Luigi Mario

First Appearance: Mario Bros, 1983
Likes: His brother, Mario, Princess Daisy (a rumor), green stuff
Dislikes: Ghosts!, Waluigi, evil (overall)

Luigi, Mario’s brother, seemed to always be left out of the spotlight, but Luigi IS a hero in his own right! He’s saved Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom numerous times, and is very well proud of it all! Like his brother, Luigi is also well known for his jumping, but what really sets him apart from Mario is his ability to jump higher and run slightly faster then Mario! Also like his brother, Luigi is also good with a hammer, but in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, an RPG featuing both the Mario brothers, Luigi has learned what is known as the Thunderhand, which allows him to shoot lighting from his hand! His Green Missile, learned for Super Smash Bros. Melee, is one of his most powerful attacks, which is shooting himself forward in a blazing green blast! Luigi is one lean, green, fighting machine!