Mario in High School

The first day of coolness

Setting: Nintendo High (Mario, Luigi, Ness)

(The first day of school, High school. Everybody is happy because all their friends will be there and Wono is gone. Well Mario blasts out of of Reaffix St. and Luigi Dodo Rd. )

Mario(running fast): Yo! Yoshi.

(He runs into the school, make a right turn into C wing, and blasts to the Nintendo High gym on F wing, and BAM! )

Ness: Watch it, Mario.

Mario: Sorry, in a rush.

Ness: I got my locker called. Well bye.

(Mario get to the gym in time to hear his locker. B: wing 286)

Luigi: Hi. Last years disaster. Right.

Mario: Yup, see ya later.

Principal: B wing locker number 289, Luigi Mario.

Luigi: Good.

Setting: Room 12SN(History)(Bowser, Peach, Link, Luke)

Teacher: Good morning, I am Mr. Kittit.

All: Good morning Mr. Kittit!

Luke: Jerk!

(Luke does the instant kid whistle)

Kittit: Sorry class.

(He talk on about the 18th Century)

Luke(Whispering): No ones listening.

Link(Whispering): Some people fall asleep

Kittit: . . . Hyrure was taken over. . .

Link(Whispering): I’m listening!

(Link turns around to listen)

10 minutes later:

Bowser, Peach(Whispering): We’re not listening

Kittit: … The day of the Mushroom Kingdom…

Luke(Whispering): It’s not fair I half to listen to the stupid stuff about the Heroes because I AM NOT IN A VIDEO GAME!

Setting: Cafeteria(Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Luke, Falcon)

Mario: The bread of a pita has no fat, that’s good, right?

Luigi: Ya, the packages always lie

Mario: Ya, Exept for mushys!

Luke: I like mushys.

Mario: Scram! No losers sitting here.

Peach: Video game heros sit here.

Bowser(Coming near): And villans

Luigi: Bowser, isn’t all the Animals sitting near the Sega table today?

Bowser: Yup! See ya!

Mario: Scram, Luke.

Peach: Falcon, over here!

Luke: But hes a loser. Grrr!

Luigi: Bye: Bye Luke!

Falcon(Sitting down): They bumped up the prezels 2 coins

Luigi: All I have is 13 coins

Falcon: I got a haircut.

Mario: Wow. I can’t see it!

Setting: Bathroom(Mario, Luke)

Mario: Hi Luke.

Luke: I want to be cool.

Mario: Fine, I’ll have you in a video game soon. And you must enter the Heros club.

Luke: OK.

Mario: But, you must sit at the newbie table.

Luke: Deal.

Mario: Go now to class, cool people learn.