Mario in High School: Episode 3 The dividing line between School and Home

Setting: Cafeteria(Mario, Luke, Toad, Peach)

(We told Luke everything of getting in a video game. But we forgot one thing.)

Luke: Why do cool people learn?

Mario: So theirs more homework to burn.

Luke: Why do you want to burn your homework.

Mario: It’s in The dividing line between School and Home.

Luke: Whets that?

Mario: It’s a fake line in our minds that divides the torture of school and the relaxing time at home. Between 9 and 3:30 we our on the school side of the line. That’s 6 and a half hours of torture and work. Between 3:31 PM and 8:59 am we our on the relaxing at home side.

Luke: oh

Toad and Peach: The line is private and should never be announces in class.

Luke: Wh-

(Luke is cut off by the bell)

Setting: Hallway (Mario, Toad, Peach)

Toad: I don’t trust him.

Peach: Me neither.

Mario: Now I have a bad feeling about this.

Toad: (Throwing lunch card in locker) Come on. It’s October. The month where the leaves start falling and people bunge off the roof,the nerds start picking thiers noses and Carl Fan mashes to class.

Peach: I know but he could say something about it.

Setting: 5JB(Social) (Luke, Mr. Ched) : short setting:

Mr. Ched: What is the meaning of school? Luke?

Luke: (Accidentally) The dividing line between School and Home .

Mr. Ched: You are in for detention. As for the rest of the school…


Setting: club of coolness (Samus backyard(backs on to the school))(Mario, Toad, Bowser, Link, Sonic, Samus)


Sonic: Why did u tell him?

Toad: Luke wanted to know why cool people learn!

Link: Now the line has spread into the staff school!

Samus: The what?

Link: The Teachers! Janitor!

Bowser: Didn’t he say Why?

(complete silence)

Mario: Well, Maybe I should:

Toad: You always do everything!

(Arguing continues till 10:15)

Bowser: Guys we got homework!

(Everyone charges out the door)

Setting: Room 12SN(History)(Mario, Mr. Kittit, Luke, Bowser)

Kittit: Class wait right here.

(Mr. Kittit leaves room)

Luke: Yesterday-

Mario: Ya, we now.

Bowser: The line was fully said in 1998. And the next time they heard it, they would the whole school in dentition!

Luke: o

Setting: Detention (everyone, evilbot)

Mrs. Evilbot: 80 to a seat!

(1030 people fall off)

Mrs. Evilbot: Now silence for 8 hours!

Luigi: Till 10:30pm!

Mrs. Evilbot: Yes till 12 grade! And Quadruple Extreme Homework!

All: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Setting: Outback (Luigi, Luke, Falcon)

Luigi: I can’t take this anymore!

Falcon: I got more because I said divide.

(Luke comes)

Luigi(grabbing Luke): Listen,? we are gonna beet you up

Luke: But…

(Punching and kicking)

Setting: Principal’s Office (Mario, Mr.Deniers, Luke, Luigi)

Mr.Deniers: You know…

(Luke gulps)

Mr.Deniers: The dividing line between School and Home was our creation. We got in detention as we’ll.

Mario: What?

Mr.Deniers: Ya, we were test it on you. But the next person who said would be expelled.

Luigi: oh HA HA HA!

Mr.Deniers: So Luke is expelled.

Luigi: Ha ha ha ha!

Luke: I’ll find a better school!

Luigi: HA HA HA HA!


Episode 4: Luigi and the Geeks

King Geek: Geeks!

Geeks: Pick nose! Pick nose!

Luigi: That made no sense!