Mario in High School: Episode 4 Luigi and the Geeks

Setting-Bus(Luigi, Bowser, Peach)

(It was October 29, and it was raining, the bus ride home was okay…), Bowser that was stupid.

Luigi-You just wasted 300 coins!

Bowser-Ya, so. I can get the money back. I own the High School Shop.

Luigi-8 months till you can pay it back. Get another job in town and ace it in 4!

(Bus stops at red light between Dodo rd. and Cron Dr.)

Peach-Look out the window! South Cron!

Bowser-Job offer?

Peach-No, the school Geeks, they live 3 blocks away from Wario. They walk home, in the rain?

Luigi-But don’t take the bus.

Peach-And we need to find out why!

Setting-Nintendo High Boiler Room(Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser)

Mario-So… what’s the plan?

Bowser-We follow them home today.

Toad-We don’t have time!


Toad-Because tomorrow’s Halloween!


Toad-November’s Eve! When the Geeks pull a stunt…

Luigi-I know, I’ll find out there stunt and tell you guys!

Bowser-It’s almost 2! Gotta go!

Setting-Nintendo High Basement(Luigi, King Geek, Geeks(5))

Luigi-I have come to join your group!

King Geek-So, now we do Geek Feast for New Guy!

Geek 1-Ready…

King Geek- Geeks!

Geeks-Pick nose! Pick nose!

Luigi-That made no sense!

Geek 2-We are the uncool.

Geek 3-Now time to make stunt!

King Geek-Stunt 2005! Apple Sauce! Cafeteria!

Geek 4 and 5-Now we prepare! To the streets!

Luigi-I gotta go, see ya!

Setting-Yoshi’s Treehouse (Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, King Geek)

Luigi-I got the Geek stunt!



Bowser-4.49! I mean, What!

Luigi- There gonna pour Apple Sauce on the Cafeteria!

Peach-We must warn the school!

Mario-To the club of coolness!

Wario-Samus is grounded!

Yoshi-And using the speakers, they could hear!

Luigi-But I got an a idea!


Toad-I know what your thinking….

All-Table Talk!

(Meanwhile on ground)

King Geek-We’ll see about that!

Setting-Cafeteria(Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, King Geek)

Mario-The Geeks pull there stunt in 9 minutes! We can still make it!

(Apple Sauce tank appears on the balcony)


King Geek-Your too late! You thought joining us could save the cool kids!

(Toad crawls behind tank with toolkit)

Peach-Still, he did it for a reason!

Yoshi-It was only-uh..

Luigi-48 seconds

Yoshi-48 seconds!

Wario-Plus to become an official geek it takes 5 minutes!

Bowser-Plus, where did all that apple sauce come?

King Geek-The Apple store! It links to the Basement!


Peach-So that explains it!

King Geek-It’s Apple Sauce time!

(Turns on tank, shoots up and hits King Geek)

Toad(Twirling wrench)-Happy Halloween!

King Geek-Grrrrrr!

Setting-Nintendo High Basement(Luigi, Janitor, Toad)

Janitor-I cemented the passage!

Luigi-So…Geek stunt, game over.

Toad-I knew they use apple every year.