Luigi Saves The Day

Note: most of the characters in this story are Nintendo’s. The only Character I own is Cirith.

WHACK! Mario’s foot smacked into the side of Bowser’s face, sending Bowser flying into the side of the Mushroom Castle wall. They were right in the front yard of the Mushroom Castle, duking it out (for the trillionth time). Princess Toadstool watched from the sidelines while cheering Mario on. Mario charged at Bowser, hoping to knock him out. This time Bowser was ready. He breathed a huge stream of fire at Mario, knocking Mario over. Bowser approached his prey, and just before shooting a tremendous fireball at Mario, something hit Bowser on the head so fast, it not only knocked him out, but it bounced away again at light speed…

2 hours later

“I DIDN’T DO IT! CAN I BREATH FIRE????” Luigi yelled as everyone started accusing him for the third degree burn Mario had on his arm. Bowser had been brought back to the Koopa Kingdom by Mushroom officials. “Don’t believe him Your Highness!” Yelled the Mushroom Prime Minister. “He’s just trying to trick you so he can do it again!” “Ah, screw this! Koopa treats his minions better than this!” Luigi finished as he stormed away from the Mushroom Kingdom.


“Hey everyone! Lets have another tennis tournament!” the Princess suddenly suggested. The people resumed their original day about 5 minutes after Luigi left. “Yeah!” “Awesome!” “Sweet!” Yelled everyone who was in hearing range. “I’ll arrange it right away!” Princess Toadstool finished.


A figure stood in a large pit made of fire. Using his magic, he was spying on everything that happened in the Mushroom Kingdom for the past three days, waiting for his opportunity, and now it had arrived. The figure walked out of the fire. He looked like a humanoid robot, with some extra features. His head was an indigo skull inside a vaguely tube like container that was filled with a light green liquid. His right arm was all machinery with a black glove over the hand. The left arm was all bone. His shoes were a cross between large boots, and dancing shoes. The rest was either machinery or tattered leather. He was (I guess) a cross between a robot and a ghost (no, not one of those old corny ghosts that are white a fly around).

Meanwhile (again)

Luigi sat down with a Root Beer and turned on the TV. “Me and my psychic buddies are waiting for your call!” He saw a woman say. “Keep waiting…” Luigi replied as he changed the channel.

2 days later

“Welcome citizens if the Mushroom Kingdom to the 2nd Tennis Tournament!” said the announcer over the intercom, as the fans in the stands cheered. “First up is: Mario VS Wario!” The fans cheered more while cheering “MARIO! MARIO!” Mario took his racquet, and the ball, and went out onto the court watching Wario wait there. Mario smiled at Wario before whacking the ball towards Wario as hard as he could. FLASH! BANG!

Mario disappeared in a flash of fire and smoke.

Mario found himself hanging above a pit of lava. He had been magically transported to a volcano.

The crowd started murmuring about what just happened. Wario just stood there, blinking. One mushroom stood up as though about to explain what just happened. However, he too was consumed by the fire and smoke. In his place, stood the skeleton ghost guy. He cleared his throat, and everyone started running around, screaming there heads off. The man snapped his fingers, and everyone stopped cold in there tracks. “As I was saying, my name is Cirith, and I will be your host for the remainder of the evening.”

“I guess I better go back now.” Luigi said as he put down his Game Cube. Luigi jumped down the pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom. What Luigi saw when he got back was shocking. The entire Mushroom Castle was on fire, and aside from that, it looked like it had better days. It was just about to collapse, and Luigi didn’y know why it didn’t already. As he got closer he saw a figure shooting flames out of his hands, and turning people into stars and blocks. Luigi ran to the seen as fast as he could, and punched the evil warlock right in the gut. Cirith wasn’t even fazed by the attack, and simply whacked Luigi away, and right into one of the stars that use to be a mushroom citizen. Luigi’s overalls started flashing, and Luigi got slightly bigger. ‘Now that I’m super, I’ll be able to beat him easily. I hope.’ Luigi thought.

He walked up to Cirith, and tapped his shoulder to get Cirith’s attention. Cirith turned around, and Luigi slammed his fist into Cirith’s gut, this time it went in, and came out the other side. Sparks flew everywhere, and the fire suddenly got smaller. Luigi’s attack apparently damaged the magical fire too. Cirith staggered away from Luigi, hunched over in pain. Cirith teleported away knowing the Luigi could easily beat him in the condition he was in.


“HA! LOOK WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!” Luigi yelled at the top of his lungs to Mario, who hadn’t gotten any of the glory for beating Cirith, and couldn’t gloat that he even helped (what, being almost cooked to death!).