Mario and Rosalina Save The World

One day, on the Comet Observatory, Rosalina was looking at Earth through a telescope, and saw what a mess it was! So she sent the Observatory into orbit, around Earth, then made a descent.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Mario was having pizza. “You know, Luigi, it sucks that the world is so polluted…” grumbled Mario. “We ought to do something, Luigi.” So Mario finishes his pizza, pays the bill, and walks off. Then he gets in his Brooklyn car, a Porsche, 2 seater. Mario gets in the driver’s seat. Luigi gets in the passenger seat. Mario starts up the car, and heads to Washington, D.C. to tell the president about this. Mario turned left, then right, then left again, weaving through traffic. “You know, so much practice on the Moonview Highway got you better at driving through a city,” commented Luigi. Mario said nothing. He just turned on the GPS and punched in the White House. But then, the Observatory landed at the freeway. Everyone freaked out, except for Mario and Luigi, knowing it was Rosalina. Mario opened the door, but found out that the Porsche only had two seats. “Luigi, when I told you to get a car, I meant a 5-seater, not a two-seater!” scolded Mario. “Well, you don’t have to yell at me,” shouted Luigi. Mario just told Rosalina to get in, and have Luigi sit on her lap. That didn’t work. Mario seated Luigi next to Rosalina. That didn’t work, either. In the end, Rosalina had to squeeze into the space between the windshield and the airbag. “It’s not very comfortable, but it’s comfortable enough,” said Rosalina. So they took off for the White House.

Now, I can not tell you about the part when Mario meets the President of the United States, it was to be kept TOP SECRET, but what I can tell you is how the trio cleaned up the Earth.

Rosalina went underwater, and vacuumed all the lionfish up from the Pacific Ocean. Then she deposited them where they belonged. Then she took a few trees up to the ozone layer, and the trees fed on the CO2. Then she floated down, and started picking up trash.

Meanwhile, Mario opened a shop, called ELECTROMOTORS. Mario replaced the motors of the cars with electric or solar-powered motors. It was cleaner. Then he told the factories how to reduce pollution in the air by using lasers to make products. He helped all family farms switch to organic, and helped stop the use of hormones in cows.

Luigi, however, was supposed to help the Mushroom Kingdom. He told Peach to use solar powered motors for cars, and convinced everyone to use natural products. They told them to recycle paper, glass, plastic, and metal, and opened a recycling center called Mario, Luigi and Rosalina Memorial Recycling Center.

Finally, they were done. They went up in the observatory to view the Earth. It was as beautiful and clean as ever. It was a shiny blue marble. Then Mario and the Lumas build a satellite that took pictures of Earth. Then they thanked Rosalina for her help, and returned to their Brooklyn home.