Mario Bros. vs. Wicked Bros.

Mario Bros.

Wicked Bros.

Mario Bros: Together Mario and Luigi look impossible to beat.

Wicked Bros: They may not be as strong, but have plenty of dirty tricks.

Toad: Welcome to tonight’s Character Battles, where we host the Brother’s clash between the Mario Bros and Wicked Bros. Your opinion, Toadette?

Toadette: Well, I believe that the Mario Bros. will win it quite fair, and easy as well.

Toad: Well we are about to find out, now so introducing… THE MARIO BROS.!

All the crowds now starts cheering for them as they walk, Mario wearing a red robe and Luigi in the Green, and starts waving to the crowd as they enter the ring and takes there robes off, pumped for action.

Toadette: And second we have the stupid fighters: THE WICKED BROS.!

They enter, and as they walk, a person shows them a sign of Quan Chi on it.

Waluigi: Wario, look there, it’s a poster of Quan Chi on it! He plays very dirty and I do as well, we should meet.

Wario: Quiet, Waluigi, we will win this deathmatch very easy so shut up already.

Toad: Okay, now let the game commence.

Ref Guy: FIGHT!

Mario: Ready to lose again Wario? This shall not take long you know.

Wario: Really well it won’t take long to defeat you as well, mortal.

Mario: Mortal?!?

As Wario looks at the other side he sees Luigi getting bashed already by Waluigi by giving him a headlock now.

Wario: Well looking good for my brother now to finish you loser.

Mario: Well I play Mortal Kombat all the time and practice the moves that Liu Khang always does so you’d better watch out, fat man.

Mario leaps into the air and kicks Wario in the face and Wario lands down the ground, gets up slowly and all of a sudden he sees a hand go to his face and Mario pushes his face down the ground again.

Wario: Ahh, you kick softly Mario! Man, I’ve-a practiced how to steal energy like Shang Shung and your now gone.

Mario walked back a bit with fear.

As for the other side Mario looked behind him and saw Luigi kicking Waluigi as he was now going to climb up the pole and pound him down. Mario grinned to Wario.

Mario: Now we take control of the match and you are going now.

Mario starts to throw fire balls and Wario now starts being hit now and runs with fire on his pants and Mario runs to Wario and Tackles him down the ground and punches him once.

Mario: So you think you can beat me now Wario?

Wario: Yep, with a smart answer.

Baff! Mario hits Wario. Baff! Again he hits Wario. And again he punches Wario. And he punches Wario one last time.

Mario then grabs Wario and knees him at the chest and spins around kicks Wario at the jaw and lands with pain within him.

Mario: It’s-a useless, Wario.

As for there Mario just dodges down and sees Waluigi being sent flying across the ring and gets smashed on the commentator booth and lands back down also in pain.

Toad: Hey, watch it!

Mario: Go Luigi.

Toad: Whoa, well done! Great team work there for Mario and Luigi.

Toadette: Indeed. It seems that they always talk about Mortal Kombat for some reason…

Toad: Yes one always talks about Liu Khang and the other about that weird Chinese name that I can’t say properly.

Toadette: Well who cares, Waluigi and Wario are now both getting up; now look.

Wario: That will be the last time you ever touch me again you son of a potato.

Mario: What’s that supposed to mean?

Waluigi: It-a means that we are going to win now stop talking already, dang it.

Luigi: Not if the Mario Bros. are fighting you. Watch-a this now. Kung Luo style.

Toad: See now one about Kung Luo; amazing.

Luigi jumps in the air and tackles Waluigi as Waluigi rolls on top and gives Luigi a first punch of the second round.

Wario now looks at Mario with his evil grin with fire behind him…. Not really.

Wario: See now we shall win for you lob head.

Mario: Go for it.

Wario does the weird kick that Tsung Shung always does and kicks Mario at the face.

Mario: At least you are now starting fight.

As Mario gets up he points to Wario to come forward.

Mario: Well okay then, come and hit me again if you dare you fat lemon.

Wario starts to run at Mario. As Mario opens his eyes he sees Wario coming about only 2 meters away from him.

And as Mario bends down his charges his fist up and straight away he uppercuts Wario in the jaw and falls back down again

With Mario running to Wario to cause him closer to lose the fight he looks at Luigi to see how he’s going. Luigi was swinging Waluigi as his head kept on getting smashed from the pole he always swings and then he throws Waluigi and as he was sent flying Luigi went after him and was throwing green fire balls while he was trying to get to him.

After that Mario smiled and looked at Wario. Wario was getting up and Mario then was going to punch Wario, but Wario dodged and swings his leg and trips Mario down and Wario body slams Mario.

Toad: Well this is tough and for my opinion the Wicked Bros might be having the lead now because at the other side Waluigi is bashing the life out of Luigi and it seems that he’s about to like do a very deadly attack.

Toadette: Yes well this IS a Deathmatch for people being badly injured.

Toad: We’re supposed to call them Character Battles, to avoid critics of too much violence…

Wario grabs Mario by the shirt and throws away Mario and Wario was about to steal a bit of Mario’s energy.

But Mario just rolled over, jumps and starts to strangle the life out of Wario when he could not breath.

Wario could not breath anymore so he elbowed Mario at the hip and grabbed Mario’s arms and bends down

and pushes Mario out of his body, away from his misery.

As for that Luigi was totally massacring Waluigi as he punches him a few times and he started bashing him with his hammer that Mario gave him or something.

Now Mario looks at Luigi and smiles and jumps in mid air, drops again and grabs Wario’s legs and drags him down as Mario was back standing and he drops and elbows Wario at the rib cage.

Toad: Oh Dear that’s got to hurt! You know it would hurt really badly.

Toadette: Yea well Mario is back in business now.

Mario: Well Wario I do admit you are better than couple years ago but I will-a beat you here and now!

Mario grabs Wario by the hat really deep so that he grabs his hair as Wario was yelling and Mario smacks Wario in the face a good one with a weird slapping noise at his face.

Mario then was about to do the Double Triple Quat kick that Lou Khang does in Deception.

Wario looks at Mario as he looks and Mario then starts to kick the fat out of Wario and lands down as Mario

gets to position.

Wario: Arr! You red mustached freak.

Mario: What? I was just playing fair.

Wario: You know how I hate fair play!

As they were talking Luigi was having Waluigi on the fence and was going to punch him really hard on the stomach.

BAFF! Luigi punches Waluigi so hard he begins to cough a lot. And then Luigi started punching him at the stomach many times, too many to count so everything was looking good there for the Mario Bros.; so back to Mario and Wario.

Mario picks Wario up and kicks him twice at the back of the leg and then get jumps and spins again side kicks Wario and turns about 85 degrees from away from Mario and then he continues spinning and kicks Wario again, flies and was going to land at Waluigi where he was getting totally canned by Luigi and lands right on Waluigi.

With the Mario Bros taking the lead and having a quick high five.

Toad: Well The Mario Bros are doing pretty well now, it seems that they should win now don’t you think Toadette?

Toadette: Absolutely Toad, you’re so right.

Ref Guy: Okay time out give them time to get up on my count to 10. 1.

Mario: Just get it over with.

Luigi: Yea stupid rule you always do you know.

Ref Guy: Still.

Wario: Errrrrr, ahhhh…

As Wario gets up, he slowly giving Waluigi a hand, and has badly bruised and a big swollen eye.

Waluigi: You think we are done? You must be joking!

Luigi: Well look at you’re sissy face then it’s ugly and could frighten young children with that face.

Waluigi: You’re about to be getting a very ugly face now, skinner man!

Waluigi runs really quickly and smashes Luigi.

Mario: Hay Ref, you said time!


Wario punches Mario when Mario was looking at the Ref Guy.

Wario then grabs Mario to punch him but Mario blocks it and breaks Wario’s wrist and kicks him in the butt and punches Wario and goes to him, grabs him, and charges this time and Smacks Wario this time and lands in pain this time as Mario walks Wario like in Goldeneye when you finish Streets.

Meanwhile not looking good for the Mario Bros as Waluigi was kicking Luigi at the face as Luigi looked as he was knocked out.

Wario smiled. As Mario grabs him he knees Wario at the gut and gives another uppercut to Wario as he falls.

Mario: Okey-dokey, finished yet Wario?

As Mario grabs Wario by the collar Wario punches Mario up side down and as Wario was running to Mario, Wario leaps but Mario steps aside and grabs Wario by the arms and throws him down the ground. Smart trick.

Mario turns around and sees how Luigi was doing and everything looked like it was over for the Wicked Bros as Luigi was starting to kick Waluigi in the face and rib cage and he grabs him and starts to punch Waluigi 4 times and was about to kick Waluigi but he grabs Luigi’s leg.

Waluigi: Think fast, greenie.

Luigi then lifts his leg up and does a back flip to SMASH kick Waluigi so fast and hard and Waluigi’s head was almost touching his foot and falls with a crack in his neck.

Luigi: Think fast, skinny brain.

So after that, Mario goes to Wario to finish him off and was about to jump on him. But as soon Mario was going to jump on Wario, Wario placed his legs and on Mario’s chest and swings him down and falls as he gets back up as same as Wario Mario runs to Wario and tackles him.

At the other side Luigi was smashing Waluigi at the back ribs with his elbow as Waluigi was facing the ground and having his legs trapped around Luigi so Luigi could not get out but Luigi was next as Luigi was placing his knees on his back and was elbowing Waluigi so many times that Waluigi was in so much pain and Luigi herd a loud crack at Waluigi’s ribs and it sounded like that they were broken or something so Luigi bit Waluigi’s leg and was set free and grabbed his legs and punched him and threw him again.

So the Mario Bros were taking everything under control by far.

As for Mario he was on top of Wario with his hands out, which means that he could not take it anymore.

Mario was punching Wario so many times Wario kneed Mario at the gut and kicked Mario out so Wario can feel the punches Mario gave to Wario as Wario was on the floor unable to get up.

Mario: Well Tsung Shung had enough?

Tsung Shung: Oh keep quiet, imp Wario you wimp.

Liu Khang: Well call me Mario then.

Wario starts to try to get up slowly which is working but Wario had a massive lump on his eye which he could not very well see with that right eye.

Mario looks at Luigi again and that was it. Luigi was totally bashing Waluigi so he grabs him by the head and starts to run with his head sticking up and smashes his head at the pole and was finished and was knocked out.

Toad: Well they have them now they should win now that’s for sure Toadette.

Ref Guy: Okay. That’s it Waluigi is out.

Luigi: That’s it alright now to finish him off with a Fatality, and this is what Khung Lou does now.

Luigi takes his hat off and throws it at Waluigi and slices Waluigi’s hat off.

Luigi: Who’s the Monkey now, oh that’s right you’re knocked out you sissy loser. Ho ho ho!

Luigi just now watches Mario finishes Wario off now.

Wario looks at Waluigi and gets his arm out and gives him power for some unknown reason.

Mario: What on Earth are you doing Wario bro?

Wario: You’ll see…Finished now lets fight you bum and make it quick.




Ref Guy:…?!?!

Mario: Your confusing me…LUIGI BEHIND YOU NOOOOOW.

Waluigi: Ah don’t move a muscle greenie.

Luigi: Oh what you have my neck ready to break do you? Well-

CRACK! Waluigi had just broke Luigi’s Neck and was having dizzy eye’s and was dead just like how Quan Chi breaks peoples necks.

Mario: NOOOOO!!! LUIGI!!! You killed him Waluigi you monster!

Waluigi: Well it is called a Death Match doesn’t it Mario?

Toad: I told you, we’re calling them Character Battles!

Mario: Great my brother is dead! Shame on you Waluigi.

Toad: Well look at this! Waluigi has killed Luigi now the Wicked brothers will win for sure now.

Toadette: Well Waluigi should but hang on how did he get back up in the first place then?

Wario: Well Mario that’s what I was doing I was giving Waluigi power to come back to fight now. Smart isn’t it?

Mario: You cheat. You really do play dirty don’t you, pigs.

Waluigi: Well now we will just kill you now weh heh heh!

Wario jumps and was going to kick Mario but he blocked it and kicked Wario in the butt again really hard and fell down in more pain. Waluigi now leaps into the air and was going to punch Mario but he dodged him and just grabbed his legs and slammed him down and turned him around and had his neck in place to break and.


Mario had now broke Waluigi’s Neck and was unable to fight.

Mario: Now we are still with us now Wario.

Wario gets up quickly and runs at Mario. Mario closes his eyes and was charging his fists really hard it would be unbearable.


Wario was sent flying and lands down the ground and was definitely knocked out.


And the crowd now starts to make big noise and was cheering for Mario.

Toad: What a sensational match that was tops for sure the best well for my opinion, even though it was pretty gruesome…

Toadette: Yes indeed. Secruity please go and get some spare 1-Up Mushrooms so Luigi and Waluigi can come back alive please.

Secruity: Right away, Miss Toadette.

Toad comes down the hall to gives Mario congratulatory handshake, and Luigi as well, as soon he comes back alive.

Toad: Well done, Mario! You really are something when it comes to fighting! Your brother will be alive shortly so don’t worry.

Mario: That’s good it can wait we won this together.

Toadette: Well I got my right tip again well thanks very much for watching tonight and come again next time when we will have another exciting deathma- err, I mean character battle!

A light shines from the 1-Up Mushrooms; Luigi and Waluigi come to live.

Meanwhile, Eric and Smashmatt watched the whole fight.

Eric: …

Smashmatt: Well, uh, that was exciting…

Eric: Yeah, not to mention it was extremely inappropriate!

Smashmatt: Yeah, some on, I did the best I could! I men, I took out most, if not all the bloodshed in that fight AND replaced some of the words they said!

Eric: Yeah, still, let’s try to keep the rest of these character battles more “child-friendly,” okay?

Smashmatt: Okay…

Meanwhile, not too far from Toad’s Castle.

???: Yes. Now the time has come! The power that I seek will soon be mine! Mwa ha ha ha!