; just don’t give an opponent the chance to steal it from you
with a Boo.


Why are wild mushrooms dangerous to eat? They contain the Mario Bros.
equivalent of nitroglycerin! When you utilize it, the mushroom provides
a single burst of speed, useful for completing shortcuts or passing
competitors. Unfortunately, it only lasts one time and it is not good
for much else, unless you happen to hit an opponent and knock them off
course. In Balloon Battle you can steal opponents’ balloons by hitting
them when you are using a mushroom.

Triple Mushroom

The triple mushroom is exactly like the mushroom, except that you get
to use it three times. This feature is extraordinarily useful.

Golden Mushroom

All mushrooms need something to look up to, and this is it. The golden
mushroom lasts for several seconds, and you can get as many velocity
increases out of it as you want. Continuously tap the L button to use
this item, and you will keep going faster until the mushroom’s time
expires. It’s the ultimate organic speed device.


This item is one of the oldest items in Mario history; it has long
helped Mario to become invincible and defeat foes. In Mario Kart DS, it
does the same thing. Upon activating a star, you will start to flash
and exciting music will begin to play. This signifies that you are
invincible. When you are invincible nothing — not bananas, not Koopa
shells, not lighting bolts — will hurt you. It’s perfect if you want
to avoid a lightning strike, want to knock out competitors (which you
can do easily in your powered state), or just want an easier ride to
victory. And if being invincible is not enough, the star also makes you
go faster.

8. Grand Prix

While regular races and Time Trial attempts are fun, they are not
necessarily the masterpiece of the Mario Kart games. Some would argue
with me, and I will let them argue. However, when you are ready for
something big, Grand Prix races are the way to go.

Grand Prix consists of four circuits placed together in a single cup.
Mario Kart DS has eight cups and thirty-two circuits. Depending on how
well you place in a specific circuit, you will receive so many points.
Once you finish all four circuits, you may or may not receive a trophy
depending on what place you earned. A gold cup is for first place, a
silver cup is for second, and a bronze cup is for third. Here are the
point values for each position.

1st: 10 Points
2nd: 8 Points
3rd: 6 Points
4th: 4 Points
5th: 3 Points
6th: 2 Points
7th: 1 Point
8th: 0 Points

Along with the cup, you also get to choose which engine size you will
race with. The sizes are 50 cubic centimeters, 100 cubic centimeters,
and 150 cubic centimeters. These sizes also signify difficult in a way.
The larger the engine, the faster you go. The faster you go, the harder
it is to focus on the race and to know what to do. The harder it is to
focus, the worse you will do. To make it worse, if you have a larger
engine size, you will get much further behind when you crash than if
everyone was racing with slower and smaller engines. Finally, when you
are racing on 150 cc, the opponents will cheat a little. It is best to
start off with 50 cc until you get fairly good at the game, at which
time you can attempt higher engine levels.

Mirror Mode

Unlockable: Earn gold on all 150cc cups

Mirror mode is just like 150cc mode. You go just as fast, you have the
same difficulty of competitors, and you finish the courses in about the
same amount of time. The only difference is that Mirror mode allows you
race on mirror images of all the courses. Right turns become left
turns, and left turns become right turn. It will force you to eliminate
your habitual driving routine and to think quickly in order to succeed.

9. Time Trial

This mode allows you to race alone on all of the tracks so that you can
earn new best times — for both entire courses and single laps. Each
time you play Time Trial, you will start at the beginning of the course
with one to three mushrooms depending on which character/kart you are.
All of the item boxes are gone in Time Trial, so you will not be able
to use them. Since you only have up to three mushrooms, you will have
to use them carefully to maximize their effectiveness. Look over the
Courses section for more information and tips on completing the tracks
in record times.

Whenever you complete a course in Time Trial, the game will make a
“ghost” of you (if it was your fastest time). Every time you race on
that course afterwards, you can choose to race your ghost. Playing
against your ghost a great way to see exactly what you did before and
to look for ways to improve.

Staff Ghosts

If your time is good enough, you will unlock a staff ghost. A staff
ghost is just like a regular ghost, only it was created by someone who
actually works for Nintendo. Staff Ghosts are challenging, but not
impossible. Give one a little effort and you can usually beat it by a
few seconds. Here are the time in which the staff ghosts complete each
race, just so you can see what their difficulty is. Each level has its
own staff ghost, and I will add more on as I play Time Trial more. I
will also tell which staff ghosts I have beaten so far, just so you
know they are not impossible.

Figure-8 Circuit: 1:36:481 — Beaten
Delfino Square: 1:54:601
Airship Fortress: 2:07:748 — Beaten
Wario Stadium: 2:14:868
Peach Gardens: 1:52:989 — Beaten
Bowser Castle: 2:19:661 — Beaten
Rainbow Road: 2:16:246
Mario Circuit 1 (SNES): 0:50:688
Mushroom Bridge: 1:30:600 — Beaten
Sky Garden: 1:44:400 — Beaten
Yoshi Circuit: 1:48:793

10. Mission

Mission mode is comprised of six levels that each have eight individual
challenges and one boss. These levels usually force you to complete
some task. Each mission is timed, and you will be graded depending on
how well you did. A *** (triple star) is the highest grade that you can
get. After you complete all of the missions in a level, you will be
graded for the level as well. The level grade is simply the lowest
grade you received in any one of the missions.

Since it is challenging to get high scores in Mission, this section of
the FAQ is dedicated to helping you get through Mission mode. It has
in-depth tips and walkthroughs on the missions, giving you all the info
you need to have perfect rating across the board.

Sometimes I also include the time needed for a three star rank. As a
disclaimer, these times are not necessarily completely accurate. I play
through the missions several times trying to narrow the times down, but
it would be next to impossible to totally guarantee exact times for
every mission. What I can assure you, however, is that these times are
no more than a few tenths of a second off, so you have a really good
idea as to what you are aiming for.

As for the time, keep in mind that in some levels that time counts
down, while in others it counts up. If the time counts up and the
instructions say you need to complete it in Less than 25 Seconds, you
have to complete it so that the timer says a number less than 25. If it
said 25 seconds remaining, then you would have to have a number higher
than 25 on the timer when you finished.

Level 1

Mission 1-1

Figure 8 Circuit
Race through all 5 numbered gates in order!

For this mission, you will need both speed and skill. Pure skill will
get you through the level, but speed is essential if you are to get a
*** rank. It is fairly easy to get a *** rank; you just have to go
fast. Use a rocket start to enhance your speed as you drive through the
first tire gate. Ease calmly into the turn that is after it (power
slides are not necessary), and aim for the mushroom that is closest to
the next gate. Grab the mushroom to boost through the next gate, and
keep going. Do this for all five gates, and you will complete this
mission with a *** for certain.

Mission 1-2

Peach Circuit (GBA)
Collect all 15 coins!

This is another easy and short level. Begin with a rocket start and go
straight into the first two coins. The next few coins are on a turn, so
quickly turn (you don’t need to use a power slide). Since braking would
slow you down too much, only release the A button for a split second if
you are going to miss a coin. After the turn, go straight along the
track and collect the other coins. There is one more turn, but you can
easily take it at full speed.

Mission 1-3

Yoshi Falls
Destroy 10 items boxes!

While this mission is not difficult, you will need to figure out where
to go if you are to succeed. A rocket start will give you great speed,
and you should direct that speed straight towards the first item box.
Use the mushroom you get to increase your speed.

The second item box is on the bridge, and it also contains a mushroom.
As you use the second mushroom, veer down to the curved portion of the
track to hit the third box. Don’t stay on the curved track for long, as
the fourth question box is on the regular track.

With its mushroom you can speed across the bridge to the fifth item
box. Boost up to the sixth item box, located right in front of a boost
plate. Since the boost plate will increase your speed, you will not
need to use the mushroom right away. Wait until you get onto the bridge
and have slowed down a little before using the mushroom to speed into
the seventh item box.

Another boost plate rests at the end of the bridge. Wait a second or
two after going over the boost plate before pressing L to speed off
towards the eighth item box.

Go over the two boost plates after the eighth item box before using the
mushroom. Use the mushroom just as you are about to reach the ninth
item box. Wait a short while, and then use your final mushroom to
accelerate towards the final item box. Be careful not to miss the item
boxes, follow these directions, and a *** grade will be yours.

Mission 1-4

Cheep Cheep Beach
Get the Star and use it to hit 5 Cheep Cheeps!

Precision — not velocity — is required to get a good grade in this
mission. I realize that that is contrary to what most expect, but it is
true. The Cheep Cheeps are all over, and if you miss one, it will cost
a lot of time.

Despite this, you should still begin with a rocket start. Go straight
until you reach the first item box, then slow down and turn off to the
right. Activate the star and run slowly into the first Cheep Cheep.
Turn left to go along the shore, and slowly (but not too slowly)
approach the other Cheep Cheeps. They jump, so make sure you reach them
when they are near the ground so you can eliminate them. Take your time
and defeat them all. The requirements for getting a *** rank are not
too strict; just be precise.

Mission 1-5

Nintendo DS
Drive through all 6 numbered gates in order!

While this mission does require skill to get the highest grade, it is
possible with a little practice. Rocket start to the first tire gate
and go through it. Past the gate you will head onto the slanted portion
of the DS. Halfway up, hop and drift to begin a power slide to the
left. Quickly shift your finger from left to right twice so that orange
sparks start to come out from your tires. This should occur just before
you reach the gate.

Release R right to gain a speed boost. Fly through the tire gate and
turn as much as you can to get into position for the next gate. Drive
through it and then go straight through tire gate four. When you reach
gate four, sharply turn (don’t slow down) to the left. Go through gate
five. A full turn isn’t necessary to get through tire gate six, so just
ease of to the left and go through gate six at an angle. The mission
will end once you go through gate six, so it is okay if you are headed
off the edge. If done perfectly, the perfect rank will be yours.

Mission 1-6

Luigi’s Mansion
Drive out of the mansion… backward!

Okay, if this isn’t an easy mission, I don’t know what is. Because you
are driving backward, you cannot use a rocket start or power slides.
That makes this course simple. Press B to go backward. The only thing
strange about this is that when you are going backward left is right
and right is left. Keep that in mind and go through this course without
hitting anything and it is almost certain that you will get the best
grade possible.

Mission 1-7

Moo Moo Farm
Collect all 20 Coins!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 17.5 Seconds Remaining

The overall challenge factor in this level is low, so you should be
able to get three stars will little trouble. As is customary, a rocket
start should set you in motion. Drive straight into the item box, which
will give you a Triple Mushroom. As soon as you get it, use one of the
mushrooms. You will burst forward to collect the first four coins, and
then you will go over a small jump. As you land, use another mushroom.
You’ll gain additional speed as you collect the next four coins.

Five more coins rest in a curve. The curve is wide, so you can easily
get all five coins without slowing down. No coins appear for a while
after those five, so use your third mushroom here as you continue to
turn. The last seven coins will be near each other in a jagged line.
Pick them up at full speed to earn the *** rank.

Mission 1-8

Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)
Perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 19 Seconds Remaining

This is a difficult challenge, but it is one that you can accomplish
with some practice. A rocket start will propel you ahead quickly, and
hug the inside of the curve as you make the first turn. Drive steadily
from there on to the second curve. As you reach the second turn, move
to the inside of the track and power slide. Do it just right so that
you are on the inside of the track and so you don’t hit the pipe. That
will require you to start the power slide very close to the edge. You
should finish your first power slide without going too far to the
right, as you want to stay close to the edge.

Further on, you will need to do a second power slide to get past the
third turn. Begin the power slide early so that you can squeeze through
on the red and white strip.

Mark a straight course towards the fourth turn. You should be at the
left of the road for the third turn, so turn slightly so that you will
reach the right side of the road by the fourth turn. Again, start the
power slide early and stay as close to the inside red and white strip.

Come off that power slide and face towards the inside curve of the
fifth and final turn. As usual, start you power slide plenty of time
before the curve so that you can be in a full slide by the time you
reach the curve. Stay very close to the inside of the track, and
release the power slide when the road straightens out. If you manage to
do this with at least 19 seconds remaining, you will receive a ***
grade. Please note that this is a fairly difficult challenge, you may
have to play the level through several times to perfect your driving.

Boss Stage 1

Use Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him off the stage!

Simple, simple, simple. Do this right, and in a matter of second Big
Bully will be soaked. When the level commences, use a rocket start to
smash into Big Bully. He will bounce back, and so will you. Keep going
straight to the item box. Get it, and you will hit Big Bully yet again.
This time little will happen, though you will be bumped back a slight

You have your three mushrooms, so you will quickly be able to knock him
off. Immediately curve around to the right (you should end up going
behind the Big Bully) and keep curving until you are once again facing
straight at the Big Bully. At this point, the Big Bully will be fairly
close to the edge. Launch at him once to knock him back, then do it a
second time, and finally, if you were accurate in your first two
attacks, the third mushroom will allow you to knock him off the stage.
With the small time it takes to complete these steps, you will gain a
*** grade.

Level 2

Mission 2-1

Delfino Square
Crash into all 10 wooden crates and destroy every one!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 18:75

An awkward mission, 2-1 is simple if you get the hang of it. As you
start off, use a rocket start to speed directly into the first box. As
it breaks, keep holding down A so that you can drive into the second
box on the left side of the road. After that, continue onward as
quickly as you can into box number three, which is on the right side.

Once the third box is gone, head straight towards the dock and smash
into the box that is located on it. Since going forward would send you
into the drink, hang a quick left. Stay on the dock, and speed all the
way to the end of it to destroy your fifth box.

Hold down A and B at the same time and press right to turn completely
around, and then drive into the sixth box, which you passed on the way
to the fifth box. Destroy that boxes, and then carefully turn to the
right and make your way off the dock. As soon as you are past the
fence, turn sharply to the right so that you can pick up speed and plow
into the seventh box. Constantly hold down A and then slam into the
eighth box and the ninth box.

The final box is a short distance away, so you will have some time to
pick up speed. Turn right onto the bridge. When you are about halfway
onto the bridge, start a power slide heading to the right. The barrier
on the right side of the road will soon end and you can use the power
slide boost to fly straight into the final box.

Mission 2-2

Figure 8 Circuit
Collect all 10 Coins!

You should find this mission to be not that difficult. It does not
require any power slides or even rocket stars — just steady driving.
When you begin, hold down B to go backwards. The first coin is behind
you. Immediately after you acquire it, let go of B and press A to go
forward. The other nine coins are in front of you. Stay at top speed,
ease carefully into the turn without slowing down, make sure that you
get all of the coins, and the three star grade is yours.

Mission 2-3

Donut Plains 1 (SNES)
Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 18:3

In contrast to the previous mission, Mission 2-3 is hard. You start off
as Donkey Kong, so use a rocket start to speed past the starting line.
Immediately after that, you will be presented with a turn. It is not
that steep, but you should still get a power slide in to increase your
speed. Go through the first tire gate.

Next, you will cross a bridge. A little past the bridge is a turn, so
power slide early enough so that you can take the turn on with little

Instead of following the course, you will be forced to take a shortcut.
When the course slowly heads to the right, head straight for the
mushroom that is on the grass. Take the mushroom to get a boost of
speed across the grass and through the second tire gate.

Now the real run begins. The third tire gate is on a hairpin curve, so
start a power slide as you reach the turn. While you are power sliding,
make sure the sparks coming out of your tires are orange before you
reach the gate. Then, go through the gate in the midst of your power
slide. Remember that you can press left or right to make your power
slide sharper or wider, so do some adjusting to make sure that you go
through. When you go through the tire gate, release the power slide and
boost across the straight section of track.

This fourth tire gate is tricky. There’s a mushroom next to it, which I
believe you are supposed to grab in the middle of a power slide so that
you can have a major speed boost as you go through the fourth gate.
However, I have never used the mushroom to gain a *** rank, and I have
received that rank a few times on this level. I personally just start a
power slide before I go through the fourth gate. I time it so the
sparks turn blue just before the gate, and then I turn them orange
shortly after the gate. If you do the rest of the course right and you
make a sharp turn here, you will do fine. Should you incorporate the
mushroom into your routine, that’s fine as well.

After the fourth gate and the power slide that accompanies it, you will
head straight for the fifth gate. It is also located on a curve. You
will not need to power slide for this curve, though. At the start of
the curve is a mushroom. Drive into the mushroom as you start to turn
right. You will boost toward the right, and you will see another
mushroom on your way. Maneuver into it and top speed, and hold down the
accelerator as you drive through the fifth gate. As a side note, you do
not have to slow down on this curve. At all. However, it is possible
that you did not start a sharp enough turn when you got the first
mushroom. If that is the case, you may have to ease of the accelerator
for a split-second to ensure that you go through the fifth gate without
hitting it. Don’t be too generous, or you will not receive the ***

Mission 2-4

Luigi’s Mansion
Destroy all 5 item boxes
Time to Earn *** Rank: 19.25 Seconds Remaining

Despite a few minor turns, this is a pretty straightforward and easy
level. All you have to do is to destroy five item boxes. Rocket start
from the beginning of the level. Go mostly straight, and only turn a
little to the left in to cut off the first item box as it heads to the
right. When you destroy it and receive the mushroom from it, turn right
and use the mushroom so that you hit the second item box.

You will receive yet another mushroom, which you should use to speed
towards the next item box. Since the next section of the track is
straight, it is easy to destroy the third item box. With your next
mushroom, boost again to get closer to the fourth item box, which you
will finally be able to break as you start heading downward. Use your
last mushroom to gain additional speed. The last item box will make a
wide turn, so drive to the right and aim for outer wall. Hit the fifth
item box and you will finish the mission with lots of time remaining.

Mission 2-5

Cheep Cheep Beach
Collect all 20 coins!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 17.5 Seconds Remaining

Nothing fancy here. All this mission consists of is a bunch of coins
and a long, wide turn. Rocket start into the first set of coins, and
then turn with the coins to make it around the bend. The turn will
require some skill, as you will need to take it without little or no
braking if you want a *** rank. Turn sharply, but not too sharp. At the
end of the turn, go straight over the boost ramp to collect the final
few coins. It may take more than one try to get three stars, but this
mission shouldn’t tax you too much.

Mission 2-6

Desert Hills
Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys!

Although it requires precision, Mission 2-6 has a generous *** time
limit. As long as you do not waste too much time, you will finish will
all three stars intact.

Rocket start from the finish line, and slow down so that you stop near
the first row of item boxes. With the first Bob-omb you receive, turn
slightly to the left and throw it straight at the Pokey. Score a direct
hit on the Pokey so that the Bob-omb explodes, otherwise the Bob-omb
may go too far and its explosion will be useless.

Next, use the A+B turn when you are stopped to turn around and collect
another item box, which you should then use on the nearby Pokey that
the right side of the road. Again, scoring a direct hit on the Pokey is
the best way to ensure a good grade.

With those two out of the way, drive onward to the next row of item
boxes. Turn sharply to the left when you receive your next Bob-omb so
that you face another Pokey, and quickly eliminate him. Collect a new
Bob-omb, and throw this one so that it hits the Pokey that is in front
of you. Drive up a short ways to the next row of item boxes, and use
your final Bob-omb to fully clear the area of Pokeys. It is okay if you
are not super fast; just be decently quick and very accurate.

Mission 2-7

Luigi Circuit
Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order
Time to Earn *** Rank: 17.5 Seconds Remaining

It’s little disorienting at first, but when you know what to do this
mission is not too hard. A rocket start should mark your entrance as
you head through the first gate. After the boost plate, you will be
tempted to go through the next gate you see. You could, but it is
pointless, as the next gate you see is the eighth gate. Instead, drive
to the left of the gate and go straight. You will come to gate number
two on the left side of the road, past the item boxes. Get an item box
and drive through the gate.

Use the mushroom you receive to speed slightly over to the right side
of the road, where you will encounter gate number three. Drive through
it, and follow the track until you reach gate number four.

Now, instead of merely driving across the boost plates that lead to the
fifth gate, try something a little different to decrease your overall
time. Start power sliding as you reach the first boost plate, and
continue power sliding across all of the boost plates. You may have to
adjust yourself to make it through the fifth gate, but that is easy to
do by pressing right left during the power slide. Remember, since you
are power sliding to the left, left will make the slide sharper and
right will make the slide wider.

Once you have gone through the fifth gate and have flown across the
last boost plate in the turn, wait for your speed to die down before
you release your power slide. You want to let it go so that you get
maximum additional speed before the next boost plate while not wasting
any of the speed earned from the last boost plate in the turn.

Go straight through gate number six, and then drive over to the left
side of the road to get through gate seven. When you receive a mushroom
from the item box on the track, use it to get through the eighth gate.

A right turn will get you through gate number nine, and from there you
only have a short distance to go before going through the tenth gate.
Since it is on the flat section of road to the right of the curved
track with boost plates, you will not need to use a power slide to
reach it. Go straight over the first boost plate on the turn, and turn
slightly to the left as you go over the top portion of the second boost
plate. As the road changes from curved to straight you will jump into
the air; aim for the tenth gate and you will be fine.

Level 3

Mission 3-2

Delfino Square
Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order… backward!

Another backward level — I love the simplicity of these things. All
you have to do is to drive through the five gates going backward.
Remember that when you are going backward, right is left and left than
right. Since you cannot do much while going backward, you only need to
continuously drive without crashing to get three stars. It is fairly
simple to do. Take note that when the road splits, the third gate is on
the path going straight. Do not turn to the left or you will not
complete the mission.

Mission 3-5

Pipe Plaza
Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!

Confusion marks this level, as the gates are placed in strange fashion.
If you are good at following directions, however, you should be able to
get a three star rating on this level fairly quickly.

At the beginning of the mission, use a rocket start to speed through
tire gate number one. Keep going straight and as a result you will also
go through gate five, though it won’t count since you went out of
order. If you continue forward, you will go through the pipe directly
behind gate five and you will come out of the pipe to the right of it.

So far, you have not had to turn at all, and this is still true as you
head through gate number two. After the second tire gate, however, you
will have to turn to make it through tire gates three and four. Power
slide to the right so that you stay on the wire path and head towards
gate number three. Once you make the turn, release the power slide to
boost through the third gate, then hold down A and turn right to go
through the fourth gate.

Continue onward into the pipe, and you will shoot out of the pipe you
first entered. You will quickly go through gate number five again, and
this time it will count. Go straight through gate number one again and
keep going until you are almost to the end of the course. Off to the
side you should see tire gate number six.

Although you could power slide, it is easier to simply drive through
gate number six. Go at full speed and turn at the right time so that
you go through gate number six. Continue turning and adjust yourself if
need to get onto the ramp that is after gate six. At the top of the
ramp, you will go through gate number seven. Instead of staying on the
track, turn partway to the right and fall onto the ground to go through
gate number eight. It takes some skill, but you should be able to get
three stars on this mission without too much trouble.

Level 4

Mission 4-1

DK Pass
Reach the finish before Donkey Kong!

An interesting task — you must beat Donkey Kong by completing one lap
of DK Pass going in the opposite direction as normal. As usual, a
rocket start should begin your journey. When you get close to the first
turn, start a power slide. Turn the sparks orange and let it go fairly
early. Go in between the two snowmen that are near the inside of the

Several more snowmen lurk on the course, stationed in a zigzag pattern.
Weave left and right to avoid the snowmen. After you are past them, you
will go over a large hill. Five item boxes are after the hill, but you
will miss three of them because you will jump when you go over the
hill. Aim for one of the two items boxes that are farther out so you
can break an item box as you go over the jump. Actually, I prefer to
simply slow down near the top of the hill so I can hit both the boost
plate and the item box.

From the item box, you will get either a triple mushroom or a star. If
you get the mushrooms, use them at distinct intervals. Should you use
them all at once, you will not get as much out of them. However, do not
wait too long to use them, as there are more item boxes ahead. For the
star, simply activate it and head through the snowball infested roads
without trouble.

Soon you will come to another small hill with item boxes on top of it.
Do not take this hill at full speed; instead, slow down a little so
that you can get an item box. Take advantage of what it contains as you
head out of the snowy area and onto the main track. If you are using
mushrooms, watch out for the snowball to the right of the course after
the item boxes.

When you reach regular track, start a power slide to curve around the
first turn. You may notice that at this turn Donkey Kong goes across
the snow (instead of taking the hairpin curve) to get an item box. That
is okay for you to do, but it slows you down. If you have a speed-
enhancing item you can go across the snow without much trouble, but you
will still be at an awkward position when you return to the track. Stay
on the main road.

Finish off any items that you have in this small straightaway, as you
will soon encounter the second hairpin curve. It has item boxes, which
you will want to get as you power slide through it. After this turn,
you will quickly come to another hairpin turn. This one should have a
giant snowball rolling along it. You may not be able to complete a
power slide because of the snowball, so just squeeze through and
survive the turn.

As for the remainder of the track, it is just comprised of several
steep curves and a few item boxes. Use power slides whenever you can,
and collect an item at every possibility.

One last thing: the item boxes do not always have a star or a triple
mushroom. I have actually received a single red Koopa shell while
racing. Needless to say, item such as that are useless and will hinder
your ability to gain a *** rank. If you get a worthless item you might
as well finish the race, but there is a good chance you will have to
restart. Fortunately, worthless items do not appear that often in this

Mission 4-2

Palm Shore
Blast 20 crabs!

It is not an exceedingly difficult mission, as you have plenty of
leeway time. However, you will want to make the most of it in order to
secure a *** grade. At first you will start off on a lone, circular
island surrounded by four longer islands. Shallow water is in between
the island, which you can drive through. Several item boxes rest on top
the circular island. Grab and item box and quickly press L. You should
get a green Koopa shell, triple green Koopa shells, or a Bob-omb. The
green shell and the Bob-omb are not that useful, so get rid of them

With the triple green Koopa shells, activate them so they circle around
your kart. Then, drive into the water and drive into crabs so that you
will kill them with one of the Koopa shells. Once you have depleted
your supply, race back to the main island to restock. Keep on doing
this � get the triple green Koopa shells and drive out to hit crabs
with them. You never even have to shoot a single one of them.

A short way into the mission, a ton of crabs will start to move against
the main island. This makes your job easier, as you will not have to go
as far to find crabs. Get items and eliminate the crabs like mad. Once
twenty are gone, you will win. Also, you have a reasonable amount of
time to complete the mission and still earn a *** rank. You can still
get that rank even a short while after the crabs start to leave the
main island.

Mission 4-3

Shroom Ridge
Reach the finish before the red car!
Time to beat red car: Less than 50 seconds.
Time to Earn *** Rank: Less than 42.25 Seconds

A long course with many turns, Shroom Ridge is a precarious place to
hold a race. This time, however, you are not racing another kart. You
are racing a wild car. As the race begins, you will see the red car
drive past the starting line and pass a blue car. Use a rocket start to
get going quickly.

Pass the blue car that is on the left side of the road, and start to
power slide. Power slide as closely to the inside of the curve as you
can, and get an item box. It will have three mushrooms in it. Release
the power slide a short distance before the curve is complete to gain
additional speed, and when you start to slow down use a mushroom for a
second boost of speed. Now you will be fairly close to the red car.

The next section of track has a long U-turn. Start an early power slide
so that you can make the full turn as sharply as you can. You’ll want
to turn the sparks orange as quickly as you can so that your initial
drift becomes a full power slide, and then you will want to stay as
close to the wall as you can.

Coming off that turn, you should be ahead of the red car. However, you
still need to race quickly for the three stars. Power slide through the
next curve, and stay as close to the inside of the curve as you can.
Once you get the boost from that power slide, wait about a second and
use a mushroom. Wait until you start to slow down, and then use your
third mushroom.

At this point, you will approach another curve. It is not that sharp,
but you still want to power slide through it. Avoid the vehicle on the
road as you make the turn. Immediately after that turn, hop to the
right and start another power slide. Complete it, and head straight for
on of the item boxes in the tunnel. As a reward, you will receive three

Use one mushroom as soon as you get the item. You will boost through
the tunnel. As you begin to slow down, you will come to a U-turn that
you should power slide through. Release that power slide at the end of
the turn, and then quickly start another power slide after it to take
on the next curve. You will have to squeeze in between a yellow and
blue car for a successful power slide.

Immediately after you release the power slide, use a mushroom to go
through the next curve. You will encounter the last curve of the level
right after that. Power slide through the last curve, and then quickly
use your last mushroom to make it to the finish line. Earning three
stars require a lot of precision, but with practice you can do it.

Mission 4-4

Desert Hills
Drive through all 7 numbered gates in order!
Time to Earn *** Rank: 21 Seconds Remaining

Now this is how Desert Hills is supposed to be played. With a slew of
mushrooms, you can speed quickly of the desert terrain. That is, if you
know what to do. That’s what this walkthrough is for.

A rocket start should mark the beginning of the race. Drive straight
through the first tire gate, and when you are past it start power
sliding. Release the power slide when you are facing towards the item
boxes to get a burst of speed. In the item box you get, you will
receive triple mushrooms.

Continue straight after you get the item box, and do not turn with the
course. Instead, go just to the right of the palm tree that is next to
the road. You will see the second tire gate in the middle of a
shortcut. As you reach the off course dirt, release a mushroom to speed
up. Speed across the desert terrain and through the second tire gate.
When you start to slow down even a little, use another mushroom. Keep
going straight, even past the road when you reach it. On a ridge
directly in front of you is tire gate number three. You will start to
slow down from your second mushroom speed boost, so take advantage of
your third mushroom to get through the third tire gate.

By the time you slow down, you should be back on the road. Turn
slightly to the right to realign yourself with the road, and go through
the fourth tire gate. Immediately after the tire gate you will jump
down onto lower ground. It is here that you will get your next set of

Head a little to the left and get the item box that is closest to the
center of the road. Normally I just save these mushrooms because you
don’t need to use them right away to get a *** rank, but they could
give you an addition amount of speed. Up ahead you should notice some
more item boxes. If you can use all three mushrooms before you reach
the next set of item boxes, you can get another set of three mushrooms.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure that you drift sharply to
the right and line yourself up with the fifth tire gate. If you used
the three mushrooms beforehand, you will be going fast enough where you
will only be able to drift. If you didn’t use the three mushrooms, you
should be able to get in a power slide.

Now that you are lined up and have an inventory of three mushrooms, it
is time to race for the finish. As you near the fifth gate, use a
mushroom to speed through it. Just go straight and you will fly through
the sixth tire gate as well. Should you start to slow down, just apply
another mushroom to the engine. After the sixth gate you should fly
straight across another ridge and land on yet another ridge. At this
point you should only have one mushroom left. Use it immediately to
soar over the next ridge, and you will see the seventh tire gate as you
land. Steer as much as needed to maneuver into the seventh gate and you
will complete the mission — hopefully with a three star grade.

Mission 4-5

Bowser Castle 2
Collect all 15 coins. If you get squished by a Thwomp, you fail!

While the basic for this mission seems hard, it is actually really easy
if you know what to do. The trick is not to make perfect turns, but to
make pathetic turn, which lowers the difficulty level of this mission.

Begin with a rocket start so that you can get the first several coins
that are in a line. When you reach the end of the first line, you will
have to turn to the left so that you can get the second row of coins.

Instead of making a sharp turn after the last coin in the line, go
nearly all the way to the barrier at the end of the level and then turn
however you want. After you collect the last coin in the first row, the
Thwomps should all smash the ground. Since you will make your turn very
wide and late, the Thwomps will have enough time to pound down yet
again and start to head back up. Once you finish the turn, speed
through the second row of coins to collect them all. If you took long
enough (yet not too long) on your turn, you will go right under the
first Thwomp as it goes back in the air, at which time you can easily
collect the remaining coins before the Thwomps come down for a third
time. If you made your turn too quickly, you will slam into the first
Thwomp, which will ruin your momentum and lower your rank. If you do it
right, and *** rank is not too hard to obtain.

Level 5

Mission 5-1

Peach Gardens
Reach the finish before the stray Chain Chomp!
Time to Beat Chain Chomp: Less than 49 Seconds
Time to Earn *** Rank: Less than 42.75 Seconds

All you get in this mission is three mushrooms, so pay attention so
that you spend them wisely. When the race begins, use a rocket start.
That should be ingrained in your head by now. When you reach the item
boxes, start power sliding to the left. Release the power slide as soon
as you can and zoom across the bridge that you come to.

Drive straight until you come to the flowers that force you to make a
U-turn. Instead of following the path, use one mushroom to drive
straight through the flowerbed as soon as you reach it. Steer carefully
so that you end up on the right side of the road after you have gone
through the flowerbed. At this time you should be extremely close to
Chain Chomp, so stay on the right side of the road to avoid getting

Continue until the path turns, and then use a mushroom to go through
the next flowerbed at full speed. Doing that allows you to make a much
sharper turn. Past that turn, you will enter a section of the garden
with many hedges. Go to the right of the first hedge that you come to
(it will be in the middle). Go to the left of the hedge immediately
after that, and start to head towards the left of the hedge after that
as well. Instead, of merely steering, power slide to the left of the
next hedge so that you gain a speed boost and end up going to the right
of the hedge that is directly after the hedge you power slided past (it
will be in the fourth row or hedges that you pass) Go to the right of
the last hedge, and you will be free from that section of the garden.

Soon after that, you will need to make another right turn. A flowerbed
is in the way of this turn to, so plow through it with your last
mushroom. Once you have completed that, you will head down a long,
slanted path that leads to a circular area with three large hedges in

When you reach the circular area, go to the side of the first hedge,
and then power slide in between the two hedges that are after it when
you get the chance. It is difficult to do effectively, but with
practice you will be able to do it.

In the dirt section of track after the paved circle, you will have a
fairly substantial turn. Power slide to the right to gain some speed,
and then do a normal turn to the left. A power slide to the right will
get you onto paved ground again, and another power slide a short
distance after that will get you to the end.

The key to gaining a *** rank in this level partly relies on following
the steps above, but it also relies on precision. Make your turns as
tight as you possibly can to shave even a second of your lap. Also, do
your power slides quickly and effectively; if you don’t, they may cause
you more harm than good. Practice some, and you will be able to
accomplish this task.

Mission 5-2

DK Pass
Drive backward and collect 15 coins! If you hit a snowman, you fail!

I love missions where you drive backward. They are all so easy, as
there is not much you can do while driving backward. Keep in mind that
left and right are switched when driving backward.

As the mission begins, press B to head backward. You will collect a few
coins, and then the coins path will turn to the left. Since you are
driving backward, press right to make the turn. Keep pressing right
sparingly as you make the wide left turn.

After the ninth coin however, you will have to make a sharper turn.
Momentarily let go of B to ensure that you make the turn and collect
the tenth coin. Once you have the tenth coin, return to full speed to
collect the final five coins, which are also locate on a wide, left

Mission 5-3

Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)
Destroy all 5 item boxes!

I had a lot of fun with this mission, and I hope you will to. The item
boxes may seem tricky at first, but with a little practice you can
destroy them quickly. When the race begins, use a rocket start to head
towards the item boxes. Turn just right so that you hit the last item
box in the line. It will give you a mushroom, which you should
immediately use to break the next to last item box before it goes over
the deep water.

Although you will receive a mushroom from the second item box you
break, there is no need to use it. Instead, drive along the edge of the
deep water until you find the spot where the first item box returns to
shallow water. Head to that spot. The second item box in the line will
pass before you get the, but you can make it to the spot in time so
that the third item box crashes into and breaks. Instantly after you
destroy your third item box, use the mushroom to boost into the fourth
item box. You will get yet another mushroom.

At this point, you should feel inclined to speed straight ahead to get
the fifth item box. Resist that temptation. The last item box will make
a sharp left turn at the small island, and you will miss it if you go
straight. Activate the mushroom and turn to the left so that you can
cut off the last item box. That will require you to aim straight for
the deep section of water. Because of that, it is vital that you hit
the last item box. Once you do, the mission will end and you will get a
*** rank. If you miss the item box, you will fall into the water.
Restart the mission and be a bit more careful next time.

Alternate Strategy Written by Rush60002

Get a rocket boost when you start and head immediately for the last box
in the line. When you destroy that last box immediately use the
mushroom, and get the second box. As soon as the boost from the first
mushroom wears off, use the second mushroom and follow the edge where
the sand meets the water and aim for the first box in the line. You
should be able to intercept it before it goes into the next part. As
soon as you touch it HIT THE BRAKES. If done right you should just sit
in place and the other 2 boxes should just come right up and hit you,
plus you should get a little over 25 seconds left and get urself a 3
star rank.

Boss Stage 5

Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs!

You hit the Pokeys with Bob-ombs back in Level 2, and this is way
easier than that. If you know want to do, you can finish of King Bob-
omb in just a few seconds.

When the level begins, King Bob-omb will create two item boxes — one
to his left and one to his right. Start off slowly and get an item box.
You will receive a Bob-omb, so turn and throw the Bob-omb at the king.
Throw it immediately, but make sure you do not go forward too much when
you turn; otherwise you will get caught in the explosion.

He will fly backward, so drive up sort of close to him and wait for him
to regain his composure. Once he gets back up King Bob-omb will walk
around for a few seconds and then he will create two more item boxes
and a Bob-omb. Drive to an item box as he goes for the Bob-omb, and
then throw your Bob-omb at him before he can do much damage.

Now, King Bob-omb will jump high into the air, and three Bob-ombs and
an item box will fall from the sky. The Bob-ombs are trouble, but the
item box (which will land in between the three Bob-ombs) is exactly
what you want. Acquire the item box and steer away from the Bob-ombs so
that they do not hurt you when they explode. Once they explode, turn
around and face the spot where you took the item box. King Bob-omb will
drop onto that exact spot, and all you have to do is to throw the Bob-
omb and finish him off. Do all these steps without ever missing the
king and you are most likely going to get a *** rank.

Level 6

Mission 6-1

Bowser Castle
Drive backward across the spinning bridge! If you fall, you’re out!

The level is as easy as it sounds (or doesn’t sound). You will start
off in front of the spinning bridge in Bowser Castle, and you will have
to drive backward to get across it. Start by merely holding B to go
straight backward towards the bridge. It will start by spinning right,
so you will need to press right on the D-pad as much as needed to keep
from falling off. About halfway through, it will switch and start
turning left. When you start going off the left side, press left on the
D-pad to stay on. Near the very end it will switch back to going right,
but you will only need to press right for a short amount of time before
you make it across the bridge and finish the level. If you don’t slow
down (not that you can slow down much while going backward), you will
get a three star grade.

More Coming Soon!

Level 7

Unlockable: Earn at least a * rank in every mission to unlock Level 7

Mission 7-5

Wario Stadium
Collect all 20 coins!

While it is a challenge, this mission can be fully completed with a
little practice and skill. It takes place in Wario Stadium, and it
forces you to play the level to its fullest if you want all three

Begin with a rocket start, and immediately follow that with a power
slide around the first curve. The road will then form and S-curve, but
the road is wide enough where you can go straight through the curve.
Collect the two coins in the S-curve as you go straight through it, and
then turn sharply to the left to take on the curve afterwards.

At the end of that curve, you must go straight across a boost plate to
garner even more coins. Three coins are near the boost plate, but there
is one in the middle of the ring of fire that you must collect.

Power slide through the turn after the first ring of fire, and you will
come to the section of track that is full of mud. Four boost plates are
located in the mud to help you get across it quickly, and a single coin
is on each of the boost plates. Steer carefully to get all of the coins
while still taking the boost plates on at full speed. When you are out
of the mud, power slide through the next turn.

You will come to two slanted boost plates that lead to two rings of
fire. The first has three coins near it, and the second has two coins.
Approach the first one from the right side and turn to the left to
acquire all of its coins, and then do the opposite for the second boost
plate. It is somewhat difficult, so you may need to practice this a few
times. You want to turn just enough for the first one so that you get
all three coins while still being able to get the coins near the second
boost plate.

Further one, another S-curve will rest in a sea of mud. Go straight
through this S-curve, as the two coins in it are easiest to collect if
you do so. You should not have to worry about the rotating fire, but if
any of it gets close to you just maneuver a little to avoid getting

One last turn remains before the end of the level. Power slide through
it, and end up on the right side of the track. Go perfectly straight
over the first boost plate, and stay straight as you hit the second
boost plate and fly through the ring of fire, where the last coin
lasts. It is hard to line up correctly for this section, so you will
probably have to replay the mission a few times. The key to earning
three stars is to follow and perfect the steps above. You will need to
finish with very close to 20 seconds remaining if you want a perfect
grade; I would have listed that at top, but I did not have it quite
exact enough. Just know that that is about what you should aim to get.

Mission 7-6

Nintendo DS
Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order!

You should find this level challenging at first, but it is not too hard
once you get the hang of it. In the level are eight tire gates
stationed in a circle. However, they alternate number. Therefore, you
will have to go around the tire gate circle twice before you complete
this challenge. You only have 10 seconds, so you have to make it count.

A rocket start should mark your entrance into the level. When you are
partially onto the touch screen of the Nintendo DS, start drifting to
the right. You should hold down right all the way on the D-pad. If you
started the drift at the correct time, you will drift through the gates
numbered 1 and 6. At this point, relax and keep holding down R and
right. It may look like you will miss some of the tire gates, but you
will actually go through them all without trouble. If you started your
power slide too early or too late, you will hit either gate 1 or gate
6. Also, please note that I said drift, not power slide. You do not
need to complete an actually power slide to beat this mission, nor do
you need to power slide to get three stars. If you start off with a
rocket start and simply start your drift at the right time, you will
complete this level with a *** rank.

Boss Stage

Mushroom Bridge (GCN)
Reach the finish before Wiggler!
Time to Earn *** Rank: Less than 1:25

It may be the last boss stage, but it actually isn’t that hard to get
three stars on this if you know what you are doing. This race takes
place on Mushroom Bridge, so you will need to take advantage of
shortcuts. Also, many cars have item boxes underneath them that will
give you a mushroom if you go through the car with a star. Let’s look
at this level to see how to gain the three star grade.

At the beginning, Wiggler and you will be behind the starting line.
Take off with a rocket start. Wiggler will start off much faster than
you, but at least the rocket start will keep you from getting too far

Immediately, Wiggler will start running into vehicles. First he will
hit a black truck, and then he will hit a blue car. The black truck has
an item box underneath it. Start a power slide, and time your slide so
that you go underneath the truck at the same time Wiggler knocks it
into the air. Release your power slide (remember, for it to be
considered a power slide it has to give you a mini-boost at the end),
and then use the mushroom to boost into the item box in the middle of
the road in the tunnel.

You will get a star, which you should use immediately. While you are
invincible, go to the left side of the road to hit a black truck.
Collect the item box that is underneath the black truck, and
immediately use the mushroom that you receive to zoom in front of
Wiggler and to go on the dirt shortcut. Since you are using the star,
you will not slow down at all by going on the dirt.

Drive quickly over the shortcut and drop down and the end. Turn so that
you resume normal driving without losing much speed. You will lose your
star shortly after you fall, so avoid the black truck that you will

Since you have no speed powerups, use a power slide in the tunnel to
gain some additional speed. Also, dodge all of the vehicles in the
tunnel (it is best if you stay in the center). Near the end of the
tunnel, you will find an item box in the center of the road. Take it
and activate the star that you will receive.

As you go across the bridge, you will want to gain additional speed.
Start by staying on the right side of the road until you hit the black
truck. Since you are invincible, the truck will fly into the air and
you will be able to get the item box underneath it.

Quickly use the mushroom that you receive and move onto the left side
of the track, where you will hit yet another black truck. Make sure
that you use mushroom as soon as you get it.

At this point you will be near the starting line. Use the mushroom you
received and head to the center of the road. You should find an item
box right next to the finish line in the center of the road, and you
will want to get it.

Utilize the star immediately, and zip through the turn and the tunnel.
When you approach the shortcut this time, however, ignore it. Instead,
get the item box that is in the center of the road. Use the star to
become invincible, and head to the left side of the road where you will
find a truck with an item box. Get the mushroom and use it to boost
towards the tunnel, where you will find another item box. It has a star
in it.

Speed through the tunnel with the star, and make your way to the left
side of the track. When you go around the turn, you will hit a black
truck that is in the left land. You will get a mushroom if you are sure
to get the item box that is under the truck. Quickly use the mushroom
and go to the right lane, where you will hit another truck. That truck
also has an item box hidden underneath it. Grab the box and use the

On the bridge, you will find another item box in between the two lanes.
Acquire it to earn a star, and then immediately use the star. Once you
start turning after the starting line, quickly use a power slide. As
you boost from the power slide, go to the left lane and hit the black
truck that you will encounter. It is imperative that you power slide
quickly through this turn. Under the black truck is an item box with a
mushroom. Use it!

Return to the center of the track after using the mushroom, where you
will find another item box when you go over the bridge. Press L when
the star appears to become invincible. Drive steadily through the dirt
shortcut, and smoothly drop back down to the regular road when you have
finished the shortcut.

The star will disappear, and you will be on your own for several
seconds. Try to get in two power slides while you are under the bridge,
and then head to the center lane to get the item box that is there. It,
like all of the other item boxes, will be in the center of the lane.

Activate the star, and move to the left side of the road to hit a black
truck. Take the mushroom from the item box and boost to the finish
line. If you did these steps perfectly, you will receive a three star
rank. Keep in mind that this is a difficult task, so you will have to
practice often if you are to gain the perfect score on the last level.

11. Courses

Welcome to course information. In this section, you will find hordes of
useful information on how to best complete each track. With course
layouts, shortcuts, and hints, it is certain to have something that you
can use.


These are what the various symbols stand for in most of the tracks.
Occasionally, one track may use a symbol in a different way. Each track
has its own key, so refer to it when you want specifics for the track.
Otherwise, you can use this information to figure out what the track
looks like. Also, each track has numbers (1, 2, etc.) on it. These
numbers correspond with different tips, so look under the track to find
the tips that go with each of the numbers.

Q = Normal Track
T = Alternate Type of Track
C = Curved Track
Y = Dirt or Grass
B = Block Wall
O = Clouds
W = Shallow Water
J = Jump Pad
= = Starting Line
? = ? Box(es)
^, V, <, >, = Boost Plates

Retro Mode

Shell Cup

Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)


B = Block
Y = Dirt
Q = Track

1) Pipes swarm this section of track, and if you run into one it will
cost you serious lap time. Maneuver carefully to avoid the pipes.

2) The quickest route between two points is a straight line, whether it
is on the track or off it. Jumping will make the trip straight across
the sandy ground easy if you are a light character, but it is best if
you save this shortcut for when you have a mushroom or two in store.
Their speed will make the journey ultra-fast, just watch out for the
pipes that are in front of the beginning of the shortcut.

Time Trial Tip: Mushrooms will give you one boost of speed in Time
Trial. Use a mushroom to quickly get across the dirt using the shortcut
at 2. You will save time by going straight across the dirt with a
mushroom instead of staying with the track.

Moo Moo Farm (N64)

Moo Moo Farm is one of the classic levels from the N64 version of Mario
Kart. It features a large track with wide curves, and it is almost
shaped like a circle. You will have little trouble going through it.
Because it is wide and its curves are slight, you could go through them
with little trouble. However, the curves are very easy to do power
slides on, so try to get as many power slides as you can during the
race to increase your speed.

Even though it is simple, there are things that you should watch out
for. On some sections of the road, you will find many holes. These
holes house gophers, which will occasionally pop out. If you hit a
gopher, your kart will get a serious beating. Avoid the holes as much
as possible, and collect as many ? boxes as you can. Also, near the end
of the track you will find a bridge going over the track you are on.
Since the bridge has several pillars keeping it up, you will have to be
sure to go in between the pillars so you do not get stuck. Other than
that, it’s not that hard.

Peach Circuit (GBA)


B = Block
Y = Grass
Q = Normal Track
T = Striped Track

1) This first hairpin can cause trouble, but an additional portion of
track (T) makes it easy to stay off the grass. To make this turn
effectively, however, you will need to start a power slide early.

2) Around the halfway point of the track, the game will throw at you
another sharp curve. It is possible to make the turn with a good power
slide, but if you have a mushroom you can cut through the grass. It
saves time and it is easy.

3) The final hairpin curve does not have as much track security as the
first one, so it is easier to go off the road. Apply the brakes or
utilize a power slide to negotiate this turn.

Time Trial Tip: Remember the mushrooms in Time Trial, and consider
using them to get across the shortcut at 2. It will save you time as
long as you don’t run into the trees that are near the track. Use a
mushroom to take advantage of this shortcut. Also, don’t forget the
speed boosts that power slides can provide — with many hairpin curves
you can gain some easy power slide speed.

Luigi Circuit (GCN)

Forward then backward, backward then forward. That’s how this track
goes, and you will often find yourself lost in the midst of the level.
Not really, but the track is interesting because the lane going away
from the exit and the lane going to the exit are side-by-side, and you
can easily slide from one to another. However, going into the other
lane will easily throw you off course, as a small jump from the
opposite direction will stop you in your tracks.

You will be safe if you stay in the lane that directs you to go
forward. Stay on the road and get any ? boxes that you find. In two
sections of the track, there will be the main road and a curved section
of road off to the side. The curved section of road has several boost
plates on it, so always head to the side. Since the curved road also
has ? boxes, it is the perfect path.

Banana Cup

Donut Plains 1 (SNES)


Q = Dirt Track
T = Bridge
Y = Grass
B = Block
W = Deep Water

1) Once you have passed the bridge, the course will throw at you a
little curve. It is fairly easy to negotiate if you time a power slide
right, so practice up.

2) Due to a break in the wall that was supposed to keep this curve
intact, it is possible to travel straight instead of making the
difficult turn. Since the grass slows you down tremendously, avoid this
shortcut unless you have a mushroom to assist you.

3) The last several stretches of Donut Plains are riddled with hairpin
curves that will either throw you off course or severely hamper your
speed. To take these as maximum velocity, time several key power slides
— just make sure you allow yourself ample recovery time to start into
the next slide.

Time Trial Tip: Wall breaks are your friend, and this is especially
true when you are in a timed race. Use a mushroom to maximize the
effectiveness of the shortcut at 2.

Frappe Snowland (N64)

Coming Soon!

Bowser Castle 2 (GBA)

Q = Stone Track
T = Wire Track
J = Jump Pad
W = Thwomp
B = Block
_ = Track In Between Lava Pits

1) Ease into the first U-turn with a power slide; it will help you make
the turn and give you an opportunity to gain some speed.

2) Finish your power slide by aiming towards the left side of the
track, where you will find a boost plate. You need to not only get to
the boost plate but also to straighten out so that you do not boost
yourself into a wall.

3) The Thwomp at 3 is easy to avoid; however, you can make your turn
sharper if you can go right under him. As you approach the end of the
curve, look ahead to see whether or not you can risk driving under the

4) As the terrain changes for a short period of time, the game will
give you an opportunity to gain some speed. Aim for the boost plates to
the left of the jumps; they will allow you to have the greatest chance
of reaching the boost plate at 5. Although the jumps do give you enough
height to bridge the lava gaps, they waste time since you could be

5) This is the riskiest boost plate in the game. You will have to make
a sharp turn to reach it after the boost plate at 4, and even if you do
reach it the Thwomp may make your journey difficult. If this boost
plate will cause too much trouble, just avoid it.

6) Stay straight and go straight over the jump at six; just make sure
that you do not hit the fireball.

7) You cannot see it well because of the inherent problems with ASC II
art, but there is actually a narrow path in the center of this section.
It even has ? boxes, if you want to acquire items. Even though it is a
plausible route to take, your lap will go quicker if you veer off to
the side and take advantage of the boost plates located there. The
sides have straight paths devoid of lava pools that are too long to
jump, and it is easy to merge back into the main flow of traffic when
they are about to end.

8) Upon leaving the section of track filled with lava pools, you will
encounter two final lava pools before you finish your lap. The jump
pads make it easy to jump them, but it is also possible to simply drive
through a lane that is in between the two pits of lava. Since fireballs
will make jumping the lava risky, it is best to stay in the center

Time Trial Tip: As a result of the lack of competition, this track will
be much easier to navigate when you are alone. Practice your power
slides to perfection so that you can hit the boost plates that come off
many of the turns.

Baby Park (GCN)


Q = Track
B = Wall

Baby Park has little in the way of variety; the track consists of two
U-turns and a heaping helping of ? boxes. Use power slides to stay near
the center of the track during turns; it cuts off time. Take advantage
of the many ? boxes piled near the turns, and realize that shells can
go over the barrier and onto the other side of the track. Also remember
that this course is five laps instead of three.

Time Trial Tip: Snaking is the best way to minimize your time on Baby
Part. Snake during the straight sections to improve your speed, and cut
the corners as sharply as you can.

Leaf Cup

Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)

This retro track is very simple, yet fun to play. It starts on a lone
island in the middle of the sea. Since the middle of the island is full
of vegetation, you will need to stay on the beach to stay at top speed.
The first section of the track is just a large curve, so power slide
multiple times to get through it as quickly as possible. You will also
find some item boxes that you can get.

Later on, the island will head inward and you will be forced to drive
across the shallow water. A small island to the right has three item
boxes, and you can head towards it if you want. Since large sections of
deep water dot the shallow water path, it is best if you avoid power
sliding during this section of the track. You can keep power sliding
through the remainder of the short track once you get past the deep
water. Watch out for the Cheep Cheep that is in one little part of the
track and you are good to go.

Choco Mountain (N64)

Coming Soon!

Luigi Circuit (GBA)

Not to be confused with the GameCube Luigi Circuit, Luigi Circuit for
GBA was one challenging course. Although it lacks drop-offs or deep
water, its many hairpin turns and puddles pose several problems. With
good timing, power slides, and top-notch strategies, you will soon be
tearing up the track.

At the beginning of the track, you will have to ease into small curve.
Take it at full speed, as it is easy to negotiate. Two puddles will
threaten your travel, but if you avoid them or hop over them you will
not have any trouble.

Immediately after the first curve you will meet the first of the
course’s seven U-turns. Start a power slide as you reach the end of the
block wall so that you can sharply turn when you reach the full turn.
Once you have completed the power slide, pick up one of the ? blocks
that is on the track to celebrate your success.

Your success will not last long, however, as another U-turn will
instantly challenge you. Approach it in the same way, being careful not
to start your power slide too early or too late.

The next portion of the course features a slight curve and then — you
guessed it — a U-turn. It’s virtually the same story; use well timed
power slide while avoiding competitors and the two puddles that lurk
near the turn.

The fourth U-turn is similar, so approach it in the same manner. Do the
same maneuver for the fifth U-turn as well. However, be sure to get the
? box that is just before the fifth U-turn by going into it and hopping
over the puddle that is immediately after it.

After the fifth U-turn, you will have a long stretch before the next
massive curve. Take advantage of the ? box you received before the turn
(and one of the ones that is on the long stretch) to eliminate
opponents and advance a position or two.

The sixth U-turn is after the long stretch of track, and you can easily
go through it with an excellent power slide. Past the sixth U-turn, you
only have to go through on last U-turn to enter the home stretch. Avoid
the few puddles on the straightaway by hopping or dodging, and soon
you’ll be safe at the end of the race. It is possible to do more power
slides than the ones listed here, so try to cram as many in as possible
during your race.

Mushroom Bridge (GCN)

With dangerous vehicles and a precarious bridge, Mushroom Bridge can
cause lots of trouble for those who don’t know what they are doing. For
those who do, however, Mushroom Bridge is an excellent level to play.
You will start off just in front of the bridge, and you will
immediately have to make your way into a normal road with actual
traffic on it. Zoom in and stay near the center, as it has not
vehicles. Try to stay in the center as much as possible; only venture
out to get item boxes, power slide, and take shortcuts.

A slight turn in the road will appear directly after the starting line.
Use a power slide (preferably two) to gain some additional speed during
the turn. When you reach the tunnel, head straight until you reach the
end of it and get at least one item box that is in the middle of it.
When you do, you have two options. You can either turn off to the left
to take a shortcut, or you can go along the normal path. Since the
shortcut is dirt, do not take it if you do not have a star or mushroom
that you can use to get across it with. If you take the shortcut, go
onto the dirt when the fence stops momentarily, and stay on that path
until it drops you onto the road. When it does, hang a sharp right.

Normally, though, you will not have the means to take the shortcut
effectively. Power slide to the left when you get out of the first
tunnel if you cannot take the short cut, and then power slide to the
right when you come to the sharp turn after the shortcut. Soon
afterwards you will reach a tunnel, which is the point where the
shortcut reconnects with the main road. Item boxes are near the
beginning of the tunnel, so be sure to get them.

The tunnel is long and it has a wide turn, so it is optimal for power
slides. Try to get two in before you go out of it. At the end of the
tunnel, you have a long straightway before the finish line. It has item
boxes, so you can get an easy item before starting the next lap. I
recommend snaking across the bridge. Take a little extra time on some
of your snaking power slides so that you can avoid traffic, and once
you do that you will have a quick, easy journey over the bridge.
Snaking is useful in other parts of the level, but it is extremely
useful when going across the long, wide bridge.

Lightning Cup

Choco Island 2 (SNES)

Coming Soon!

Banshee Boardwalk (N64)

Perhaps the most despised level in Mario Kart 64, Banshee Boardwalk is
a certain way to tell the beginners from the pros. Mastering it is a
key way to establish yourself as an excellent Mario Kart player and to
do well in Lightning Cup.

The first section of the course will features several sharp turns that
will quickly separate the pack. Typically the inside portions of these
turns are without walls, while the outer sections have walls. Avoid the
temptation to jump over the corners, and use solid power slides to make
it through this section.

Later on, the railing will disappear for a fairly challenging S-curve.
If you miss the curve, it will cost you severely as you must waste
precious time recovering from your fall into the water. Keep a
competitive speed so that other competitors don’t knock you off track,
but slow down as much as necessary to survive the turn.

After a good portion of the boardwalk, you will enter the haunted house
itself. Wild bats make the journey difficult, but you can avoid them
without much trouble. Once inside you will have to make a sharp right
turn, left turn, left turn, right turn, right turn, and left turn to
escape. Looks can be deceiving, so familiarize yourself with the
directions before attempting this tricky part of the track. Also, for
the second left turn, wait until you are almost at the wall before
turning. If you turn too early, you will take a plunge through a hole
in the floor.

The rest of the track is simple. Most of it is protected by walls,
which makes even the most difficult turns manageable. Use this section
of the course to make key passes and take the lead.

Sky Garden (GBA)

Sky Garden is my absolute favorite online course. It has lots of
shortcuts and other secrets that you can take advantage of whenever you
race, and the fun is compounded online. Practice these shortcuts to
perfection and you will dominate your opponents.

OTTTO / \ O===O

T = Sky Track
Q = Organic Bridge
O = Cloud
B = Block

1) The first jump pad allows you to make a small but worthwhile
shortcut if you have a mushroom. Use it a little before you reach the
jump. To complete the shortcut, use correct acceleration to land at 2..
After landing, keep hopping so that your speed does not goes down too
much, and make sure that you successfully hop from the clouds back onto
the main track. This is a good shortcut, but keep in mind that there
are better ones.

3)This special jump makes for a time saving shortcut. With a mushroom
you can bridge the gap from one part of the course to another. After
the jump, try to land around 4. It is also possible to do this shortcut
without a mushroom if you are going fast enough. Hop over the clouds
right before the jump, and land on the left side of the jump. Hop again
as soon as you land on the jump. It takes practice, but if you do it
right you will make the jump without a mushroom.

5) Using the jump pad at 5 can save you lots of trouble. Instead of
negotiating around a tricky curve, you can merely hop a small gap.
You’ll also receive an item box for you trouble.

6) With a mushroom, lots is possible. When you reach 6, use a mushroom
and head straight for the edge. As soon as you reach the very edge, hop
and turn to the left. If you do it right, you will skip a large section
of track and be in position to continue the race. Please do not try
this without some practice, as it is sometimes difficult to pull off.

7) To make this U-turn as troublesome as possible, the course has
several blocks placed so that you cannot do the U-turn early. As you
approach it, start a power slide so that you can easily clear the turn
and get a speed boost. After the power slide, however, watch out for
the next shortcut.

8) Immediately after the U-turn, you will find a single small cloud.
This cloud allows for a good-sized shortcut, but you will need to use
two well-timed hops. If you don’t do it right, this shortcut could send
you to the abyss below, wasting your precious time. Practice this a few
times before trying it out in a heated race, as it’s worth the item box
you will have to miss.

Time Trial Tip: The shortcut at 6 is too good to pass up, especially if
you do it correctly. Pick a character with three mushrooms for this
course. Also, always use the shortcut at 8 to minimize race time.

Yoshi Circuit (GCN)

Coming Soon!

Nitro Mode

Mushroom Cup

Figure 8 Circuit


Q = Track
Y = Grass
B = Wall

This track is fairly calm and easy to negotiate. All of the curves are
wide and long, so you will have little trouble going through them. Take
advantage of power slides whenever you can to increase your speed, as
you won’t find many other special things on this track. And no, there
is not a block wall in the middle of the track. That’s actually a

Yoshi Falls

BBQQQQCCCCCCCCC<5QQQQCCCCCCVVVVB BBQQQ BQQ BBBBBBBBBB BBBBB Q = Track C = Track Curved Downward T = Wooden Bridge W = Shallow Water B = Wall The interesting part of this track is its two-lane road. The C stands for the tilted part of the track, and the G stands for the regular part of the track. The T stands for a wooden track, and at the edge of every wooden track there is a small fence. You may have also noticed that there are no blocks on the inside of the track. If you go to close to the edge, you will fall off into the abyss below, which will waste precious time. Choose your course carefully. 1) Although you could go on the inside track for this section, it is neither safe nor practical. The items boxes are on the wooden bridge portion of the track, so take the bridge even if you like driving on the inside lane. 2) The first large curve of the track is actually easy to negotiate, thanks to a very wide track. You should have little trouble here; just make sure you don't fall off if you stay on the inside of the track. 3) On the second bridge you will find even more ? boxes -- choose that route whenever you can. 4) At the last bridge, you have a tough choice. You can either take the bridge and use the two boost plates on it, or you can stay on the inside track and drive through the water. Since ? boxes float across the water, you will have to decide carefully based on how well you are doing. 5) The final stretch has some key boost plates; do not miss them! Time Trial Tip: Staying near the edge of the course will give you some obvious speed advantages. After all, the distance around the track is shorter if you stay on the inside lane. Despite this, you will temporarily want to go onto the regular path so that you can hit all of the boost plates. ----------------- Cheep Cheep Beach ----------------- A fairly simple track, Cheep Cheep Beach will give you little trouble as you attempt to complete it. It does contain a few trouble areas and even a minor shortcut, so pay attention if you want to race this track to its fullest potential. At the beginning, all of the racers will be forced onto a bridge that crosses over a large section of deep water. The bridge has a ninety degree turn and an S-curve -- easy turns that will give you little trouble. Use a power slide for the ninety-degree curve to gain maximum speed. Past the S-curve, you will encounter a small jump that will take you over a short section of deep water and onto the beach. While this jump shouldn't give you much trouble, it has the ability to send you or your opponent down into the drink. Try to time an attack (such as a Koopa shell) so that it will hit your opponent as he makes the jump. If done correctly, the attack will cause him to miss the beach and end up instead in the water. This will cost him precious time, giving you an edge (by the way, make sure this doesn't happen to you). Bob-ombs and blue Koopa shells are particularly effective as they send their prey straight up and then straight down. When you land, you will see several item boxes straight ahead of you. Steer steadily to get one that you can use against your competitors. A wide yet long turn rests after the ? boxes, so power slide multiple times to increase your velocity. The path will straighten and you will once again see a jump. This one, however, is over the beach, so it won't matter much if you take your opponent down as he goes over it. After the jump, the course will turn. If you follow the turn, you will end up with a sharp curve on your hands as the track comes back around. To make the journey easy, you can simply go straight across the shallow water after the jump instead of going across the track. Since the shallow water will slow you down, it is best if you use a mushroom to take advantage of the shortcut. Also, avoid the Cheep Cheeps and Crabs that lurk in the water -- there's no better way to ruin your trip than to run into one of them. Once you have finished the shortcut (or the long way), you will encounter several small jumps. They don't enhance your speed, but they do allow you to jump across small amounts of shallow water. Try to go over them if at all possible, as they will make your journey much smoother. The last leg of the race features a forested area, and the track going through the forest is enclosed by fences. You won't have to worry about going off the track in this section, so focus on collecting the ? boxes and successfully completing the simple turns. If you're brave, attempt some power slides while you are at it! Time Trial Tip: Use one mushroom to go across the shallow water that is in between the beach U-turn. If you use one mushroom per lap on this shortcut, your time will greatly improve. --------------- Luigi's Mansion --------------- For a haunting trip into Luigi's infested mansion, this is the track. Luigi's Mansion features a dark landscape, a terrifying mansion, and more than a few moving trees. It will require more nerve than skill to complete this course. The course begins slowly, with a few simple turns that present the feel of this gloomy track. Carefully avoid competitors to keep with the pack as you travel along the dirt road. Don't go off of it, or your speed will suffer. After a while of outside racing, you will be allowed to venture inside Luigi's Mansion. ? boxes will invite you inside, so be sure that your competitor does not take a ? box that you could have received. Once inside the mansion, you will meet up with a 270-degree turn. Several power slides will keep you from falling behind, and they may even give you the chance to take the lead. Past the sharp turn, you will enter the final part of the mansion (sort of small for a mansion, isn't it?), which has obstacles. First, stay to the right, then the left, and then avoid the middle to successfully maneuver through this portion of the track. When you pass this section, you will enter a tunnel with ? boxes that will take you outside. A desolate forest awaits you as you leave the mansion, with walking trees, mud, and items boxes. Look ahead to avoid the few trees that will move along the track, and also look for item boxes. The will be moving calmly inside one of the few pieces of land. Since most of the last section of the course is mud -- which slows you down -- you will want to do everything possible to stay on high ground. Only a slight amount of land is in this section, and it is mostly in the form of small islands. Hop when you are in the mud to keep your speed, and aim for the small patches of land whenever you get a chance. Beyond the mud, only a short distance remains until the finish line and the end of the lap. Time Trial Tip: The muddy section of Luigi's Mansion will slow you down the most, so use your mushrooms there. Also, take into account the three laps when deciding how to ration your mushrooms. ========== Flower Cup ========== ------------ Desert Hills ------------ With lots of subtle shortcuts, Desert Hills is one great place to be if your inventory is full of mushrooms. At nearly every turn is a place where you can shave a few seconds off your time. The starting stretch is basic with nothing interesting (except for a sun that shoots fire down on it occasionally), and after the first straightway you will come to an item box packed turn that is easy to power slide through. After the first turn, you have two options. You can follow the road to the right and power slide through a hairpin curve, or you can go slightly to the left of the pyramid. Since the ground near the pyramid is loosely packed dirt, you will slow way down if you go over it. Use this shortcut only with a star or a mushroom, preferably two. Power slide through the turn after the pyramid, and you will have a straight section of road for a good distance. The only obstacles in the road are Pokeys, which move back and forth along the road. Avoid them at all costs, and get at least one item box along the straight section of track. A turn to the right will mark your next challenge, but it is wide and you can easily power slide through it. Now, if you have mushrooms, here is the fun part. The track will lead to the right after the first hairpin curve after the straightway, and it will lead to another hairpin curve that goes left. The entire next section of the road is just one hairpin curve after another, but you can make the journey easily if you have even one mushroom or a star. Instead of weaving back and forth, just use a mushroom or star and go straight over one of the ridges in between the hairpin curves. You will get through the level much faster since you go a shorter distance, and the ridges will send you high into the air, boosting your speed tremendously. A star or three mushrooms is ideal for this part, but you can go over a single ridge and save a few seconds with only one mushroom. If you don't have any useful items, just power slide through the hairpin turns and collect at least one item box. Watch out for the fire the occasionally lands on the track because of the sun. After all of the hairpin turns you will reach straightway that leads directly to the finish line. -------------- Delfino Square -------------- Set on the lovely Delfino Isle, Delfino Square offers downtown racing fun. It has several key routes and plenty of variety, so it is a course you do not want to miss. The first section of this track is straight. Use a rocket start to head off quickly. Soon you will have to make a fairly substantial U-turn to go around the statue in Delfino Square. As you turn, drift and activate your power slide to gain a speed increase. When you are past the statue, follow the narrow track through the city. It is possible to power slide through some of the ninety degree turns, but it is hard. Stick mainly to normal driving. Further on in the city, the track will branch out in two directions. Each path is equally valid, but I prefer to go left as I find it an easier route. After the two paths come back together, you will find a shortcut that you can utilize if you have a mushroom. The houses will stop to signify a river crossing. Instead of going straight, head off to the left just before the rope fence. As soon as you have turned a good amount, use a mushroom to start speeding. Curve so that you are fairly close to being perpendicular with the track you left, go over the edge of the area, and land on the dock. If you turn enough, you can do this shortcut without having to stop at all. Near the end of the dock is an item box, so you will get something besides a shorter lap for your trouble. If you don't have a mushroom, just go along the track and over the bridge. Once you are past the bridge, a sharp turn will take you along other part of the city. Go straight. When you see two boxes close to each other, you are near another shortcut. Turn right immediately after the boxes and you will find a narrow alley that goes in between two buildings. It is shorter than the main route, but the mud in it does slow you down. When racing as a light character, you can use the alley to shave a second or two off your time -- hop when you get to the mud to keep going as fast as possible. One last thing before moving on: if you run into the crates at a fast enough speed then you will break them open and an item will come out. Sometimes it is good like a mushroom; other times it is bad like a banana peel. (You cannot break the boxes in Time Trial). A drawbridge gives you a way to return to the mainland. Since it has boost plates covering it, take it at full speed whether it is up or down. The path after the bridge consists of a small curve, but with a little skill you can take the curve at maximum velocity. Once you are nearly out of the grassy area with the stone path, start a power slide to return to the city street as fast as you can. The finish line will appear shortly afterward. Time Trial Tip: With the dock shortcut offering a faster lap time, the three mushroom karts will excel on this course. Use the shortcut and admire your final time. --------------- Waluigi Pinball --------------- Based off a traditional pinball table, Waluigi Pinball sends you into a world unknown to previous Mario Kart games. As the level begins, you will drive a short distance and then be shot up into the pinball table. At the top of the table, you will find a wide left turn with three boost plates on the right side. Items are on the left side of the track, right next to the middle boost plate. If you are in first place, start a power slide and head over the three boost plates for additional speed. After all, it is unlikely that you will get any good items if you are in first. If you are further back however, and there is a greater chance that you will get something worthwhile, start a power slide and stay near the inside of the track, getting an item box as you go. Past the first turn, you will fall a short distance and then head down the table at a steep angle. A ninety-degree turn is followed by a hairpin curve, so start an early power slide so that you can get the mini boost after the ninety degree turn and still have enough time to power slide through the hairpin curve. If you are going too fast to get the first power slide in, that's okay. Just get a power slide on the hairpin curve. Occasionally a large, metal ball will roll through this section, so watch out and avoid it if it is there. A good distance after the hairpin curve, you will encounter yet another sharp turn. The course gives you ample time to power slide through it, so by all means power slide to get the extra speed. At the end of the turn, you will go over a substantial jump, which is a key place to knock opponents out. By the way, some of you brilliant thinkers might look at the map and think: "Hey, the track loops around under itself. Maybe I could miss the main track and land on the track underneath it instead to score a shortcut." If you thought that, I will congratulate you on your awesome idea. However, don't try it. There is an invisible wall on either side of the track that you are supposed to land on, so if you go off to the side you will hit the invisible wall and fall into the abyss below. When you are past the jump, you will come to a long, two hundred seventy degree turn. Be sure to power slide if you can, and try to get at least one item box while you do. Once it straightens out, you will have a short distance before two more curves that you should power slide through. Upon reaching this point, you are nearly to the end of the course. Drive down and head straight across the area with the four bumpers. large, metal ball will bounce along the bumpers; look ahead so that you can avoid it. You will also find item boxes here that you can use. Further on, you will see four bumpers moving around a single, stationary bumper. Dodge the bumpers by predicting their movements (they always move at the same rate in the same direction), and avoid the flippers that are after the moving bumpers. When you are to this point, you just have two ninety-degree turns before the finish. Power slide through them and get ready to start the whole process over again. ------------ Shroom Ridge ------------ Coming Soon! ======== Star Cup ======== ------- DK Pass ------- Donkey Kong's level is full of snow in Mario Kart DS. Fortunately, with a little maneuvering, you can stay out of the stay the majority of the time. At the beginning of the level, you will encounter a small turn to the right and a tunnel. Power slide through the turn so that you get a boost of speed through the tunnel. As you speed through the tunnel hop to the left so that you can power slide through the next turn. Although it is possible to power slide through the second turn after the tunnel, it is often impractical. Instead, simply drive through it. After that turn, you will come four item boxes and a U-turn which you should power slide through. However, the turn after the U-turn you do not need to power slide through. Next you will come to the final ridge U-turn to the left, which is immediately followed by a U-turn to the right. Once you complete the U-turn to the right (which has item boxes), you are almost off the racetrack on the ridge. You'll be moving onto the snowy slopes next. Instead of staying on the beaten path, however, this would be an excellent time to try something new. As the fencing to the left of the track disappears, turn onto the snowy slope instead of staying on the track. It will slow you down, but keep going. At the top of the snowy slope, you will find an item box. Take the item box and descend from the slope, returning to the track with a power slide. The whole point of this venture is to get the item box. You see, the item box on top of the slope is not bound by the normal laws of item boxes. It usually will give you three mushrooms or a star (rarely will it disperse a red) no matter what place you are it. Yes, you can get a star while you are in first place! Once you have the item box and are back on track, you can use the item you receive very effectively. When you return to the track from the slope, you will notice that it is covered with snow. This makes driving more difficult, but it can be done. Weave in and out of the many turns in the level while avoiding the snowballs that roll down the hill. Power slides can work, but they usually don't because you frequently fall. Because of that, stick to normal turns. Also, make sure to collect at least one item box from each of the two sets that are in this section. After the second set of item boxes, a boost place will send you to the base of the mountain. At the base you will encounter four snowmen near the inside of a U-turn. Power slide around them (or in between them if you are skilled) to get one final boost before the end of the level. --------------- Tick-Tock Clock --------------- Coming Soon! ------------- Mario Circuit ------------- An interesting track that is fairly close to being an actual racetrack, Mario Circuit does manage to throw in some unique surprises. Fresh off the first turn (power slide through it), you will come to a long stretch of road with several Goombas on it. I realize that most of you have played Mario games before, and you general inclination will be to run over the Goombas. However, they are not easily destroyed in this game, so if you try it then you will spin out. After the Goombas you will come to a group of item boxes, and after that you will find a small curve that you can almost drive straight through. When you pass that turn, power slide through the next turn, which is larger. Past that curve, you will come to two other curves that are surrounded by dirt. Two pipes are in the dirt, and each of the pipes has a Piranha Plant in it. The Piranha Plants will breath fireballs that will go on the track, so avoid those at all cost. Use two power slides to get past both of the turns. If you have a mushroom or star -- which will keep you from slowing down in the dirt � you can cut straight across the dirt to avoid the two curves almost completely. Next, you will drive through a pipe. The pipe is boring as it is just like a tunnel, but it does have some item boxes underneath it. The pipe leads to a section of track that is a little challenging. When you leave the pipe, do a power slide to get through the U-turn that is after it. You will then come to a section of dirt track. On the dirt track you will have to maneuver through an easy curve before power sliding again to complete another U-turn. Directly before the dirt track becomes paved again, you will encounter a small S-curve. It is not difficult to get through, but it does have item boxes that you will want to use. Also, stay away from the Piranha Plants on either side of the road -- they will cause you to spin out. The track will become paved again, and when it does you will need to start another power slide to get through another U-turn. Once you get the speed boost from that U-turn, wait a second or two and then start one last power slide to get through the last U-turn of the level. After that U-turn, you will have a straight path to the finish line. ---------------- Airship Fortress ---------------- While bringing back old memories of Super Mario Bros. 3, Airship Fortress also offers a unique racing experience. At the beginning you will drive a short ways and then fall onto a path infested with Bullet Bills. They will come at your from the Airship Fortress, so watch ahead and be sure to dodge them. After a little while, the course will drop down again and you will be safe. The path now will escort you onto the airship. Ease into the first turn, and then use a power slide, to handle the second turn while collecting one of the item boxes that is on the ground. A boost plate will send you onto the deck. On deck, you will find several holes with metal plates above them. In this holes lurk mole, which will occasionally pop out. If you hit a mole, you will fly into the air and you will lose a lot of time. Since they come out so suddenly, it is best to avoid the plates as part of your regular routine. Start a power slide as you go into the U-turn where all the moles are. Once you get the orange sparks coming out of your vehicle, keep holding down R and press left and right to make your turn wider or sharper. When you are out of the U-turn, let go of R to get your speed boost. Another simple curve will send you below deck, and the first obstacle you will come to is a very sharp hairpin curve. Start a power slide a good distance before you reach the curve so that you can pass it without much trouble. A few items boxes rest on the ground directly before you reach the lower level. Grab one and keep driving. The boxes in the next are can be broken if you hit them at a fast enough speed. However, they usually just litter the track with a banana peel or something similar. Since hitting the boxes slows you down, avoid them as much as possible. Two flames move slowly across the track after the area with the boxes. If you get close to them, you will get scorched. Look ahead and make sure that you do not run into either of the flames. Past the flames, a simple curve will send you into the airship's cannon. You will fly across the stage and land inside a half destroyed tower. Since the tower is one long curve. Start a power slide and hold it until you are at the end of the tower. It is easy to hit the side while doing a power slide, so try to start your power slide as close to the inside of the track as you can. As you leave the tower, veer off to the right to avoid falling off the part of the track that is damaged. After the demolished track you will come to a wide turn, which you should pass while using a power slide. =========== Special Cup =========== ------------- Wario Stadium ------------- Coming Soon! ------------- Peach Gardens ------------- Coming Soon! ------------- Bowser Castle ------------- Every Mario Kart game has had at least one Bowser Castle level, and one (Super Circuit) had seven! It's the place Mario always goes to rescue the Princess, and it is also a nerve wrecking racecourse. The beginning of Bowser Castle is completely straight. Speed off and drive steady as you enter the castle. Two Thwomps will be inside, but you can easily avoid them by staying in the center of the track. Also, there are four item boxes in front of the Thwomps that you can collect. After you pass the Thwomps, start a power slide to make it through the sharp turn. You will only have a short distance before you will need to power slide again to make it past yet another sharp turn, and you are going to want to start your power slide early. The next section of the course sends you up two flights of stairs. Keep going straight up the stairs and turn with the wall. It is hard to do a power slide after the stairs, so a regular turn should suffice. Past the stairs you will go across a narrow bridge, which is a perfect place to lay weapons. After the bridge, you will come to a steep curve. The curve has two paths going out from it -- one halfway through the curve, and one at the end of the curve. The path that is halfway through the curve is easier, but it is a little longer. Use a power slide to make it through the entire curve, and then avoid the flame as you boost off. Further on in the path, you will come to a Thwomp that moves back and forth along the ground. Time it so that you are on the side of the road that the Thwomp is not on when you pass. When you pass the Thwomp, you will rejoin the other path. A long, spiraling curve will take you to the top of the castle. It is possible to power slide on the narrow track, but it is hard to do and not recommended. Simply turn normally as you head up. At the top, you will find a narrow, spinning bridge. Drive across the bridge as quickly as you can, and be sure to turn the opposite way that the bridge is spinning to compensate for the bridge's turning. By making it all the way across, you will earn a shorter lap. Should you happen to fall off, drive to the left to get on course. Three item boxes lie after spinning bridge, along with a turn that you can power slide through. You will head downward after the turn and go over a jump. It leads to a single large, moving platform. In all, there are four moving platforms, and you will have to drive across each one of them. Look ahead to see where each platform is so that you can avoid landing in the lava. Upon landing on regular track after the moving platforms, you will see item boxes and another turn. Power slide through that turn and the turn after it, and then maneuver through the S-curve to make it to the finish line. ------------ Rainbow Road ------------ It's the Mario Kart signature track: every Mario Kart game has had a Rainbow Road, and it tends to be the most popular track. How do you take on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart DS? You are about to find out. The beginning of the track has three long boost plates. Everyone goes over the boost plates, so they do not affect racing much. In between the second and third boost plates are four item boxes, so get at least one. After the three long boost plates, the track will curve. During the curve, there are four more boost plates. The first is near the inside of the track, the second is in the middle of the track, the third is on the outside of the track, and the fourth is on the inside of the track. Fresh off the third long boost plate, start a power slide and curve towards the center of the track to hit the first narrow boost strip. As you speed up, move to the center of the track (keep power sliding) to get another boost of speed. Then, move to near the edge of the track for the third boost plate, and finally move back to the inside of the track for the final speed enhancer. After the curve is fully over, release your power slide for yet another boost of speed. This is a difficult maneuver, but it is well worth the effort. Consider practicing it before a heated race. Once you have completed the long curve, you have a short section of straight track. Use any items that you received here. At the end of the straight section is a loop with item boxes before it. You won't have to worry about the loop too much, as it is covered with boost plates that will give the speed to go around it. However, it is possible to fall off the loop if you get hit by an item of hit the rail when you are upside-down, so be careful. Oh, and don't try jumping either. Past the loop, you have another straight section of track followed by a hairpin curve. There are no walls, so you will have to be careful. Start a power slide early enough so that you can easily make the turn and get a speed boost. Also, make sure you don't fall off the edge. When you have finished that, you will drop a short distance and come to another curve. It is easy to take this curve on at full speed if you stay on the inside of the track, and it has item boxes before it that you can use to your benefit. Once you complete the curve, start power sliding for the next hairpin turn. It is fairly easy to pass the second hairpin turn of the level if you power slide and don't get knocked off by enemies. After it, you will come to a corkscrew. It is like the loop, and it has boost plates all the way across it. As you go upside-down, do not hit the edge of jump if you want to stay on the track. And if you are behind and can time a blue winged Koopa shell so that it hits first place as he goes upside- down, do that as well. With the corkscrew behind you, you only have a short distance before the finish line. In that short distance is a small curve. It is possible to power slide through the curve, but it is difficult to do. Unless you start your power slide early enough, you will have to resort to merely drifting through the curve. After that, you will head across the finish line and onto your second lap. *=*=*=*=*=*=*=* 12. Multiplayer *=*=*=*=*=*=*=* ============== Battle Courses ============== Nintendo DS ___________________________________________ | | | ? # # ? | | ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | | || || | | || ? ? || | | || ? ? || | | || ? ? || | | ...... || || ...... | | ...... || || ...... | | ...... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ...... | | ? o _______________________ o ? | |_________| |--------|--------| | |_________| _________|_|________|________|_|_|_________ | ___ \ _______________________ /__ __ | | |___| | ||__| |__|| | S | | S | | _ | ? ? | | | S_| |_ | ? ? | (X) S | | |_ _| | ? ? | (Y) (A) | | S |_| | | (B) S | | | | | | S |_______________________| S | |________/ Nintend[]DS \________| | |MIC. [] | |___________________________________________| Key ? = Item Box S = Starting Point Yes, this course is of the Nintendo DS. It is also flat. That means you will not have to worry about driving onto the touch screen or the buttons, as it will seem as if nothing changed. Just like the real DS, the top portion of this course is slanted, making for some unique battles. The hinges of the system provide a ramp up to the top half of the DS, while the sections on either side of the hinges are short walls. The top half of the system has many ? boxes, and it is protected somewhat by the walls on the lower portion of the system. I would advise spending most of your battle time on the top half, as it gives lots of item and sniping opportunities. Twilight House Palm Shore Tart Top Block Fort Pipe Plaza ------------------------------ |----PPPP-PPPP--PPPP-PPPP----| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | U| |U | | | | | | | | | | ?| |? | | | | |------------| | | | | ? ? | | | | ? | | | | ------------- | | | |RR| |RR| | | |R?|? ?|?R| | | | | ? ? | ------------------------------ Key ?: Item box U: Item box underneath top layer P: Pipe R: Ramp An interesting battle course, Pipe Plaza is certain to keep you entertained for a long while. With nothing but two ramps blocking the ground layer, it is a wide open track with plenty of opportunities to attack. However, there is another layer to this track -- literally. The top layer is narrow (and it is displayed above), but is does have lots of item boxes and it is a great place for sniping. What's most unique about this course is its pipes. When you enter one of the pipes on the ground level (the middle two) you will fly out the pipe that leads to the top layer and is adjacent to the pipe that you entered. When you go into one of the pipes that is on top, you will go out the opposite ground based pipe. It's an interesting system, and you can use it as part of you overall strategy. ============== Balloon Battle ============== Balloon Battle is an interesting game mode where you fight to be the last person standing. In Balloon Battle, you must drive around and collect items to attack the other players with. Whenever you hit them, they will lose a balloon. Once all their balloons are gone, they are out. The last person alive wins. At the beginning of a match, each person starts out with five balloons. One of them is inflated, while the rest are deflated. Only inflated balloons count, so if they get hit with only one inflated balloon, they will be out. To get more inflated balloons, the person needs to simply blow into their microphone. This will blow up one balloon at a time. Each person can hold up to three balloons. How many balloons you want at a time, however, is up to you. You might think three balloons is best, but it may actually be better to have two at a time. When you get a mushroom, you can use its speed to slam into an opponent. If you hit them fast enough, you will get one of their balloons. The only problem is that if you have three balloons when you hit them, you will not be able to steal one of their balloons. Since stealing balloons is a great way to hurt you opponents while helping yourself, consider only having two balloons inflated at a time. If you get hit, you still have time to inflate another balloon before you are eliminated, and if you get a mushroom you can use it to add another balloon to your inventory. ============= Shine Runners ============= Collect the shines! In Shine Runners, time is important. At the beginning of the race, your goal is to drive around and collect as many shines as you can. Your opponents will do the same. After a certain amount of time (it varies depending on the stage), the player with the least amount of shines will be eliminated. If more than one person has the least amount of shines (say, two people have zero), then both of them will be eliminated. Every so often after that there will be another elimination, and the last person standing is the winner. ============= Download Play ============= When you have a friend that has a DS but doesn't have Mario Kart DS, download play is the way to go. It allows up to eight people to play with only a single Mario Kart DS game card. To begin download play as the host, go to Multiplayer and select Create Group. Then, choose simple mode. The people who are going to download need to turn on their DS systems and go to DS Download Play. After they locate you game, they should select it. Once you (the host) have everyone you want, select Cut Off at the bottom of the screen. This will start the download for the people wo are in your group. The download may take a while, so be patient. As soon as the download is done, game play can begin. Choose your character and kart (the others have to play as Shy Guy), and select the game mode that you want. When racing, you can only race from one of the courses in either the Mushroom Cup or the Shell Cup. You get to choose the level, and you can have computer opponents. While playing Balloon Battle or Shine Runners, you can also have opponents. Unfortunately, the game randomly chooses the level for you to play on, and it varies from Nintendo DS to Tart Top to Pipe Plaza. Although it is lacking in features, download play is a great way to have fun with people who don't have Mario Kart DS. ============== LAN Quick Race ============== Coming Soon! ========================= Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ========================= --------------- Getting Started --------------- To use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you will have to first establish a wireless connection in the area that you are in. Upon selecting Nintendo WFC, go down to Nintendo WFC Settings. Choose Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings. In that area, you will have up to three connections that you can establish. If you are using a wireless router, select one of the empty connections. Usually, you will have to choose Search for an Access Point. That will cause the DS to automatically search for a wireless connection in range. When it finds something, the DS will display all of the connections it found and you will have to choose one. If it is unlocked, it will take you to a screen where you can test the connection. Once you have successfully tested the connection, press back several times until you are at the first menu in Nintendo WFC, and then select Nintendo WFC Match. If the connection is locked, you will have to find the router's WEP key and enter it into the DS to play on the connection. I am not an expert on wireless connections, so if you cannot connect try going to to learn more details. ---------- The Basics ---------- Ah, at last, it is finally here. Nintendo has been waiting a long time, and now it has gone online. Online play is available if you have a Wi- Fi router or the Nintendo USB Adapter, both of which allow you to play online. If you need information on connecting, visit for additional details. Once you have connected, you will need to choose which type of game you want. You can choose friends, rivals, regional, or worldwide. Each setting allows you to play against different types of people. Select your setting, and then you will have to wait for competitors. Three boxes will appear on the lower screen, and they are where your opponents will show up. If the game is attempting to gain a connection with someone, the box on the left side will flash yellow. Depending on how many people it locates, you will then start a match with one to three adversaries. First, select your character and your kart. You have thirty seconds to do so. All of your competitors will do the same, and then it is ready to race. The game will take you to another screen where all twenty Wi- Fi enable tracks are. Each person has a limited amount of time to select the course they want to race on. The one with the most votes wins. In the case of a tie, the game will randomly choose the course out of the ones selected. The racing portion of the game is almost the same, except for a few differences. One of these is that you cannot press Start, so you have to play through the entire match without stopping. Also, you cannot hold items behind your kart. This will seem strange, but you have to get used to it. A final word: the race is on 100cc, so if you are the type of person who does 150cc only shortcuts (ones that you have to be on 150cc or have a mushroom to complete), then you will have to wait for a mushroom to appear in your inventory before attempting the shortcut. At the end of each race, you will be given points based on what place you earned and how many opponents there were. After a set of four races, you will receive your overall place. That's it for now. I'll try to add more details later on. ----------------- Winning the Races ----------------- I admit, Mario Kart DS requires a lot of skill to win. Strategies are useful, but you have to have practice if you are to put them into practice. Items also add a layer of randomness to the game, so you might be better than your competitors and still lose because of a barrage of items that they throw at you. While playing online, I noticed many advantages that people missed because they were not familiar with the levels. Here I am going to list many things that people did wrong, and I hope that you will pay attention and try to not make these mistakes when you play. I will also list strategies. Sky Garden: This is first because it is very common. You do not know how many people do not take the cloud shortcut near the end of the race (see Sky Garden in the Courses section). It is an extremely easy shortcut, as it only requires two hops to complete. Actually, you can usually complete the shortcut without hopping at all. Anyway, it can save a lot of time. I try to get a Sky Garden race in every match, partly because nobody uses the shortcut and I can get an easy win. Saving Mushrooms: Some courses have shortcuts that you use when you have a mushroom. If you get a mushroom and the shortcut is a long ways away, it is okay if you use the mushroom before reaching the shortcut. However, if you are only going to miss one set of item boxes, consider saving the mushroom. Never ever ever use a mushroom before a shortcut if there are no item boxes on the way to the shortcut. You will not lose anything by saving the mushroom, and you will lose a lot of time if you do not use the mushroom on the shortcut. And if you are first, keep a mushroom until the absolute opportune time to use it. Seriously, what are you going to get from the item boxes when you are in first? A banana? I think I proved my point. ------- Scoring ------- Okay, so you actually want to know how the scoring system works. I'll tell you. Whenever you go online and race people, you have to race in a four course match. That means you cannot leave legally until four races are done. In each individual race, you receive points depending on what place you earned. These points do not matter at all until the very end. That said, you could get last in a race and still not have it affect your score as long as you get first overall. Anyway, once four races are done, you receive your position for the overall match. For each person you beat, you receive one win. For each person you lost against, you receive one loss. If you tie, it counts that you neither beat nor lost against the person that you tied with. It is fairly simple, but I made a chart just to simplify it further. 4 Person Match 1st Place: 3 Wins, 0 Losses 2nd Place: 2 Wins, 1 Loss 3rd Place: 1 Win, 2 Losses 4th Place: 0 Wins, 3 Losses 3 Person Match 1st Place: 2 Wins, 0 Losses 2nd Place: 1 Wins, 1 Loss 3rd Place: 0 Wins, 2 Losses 2 Person Match 1st Place: 1 Win, 0 Losses 2nd Place: 0 Wins, 1 Loss ------------- DISCONNECTING ------------- This has to be addressed. Many people disconnect in the race, but they are actually doing MORE HARM TO THEMSELVES than good. Whenever you DISCONNECT, you AUTOMATICALLY get LAST PLACE. Period. If you are in a four person race, you INSTANTLY get THREE LOSSES. Basically, you are shooting yourself in the foot. No, it is worse than that. You are shooting yourself in the head. Not only do your forfeit any chance that you had of getting something better than last place, you also miss out on any enjoyment you could have had by actually racing. Instead of disconnecting, which is the absolute dumbest thing that you could do, keep playing with those who are better than you and try to learn some ways that you could improve. It will make everyone's game a whole ton better.