Mario in High School: Episode 2 The Greek Teacher

Setting: Library (Luigi, Mario, Nintendi)

(October, the leaves start falling and people bunge off the roof, the nerds start picking thiers noses and Carl Fan mashes to class Eeee.)

Mario: Stop reading what Luke put on the test.

Luigi: We have 5 Minutes left

Mario: you need a book for the book report which is due November.

Luigi: Uh Oh.

(Luigi races to the Novel and picks out Long Live the Prince turn to the checkout and Crash!)

Nintendi: Never crash into the Nintendo Princess!

Luigi: Sorry, Peach.

Nintendi: Who’s Peach

Luigi: What are Ahhh! You are no Peach!

Nintendi: I am Nintendi Gos, (spins around) the future Nintendo Queen.

Luigi: Shut up.Peach is princess Mario is…

Nintendi: My boyfriend.

Luigi: No Peach is.Bye!

Setting: 20SM(Art)(Luigi, Fox): –Short setting–

Luigi: Ever heard of someone named Nintendi.

Fox: No.

Luigi: She thinks shes the Princess of Nintendo.

Fox: She wired.

Setting: 45DK (Donkey Kong, Samus, Mario, Nintendi, Peach, Falcon)

Mrs.Gos: Morning, sit down and Nintendi will open 3rd language

D.K.: But Phil is:

Mrs.Gos: Shut up!

Mario (Whispering): She crazyer then her daughter

Mrs.Gos: Thank you, Nintendi will rule the Mushroom Kingdom so crowned freak, give it to Nintendi

(Nintendi smiles bratty)

Mrs.Gos: We are learning Greek.

All(Except for Nintendi): WHAT?

(Mrs. Gos Talks about Greek)

(Whispering people start complaining)

Falcon: I will vener you!

Mario: Falcon, It’s viner vin: er.

Falcon: I hate Greek!

Mario: Too bad!Nintendi’s mom want us smarter.

Samus: Worse than Deadly day.

(The bell rings)

Mrs. Gos: See ya all after your 15 minute break.

Setting: Cafeteria (Donkey Kong, Samus, Mario, Nintendi, Peach, Falcon, Mrs.Gos)

Mario: I hate miss Gosshead!

Peach: I look stupid.

Nintendi: Bye, motal hog.

Donkey Kong: Pound you!

Samus: Blast you!

Falcon: Run over you!

Mrs.Gos: Praise you.Peach sit somewhere else.

(Mario gets angry)


(Mario blasts her in the air with a fireball and everyone loves him. (How does that make sense?))

All: Mario!Mario!

Mario: And has for Nintendi.

(Shows outside, nintendi flew across the Parking Lot and in to a bush.

Everyone in school: And stay out!

Mario: No more Nintendi!

Samus: More Italian! Less Greek!

Peach: My crown is back!We Win!

Samus: How?


Episode 3: The Dividing Line Between School and Home

Luke: Why do cool people learn?

Mario: So theirs more homework to burn.