Light to the Darkness

Chapter 1 – The portal

On planet Earth. Speaker: hello every one my name is Goten, son of Goku my father has been gone for quite a bit, He left after one of the tournaments and has never came back. Goten: I might as well tell you what is going on right now. Vegeta the prince of all saiyans is staying over my house because his wife bulma cheated on him with yamcha, she said he sweet talked her into having sex.

Vegeta: hey boy I’m going out to train. Goten: hey vegeta can I come, there’s nothing to do around here. Vegeta: alright just make sure you stay out of my way, got it. Goten: ok let’s go. So vegeta and Goten flew of to the training room. Goten: put it on 450 gravity. Vegeta: what! 500. Goten: ok. so vegeta and goten trained for hours landing punches and kicks on each other.

After about two hours they went back to the house and found the door opened. Vegeta: oh! someone broke in. Goten: no-one broke in Trunks has a key to my house. Trunks: hey goten hey dad. Vegeta: hey son how’ve you been. Trunks: I’ve been ok, I herd you and mother spilt. Vegeta: let’s not talk about it. Goten: so trunks what brings you here. Trunks: well I came to invite you both to a party at my house it starts to night at 6. p.m to 12. a.m Goten: we’ll be there, is #17, goku-jr, and vegeta-jr going to be there? Trunks: the J.R’S will be there but android-17 wont be there because bra my sister is going to be there and she broke up with him for uub. Vegeta: what! I cant believe that she went out with that jerk #17. Goten: you got that right. Trunks: you guy’s are still coming right? Goten: of course. Trunks: I’ll see you guys to night and dad bring your fusion earrings by.

Four hours passed by, vegeta just got out of the shower. Vegeta: goten you can get in now. Goten: ok. Vegeta: let’s just see if I can just manage through the party. After a couple of minutes the phone rang, and vegeta picked it up. Vegeta: hello. Trunks: hey dad it’s me, both you and goten need to bring some extra clothes because you guys are going to sleep over ok and tell goten #17 will be there goodbye. Vegeta: I cant believe he invited that metal peace of trash.

A huge light out side of goten’s house appeared. Vegeta: what was that! goten came out singing Goten: my hair is shining like a. Vegeta: Goten did you just see that. Goten: what see what. Vegeta: there was just a big flash of light out side the window. Goten: really I didn’t see a thing are you sure, have you been on drugs. Vegeta: Goten why would I make this up. Goten: because your up to something like the time you tricked me into going into a strip club.

Then the huge light went of again. Goten: did you see that. Vegeta: no you must be on drugs, of course I saw it. a couple minutes later. Vegeta: I guess it stopped. Goten: we better head over to trunk’s house. So goten and vegeta finished packing and putting there clothes on and they headed over to trunk’s house.

Vegeta: well goten you can ring the door bell. Goten: nah you can ring it. Then Trunks just opened the door.

Trunks: hey guys just come on in. So all three of them walked to the TV room. Vegeta: well where is everyone Well there still on the way you guys came a hour early. Vegeta: I thought you said the party started at six.

Trunks: well I changed the time to seven is there a problem? Goten: no every thing is fine right vegeta?

Vegeta: rah. before vegeta could say anything else the doorbell rang. Trunks: I’ll get that. goten rushed over to the door before trunks could get it. Goten: hey uub how are you doing. Uub: hey goten I’m doing fine. Vegeta: hey uub I’m glad my daughter ditched that android for you.

Uub: Ah really. Trunks: you guys want to go out side and kick some ball? Uub: sure why not. Goten: ok let’s go, vegeta you coming. Vegeta: no I think I’ll just watch some TV. Out side. Goten: dodge this. goten kicked the ball right into uub’s stomach. Uub: ahhch shwit. Trunks: goten where not trying to kill each other. Uub: that’s ok that felt like one of #17’s hit’s when I took over bra, well he was pretty tough that’s why I had trunks help me beat the android. Goten: what! I didn’t even know you guys fought I thought bra just dumped #17. Trunks: it’s over now #17 was defeated, now let’s get back to our game.

Back inside. Vegeta: man trunks sure does have a lot of sick channels. after about 15 minutes. Vegeta: Finley some one else is here. Vegeta got up and answered the door. Pan: hey vegeta. Vegeta: hey, well the others are in the back playing ball. Pan: ok. so she went to the back only to see them doing something with a ruler.

Goten: Yes mine is the longest and thickest. Trunks: dude you must of lost your mind mine is the largest.

Uub: guy’s even if you put yours together mine will still be the biggest. Pan: what are you three doing. Goten: pull your pants up. Trunks: hey pan. Pan: what where you guy’s just doing. Uub: just measuring the grass. Pan: really, bra and marron should be here shortly.

Goten: I didn’t know trunks invited my girlfriend marron. Trunks: it kind of slipped my mind. Vegeta came racing into the back yard. Vegeta: goten I saw that bright light again. Goten: really where. Trunks: are you guy’s on drugs. Uub: yes do you smoke pot or do you use the needle’s. vegeta and goten at the same time, we are not on drugs! Pan: I didn’t see anything have you guy’s been drinking. Vegeta: what! first drugs witch was bad enough now beer or some other drunk drink. Trunks: father chill out I know you and mother spilt and now you drink and take drugs. Pan: we can get you both some help. Goten: gah. before he could say anything else the light went of again towards the woods. Uub: what was that. Trunks: wow. the light vanished ones more.

Vegeta: see I told you. Trunks: I guess we where wrong. Goten: all three of you owe us money for the harsh words you said. so they all handed vegeta a ten and goten a ten. Vegeta: thanks for the money. Trunks: let’s head in side. After about 5 minutes the doorbell rang. Goten answered it. Goten: Hey marron and bra. Marron: hey babe. she kissed him on the lips and took him to the TV room where everyone else was. bra shut the door behind her. Bra: hey Uub. Uub: hey sexy. bra just jump’s on him and they start making out. Pan: maybe you two should save that for tonight. They stopped. Bra: ok. Vegeta: bra why did you go out with #17 where you on drugs when you did. Bra: daddy we only went out for 5 month’s we didn’t even have sex we just made out. Vegeta: that’s not what I asked. Goten: I can tell this is going to get good. Vegeta: goten enough with the stupid ness. in a funny voice. Goten: ok Doug. Trunks: father that’s enough.

Vegeta: you better not go crawling back to #17 got that. Bra: yes daddy. Goten: Let’s get started with the party. So every one went to the back yard. Goten: I cant believe you guys beat up #17. Trunks: you believed that junk. Goten: what! you didn’t beat up #17. Uub: nope it was a joke. Goten: so what really happened? Uub: um? Bra never told me she just said they had problems. Goten: ok, so what do you guys want to do? Trunks: we could train. Trunks: nah we should save that for later. Pan: guy’s come here. Goten: gosh why does she have to bug us while where talking! Then they all walked over to pan. Trunks: what is it. Pan: never mind me and Marron just need Trunks. Goten: and what for? Pan: You’ll see. Marron: come on Trunks. Uub: where are you guy’s going?

Pan: up in his room. Goten: this better be good pan. So the three of them left. After about 30 minutes they where back. Trunks: that was pretty fun we’ll have to do it again later. Goten: hey trunks you want to play some ball with us? Trunks: sure I’ll be right there. Uub: what did you guy’s do? Trunks: I’ll tell you later. So everyone partied for about 45 minutes. Trunks: Jeez #17 should have been here by now, Goten why don’t you and Pan go get him. Goten: ok, pan let’s go get #17. Pan: ok. So they flew off. Goten: what where you guy’s doing up stairs? Pan: you’ll have to wait until later. Goten: ok where does #17 live again. Pan: somewhere over in that area.

They searched for a bit but they finally found his cabin. Goten knocked at the door. #17: just a minute. he opened the door. #17: well well pan and goten, I just got out of the shower. Pan: we can tell because you have a towel on. #17: why don’t you two just come in for a minute. so they walked in. Goten: I heard you and bra went out for sometime, it’s just to bad you weren’t good enough for her. #17: ah why you little monkey. Pan: stop it you two we don’t have time for this nonsense. #17: you guy’s wait in here I’ll be right back. Pan: get a pair of extra clothes it’s a sleepover. #17: ok. Goten: why, what, why did you invite him to stay the night. Pan: goten could you just shut up for once, ah.

Android-17 came out, strapping his gun belt on. #17: Ok lets go. so they flew off. Back at the party. Uub: hey vegeta catch this. Vegeta: Darn missed, and what do you mean catch were playing tennis. Uub: vegeta just a little quick finish. Vegeta: ha well it’s my serve now, take this. and they passed the ball back and fourth 18 times and Uub ended up missing. Uub: darn! Vegeta: ha I am the champion. Uub: ok ok… you… win. Vegeta: just 2 more moths until Christmas, when I beat you again.

Marron: Uub, Vegeta come here. Vegeta: what is it. Marron: take this. she tried to throw a pie in his face but he moved out of the way and it got Uub right in the face. Uub: wha the. Vegeta: ha you missed. then another pie came to the side of vegeta’s face, it almost hit him but a blast blew it up. Pan: good shot #17. Trunks: well look who’s here #17. Goten: hey you guy’s started playing tennis without me. #17: let’s get this party started. Trunks: hey #17, come play some ball with us. #17: ok but to warn you, none of you stand a chance. #17, Pan, and Goten flew down to the party.

The party went on for hours. After about 4 hours everyone was done partying. #17: wo I better get home. Goten: #17 have you seen Marron? #17: no. Goten: how about Pan? #17: nope. Goten: what about Trunks? #17: I haven’t seen any of them for about an hour. Goten: Uub where is everybody. Uub: me and bra were up stairs a minute ago, I think she’s sleeping. Bra: what’s going on down here, were is everybody. #17: I thought monkey girl was sleeping. Bra: what did you just say! #17: monkey girl. Goten: #17! leave now, just get out of here before you cause more problems. #17: make me saiyan jin.

Uub: goten just forget it, let’s go inside. So the three of them walked inside. Uub: I’ll be up stairs. Then Uub walks up the stairs. Bra: I cant believe I still have feelings for that freak. Goten: you think Uub is a freak? Bra: not him #17. Goten: what! Bra: don’t tell anyone, when you get the chance tell #17 this is for him. Then Bra grabs goten and starts French kissing him. Bra: by. Then she walks up stairs. Goten: wo that was awesome. after about 5 minutes Goten headed up stairs. Goten: what was that noise, it sounded. then goten went up to a door and opened it only to see marron and pan on Trunks’s chest.

Goten: marron! then all three of them popped up. Trunks: goten I can explain. Marron: goten babe please. Pan: goten didn’t #17 tell you not to come up here? Goten: #17 had something to do with this, I’m going to kill him. Then goten flew out a open window. Uub: wo were is he going, vegeta do you think we should follow him. Vegeta: let’s go. So vegeta and uub followed goten to #17’s cabin, and then the three of them landed. Goten: #17!. then #17 came out of his cabin. #17: what is it monkey boy. Then goten charges #17: but as soon as his fist was 4-inches from #17’s face a portal opened and took in the both of them. Uub: what the! then the portal came over to take in uub but vegeta moved him out of the way.

Vegeta: look out. then vegeta pushed Uub out of the way and the portal almost got him. Uub: vegeta let’s get out of here. Vegeta: right. then another portal comes in between them and then they go there separate way’s. Uub: ah. then uub hides behind a tree, but then a portal pops out right in front of his face. But the portal did not take him in, then vegeta came. Vegeta: Uub now’s our chance to get out of here. Then a portal appears behind vegeta and sucks him in. Uub: Vegeta Vegeta!.

What will become of vegeta, goten, and #17/ stay tune for chapter 2.

Chapter 2

It has been two week’s since Vegeta, Goten, and #17 were zapped into a portal. Uub is just now waking up from those two weeks ago. Uub: were am I. Doctor: your safe now. Uub: where’s Vegeta and the others. Doctor: you’ll need your rest, now lay back down. Uub: were am I. Doctor: your in a hospital.

So Uub laid back down, in about two hours he heard a loud explosion so he got out of bed and flew out the window to go and see what was going on. When he got to the street were the explosion was he saw fighting going on between Trunks and some guy with short white hair.

And as soon as uub was going to step in the young women with long white hair shot a blast through Trunks. Trunks: ahugahhh. uub: Trunks! no. Then he charged the two of them and he was shot down by blasts. And then the two flew off. Uub woke up three hours later. Bra: uub you are ok now. Pan: at least he’s up now.

Uub: what’s going on. Bra: well some people came through a portal from another world and have invaded the planet earth and other planets, so far they have killed all the z fighters except Me, you, Pan, #18, Gohan, and Yamcha. Uub: what about vegeta, #17, and goten. Pan: what do you mean they’ve been missing for two weeks now, do you know something we don’t? Uub: well a portal took them.

Then a door opens and #18, Yamcha, and Gohan walk in. Gahanna: good your up, there attacking down the road to the west. Bra: alright every one let’s go finish this. #18: is uub ready to fight. Pan: ready as he’ll ever be.
Then they all rush through the doors and fly down the street were they meet up with Sly and Bly, the two who killed Trunks. Sly is the female and Bly is the male.

Yamcha: you will pay for what you and your people have done. then two more guy’s show up/ crant and crunker.

Crunker: well well if it isn’t it the survivors. #18: What do you want! Bly: hello beautiful. Sly: ah brothers, we have come to take down the strongest warriors and none of you fit the description.

Gohan: so who are you looking for? then Bly shot a blast through Gohan. #18: no Gohan. Bly: you may only speak when your told. then Sly hits Bly over the head. Sly: you full, the boss wanted them all alive. Crant: yah whatever she said. Uub: yo pan these two remind me of #17 and #18 when there together. Pan: you could say that again. Then a ship arrives and the door opens and A man with short white hair comes out. Sly: daddy Bly killed another one of the fighters. Bly: dad he was being disrespectful . Glordge: enough! Crant/Crunker: hello master.

Glordge shot something out of his hand and it grabbed every one except uub but before he could do any thing Sly wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waste and started French kissing him. Bra: what is she doing to my boyfriend! Bly: she’s draining his energy or you could say life. after about a minute Sly let go of Uub and let him drop onto the ground.

Yamcha: what are you going to do to us. Glordge: that is for me to know and for you to find out. Bra: you wont get away with this juunanagou will sop you.

To be Continued

Chapter 3
Darkness to the light
The island

Somewhere on a sandy island. Vegeta: where am I. #17: for a second I thought you would never wake up. Vegeta: you better start talking were are we android! #17: I have no idea, we should just wait until goten wakes up, maybe he knows were we are. Vegeta: I cant believe you were going out with my daughter how could you!

#17: maybe because I could. Vegeta: rah that’s it your going down. Then vegeta charges #17 and they fight for about 2 minutes. #17: your pretty good for a old timer monkey. vegeta: rah that’s it you die now. Before they could fight a blast went in-between them. Goten: what are you two fighting about and were are we?

#17: we were waiting for you to wake up, so we started training. Vegeta: training we weren’t training, so goten you have no idea were we are? Goten: no, ok we can train later let’s take a look around. #17: ah. Vegeta: what’s up. #17: my scanners say we have been sleeping for two weeks. Vegeta: darn we have to find our way home. Goten: let’s go take a look around. Vegeta: I’ll tell you one thing the air smells fresh. Goten: #17 fly up and see what your scanners say. #17: there’s some mountains to the north.

Vegeta: lets head to the east, we’ll stay along the beach. Goten: fine with me how about you #17. #17: you can call me juunanagou or c-17 any of them is fine, lets go. Vegeta: ok android 17. So juunanagou came down from the sky and they all started walking. an hour later. Goten: hey juunanagou what time is it, what do your scanners say. #17: they say 5:30, hey maybe tonight we can go swimming. Goten: that’s a great idea.

#17: hey vegeta that was a pretty good fight we had earlier you want to train tomorrow? Vegeta: you weren’t so bad yourself, sure we could give it another try. #17: you can join us if you’d like goten. Goten: if I’m not tired sure. Vegeta: ah I still have those fusion earrings in my pocket that Trunks told me to bring over. Goten: oh yah juunanagou why didn’t you tell me that trunks was with marron? #17: they paid me to keep you form going up stairs. Vegeta: well you sure didn’t do a good job. #17: I know. Goten: when we get back to earth I will straighten things with marron. #17: so you still love her? Goten: yes. after awhile all three of them started to talk about food.

Then they came to a mushroom tree and a tree with barriers in it. Vegeta: finally something to eat. then vegeta grabs a mushroom and eats it and grows larger. #17: what the heck. Goten: vegeta are you ok! after about 30 seconds of panic he formed back to his normal size. #17: wow that was amazing, maybe we shouldn’t eat any more of those mushrooms until I study them. Goten reached out and ate a barrier and nothing happened. Goten: I guess we can eat these, juunanagou do you want one. #17: since I am an android I only need to eat to power up, I am a bit low on power so I’ll have four thanks. then they all ate. Vegeta: c/17 what time is it? #17: it is 8:43.

Goten: let’s go take a nice swim you guy’s. #17: last one in the ocean is a horse monkey. then #17 took off his gun belt and the rest of his things accept his boxers and he was the first one in followed by vegeta, and goten got in last. Vegeta: ha ha goten’s a horse monkey. then they all swam under and saw awesome fish but vegeta saw something that made him go back to the top. Goten: why’d you come up so soon. I saw some turtle creature with a green shell and green shoes on with these big white eyes. #17: wow and a turtle creature scares you? Vegeta: no it’s just let’s just go back under and have a good time. so they all swam back under for about 8 minutes and came back up for air. #17: let’s play a game who can get the most sea shells without coming up for air in 15 minutes. Goten: I’m in. vegeta: you guy’s don’t stand a chance against me.

So they all went back under to collect seashells. Vegeta swam up to goten and knocked all of his seashell’s out of his hand during the last three minutes. When they all swam to the top vegeta had the most and goten had the least. Goten: darn some huge fish knocked a lot of my seashells to the bottom towards the end. vegeta: that’s to bad I really thought you would beat the both of us. #17: yah because you learned to swim from goku, hey maybe we could do this tomorrow. Vegeta: what time is it? #17: 9:06. vegeta: we can still swim. goten: you guy’s can I’m going to go set up camp. #17/vegeta: ok. so Goten got out of the water and went to set up camp under the mushroom tree and the tree filled with barriers. goten gathered up wood to start a fire and he used his shirt as a pillow. juunanagou and vegeta swam until 3:45 a.m and then they made there shirts out of pillows and went to sleep.

Where are Vegeta, juunanagou, and goten at, what kind of island are they on.
To Be Continued

Chapter 4
darkness to the light
Deadly poison

Goten was the first person to wake up that morning. goten: I guess I’ll go take a walk. so goten took a little walk on the beach side were he washed his shirt in the water. goten: this should keep my shirt clean for now, um I wonder if there are any animals around, I wonder if I’ll ever get home. then a shadow ran by goten. Goten: what was that, juunanagou is that you or is it you vegeta. Then Goten heard a sound of a blade. Goten: I should follow that sound.

Goten: on second thought I should go back and get Vegeta and juunanagou unless there behind this nah I doubt there behind this. so goten flew back to camp were he saw vegeta and c-17 training. Goten: guy’s. Vegeta: what’s up goten. #17: how’s your day so far? goten: it’s been great, I heard some noises over towards the east we should go back and see what it was. #17: ok. so vegeta got all his clothes on and so did #17. #17: hey wears my gun and gun belt. Vegeta: I sure didn’t touch it. goten: me neither. Vegeta: guy’s were not alone on this island.

Goten: ok guy’s let’s head for the east and go find juunanagou belt and gun and any link to getting us home. #17: ok let’s roll. so then they all make some boards and put some barriers and mushrooms to eat later. and then they start off on there way to find out what the noise was. #17: whoever took my gun will pay. Goten: here we are it was right in there. vegeta: great now we have to go north into the woods. #17: Yes! this is great I am use to the woods from back at home in my cabin.

Vegeta: alright then you lead the way number 17. Goten: yah seventeen you can lead from hear. Then #17 pushes through the bush. #17: wow this place looks better than at home. Vegeta: the grass is so green. Goten: there are many trees in hear, hey we could make a tree house. then vegeta pulled out a mushroom. vegeta: c-17 are you sure these mushrooms are safe? #17: I told you witch ones are safe and witch ones are not, so if you picked the body changing one’s oh well. then vegeta just shrugged his shoulders and ate a mushroom but nothing happened.

so they walked deeper into the forest. 2 hours later. vegeta: so android were are we? #17: I have no idea. vegeta: I forgot it was goten’s idea to follow some imaginary sound. and then a beast with one eye came out of a bush behind vegeta and punched him through 2 trees. Vegeta: rah!. vegeta got back up and gave the creature 6 punches to the stomach and gave him a kick in the chin witch the monster turned into a move by doing a back flip and kicking vegeta into goten. #17: alright let’s play. and #17 tried to punch him in the stomach but the monster grabbed his hand and through him into goten and vegeta as they tried to get up.

The monster put his two hands together to form a blast to finish #17, vegeta, and goten. Vegeta: were going to die. Then a shuriken went into the monsters eye and blood started shooting out the monster then pulled out the shuriken and through at someone in the trees. Monster: rah rah rah rah! and the the monster ran off. Vegeta: I guess I spoke to soon. then they all got up and turned around to see who there saver was. Goten: I wish I had one of those blades. a voice: you can have this one though you may have to wash it. then the bloody shuriken came down and goten caught it.

#17: who are you? Then the figure jumped down from the trees. Person: my name is Leonardo. Goten: hey vegeta is he the creature you saw under the water last night, well this Leonardo guy looks like a turtle. Leonardo: in fact I am a turtle a mutated turtle, hey I could tell you guy’s a bit about myself. vegeta: first let’s go find a good place. As they walk. Leonardo: so then the Utroms crashed landed on earth because of the prisoner none other than the shredder. Vegeta: I see so when they crashed landed on earth they made the mutated stuff and you Raph, Mikey, and Don got mutated. Leonardo: exactly. Goten: so you and your brothers were just training when the portal took you in. Leonardo: yes, you guy’s can just call me Leo that’s what my bro’s called me.

#17: so Leo your sure you haven’t seen my gun belt around. Leo: yes I’m sure, I also need to tell you about the beast that have been chasing me. Vegeta: and who might they be? Leonardo: they call themselves yos. then a loud noise approach’s. Leo: it’s them, the yos/ a voice: it’s the yoshi’s freak. then a bunch of dinosaur creatures appeared out of the bushes with racing karts/cars. Vegeta: stay back, we mean you no harm. Broshi: really. then broshi pulls out a wooden bat and hit’s on vegeta head witch makes it break, vegeta falls to the ground. Vegeta: ah! Goten: juunanagou, Vegeta, it’s time to power up.

Vegeta: yes, time to turn super saiyan 4! then vegeta powers up to his fullest but he isn’t even a super saiyan, same with c/17 and goten. Goten: hey what’s going on with or power levels. then a pink yoshi comes up and licks him. Pink/yoshi: hey handsome. then a black yoshi comes and kicks goten onto the ground and jumps on him and starts pounding on him. Black/yoshi: stay away from my girl got it. Then leo comes and kicks the yoshi off of goten. #17: take this. then android 17 starts shooting blasts all over the place at all of the yoshi’s. Broshi: this ends now. then he pulls out what appears to be a rocket launcher but only a pineapple shooter. Broshi: howdy partner. then he shoots #17 down to the ground. Then he tries to shoot leonardo but he cuts the tip of his gun off and kicks him into two other yoshi’s.

Vegeta: we need to get out of here. Broshi: all gas masks on. and with that broshi throws out a gas bomb that knocks out Leo, #17, goten, and Vegeta. Broshi: the boss will be pleased we caught the alien Leonardo. Pink/yoshi: yes we will get rewarded handsomely. Black/yoshi: we should head back now, before were late fore dinner. Broshi: dinner isn’t for another, wait your right we have many miles to cover, let’s go. so they tied up #17, goten, Leo, and vegeta to there karts and drove off.

7 hours later. Goten starts to wake up. Goten: were were am I. #17: Leo goten’s up. Goten: gosh I’m tied up. Leo: lucky you were sleeping we were tied to there karts now where just tied to trees. Goten: where’d they, I mean were did those yoshi’s go. leonardo: I have no idea. Goten: juunanagou what time is it? #17: it is 5 p.m.

Leonardo: how can you tell time without a watch? #17: I’m an android so I have a clock installed in my brain.

Goten: jeez when do you think vegeta will wake up? #17: you know vegeta he’s a heavy sleeper, not even water will wake him up.

Leonardo: we need to make an escape plan, goten can you reach the shuriken I gave you? I would but they took all of our weapons. Leo: what I cant see did they take my swords. #17: they sure did. after 45 minutes of planning. #17: guy’s I am fresh out of ideas. then an orange yoshi walks in none other than Broshi. Broshi: your all up. goten: everyone except him. Broshi: don’t worry we’ll wake him up in time, for the fun. goten: my gosh your going to rape us. Broshi: no, that’s not what we had in mind. #17: then what might you be planning?

Broshi: you’ll see in time, the boss should be here in 4 minutes. Leo: were are our weapons? Broshi: you mean our weapons. Leo: rah.

4 minutes passed. lots of yoshi’s crowded the seats and the boss came in. Boshi: hello all you yoshi fans tonight I have brought you the alien creature who has been messing with us and his friends. Then boshi removed the curtain and it showed Leo, #17, Vegeta, and goten tied up. then boshi walked up to vegeta and poured water on him but he did not wake up. when vegeta did not wake up boshi tilted his sun glasses downward. Boshi: so we have ourselves a sleeper. Then boshi went up to one of the yoshi’s and took there licker they were drinking and poured it all over vegeta. vegeta: wha what is that. Boshi: ok folks everyone is up.

Boshi: redy bring out the weapons. Red/yoshi: yes sir! then he came back with a board with Leo’s swords and #17 gun and Gun belt. #17: they stole it, those rotten thieves. Boshi: Broshi untie the prisoners. Broshi: ok.

Then he used one of leo’s swords to cut them all loose, then he handed Leo both of his swords. Goten: hey boshi do we get some weapons? Boshi: you never came with any. then boshi wrapped #17 gun belt around his waste. #17: that’s my gun and gun belt boshi so I say hand it over. Boshi: do you guy’s know why we untied you. Leo: no we have no idea. Boshi: you must beat me, Redy, Piny, and orangey in battle. Vegeta: is that there real names?

Boshi: no, Pinky’s real name is rashi, and orange’s is broshi, and redy’s is droshi. Vegeta: so boshi would that make you bluey? Boshi: yah just keep talking vegeta. then vegeta get’s his saiyan smirk. Boshi: you better get that smirk of your face vegeta and you better make it fast. then #17 smirks. #17: well well boshi’s getting angry

Boshi: no I’m not!, would you two just shut up. Vegeta: fine. Boshi: ok if you guy’s can beat us in battle #17 I’ll give you your gun back and you may go free, so let’s get this started.

With that Boshi jumps up in the air and bicycle kicks Leo 8 times and on the last kick it knocks him down. pinky then shoot’s out her tongue and grabs goten on the wrist and then she starts swinging him around and throws him into a tree. #17: broshi I am going to enjoy this, beating you down. then Broshi charges 17 but when he kicks at #17 he disappears. #17: hey behind you. then broshi turns around. #17: howdy partner. and with that he shoots him with a blast. #17: that’s for shooting at me with a pineapple gun. then vegeta tries to punch redy but he ducks down and trips him, and before vegeta could hit the ground redy kicks him up about 14 feet into the air were redy meets him up in the sky and punches him back down, but before he cold hit the ground redy head butts vegeta into a tree.

Leo then jumps back to his feet and he kicks boshi in the stomach witch makes boshi go on his knees. when boshi looked up leo kicked him back to the ground. Goten comes flying out of the tree and starts punching pinky around then he kicks her up into the air were he shoots three blasts and on the fourth blast he loaded it up and shot. Goten: no more Mr. nice guy, that should keep her down. Then vegeta fly’s over by #17. Vegeta: hey c-17 do you have any plans? #17: nowhere but up so they fly up and Redy and Broshi ram into each other and fall to the ground.

Then boshi tries to get up again but this time Leo puts his sword to his neck. Leo: you lose, let’s go guy’s. Boshi stands up. Boshi: I never said all of you could leave. then he throws 17 his gun and gun belt. Boshi: I only said #17 could go. vegeta: rah! then arrows start coming down. Boshi: it’s the enemy Leonardo’s people. Leo: what are you talking about. then some turtle creatures come down. then they start shooting darts everyone runs off except Leo, goten, vegeta, and #17. they start fighting the creatures. Vegeta: these are the creatures I saw under the water the other night. one of the creatures: we are called koopa’s you freak and king koopa/Bowser wants these yoshi’s dead. Leo: that’s why the yoshi’s attacked me they thought I was a koopa.

a koopa: you guy’s stay out of our way. Goten: why don’t you make us! a koopa: very well this is a warning for your friends. then he pulls out a dart and blows it through a tube witch hits Goten. #17: goten no! Leo: rah!

a koopa: just stay out of the way and to let you know that dart is poison. and with that goten’s eyes turn white and he falls to the ground helpless.

#17: goten no! Vegeta: you’ll pay koopa freak! the koopa: actually you guy’s have a nice sleep. Leo: what do you mean have a nice sleep. with that the koopa puts on a gas mask and through 5 sleep bombs at them. vegeta charged the koopa but when he was 2 inches away he fell to his knees and the koopa kicked him onto the ground.

Next morning 6:24 a.m

vegeta starts to wake up. Boshi: so Leo your telling me the Utroms crashed landed on earth because of the prisoner? Leo: yes and the prisoner was shredder. Boshi: what he’s an Utrom? Leo: yes he is and he’s one of my greatest enemies, who is your greatest enemy? Boshi: that would have to be yoshi. Leo: yoshi, but isn’t that the name of your race? Boshi: yes, well back in the day yoshi use to race people if you did not beat him you were vanished from the island. Boshi: so one day I raced and beat yoshi in a race and he was vanished from the land.

Leo: whatever happed to this yoshi? Boshi: well he came back with his stupid friend Mario, but I still beat them both in a race.

Vegeta: nice story boshi. Boshi: it’s not just a story it really happen. Vegeta: are you sure it’s not the other way around except the part about getting vanished from the island. boshi starts to sweat a bit. Boshi: nah it’s real. Vegeta: right. then #17 comes back from a morning walk. #17: so boshi do you know how we can get home, and do you know what is wrong with Goten?

Boshi: I do know how to get you home but I don’t know what is wrong with goten, the deadly poison is going through his veins as we speak.

Will they get back home in time to save the planet earth and there friends and will they be able to save goten?

To be continued.

Chapter 5
Darkness to the light
The true adventure begins

Leonardo: so how do we get back home? Boshi: well you have to go back to the place the portal brought you to on this island. #17: ok vegeta you carry goten. Boshi: I’ll lead you guy’s to the place you came from. Vegeta: how do you know the way. Boshi: I took #17 gun while he was sleeping. Vegeta: alright lead the way Boshi.

After about 9 hours of traveling they reached the place. Vegeta: 17 what time is it? #17: it’s 3:28 p.m. Leo: so now that were here how do we get home. Boshi: just wait about 2 minutes and the portal will open and we will all jump through. vegeta: boshi your coming to? Boshi: just to check out your planet. Leo: how do you know the portal will open back up to bring you back home? Boshi: I don’t. then the portal appeared and everyone jumped in
and they were zapped to earth.

Leo: were back! wo what happened. then they all look around only to see no animals, no people, and destroyed buildings. Boshi: nice place were is all the people and the amazing things you were telling me about, not to mention beautiful, no offence my island looks a lot better than this beat down cemetery. Vegeta: what the heck are we even on earth. #17: my scanners say we are, also our power levels are turning back to normal. Vegeta: maybe when were on that other planet our power levels were lower. Boshi: again I must say this is a lovely home.
Vegeta: Boshi do me a favor, just keep your mouth shut for awhile. Boshi: this place does not fit the description so I’ll give the look of your planet negative. #17: no this isn’t how we left it.

vegeta: something must of happened while we where gone. Leo: vegeta can you fly me to new York? Vegeta: let’s go, #17, boshi we’ll meet back here in two hours. then vegeta flew Leo to new York. #17: have you ever flown before boshi? Boshi: no. #17: well today is your day. so Boshi and c-17 flew to his cabin. Inside number 17’s cabin. Boshi: man it’s kind of cold in here. #17: I’ll turn on the heat. So seventeen went into the other room and turned on the heat. #17: it should start to warm up, I guess I’ll go take a shower. after seventeen took his shower he listen to messages on his phone. #17: these messages are 3 weeks old. Boshi: what is that thing you have on? #17: it’s a towel, I’ll be right back.

#17 came back with his gun and gun belt and two bags filled with food and bullets for his gun. #17: boshi you what some hot chocolate? Boshi: whatever it is it sounds good I’ll have some. then c/17 came back a minute later. #17: here. Boshi: thanks. Then seventeen stated loading his gun. Boshi: what is that rag thing for? #17: it’s to shine my gun. then he stuck his gun back in it’s pouch. #17: well I guess we should go meet up with the other two, hey wait were is goten’s body. Boshi: Maybe one of the other two threw his body through the portal but I sure didn’t. Then 17 and boshi went out the door to go meet up with vegeta and Leo.

#17 and Boshi waited 15 minutes at the waiting site, when they finally showed up they weren’t alone they should up with uub who was hurt very bad. #17: uub! leo placed him on the ground. Vegeta: he took a good beating, he was barley alive when we found him. Uub: who’s that. Leo: that’s boshi. Uub: so c-17 vegeta was right your still alive. #17: uub what is going on, were is everyone. Leo: he believes most everyone is dead, but some of your friends including your sister was captured by a guy named Glordge. Boshi: I’ll help you rescue them if there’s
ladies involved. then boshi get’s an evil smirk.

Leo: boshi… I don’t’think so. #17: uub what is the last thing you remember? Uub: well bra was screaming the word juunanagou, but I have no idea what it meant. Vegeta: hey 17 wasn’t that one of the names you said we could call you. #17: no no no, it was something else. in 17 own head #17: I cant believe she was screaming my name she vegeta, goten, and 18 were the only one’s who knew that was another name for me. Uub: I need to talk to seventeen. So 17 walked over to uub and they talked for about 30 minutes.

#17: I promise uub I will. then he leaned uub on his shoulder. Boshi: finally you guy’s stopped talking, so do any of you know when the portal will appear? Vegeta: it was your call to follow us. Leo: so uub these freaks planted a bomb that will destroy the earth. Vegeta: when is it set to go off. Uub: the next and last portal to leave this planet, and not all of us can go the portal can only take in four people. Leo: guy’s I am going to stay and die along with my home. then leo through his bag of supplies to uub. Leo: you’ll need it. then the portal appears everyone jumps in. Leo sat down and crossed his feet. Leo: I am one with nature, my brothers were ever you are I love you all you to master splinter. Then Leo felt someone pick him up and put a bag on him. a voice: they need you, more than me remember what I told you. then Leo turned around to see uub. Leonardo: uub what are you still doing here.

Uub: you mean what are you doing here. Leo: uub I wont let you die. then leo gave the bag to uub and pushed him into the portal but uub disappeared behind Leo and knocked him in. Leo: no uub!. then leo grabbed onto a tree branch. Uub: Leo you are one of the toughest and bravest warriors I have ever met it was great to know you. Leo: uub don’t say that just go through the portal, plus you still have the bag. uub: Leo when you see goten again tell I said hey bro, Leo do me a favor. then tears fill up in uub’s eyes. Uub: save the universe Leo.
Leo gets tears in his eyes. Leo: no uub. Uub: you must go and take down glordge do it for….me, goodbye Leonardo. then uub shoots the tree branch and Leo goes into the portal. Then uub explodes with the earth.

vegeta, boshi, and #17 watch as Leo comes down out of the portal than the portal shuts. Vegeta: I thought uub was coming. Leo starts crying and slams his fists on the ground. Leo: no Uub! why why did you have to sacrifice yourself darn it. then the portal opens up again and the bag that leo gave to uub came down with uub’s blood on it with a note saying do your thing swordsman. vegeta: he must of blew up as he threw the bag through that would explain the blood, Leo are you going to be ok?

Leo: that’s not the problem uub could have come through the problem was if he thought he wasn’t needed. Vegeta: Leo I’m sure there’s another reason we’ll find out soon so how about we go take a nice swim later tonight? Leonardo stranded to his feet and wiped his tears. Leo: vegeta your, yes there may have been a good reason why he stayed behind. then Leo looked at everyone else Leo: anyone what to go swimming? Boshi: you can count me in, I’d love to swim actually.

#17: it has been confirmed goten’s body has been here since the time we left to earth. vegeta: just stick him under that tree. Then they all went swimming. 10:45 p.m. Leo: I guess we all should get to sleep so we can head back to boshi’s place at 6:20 a.m in the morning, 17 just make your alarm go off and you can wake us up. #17: fine with me. Boshi: guy’s that wasn’t my place we slept at last night that was just out in the open. vegeta: I’ll tell you one thing it is nice to be back on this island the air is so fresh.

Boshi: trust me you’ll love my place better than were we were last night, and were where staying tonight.
After that leo started telling scary stories with all of them in it. then everyone went to bed. beep beep beep an alarm went off in #17’s head and he woke up but boshi was already up. Boshi: hey 17. #17: I guess we should wake the others up. so they did. Vegeta: Well let’s get this journey started. then 17 picked up both of his bags and leo picked up his and everyone started on the long journey to Boshi’s cave.

2 hours into the trip. Vegeta: hey leo this is the place we met you and that ugly monster with the big ugly eye.
Leo: yes this is the place we met at. #17: poor vegeta thought we were going to die. Vegeta: boshi I’ll hold goten you’ve been holding him since we started this journey. Boshi: thanks vegeta. than vegeta took over carrying goten. #17: so boshi how long do you think it will take us to get to your place. then boshi moved bushes
out of the way. Boshi: it will take us 45 minutes to climb the mountains to get to the top, Leo and Vegeta I want you to get us some fire wood, vegeta you can fly so it will be quick for you to carry leo to the top after you get the wood. Vegeta: how do we know were you live? Boshi: there will be a yoshi behind a door and he will ask you who you want and the password to get in, and it is b..o..s..h..I.

Vegeta: that wont be hard to remember, that has to be the lamest password I have ever heard of. Leo: ok you guy’s head up we’ll get the wood. then Leo handed boshi his bag and vegeta gave 17 goten, and then boshi and #17 walked to the top of the mountain. After about 30 minutes of gathering wood they made two wooden packs
to carry all the wood. then leo saw something run behind him. Leo: vegeta did you see that? vegeta: what. Leo: it went that way. then leonardo ran off and vegeta followed him. then leo came to a spiky bush so he pulled out his swords and cut the bush and then he put his swords back in his sword holder.

Vegeta: what do you see. Leonardo: sh, I see koopa’s, it looks like there who’s that ugly guy. a koopa: master bowser were do you want this? Bowser: over there. Leo: I guess his names bowser. then vegeta walks up be side
Leonardo: that’s bowser over there. then four more guy’s come out of the bush and start beating up koopa’s Vegeta: who are they. Bowser: well well if it isn’t the mario brothers and yoshi and donkey kong.

Vegeta: hey you want to go down there and introduce ourselves? Leonardo: no I say we go down and kick mario
and yoshi’s butt remember what boshi told us he said they were evil. Vegeta: we also need to take down bowser, dude look what he did to goten. Leo: your right, let’s turtle/lize them. then vegeta and leonardo jump down. Bowser turns around only to take a nice kick from Leo witch sends him flying into a tree. Mario: wo, who are you.
Vegeta: your worst nightmare. then vegeta kicks luigi and mario into DK and yoshi. then Leonardo pulls out both of his swords and starts chopping, he cut’s a koopa’s head off and kicks it into another one. Vegeta: hey mario brothers and DK and Yoshi, I would say goodbye to/ big bang attack! then he shoots his attack at all four of them witch sends them flying.

Leo: man these koopa’s sure have a lot of blood for little guy’s like themselves then all the koopa’s smile at Leo.
Leonardo: what is so funny. then he turns around only to see bowser. Bowser: take this turtle creature when bowser tried to punch leo but he jumped up and tried to cut bowser in the head but he caught his swords and swung them until leo went flying.

When leo got up from his great fall bowser kicked him 12 feet into the air then bowser grabbed leo by his left leg and started swinging him then he threw him into a tree were he started pounding on his chest. then someone
kicked bowser to the ground. Redy: hey guy’s boshi sent me because you guy’s were taking long with the wood, hey where’s vegeta. then vegeta flew in. Vegeta: ha mario and his friends were a joke. then a green fire ball consumed vegeta witch made him cry out in pain and fall to the ground.

Luigi: take that funny guy. Leo: why have you return have you come to kick more people off the island. redy: Leo what are you talking about. then yoshi, mario, and dk show up. Leo: but boshi told me they were the enemy. Yoshi: what that little lying, he must still be upset because me and mario beat him in kart racing. Vegeta: I knew he was lying. Leo: than if you guy’s aren’t the enemy than who is. then bowser’s eyes open and he tries to do a jump kick on leonardo but he does a back flip and bowser lands on the ground and turns around only to get kicked off the cliff into the water by Leonardo.

Leo turns around. Leo: we need to talk. so they talk for about 45 minutes. Vegeta: so we’ll meet here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. then redy, Leo and vegeta headed up the mountain. Leo: redy I guess me and vegeta will stay at your place tonight redy. and then they went up into a tree. Vegeta: this isn’t to bad. then they all talked and laughed for 2 hours and then they went to bed.

To Be Continued

Chapter 6
New Allies

Leo began to wake up that morning. Leo: hey redy, where’s vegeta? Redy: you can just call me Droshi, but redy’s
fine to, well vegeta went out training somewhere. Leo: I’m going to go out and do a little training myself. then vegeta came to the front of the tree house. Vegeta: it’s 1:47, it’s time to go meet up with mario. leonardo: what do you mean how do you know the time? vegeta: #17 and boshi are outside. then redy and leo went down the ladder. Boshi: good morning guy’s. Leo: I heard you were the one who got beat by yoshi.

Broshi: crud vegeta told you. Leo: actually I was there. boshi: vegeta said you were knocked out that you got the tar beat out of you by Bowser. leo: that’s not true I had everything under control. vegeta: really is that why redy came and knocked bowser to the ground. Leo: alright I’ll admit he had me there for a second, not to mention when luigi shot you with a fire ball and you fell to the ground like a pathetic warrior. Vegeta: my back was turned
that’s how he got a hit. Leo: when my back was turned and big bowser came behind me did I get my shell waxed no I jumped out of the way. Vegeta: you still go smoked. Leo: your being a hothead. #17: you guy’s had all this fun and you didn’t invite me.

vegeta: I still cant get that image out of my head when you were killing all those koopa’s. Leonardo: I cant believe you told yoshi, mario, luigi, and DK you were there worst nightmare how corny is that! Redy: that’s enough we need to go meet the Mario’s. vegeta: ok let’s go. Leo: hey boshi where’s goten? Boshi he’s with a doctor. #17: let’s go we’ve talked enough. Then they started down the mountain. Leo so was boshi place a nice place to sleep at #17? #17: we never did go to his place we slept out in the open because you guy’s were taking long with the wood or should I say fight you guy’s didn’t invite me to.

then they waited at the meeting place for 8 minutes and mario and luigi showed up. Vegeta: where’s donkey kong and yoshi? Luigi: they are searching for bowser and his gang, what was that move called you did to us yesterday and how did you do it. vegeta: it was called the big bag attack and you must focus your energy, what about that fire ball you used on me? Luigi: same here it take’s focus and energy. #17: so you must be mario. Luigi: no I’m luigi, and who might you be. Leonardo: that’s the android I told you about. Luigi: so 17 vegeta and leo are telling me your home planet blew up.

#17: yes it sure did some guy named. Mario: no need to explain leo and vegeta told us everything. Leo: where’s my bag? Boshi: I left it under a tree, don’t worry the only thieves around are koopa’s. Boshi: hey why don’t we go to my place and, wait leo and vegeta you guy’s need to go to the east and get me a certain kind of wood, the rest of us will talk and wait for you. Vegeta: ok let’s go. boshi tilts his sun glasses down. Boshi: not so fast, I’m sending redy with you just incase you run in to any trouble redy will stop you from getting in a fight.

Then leonardo, droshi, and vegeta headed off to the east to get the wood. 49 minutes later. vegeta: why does boshi always send us to get the wood does he have something against us? droshi: he does it to me all the time.
something runs by leo. Leonardo: did you guy’s see that. vegeta: not again, now I know your joking. then leo just run’s off again. Redy/droshi: I guess we better follow him. then vegeta and droshi follow leo through the forest. redy: there he is. Leo: sh, more koopa’s. Redy: let’s go down there and yoshi/lize them. leo: you mean turtle/lize.
Vegeta: they both mean the same thing.

Leo: that koopa just went in that warehouse. Vegeta: great a bowser headquarters made out of wood that’s pathetic. leonardo: we should get a closer look. so the three of them jumped on top of the building and listen through the holes in the wood. Bowser: yes now that I have captured wario, yoshi, and donkey kong I will brainwash them and turn them on the mario’s. Redy: this is bad. DK: you wont get away with this. then bowser pushed a switch foreword you could here Wario, DK, and yoshi screaming in pain. Redy: we have to help them. and with that vegeta flew up and blasted a hole in the building and all three of them jumped in. Vegeta: bowser. then he turn’s the switch off and turns around. Bowser: well well the green turtle and the annoying monkey and there little pathetic yoshi. Leonardo: you got lucky last time bowser but this time you go down.

Bowser: really will see about that, my allies arise. Then yoshi, wario, and dk get up from there platforms. Bowser: attack! then there eyes turn red and yoshi and wario take on vegeta and dk takes on redy. Leo jumps in front of
bowser and pulls out his swords. Leonardo: Let’s dance. then leo does a run and jump kick that makes bowser slide into a wall then leo comes and starts punching him. Vegeta: wario, yoshi snap out of it. Yoshi: hiss. Wario: rah. vegeta: ok, it looks like that didn’t work. then yoshi kicks vegeta making him fly towards a wall but before he could hit wario jumps over vegeta and kicks him back to yoshi.

Redy: DK snap out of it, hey if you do we can go get some yummy bananas. then dk smiles. Redy: yes it’s working. then dk starts to change back. Redy: yes! than his eye’s turn back red. Droshi: I always thought you were a freak you went bananas in your head years ago. then donkey kong get’s angry again and kicks droshi into a pipe made out of vines and starts beating him up in the corner. after about 15 punches bowser finely grabs leo’s hand and pull’s him up and kicks him across the room onto some cardboard boxes. Leo: cant see. then leo moves the boxes out of the way only to see bowser’s fist coming down to punch him. so Leo jumped up and grabbed onto the side of bowser’s arm and kicks him to the ground.

Vegeta stands to his feet only to have yoshi grab him from behind and hold him. wario comes up to vegeta, wario opens his own gloves and spits on both of them and then wario makes two tight fists and start’s punching vegeta. droshi finally kicks dk off of him witch makes dk slam his head, and he’s knocked out. Droshi: maybe when he wakes up he wont be brainwashed anymore. then leo pulls his swords back out and tries to cut up bowser but he doges Leo’s attacks for about 2 minutes leo finely jumps up and kicks bowser to the ground. Leo: looks like he’s down for good. then leo puts his swords in and as soon as he does bowser jumps up and rams him into the wall.

After about 3 minutes wario kicks vegeta in the stomach and yoshi lets him fall to the ground. in a mind controlled voice/ wario: let’s finish this trash. then vegeta jumps up and does a spin kick that nocks down yoshi and wario. Vegeta: now for the finish. droshi: no! vegeta we need them alive they are being mind controlled remember? Vegeta: well it looks like they’ll be down for awhile. leo come out of the wall and kicks bowser into some pipes made out of vines. then redy and vegeta join him. Bowser: you guy’s are pretty good even you redy for a puny yoshi like yourself. redy: thanks, but I couldn’t say the same for you. Bowser: keep being a funny guy little one, well since you three have made it this far it’s time for the real deal.

Vegeta: what you have been holding back. Bowser: no I have been giving it my all, let me introduce my fighting machine. then bowser presses a button that opens a door. when the door opens you see someone playing videogames. a voice: yes that is my highest score! Bowser: bowser/jr! get out here we have company. bowser/jr: 5 more minutes papa. Bowser: get out here right now. bowser/jr: why don’t you make me. Bowser: will you three excuse for a minute. Bowser: get out there right now. than he just turns of the videogame.

bowser/jr: that was my highest score, fine I’m coming. Then bowser and bowser/jr walk towards vegeta, redy and leonardo. then something explodes the bowser headquarters. After all the smoke cleared bowser/jr was missing and a man in a helicopter had him. Bowser: no!. Leo: bowser let’s finish this. Bowser: no I’ll make you a deal. Leo: I’m listening. after about 1 hour. Vegeta: so if you decide to join us just look us up. Leo: and bowser we will fight again. then the three of them walked off.

Redy: how can we trust him. Leo: we have to, we have no choice the more fighters the easier to take down glordge and his minions, jeez dk’s heavy vegeta you want to trade? Vegeta: nope. Leo: how about you redy. Redy: no way. So then the three of them went to a yoshi who could heal wario, yoshi, and DK. Then vegeta, leo, and Droshi walked to find mario and the others. Vegeta: darn! where are they, that’s it I’m going to fly up and see if I can see them. vegeta looks around for a minute. Vegeta: were the heck are they! Then two plains come behind vegeta and almost crash because he was in there way. vegeta fly’s down beside leo and droshi. Droshi: do you think there dead? Leo: I don’t know. Then the two planes open and a fury fox and a bird jump out of the planes. bird: what do think your doing getting in our way, and how were you flying like that.

Leo: we mean you no harm. fox/creature: well you’ve asked for a fight and with that the creatures pull out there laser guns and start firing. Vegeta: big bang attack! vegeta shoots it at the fox creature. fox/creature: reflector. Then the blast reflects back hitting vegeta and Droshi. Leonardo: take this. Then Leo jumps up and cut’s the ends off of the creatures guns and kicks them both into the water. Leonardo: well that takes care of that. Droshi and Vegeta come running back. vegeta: its already over, Vegeta: leo you sure do know how to take down a simple enemy. Droshi: we better go find the others. vegeta: right, hey maybe there up by your tree house redy let’s go check. Leo: why didn’t I think of that.

Then they walk up to his tree house. Boshi: were have you been, and where’s the wood? Vegeta: to make a long story short bowser. #17: you guy’s had another fight without me! Then a huge ship comes down. Mario: #17 our company is here. Then the ship door opens. Leo it’s that same bird guy. Mario: falco are you ok? Falco takes his hand and brushes his feathers out of his face. Falco: do I look ok!. Leo: if your falco who was your buddy? Falco: Fox mccloud, or you could say starfox. Luigi: falco why are you all wet. Falco: why don’t you ask your green turtle friend. Then fox comes out of the ship wiping off with a towel. Fox: you guy’s. Vegeta: we need to talk. 1 hour later. Fox: ok so it looks like were a team against this glordge guy. Falco: but how do you know he’ll come to this universe. #17: we were told by our friend uub before he exploded with the planet.

Fox: falco I’m taking #17 up to great/fox so he can help Rob fix the ship up since krystal and slippy are gone on a trip. Falco: fine with me I’ll just stay here. Then fox and juunanagou jump into the arwings and fly up to great-fox. 2 minutes. In space. Fox: open main doors. Then fox and c-17 put up the arwings and go to the main room.
Rob: hello fox. Fox: hey rob this is seventeen, he will be helping you repair the ship. #17: you guy’s can call me juunanagou if you’d like, so were do we start. Rob: the main engine. Then rob and #17 leave the room. Fox: let’s see what’s on TV. Then fox turns on the TV. Channel/9: we bring you this breaking news live, to you john. John: there are two guy’s teaming up one appears to be king boo and the other who calls himself maj. Fox turns the TV off and starts to doze off. 3 hours later.

Back on yoshi island. Falco: I should of brought my swim suite. Mario: don’t worry when fox and 17 come back you can fly back up to great/fox and get it. Vegeta: or you can just swim in your boxers, me goten and seventeen did when we first got here, but when we returned to earth I grabbed a pair. Leo: they are still in my bag I brought. Falco: so witch one of you arrived on this island first? Leo: I did, about 3 days before them.
Falco: darn I’m so hot, that’s it I’m swimming in my boxers. Vegeta: Boshi, where’s the bags?

Luigi: follow me I’ll show you. then vegeta and luigi walk off to go get the two bags. Back on great/fox outside by the main engine. Juunanagou: ok were ready to transport the new engine. Rob: ok. Then the engine is slowly put into place. #17: perfect, looks like were done the blasters were repaired and the main server for the computers. Rob: mission complete. Then the two head back to the main room only to be startled by peppy hare. Peppy: who are you fox wake up we have an enemy. Fox jumps up and points his blaster at #17. Fox: um peppy that’s not the enemy, he was helping rob repair the ship. Peppy: wo they share did a good job I thought you got some experts to fix the ship.

#17 shakes peppy’s hand. c-17: you can just call me Juunanagou. Fox: or seventeen, he’s an android who was created by a brilliant guy called dr./Gero. Peppy: why don’t you take a seat #17 and tell me a bit about yourself other than how well you can repair things. #17: ok. 2 hours. Peppy: ha ha! and slippy, falco, and krystal thought I was going to die but fox new what was going on. #17: great story. Main/computer: distress call I repeat distress call. Peppy: fox, Juunanagou get to the arwings it looks like it’s coming from venom. Fox: let’s go. Then the two rush off to the arwings.

What could be the problem/ fox and seventeen will be the first two to find out.

To Be Continued

Chapter 7
Darkness to the light

In space. Fox: darn! we have been flying around venom for 45 freaking minutes. #17: let’s not leave yet, we haven’t checked the whole planet. Then many aircrafts surround them and start firing. Fox: let’s attack! #17: who are these guy’s? Fox: I don’t know but there shooting at us so they have to go down. 5 minutes later. Fox: good that’s all of them but who were they. then 2 ships come down and start firing at fox and c/17. Then a music theme comes on. Starwolf: hello fox, by the way thanks for taking down those goons. Panther/caroso: hello fox how’s life been? #17: who are you guy’s. Panther: well well looks like fox has a new member, by the way where’s krystal. Fox: she’s on a trip, so where’s Leon? Starwolf: he’s back at the base.

#17: so what have you come for, if it’s a fight you want let’s get past the talking stuff. Panther: you wouldn’t stand a chance new fox member. #17: where did wolf get you at the cat little kitties section. Fox: juunanagou that’s enough, so wolf what do you want? Wolf: we have to go Panther. then wolf shoots out a blinding bomb from his wolfen and they fly off. Fox: let’s head back to the ship. #17: alright.

Back on yoshi island. Luigi: were back. Mario: luigi what took you guy’s so long did you get lost? Vegeta: you could say that. DK: hey Luigi. Luigi: hey dk, are all three of you up? Mario: no, only Wario and DK yoshi’s still out.
Falco and wario come out of the water. Falco: Boshi: take us to this goten guy so we can get him some real help. Mario: yes maybe we can take him to Brooklyn or the mushroom kingdom for some help. Boshi: ok let’s go, hey where’s leo and Redy. Then the two of them jump down from a tree. Leonardo: we were just checking out the view of the ocean. Boshi: let’s go get goten.

Then all of them walk towards the north to go get goten. 3 hours later. Falco: finally were here. Boshi moves the leaves out of the way and they all walk into the cave. DR./Yoshi: he’s gotten worse I’m afraid. Mario: we’ll take it from here. Vegeta: we need to get him to that mushroom place you were talking about mario. Luigi: we’ll leave first thing in the morning vegeta. Leo: doctor do you think goten will be able to survive over night? DR./Yoshi: yes, I give this guy 2 days before he kicks the bucket. Luigi: we might as well make camp guy’s. Mario: let’s go. Then all of them walk out of the cave.

Falco: someone has to go get some fire wood. Wario: it sure isn’t me. Mario: luigi, vegeta, come let’s go fetch some fire wood. Vegeta: ha, if we run into a fight leo wont be joining in. Leo: come on vegeta, bowser and his crew are probably asleep. Redy: mario can I come? Mario: droshi you have to stay here and make sure the others don’t run off. Luigi: ok let’s go. Then the three of them walk off. 35 minutes into the trip. Mario: so you came to the planet earth for some things called the dragon/balls? Vegeta: yes and I was wondering if this planet had some.

Luigi: I’ve never heard of any dragon/balls, what do they look like? Vegeta: they are an orange shiny color and are round. Then a koopa comes down from a tree. Koopa: hello vegeta, now about that deal meet us down by the river we need to talk. Then the koopa jumps into the trees and runs off. Luigi: Vegeta! what deal is he talking about. Vegeta: um. Mario: let’s go you can talk on the way. Vegeta: hey wait I wasn’t the one who made a deal with king bowser it was leo. Mario: what I would expect that out of someone like wario not Leonardo.

Luigi: let’s go see what they want. The three of them run down to the river. Mario: they must be in that huge cabin like thing. Vegeta: ha, another cheaply made bowser headquarters, there’s no way those koopa’s could have made a new headquarters so fast he must of had two built at the same time. Luigi: so should we knock on the door. Mario: I say we go through the vents. Vegeta: mario I doubt that they have vents, I say we blast the door down. Luigi: I think my idea would be the best. Mario: me to. Vegeta: I agree, and luigi your knocking. Then all three of them walk up to the door and luigi knocks 5 times. Vegeta: what is keeping them that’s it I’m blasting this door down! Mario: vegeta no. The door begins to open. Vegeta: take this then he shoots out a blast that takes down the door and the koopa who was opening up.

Vegeta: sorry about that little one, now where’s bowser? Koopa: down the hall to your right. Then the koopa falls to the ground, the three of them step in. Vegeta: you would think they could at least get some candles to lighten this place up. Then a light pops on. Bowser: ha ha ha ha ha! you guy’s actually showed up. Luigi: what’s this deal you made with the one called Leonardo? Bowser: that’s mine and his little secret.

Mario: so you tricked him. Bowser: exactly, but it’s to bad none of you will leave this place alive, oh and vegeta I have met one of your old enemies he is a very tough guy. Vegeta: and who might that be? Bowser: let’s just say he’s going to help me rule the universe, ha ha ha! Luigi: I’m tired of hearing your stupid mouth your going down. Bowser: really. Then bowser jumps up in the air and shoots fire down towards the three warriors but all 3 of them dodge his attack. Bowser: Now! then many koopa’s come charging in. Vegeta: it looks like they want a fight. Mario: if it’s a fight they want it’s a fight they’ll get.

Bowser: charge! then the koopa’s start to attack. 5 minutes into the battle. Mario: vegeta together. Vegeta: right. mario shoots a fire ball out witch forms with vegeta’s blast witch takes down 4 koopa’s. Luigi: you 3 think you can take me on. 1/Koopa: of course we can. luigi charges them and loads up a green fire ball witch takes down two of them, the other jumps up and him and luigi punch and kick at each other for a bit then luigi uppercuts him to the ground.

Bowser presses a button on a remote control witch makes cages come down on mario and luigi. vegeta: hey bowser you forgot about me. Vegeta powers up and fly’s towards bowser and they start fighting for about 12 minutes, landing punch’s on each other pounding each other to the ground. bowser wipes blood from his mouth. bowser: I cant tell who’s tougher you or leonardo. still breathing hard as he speaks. vegeta: I’ve taken on much stronger dopes then you it’s just my power level is low in this world. then bowser jumps up and kicks vegeta into the ground. Bowser: see you plumbers later.

Then bowser jumps into a turtle craft and fly’s off. mario: vegeta are you down there? vegeta comes flying out of the ground. Luigi: can you get us out of these cages. vegeta: I’ll try, it depends how strong it is. vegeta opens the cages with ease. Luigi: let’s head back to the camp. mario: it must be about 12:00 A.M, let’s get that wood and head back. When the three of them got back to camp there was already a fire going. mario: boy do we have a story for them in the morning. Vegeta: I’m going to go take a swim I’ll see you two in the morning. Luigi: ok. Vegeta swam for 82 minutes and went to bed, what journey’s lye ahead for the fighters.

Next morning. Everyone is awakened by the loud noise of two loud arwings. Fox and seventeen jump out of the arwings. Falco: hey fox, darn I was having a great dream. Wario: darn it’s only 8:30 A.M you guy’s woke us up much to early. Mario: hello fox, everyone get up were heading to the mushroom kingdom. everyone got up. Leo: I’ll go get goten. Then they all made 5 boats. 10 hours at sea. Boshi: I wonder where fox and falco are. #17: it’s only been ten hours and you already miss them, there probably at great/fox. Vegeta: what is great/fox? #17: there main ship.

Leonardo: so luigi your telling me bowser made all that up? Luigi: he must of, him and his fellow koopa’s attacked us. Leo: darn now I know what c-17 feels like when he misses out in a battle. Boshi: vegeta can you fly up and see if any pirates are anything is coming? Vegeta: don’t be foolish pirates were way back in the day. vegeta fly’s up and a cannon ball almost hit’s him. Vegeta: pirates! boshi: what do we do, I think they want gold, hey yoshi’s up. Yoshi: I’ve been up for 15 minutes, what you didn’t notice? Mario: enough you two we have bigger things to worry about like a bunch of angry pirates.

Luigi: vegeta and juunanagou you guy’s can fly so why don’t you take them out. #17: I have a better idea me and vegeta will give you and mario a lift to there ship and all four of us will take them out. mario: ok then let’s take them out. vegeta grabs luigi and 17 grabs mario and they get on the ship. Vegeta: why did you fire at me? Pirate: this is all pirate territory now so you might as well scam, unless you can teach us how to fly. Vegeta: actually this is saiyan territory. Pirate: really then we’ll have to eliminate you! Then the pirate shoots his gun at vegeta and he catches the bullet and crushes it.

vegeta puts on his saiyan smirk. Pirate/2: he must be an angel from the heavens. Pirate/3: why has god sent you four? The four of them look at each other and smile. Luigi: he has sent us to tell you to get off the seas. #17: and he means fast like right now. Pirate/4: ok ok ok! we will I just don’t want to go down to you know were when I die. Vegeta: trust me I send people down there all the time that is my job up in the heavens. Pirate/2: wait a minute if you guy’s are angles where’s your wings? Mario: they are not visible on earth. Pirate/8: ok go tell the captain we need to get off the sea’s now, hurry go!. 2 minutes later. Captain: what is this these aren’t angles those two are the mario’s, I don’t know who the other two are.

Pirate: I knew something fishy was going on. Pirate/6: mate you mean to tell me they aren’t angles. Captain: yes, now get these plumbers off my ship. All/pirates 1-10: ha ha ha ha ha! there plumbers ha ha ha ha! Pirate: you want to fix our sink, nasty water seems to come out of it, ha ha ha! Vegeta: ha ha ha ha ha ha! All the pirates stop laughing and begin to get a bit scared because they don’t know why vegeta is laughing. Vegeta: ha ha!, you guy’s are a bunch of jokes sitting on an old raggedy boat with cracks in the wall and who knows what.

Pirate: are you making a joke out of us. vegeta: what do you mean you cant make a joke out of a joke, you were all born a joke. Pirate: that’s it. then he tries slicing vegeta 6 times but he doges all six and knees him in the stomach witch make him fall slam wham to the ground. Captain: ok, this is how it’s going to be vegeta and the Mario’s will die, you may still have a chance to join us. #17: nah, as vegeta said you guy’s are a bunch of jokes.

Captain: fine, attack! all the pirates run towards them and start slicing but vegeta, luigi, 17, and mario didn’t even have to touch them. finally the pirates got tired of cutting the air. Vegeta: captain see what I mean a bunch of jokes and you’re the one who taught them how to fight like camels. then luigi jumps up and knocks all the pirates to the ground. Mario: now for the finish. mario jumps up and kicks the captain off the boat.

#17: looks like we can head back to our boats now. One of the pirates get’s up and vegeta turns around and sees him. Pirate/3: ah!. he jumps into the water. vegeta: good that’s what I thought. Then they head back to there boats. Donkey Kong: what happened? #17: well leo you missed out on another fight, these guy’s had swords like you. Leo: darn!. 12 hours later. Mario: we are here the mushroom kingdom. Boshi: I don’t feel so good. Wario: it’s about time we got here I’ll see you guy’s later. Vegeta: DK should of stayed with us but instead we dropped him off at his island. mario: we better get goten to a Dr.

Leo and mario take Goten to a hospital. Luigi show’s vegeta and boshi around the mushroom kingdom. two women: hello boy’s. Boshi: rah, hello ladies. vegeta: I don’t think they were talking to you I think they were talking to luigi and me. boshi: I can never get a girl. luigi: just wait and one day she’ll pop up. boshi: who. Vegeta: the woman that you will desire. A little toad takes a guy’s wallet and he doesn’t notice and vegeta grabs the little guy by the arm. vegeta: hey don’t take things that don’t belong to you got it. little/toad: yes mister.

vegeta: excuse me sir you dropped this. Man: thanks a lot. Vegeta: your welcome. two arwings come flying down from the sky. Boshi: it’s falco! yes he’s back. Luigi: so is fox. The two arwings open and fox and falco jump out, but fox is holding someone. Fox: vegeta goten saved us and he’s hanging on to life by a thread. Luigi: but goten’s at the hospital. Fox lay’s the saver on the ground. Vegeta: that’s not goten that’s that’s go go gohan. at the tip of his lungs he manages to say: Vegeta I found you. then gohan smiles and falls unconscious.

It looks like gohan has managed to to survive his blast from bly but what is his story?
To Be Continued

Chapter 8
Darkness to the light
An invader

Vegeta: boshi take gohan and get him to a hospital as fast as you can go now!. Boshi: right I’m on it. Boshi runs off with gohan. Falco: so who’s Gohan? vegeta: he’s goten’s older brother. Luigi: so what brings you two to the mushroom kingdom, did you just show up to drop off gohan? Fox: partially, but there is some guy going around hurting many people for what reason no one really knows but we need your help on taking him down. Luigi: you can count us in, what does this guy look like? Falco: a guy with a face white as the clouds. vegeta: his skin is that white? Fox: yes and he can also fly like you and juunanagou.

Vegeta: we better get the others first, maybe this guy’s working for Glordge. Luigi: let’s go tell the others. Then fox and them meet up with the whole gang. #17: so gohan’s at the hospital right now, and when him and goten recover we can go take down glordge. Vegeta: where’s our bags leo? Leo: there at the hotel. Falco: I say we go hunt down that killer. Mario: ok I have a couple ships we can use. Fox: juunanagou remember the skills we talked when flying. #17: ok. Boshi: can I come I know some fighting moves. then two boats come to shore.

Broshi: you guy’s don’t mind if me and redy tag along. #17: hey orangey. orangey: just call me broshi, orangey’s ok I guess. Droshi: hey yoshi and boshi. yoshi: hey. Fox: we better get a move on before anymore people get hurt. Leo: mario lead us to these extra crafts. Mario: it’s just a big huge one. Leonardo: let’s go. Everyone get’s in the huge craft accept fox and falco. vegeta: so boshi what did they say about gohan.

Boshi: I’m sorry they said he’s not going to make it. Vegeta: no gohan no! Boshi: I’ve always wanted to say that after watching all those movies I was just kidding. Vegeta: what!. boshi: she said gohan will be up in moving in about 9 days. vegeta: thank goodness. #17: so leo what did they say about goten. Leo: what did that guy say again mario? Mario: about two weeks, he said the poison was in his system really good.

Leo: so fox were are we stopping first to look for this guy? Falco: we just got an update, he was last seen on the planet venom. #17: venom, hey fox isn’t that were we met up with wolf and panther? Fox: your exactly right.
Falco: you guy’s met up with wolf and you didn’t tell me, that’s just bogus. Fox: don’t worry falco you will get your shot at him soon in time, rob confirm location on venom. Rob: towards east.

Fox: let’s take down that freak boy’s. Luigi: I have always wondered how it would be like to travel space like starfox or samus. Mario: that must be the guy down there all three ships land and everyone gets out. Fox pulls out his blaster. fox: you turn around right now. a voice: it’s been along time hasn’t it vegeta. Vegeta: how did you know my name, your voice I’ve heard it somewhere. the/voice: the way you destroyed me was, with that big bang attack. vegeta: you must be. The figure turns around. voice: I am android 19, I was about to finish off goku when you came to his aid.

#17: so your that android DR./Gero made. Mario: so what do we have here a fat punk who is killing people, and for what. #19: I wouldn’t talk so much for a guy who works in the sewers, you and that guy must be mario and luigi. Luigi: how did you know our names? #19: I know all of your names, your Leonardo and fox and falco. Boshi: you a very bad guy, I’ve always wanted to say that. Falco: who are you working for, and how did you know our names. falco starts breathing a bit faster.

in his head yoshi: what’s up with falco, we haven’t even started fighting yet. #19: if that’s the last thing you would like to know before I annihilate you I will tell you. Leo: so spit it out. #19: my master has had some scanner devices travel the world to watch some of the greatest fighters like Splinter. Leo: my master? #19: yes.
mario: where’s dr./Gero now? #19: my master isn’t dr./Gero in fact it is an enemy two of you have faced before.
vegeta: was your leader spying on me as well? #19: not you or c/17 because I already had data on you.
Leo: I say we take this guy down.

#19: flash!. The whole area was blinded with a very bright light. after the light cleared out. Mario: we must find were that guy went to. Fox: everyone to the ships. They all fly back to the mushroom kingdom except boshi, vegeta, falco, and fox. In great fox. Vegeta: guy’s I have one important thing to say, nineteen can drain your energy with those red dots on his hand. Falco: really you’ve got to be kidding!, I say we wait for gohan to get better and goten can be our back up. Boshi: I agree big time on that one, I really don’t want some guy taking my energy.

Fox: I say we take him now. vegeta: no! this guy is to tough it takes like a super saiyan to beat him with not much effort we must wait, I still need to train. Falco: are you sure there is a such thing as a super saiyan? boshi: yah does your hair really turn gold, your sure it’s not a legend right? vegeta: yes I’m sure because in my world my power level was much higher. boshi: let’s head back to the mushroom kingdom, falco see you later. vegeta: remember wait for the rest of us before you go and take on the androids. falco: ok. then boshi and vegeta fly off.

Falco: fox what are you doing? Fox: there you are. Falco: is that that charger gun samus let you borrow? Fox: sure is and #19 is going to be feeling pain once I shoot him with this, let’s go falco. Falco: but remember what mario said about team? Fox: shush, do they look like your leader, come let’s go. Falco: ok fox. Back at the mushroom kingdom.

Mario: so Doc when do you think gohan will be able to talk. Doctor: 1 or two days it just depends he could even be on his feet in 5 days at the rate he’s healing. Mario: thanks for the update, so what about goten? Doc: it may take him a bit longer to recover because he needed medical care 1 day after he was struck by the poison to recover as quick as gohan. Luigi: hey mario. Doc: you must be luigi. mario: yep that’s him.

Luigi and Mario talk with the doctor for about 3 minutes then they head over to the hotel. Vegeta: hey guy’s you’re here. Leonardo: he guy’s witch room are you staying in. They all gave each other there room numbers just in case they had information about anything. They all ate dinner at a restaurant, then they all headed back to there hotel rooms except yoshi, redy and broshi shared a room with mario and boshi shared a room with vegeta.

Next Morning 10:30 A.M Fox: there he is. Falco: what is he doing in corneria city? Fox: let’s give him a blasting welcome. Then fox starts shooting lasers out of his arwing. #19: well well, fox and falco. They both start shooting at 19. Falco: let’s lead him away from the city. Fox: good call, c/19 follow us. They take #19 to a small island far from where people can get hurt. Fox and Falco jump out of there arwings.

#19: so witch one of you wants to die first? Falco: I’ll beat on him a bit then you can have a shot at him. Fox: fine with me. Falco smiles and runs towards nineteen. Back at the hotel Yoshi: mario wake up wake up, let’s go get some breakfast. #17: hey mario. mario: hey, what time is it? #17: 11:05 A.M. Mario: ok let’s go. after they ate. Leo: hey guy’s has anyone seen vegeta I haven’t seen him all morning. Boshi: he said something about going down to the lake to train. Luigi: yah he said something about getting up at six to train.

Yoshi: I know vegeta he’ll show up anytime now. vegeta fly’s down with a chicken spicy sandwich. Vegeta: you guy’s should get some lunch. Yoshi: told you he would show up. Back at the fight. Falco speeds up his running. falco jumps over nineteen and kicks him into the ground. 19 and falco battle it out for about 18 minutes. #19 grabs both of falco’s wrists and starts absorbing his energy. Falco: ah ah ah ah!, let go of me you. Then fox kicks 19 to the ground and starts pounding him to the ground for about 48 minutes.

breathing hard as he talks/Fox: your no match for the mighty fox mccloud. Nineteen smiles and kicks fox into the air and knocks him around in the sky for about 5 minutes, 19 kicks fox witch sends him right to the ground. 19 sits on fox’s stomach, as you can see the reflection of fox’s face in the energy absorber. #19: time to die fox. he turns around and sees falco. #19: don’t worry falco you’ll get your turn next.

Falco: I’m sorry fox I am just to weak to help you. Fox: ah ah ah ah ah rah ah! #19: ha ha ha ha!
Back at the mushroom kingdom. mario and vegeta are watching the news. Mario: well looks like there replacing that old road. vegeta: how old was it. Mario: 78 years old. news/John: he’s there attacking ah ah! a voice: point the screen here. John: ok maj. voice: it’s majin buu or you could just say super buu. John: ok. Super/buu: hey vegeta I know your probably watching the news you may of taken down that fat buu and that silly of a kid buu but I remain ha ha ha ah! then the screen goes blank. Vegeta and mario look at each other. mario: who’s that buu guy! Vegeta: I’ll tell you on the way we have to get to the others.

It looks like majin-super-buu has returned and what kind of evil could him and king boo be plotting, and is there anyone who can save fox from getting his life drained out? Stay tuned.
Chapter 9
Evil alliance

Fox finally gets 19 off of himself. Falco: fox mushroom catch! Fox: thanks falco, now I’m at full health. #19: rah. Back at the mushroom kingdom. Mario: so your telling me there were three buu’s, kid buu, fat buu, and super buu? Vegeta: yes that’s exactly what I’m saying, look there’s leo. Leonardo: hey guy’s what’s up. Vegeta: Leo we have to find the others let’s go. Leo: what’s going on? Mario: we’ll tell you on the way. Back at the battle. 19 fly’s over and kicks fox into a hill. Then 19 loads up a blast and shoot’s it into the ruble/hill.

After the dust clears fox is standing there with blood dripping from his lip, then fox takes a piece of his armor off and throws it to the ground. Then fox puts on a smile. Fox: well well well your tougher then you look. Then he runs over to 19 and the two of them start fighting. after about 45 minutes fox starts losing the match again. Fox: I only have one more idea, falco give me samus’s gun. Falco: fox, but the android will just absorb the blast.

Fox: did I ask you that!, pass me it now. Falco throws fox the huge blaster. Fox loads the blaster up to it’s fullest. #19: yes, perfect. 19 puts out his hands and absorbs the energy. Falco: ah no! Fox: he absorbed it, the energy. #19: well fox it’s time to say goodbye, now that I’m at full health your nothing. Fox: ah. Then 19’s theme song comes on and he attacks fox knocking him around the place for about 5 minutes, then he sits on him like before and starts draining his life once more.

Fox: gah ah help falc ah! Falco: fox I don’t have any energy. With that he sits there and drains the life out of fox mccloud. after about a minute later fox’s fingers begin to slide off of the androids hands and his eyes begin to lose there sight. When all hope seems lost a huge blast comes and 19 jumps off of fox. voice: my name is ka-lion. #19: are you friends with vegeta. Ka-lion looks like a creature like fox only he looks like a 13 year old lion, with green army paths with dark brown hair.

Ka/lion: no, I heard some pink weirdo on TV. talking about that guy. #19: what are you here for. Ka-lion: I’m a bounty hunter. #19: you look a bit young to be doing that kind of work, who teaches you your skills? Ka/lion: my father Ma/Lion. #19: um, so who are you after? Ka/lion: you’re the invader who has been going around hurting people so you’re the one I’ve been looking for. #19: well if it’s a fight. Before 19 could say another word ka-lion elbowed him into the ocean near by. ka-lion: he’s pathetic. 19 comes flying out of the ocean.

#19: you will pay for that young. Ka-lion punches his mouth in and kicks him into a hill and pulls out his super ultra rocket gun and fires into the hill. Ka-lion: that should do it. 19 fly’s out of the hill and kicks ka-lion into the ocean. #19: this guy’s good I better go get the rest of fox’s energy. 19 fly’s down and starts taking fox’s energy again. Fox: ah! 19 sticks something in fox’s mouth and keeps draining.

after about a minute someone kicks 19 off of fox. Falco: it’s Leo. Vegeta: falco why didn’t you help fox? Leonardo: he’s still alive only by a thread. Mario: falco your coming with us we’ll need your help. 19 stands up. #19: I will drain all of your lives just like that pathetic fox. Leonardo: rah ah! Leo runs over and punches 19 in the stomach 8 times then he kicks him into the ground. Vegeta: we better get fox some help and fast.

Ka/lion fly’s out of the water. Falco: it’s ka/lion. Mario: when did you meet him. Leo: Ka/lion come with us, vegeta the ship is picking up a distress call. Ka/lion gets in his ship and they all take fox to the hospital. Mario: the scanners say to the west of the mushroom kingdom something going on. When they get to the place they see a sign that says enter if your not chicken. Ka/lion: none of us are chicken so some one press that button. Vegeta pushes the button and a under ground base is opened.

Leo: I’ll go first. Mario: right behind you. Then falco, mario, Leo, Ka-lion, and vegeta enter. 10 minutes later. Falco: these brick walls with the fire at the sides remind me of the medieval times. Vegeta: it does a bit. Then they come into a room then the walls in the room came down splitting them into groups. Falco and vegeta/ Ka-lion and mario, and Leo alone. Vegeta: what is this all about.

a voice from some where: gwaa!, it’s me majin buu. Mario: Buu! where are you hiding! Buu: you’ll have to make it passed my traps. Leonardo: what kind of traps? super/Buu: you’ll just have to see, gwaa ha ha ha ha ha! Falco: ok vegeta let’s go. They all go down there own mazes. Mario/Ka-lions: maze. Ka-lion: hey mario do you see anything around, like any traps yet? Mario: nope, wait do you here that. Sounds: ga ga ga ga. Ka-lion: what is that noise? Mario: it’s boo ghosts.

Ka-lion: so how many boo’s and buu’s are there? Mario: there were three buu’s and there are many boo ghost’s. a/boo: hello mario, now that we have formed our own team you wont be able to take us down. Ka/lion pulls out his machine gun and starts shooting at the ghost’s, but the bullet’s went right through them. Ka-lion: what the heck. Mario jumps up and starts kicking them around.

After about three minutes ka-lion and mario took them all down. Mario: moving right along. Vegeta/Falco: maze. Falco: where the heck are we. Vegeta: there’s no way buu built this place by himself. Then a ninja dressed in a black suit jumps down and kicks falco and vegeta into the rough brick walls. Falco: no one humiliates me, your going down ninja punk. The ninja powers up. Falco: it looks like this guy can power up like you vegeta. Vegeta: let’s take him down. Falco jumps up and kicks the ninja in the neck witch knocks him to the ground.

Vegeta: get up where just starting. The ninja hops up and kicks falco into vegeta witch sends them flying into a statue of bowser. vegeta powers up to his fullest and shoots a blast at the ninja witch sends him flying into the brick wall. Falco: let’s go. Leonardo/maze. Leo: darn where the heck is buu? Then the fire lit inside of the halls was sucked up by something. leo: who who’s there? a voice: I love light, just call me yakon. Then Yakon shot out his sharp blades and Leo pulled out his swords and they began to fight.

Yakon grabbed leo’s swords and threw them into the darkness 5 minutes into the fight. Leo: wow those things are sharp. Yakon: without your katana your nothing to yakon! then he kicks leo threw a wall into another room. Leo jumps right to his feet and he runs towards yakon and gives him 5 kicks to the stomach and uppercut’s him witch knocks him unconscious. Leonardo: guess that’s that. then he gets his swords and continues onto the maze.

They all meet up in one big room. Buu: gwaa!, you guy’s have made it. Vegeta: buu!. Buu: I am really impressed especially in you leonardo, no one has taken him down since goku did when he was being controlled. King boo comes into the room. King/boo: hello mario, it’s been awhile. mario: yah I guess your right it has been awhile. Leonardo: so you two are the ones working together?

Buu: exactly green one, prepare for your final battle all of you! Then king boo and super buu attack. Super buu takes on falco, vegeta, and leo and boo takes on the other two. Ka-lion: take this king boo. ka-lion tries to kick king boo but he doges it and tales him onto the wall. Mario loads up two fire balls and shoots them and king boo. King/boo: ha you missed mario. Then king boo bashes him with his head into the wall. Falco pulls out his blaster and tries to shoot at super buu but he doges all the blast’s and kicks falco witch makes him do many flips backwards into the wall.

Buu: your pathetic bird. Leo comes up and cut’s him in half. king/boo: no buu! Leo: yes! Vegeta: hey leo watch out he can put himself. before he could say another word buu formed back together and punched leo in the stomach witch makes him loose all his breath, leo falls to the ground. King/boo: hey buu why didn’t you tell me and the boss you could do that? Buu: you never asked. Vegeta fly’s over to buu and they start landing punches and kicks on each other.

After about a minute later buu blast’s vegeta to the ground. in his head/ Ka-lion: these guy’s have to have a weak point, there to strong to fight head on wait I have an idea. Ka/lion: hey buu’s/boo’s one of you has to be the better buu/boo so witch one of you is it? super/buu: that would be me of course. King/boo: no I am the better buu/boo! super/buu: let’s settle this right now. The two of them start fighting. after about three minutes.

Vegeta: well looks like super/buu won. a voice: what are you two bone heads doing. king/boo: ah just training boss/bowser. Bowser: well buu it seems your tougher then boo. Vegeta: bowser!, I should of known you were behind this. mario: bowser what are you trying to plot? Leonardo: bowser we have some unfinished business that we need to settle right here right now. Then leo pulls out his swords.

Bowser: maybe next time. Falco: what do you mean next time. Bowser throws a sleep bomb down at them. Bowser: does that answer your question falco? Falco: yep. then they all fall to the ground. super/buu: let’s go get yakon and the others and scam, so what’s the next part of the plan. Bowser: you’ll see.

8 hours later. Vegeta: ah darn where am I. Falco: those punks knocked us out. Mario: we better go get the rest of the gang and search for bowser and buu. Leo: yah, so ka-lion you want to hang with us? ka-lion: sure let’s go take these punks down.

What could buu, bowser, and boo be plotting and will goten and gohan awake in time to lend a hand stay tuned.

Chapter 10

Somewhere in the sky. Vegeta: darn were could buu have run off to, I really thought he was part of uub. Leonardo: Leo to vegeta do you see any sight of them in the sky’s? vegeta: no, any sight of them in the sewers? Leo: Nope not a scent of them around. Ka/lion: do you guy’s copy, mario said head back. Leonardo: on the way roger. Vegeta: I’m coming also just wait a couple minutes I’m going to fly and take a look around. Ka/lion: now! Vegeta: ok I’m on my way. king/Boo: gwah gwah Leo and vegeta are taking the bate there coming right to us. Buu: your good at doing people’s voices other then that your pathetic.

Bowser: good Luigi’s also on his way. Yakon: I want another shot at that turtle! Buu: don’t worry you’ll get your chance another time. king/boo: everyone get in there hiding spots here they come. Vegeta: so this is the place so where’s Mario Ka/lion and the rest? Luigi: hey vegeta where’s everyone else? Leonardo: hey guy’s, are you the only two here? Vegeta: I guess so. Then king/boo, super buu, Yakon, and bowser pop out of the bushes behind them. Buu: hello boy’s. Luigi: who are you. Buu: just call me buu. Leonardo: you guy’s got lucky on our last meet but this time you wont be so lucky.

Bowser: we’ll see about that turtle boy. Yakon: I recognize you your vegeta the guy who watched me fight your friend goku all those years ago. King/Boo: duh we’ve said his name a lot. Luigi: so what do you freaks want? Buu: with that kind of talk I don’t think I’ll tell you, gwaa ha ha ha ha! Leo: your laughing is really starting to get on my nerves. Bowser: don’t worry because where your going you wont have to hear it again. Luigi: what do you mean? King-boo takes something from behind his back.

Vegeta: what is that? King/Boo: a time sector, that can beam anyone or anything in the feature the past or to another universe. Luigi: so what are you planning on beaming? Buu: gwaah you three! Then king-boo try’s to beam the three of them but they move out of the way. Vegeta: I have always disliked ghosts, take this boo. Vegeta loads up a blast and as he begins to shoot it king-boo beams him and he disappears.

Leo try’s to cut the sector in half and is also beamed. Luigi: no Leo! Luigi try’s to punch boo but misses and is also beamed. Super/Buu: Yes ha ha ha gwaah ha ha there gone forever! Bowser: now all I have to deal with is mario. Yakon: nice aiming boo. King/Boo: thanks, let’s just hope wherever they are they don’t survive for long ha ha gah gah. Yakon: I’m pretty sure we’ve heard of the last of those three.


In another universe vegeta appears and his loaded up blast fires into a building witch kills some people. Vegeta: ah no, where am I. Then vegeta turns around and is punched into a car. Vegeta: ah what the who was that. vegeta looks up. Vegeta: uh the man of steal, superman! Superman: that’s right and your going down for hurting those innocent people. Superman shoots laser red beams out of his eyes but vegeta disappears and repairs behind superman. Vegeta: hey listen I was transported here and. Before vegeta could say another word superman starts punching him all over the place. 2 minutes of dodging talking and getting beat down. Vegeta: that’s it I’m getting tired of you not listening your going down.

Superman try’s to punch vegeta but he grabs his hands and knees him into a building. Vegeta: it takes more then steal to withstand a saiyan. Then vegeta loads up a blast and fires it into the building. one minute later. Superman comes out of the ruble and try’s to fire his laser eyes at vegeta but he doges it and fly’s down to superman and begins rapidly punching and kicking him. after about a minute a whip grabs vegeta by his right arm. Vegeta: ah. as the whip holds him smoke bombs come down and vegeta falls to the ground.

1 hour later. vegeta wakes up. a/voice: lay down, now tell me who sent you. Vegeta: batman are you batman! Batman: yes that would be me. someone runs into the room. Batman: hello flash. Flash: the rest of the league are on missions, oh so the guy’s up. Batman: now tell us about yourself. 1 hour later. Batman: so now this king/boo guy has transported you to our world, I see. Flash: um if you ask me his story sounds pretty bogus. Batman: just a sec, Robin/Tim do you read me? Robin: batman get down here now me and beastboy are the only to survivors but not for long if you don’t get down here.

Flash: it looks like cyborg and the rest of the titans are gone, we better get going now. Batman: vegeta you should come with us. Vegeta: ok let’s go. The three of them make there way down to the planet. Robin: who’s that. Batman: his name is vegeta , he’s the saiyan prince. beastboy fly’s into flash witch take them to the ground. Slade: hello batman, you have taught Robin well but now it’s me and you. Then slade shoots out lava and fire, witch knocks batman to the ground. Batman: where did you learn to do that?

Slade: I got my powers from Glordge, he is invading every world and I intend to rule along side him! Vegeta: what glordge that’s who invaded my planet, your going down slade. Then vegeta powers up and him and slade fight for about five minutes, then finally vegeta blasts slade through the ground. Vegeta: ah ah. Robin: nice job Vegeta. Vegeta: thanks. Batman: guy’s Wonder woman Just called, Grundy is on the attack. Beastboy: you mean super grundy, after glordge gave him super strength. Flash: we better get down there now.

Then the five of them went to fight super grundy. At the fight. Wonder woman: where the only three left superman green/lantern together. They all strike Grundy at the same time but he doesn’t even flinch, then after a minute grundy goes to his knees. Superman: take this. then grundy gets up and stabs superman through the heart with a weapon made by glordge witch makes him fall to the ground to his death.

Green/lantern: no!. Then grundy grabs green lantern and bashes his head in witch kills him. Grundy: rah rah rah. Wonder woman whips him for about a minute but has no effect. Then Grundy kicks her to the ground and stabs her with the same spear as he used on superman. The last thing she sees is grundy get kicked to the ground by vegeta and batman landing beside her. Batman: Diana, Diana! Grundy: rah! Vegeta: come come get some of big daddy. Then Grundy try’s to punch vegeta but he fly’s over him and kicks him into a building.

Flash: nice shot. then grundy throws a car at beastboy but vegeta blasted it. vegeta: your fight is with me got it. Then vegeta fly’s over and starts beating on grundy. Robin: Wally/Flash just look at vegeta, how does he fight like that? Wally: Tim drake I really don’t know but he sure is awesome. Vegeta: rah ah rah ah ah rah rah. Vegeta stops beating on grundy. Vegeta: what’s wrong not winning as easy as you were earlier, ha that time is over my friend your going down. Then vegeta elbows grundy into another building.

After another minute grundy realizes he’s no match to grundy and takes the same spear he killed superman and WW with and throws it at robin. Robin: ah no. Batman moves Robin out of the way and is hit instead and falls beside wonder woman. Robin: Bruce! Batman: Tim, you must promise me you will take down glordge with vegeta. Robin: I promise. Batman: Great, we will meet again Tim, someday. Then he dies. A huge space ship comes and picks up grundy then shoots missals down.

Flash: well looks like the planet is going to explode with all of us. vegeta begins to disappear. Vegeta: guy’s grab on to me I’m being beamed somewhere. on the last second as vegeta fades flash grabs Beastboy and Robin and they get beamed with vegeta but where to?

Dimension 2/Luigi

Luigi: where the, hey where am I. Man: on bleachers. Luigi: I can see that but what world. Man: yes he won. Luigi: who and what are you talking about. Speaker/Phone: it looks like sonic the Hedgehog has won the race. People begin to clap. Sonic: thank you thank you very much. Next bring out the fighting ring for Knuckles and his little friend Tales Vs. someone in the bleachers fro five minutes. Man: hey you. Luigi: who me? Man: yah you how bout you and me against those two?

luigi: Ok. The two of them went down to the ring. Man: by the way my names Frank. Luigi: nice to work with you, I’m luigi. Knuckles: hah you two look like push over’s. Tails: yah really. Speaker/phone: let the match begin. Knuckles jumps right up and kicks Frank out of the ring. Speaker/phone: it looks like the guy from the farm wearing overalls is out of the match, but the green guy with overalls is still in. Tails try’s to kick luigi but he doges it and kicks him to the ground. Knuckles: nice hit but it wont happen again. Then tails and knuckles start beating on luigi for ten minutes.

Knuckles: you done green guy? Tails: I think he’s knocked out, ha ha he was weak any way. Then luigi smiles and kicks tails out of the ring. Knuckles: no way. Luigi: never turn your back on an enemy. Then Luigi kicks him out of the ring also. Speaker/Phone: the guy with the green hat on has won, what is your name and your partners? Luigi: mines luigi and my friends name is frank. Speaker/Phone: new champions Luigi and Frank. Your prize money is 100,000 for winning.

Luigi and frank split the money 60/40. Sonic walks up to frank and luigi. Sonic: great job I was wondering when some one would take them down. Tails: sonic could you just be quite about it! Sonic: listen your just angry because you got beat in your fight, I’ll never never ever ever get beat in a race. Luigi: never say never sonic. Radio: Trouble at the bank. Sonic: it must be Dr./egg-man, let’s roll you guy’s luigi frank we could use your help. Luigi: I guess we’ll tag along.

21 minutes later. Knuckles: that’s not, who’s that. king/boo: ga ga ga ga ga! Luigi: it’s king boo. king/boo: you’re the the guy’s I’m looking for, oh hello luigi and goodbye. King/boo beams all 5 of them. King/boo: the plan is working master bowser. Bowser: good.

Dimension 3/Leonardo.

Leo: where the heck am I, it looks like some kind of forest I wonder where vegeta and luigi are. Leo walks around for awhile. Leonardo: what is that music playing, it sounds great. Then leo comes up to a sign. Leo: it says, Lost Woods. Leonardo: That would explain why I cant find my way out of this place. After about 30 minutes later leo fell asleep under a tree listening to the music playing. 2 hours later leo was awaken by a noise of leaves.

Leonardo: who’s there? Then a boomerang comes flying at leonardo and he doges it two times, then it goes back to whoever threw it. Leonardo: who’s there show yourself. Then three bows come firing down at leo from an arrow, leo does three back flips. Then someone comes down and almost cut’s leo with there sword. Leo: who are you? Person: Just call me Link. Then link shoot’s out his chain and leo does a back flip and it hits the tree instead.

leonardo: so you want to fight, well ok your going down. Link pulls his chain out of the tree and shoots it it leo once more, at the same time leo pulls out his twin katana swords and grabs hold of the chain and pulls link in and kicks him to the ground. Link: Navi what are you doing here? Leo turns around only to be knocked over by a Goron. Link: Darunia what are you doing here? Darunia: helping you. Leonardo jumps to his feet and kicks Darunia to the ground. Link gets back up and him and leo begin to duke it out with there swords.

2 minutes. Leo lies on the ground. Link: it looks like you lose turtle. Leo: ah you got lucky ah. Link: so your one of ganon’s men aren’t you? leonardo: who the heck is ganon? Link: ok we need to talk. 2 hours later. Leo: so I got beamed here. Link: I know mario and luigi I met them at the super smash brothers tournament. Leo: so tell me what’s going on here. Link: well Ganondorf has taken over all of the lands and not even I can stop him, I will never face him again. Leonardo: but what about zelda someone has to save her.

Darunia: we just cant we have lost to many people when we tried facing him and his new friend called shredder. Leonardo: shredder no way! Link: you know him? Leonardo: yah we go way back even before I was born. Darunia: shredder also brought along a friend called Hun, perhaps you know him. Leonardo: yes I also know him, so who died when you tried to face him? Link: Rauru, Impa, King Zora, Ingo, Mido, and many others everyone died one by one and I’m not going to let anyone else get hurt.

Leonardo: we can win, were going to try again. Darunia: you have any ideas? Leonardo: yah but first we’ll need some brave fighters. Link: follow me to the tree house where the remaining fighters are. Five minutes later. Leo: so this is the place, it’s pretty cool. Link: this is Talon, Talon this guy wants to go and fight again. Talon: no it’s to dangerous, they took my ranch and my daughter. Leonardo: I say we strike now! Navi: no the foot ninjas come out at night. Leo: do you guy’s know of anyone who can help us take down Ganon and shredder?

Link: there’s some guy called Turt Tit who takes down any kind of bad guy’s up by the graveyard. Leonardo: then let’s go before sun down. Talon: bring my daughter back please. Leo: I’ll do my best. Up at the graveyard. Link: um weird he’s usually out here. Foot ninjas jump behind Link and Leo. Navi: watch out. Then Leo and link pull out there weapons and begin to fight with the foot ninjas. 2 minutes later. Link: there’s to many we have to fall back, I hope your happy with your choice Leonardo. Then someone jumps down and takes down all the foot ninjas.

Link: It’s Turt Tit he’s real! Turt Tit: do I look like tit’s to you why cant anyone say my name right it’s Turtle Titan. Leonardo: Mikey is that you? Turtle/Titan: I recognize your voice have we met? Leonardo: it’s me Leo! Turtle-Titan rubs his eye’s. Turtle/Titan: it is you! Then the two brothers hug. Link: um guy’s I think we better head to the castle before dark and they close up. Mikey: so what’s going on? Leonardo: mikey did a portal zap you here? Mikey: yep about two weeks ago. Leo: Let’s go. Then the three warriors head to the castle.

Outside the castle

Link: ok we have ten foot soldiers to our right and nine to the left, we have to make a plan. Mikey: I have one. Then him and Leo smile at each other and just jump down and start beating foot ninjas. Link: I guess this could work also. Then link joins them. four minutes into the battle. Leo: Link turtle launch time. Leo grabs link by the back of his shirt and throws him 180 feet into the air and starts shooting arrows at the foot ninjas. Mikey: hey foot ninja, do you like foot nut’s there only 50 cents. Then he kicks him witch sends him right into leo’s swords.

Link: that’s all of them, this is where you two go in alone. Mikey: why aren’t you coming? Link: I’ve lost to much, I have failed. Leonardo: you haven’t failed until you’ve been beaten. Mikey: we’ll see you later. Then leo and Mikey walk into the castle. Mikey: what are those things zombies. Leonardo: this is something new it must be a trick of ganon’s, let’s take these three creatures down. Leonardo sticks his sword in one of the zombie looking creatures. Leo: ah crap he’s not dead they must be zombies. then the creature knocks leo onto the wall. Mikey: I killed one just keep hitting them. Two minutes later and all three of the monsters were down dead.

Mikey: it looks like we have to go in through this dark scary tunnel. leonardo: well let’s go. When the got to the end they had to choose right or left. Leo: ok mikey you take right I’ll take left. Mikey: hey you gave me the scary looking place, you take right. leo: no you take right! Mikey starts laughing and runs off into the left tunnel. Leo: darn now I have to go in the right. Then Leo walked into the dark up to the top of the castle. Leonardo: where is everyone? a/voice: so you’re the one called leonardo. Leo: Ganondorf! Ganon: yes that would be me. Then shredder walks into the room.

Shredder: Leonardo I see you to have traveled through time and space but your life ends here ha ha ha ha! Leonardo: this time you both will die by my katana. Back down stairs. Mikey: ah it’s Malon and the other people held captive, so witch one of you’s malon? Malon: me, did my father send you the keys are right there. Mikey looks at the key’s. Mikey: don’t you keys move I’ll be right there, by the way this castle is nice. Then mikey turns around and the keys are gone. voice: hello turtle. Mikey: Hun! then Hun jumps down and kicks mikey onto a chair. Mikey: this chair has great pad ding’s.

Up stairs

Leonardo runs towards ganon and shredder. Leo: who wants some. Shredder pulls out the sword of tang/gou and strikes leo witch sends him flying into a display witch knocks it down. Ganon: my turn. then ganon starts shooting out some of his magic blasts but leo doges them and picks up a shield that was next to the display. Leonardo: let’s do this rah! Leo cut’s ganon in the chest then he tries to kick shredder but he grabs his foot and swings him out the window but leo grabbed onto a pole. Leo: wow that was a close one then he jumps back inside.

Down stairs.

Mikey keeps dodging all of Huns kicks and punches and finally kicks hun out the window. Mikey: ha I got the keys now. Then he opens all of the cages. Zelda: Thank you. Mikey: no problem I have to go help my brother now. Malon kisses mikey on the cheek. Mikey: he he, thanks now all of you get out of here now. Then mikey heads to the right, upstairs to help his brother. Leo: ah. leo fly’s right right onto the hard brick wall from the kick ganon gave him. Ganon: face it your just like the rest who try to stop us. Shredder: for the last time join us.

Leo: never. Ganon gets kicked into shredder by mikey. Shredder: not you, your back to. Mikey: yep and I’m ready to shred some shredder butt. Mikey take shredder and Leo take Ganon, they fought for 30 minutes trading enemies. Ganon: ah ah rah turtle ah. Leonardo pulls his swords out ganon. Mikey: leo together. The two turtles kicked a huge statue of zelda on shredder. Shredder: no! Leo let’s go mikey.. Ganon got back up as a dragon.

Leonardo: ah what is this. Mikey: look it’s that fairy thing. Leo: navi what are you doing in here. Navi: leo mikey you must cut him in the neck. the dragons tail knocked leo and mikey to the ground and began blowing purple fire at them. after a 15 minutes struggle leo and mikey took down the dragon with the spears by the display. Navi: the place is coming down follow me.

Two minutes later they got out of the castle waiting for them was a huge crowd. Zelda: you guy’s did it! Link: great job leo I’m impressed. Zelda: I will give you a kiss for all your hard work. Leo: ok. Link and Mikey lean on leo’s shoulder so they can get a good view, but as she leans forward leo disappears and since link and mikey had contact with him they to vanished. Zelda: ah.

Where have they gone and will Luigi, Vegeta, and Leonardo meet up again stay tuned.

Chapter 11

Darkness to the Light

A new age of fighters/Return of Gohan

Leo: “ah where are we, hey I’m back!” Leonardo looks around and sees that his brother and Link are there along with vegeta, Robin/Tim, and Flash/wally.

Vegeta: “hey Leo your back and I see you have a couple friends.”

Leonardo: “yah but where’s luigi?”

Back on the land of Sonic

Luigi: “darn now where has that buu sent us to, he’ll pay for this.”

Sonic: “it seems where in the city.” They both look around.

Luigi: “hey where did that guy and tails go?”

Knuckles: “I have no idea but I’m pretty sure we’ll find them.” A car almost lands on the three of them but they jump out of the way.

Sonic: “what the what happened, Shadow!”

Shadow: “hello sonic and knuckles, and who is your new friend?”

Luigi: “you can just call me Luigi.” Shadow jumps off of the building and flips in front of luigi. A blast comes down and almost hits Shadow and Luigi but they both jump out of the way.

Shadow: “what who’s that?”

Super/buu: “gwah, my name is buu.”

Sonic: “what have you done with tails?”

Super/buu: “Nothing, I did not transport him here just you, Knuckles, and shadow because you three are the only three who could survive in this war.”

Luigi: “well is that so, then why am I here?”

Buu: ” oh yes the younger mario, of course you are you are the one who leeward Knuckles and sonic to me, your friends vegeta and Leonardo had the same purpose bringing the greatest fighters of each time.”

Shadow: “it’s good to know you think I’m strong but your forgetting I am the strongest creature alive.”

Knuckles: “what is the purpose of bringing us all together like this?”

Buu: “The Darkness has begun you are the light.”

Luigi: “what are you talking about.”

Buu: “you will find out in time.” King Boo appears and warps the four fighters back to the mushroom kingdom.

Shadow: “wow that felt weird getting dissolved like that and appearing here.”

Sonic: “Shadow I know your working for buu, so what are you trying to plot!”

Luigi: “sonic!, I truly don’t think shadow is working for Super buu, I will explain what I know later but right now we need to go find the others.”

A ship fly’s down.

Knuckles: “what is that?”

Luigi: “it’s falco!”

Falco: “hey luigi, I guess I better radio the others I found you, I cant believe you, vegeta, and Leo fell into there trap so you going to tell me what your journey was like?” Luigi: “I think I’ll need a good nights rest first.” Then the Five of them are picked up by a huge ship and discuss what has happened with there teammates.

Next Morning

Boshi: “vegeta get up we have trouble.”

Vegeta: “what is it!”

Boshi: “it’s breakfast time.” Vegeta: “what is that all you woke me up for?”

Boshi: “no silly, Bowser is destroying things in the city!” Vegeta jumps out of bed and puts on a white T-shirt with dark blue jeans along with his saiyan boots. Vegeta: “alright boshi let’s go.” vegeta and boshi head for the city where they see bowser fighting android 17. Boshi: “#17 your back up is here.”

Bowser smashes 17 head into a car.

Bowser: “I was wondering when someone else besides this pile of beat down rubbish of an android would show up.”

#17 gets out of the grip bowser has on his head and kicks him into a brick wall. #17: “you guy’s can go home now and get your rest, I can take care of this koopa dragon creature.” Boshi: “ha you might be strong seventeen but that doesn’t mean where going to let you have all the fun.”

A car comes flying and takes vegeta into a building.

Bowser: “pop goes the monkey, now all I have is a dinosaur and an annoying android left.” They car comes flying out of the building back at bowser, but bowser jumps up and kicks the car in half before it could hit him. Vegeta fly’s out of the building and disappears and his fist reappears right in front of bowser face witch sends him into a truck.

Bowser: “ah ah.”

Vegeta: “and you call yourself king koopa, I’ve seen peasants fight a lot better then that.”

#17: “I’ll give it to you that was a nice hit vegeta, so what is your finishing move going to be. Vegeta loads up a ki blast and fires it into the truck witch hits bowser.

Boshi: “nice shot.” Yakon appears behind boshi and grabs him.

Yakon: “got him!”

King boo flies down.

King/boo: “#17 and vegeta I sub jest you hold your ground or I will kill your friend.

Vegeta: “let him go!” Bowser comes running out of the smoke and knocks vegeta to the ground.

Bowser: “ah, now where getting somewhere.” Vegeta begins to get up but bowser elbows him in the back to the ground.

#17: “what do you want, and why have you taken boshi as a hostage?”

Yakon: “to the legend of the darkness we must kill this dinosaur creature, he dies now!” Bowser and king boo begin to laugh. Yakon shoots out his sharp blades and throws boshi up into the air and tries to slice him in half but someone kicks him to the ground. Bowser and King boo stop laughing as there both blasted into a building.

Boshi gets to his feet.

Voice: “you ok?” Boshi turns around and sees gohan. Boshi: “you’re the one I took to the hospital. Vegeta and #17 walk over.

#17: “that was great Timing, so how are you feeling gohan?”

Gohan: “I feel great, boy do I have a story to tell you.”

Vegeta: “is this story going to be funny.”

Gohan: “trust me it is full of laughs, we better find the others first and return to the hospital.”

20 minutes later

#17: ” it looks like we could only find, Robin/Tim, Mario, and Ka-lion. They all go to the hospital only to see every nurse and doctor with a big smile on there face.

Robin: “oh no, Joker!”

Mario: “what you mean the Joker is somewhere in the mushroom kingdom?”

Robin: “I guess you could say.”

Gohan: “guy’s my brother isn’t in his bed.”

Ka/Lion: “you mean the guy who looks a bit like you but his hair shoots out?”

Gohan: “yah that’s him, did you find his body?”

Ka/Lion: “I saw him this morning at the bubble gum store this morning, I tried to ask for a piece because I thought it was vegeta, anyway he just teased me and told me how good it tasted.”

Vegeta: “are you telling me he’s already healed?”

Ka/Lion: “yah and a greedy gum chewer.”

Gohan: “that sounds like goten always wanting to tease someone with what he has, we better go find him.” Before anyone could say another word Goten comes in the room with to teen girls a blonde and a brunet.

Goten: “here’s the room ladies, so who wants there turn first, oh hi guy’s you can have a turn to.

Falco comes in behind them.

Falco: ” I’ll take the blond first if you don’t mind, oh hi guys.”

Vegeta: “what is going on.”

Goten: “you ladies better come back later.” Both girls kiss goten on the lips and walk right past falco.

#17: “so you two mind telling us what you two were going to do with those young nice body shaped women?”

Falco: “where not going to tell fox about this are we?”

Mario: ” no, you two don’t need to explain we already know, so falco where is fox?”

Falco: “during his battle with Android 19, #19 must of slipped some poison into his mouth so he is a bit ill.”

Robin: “Now that the gang all here let me tell you what’s going on.” 2 hours later

Mario: “so three of us have to go into that portal after Joker?”

Robin: “exactly, so any volunteers to go with me?”

No one raised there hand.

Tim/Robin: “well you guys leave me no choice, rock/paper and.

Vegeta: “I love that game.”

7 minutes later

Robin: “alright, Goten and Gohan your coming with me.”

Gohan: ” I always loose at that game, like the time me, my father and vegeta went into babidi ship see who fought first.” The three of them went to the woods where the portal was.

Robin/tim: “this is it.” the three of them jump into the portal.

Chapter 12

Darkness to the Light

The greatest detective

Goten: “where here.” The three of them look around to see what they might find. Goten begins to laugh. Gohan: “this is not the time to goof off goten, hey what’s up with my voice!” Goten: “you and Robin have turned back into kids, it’s a good thing I jumped into the portal last, ha ha ha!” Gohan: “hey robin your suite color is red and black, you must of got the features of the robin of the animated world.” Robin: “your right, I came from the comic world.” Goten: “we better go to the store and get you guys some new clothes.”

The three of them get some new clothes, Tim/Robin also gets a bag to keep his robin suite in. The three of them walk into a diner to get some fresh coffee. Gohan: “so where do you think we should look for joker at, if I were the joker where would I hide. Robin: “guy’s now that I’m not in suite just call me tim or timothy you could even add drake if you would like.” The three of them watch the TV. that is in the store. Gohan: “did you see that there’s trouble down the street let’s go, keep to running ok goten. Goten: “fine with me.” The two saiyans run off but Tim goes into the bathroom to suite up.

2 minutes later

Gohan: “where is the criminal at.”

Cop: “this isn’t a place for little kids now run along.”

Goten: “sorry he is my little brother.” Goten quickly grabs a young detectives ID.

Goten: “I am detective Sam, I need to get into the building to stop this guy and if it’s alright with you may I take my little brother?”

Cop: “sure go a head.”

Goten: “thanks.” Then goten gives the ID back and rushes into the building along with gohan at his side.

Gohan: “ok where in, I guess all the action is taking place up stairs.” you begin to here many gun shots.

Goten: “let’s go.” The two of them run up the stairs where they see multiple bullets flying around.

Gohan: “these don’t look like the jokers.” gohan ducks really fast before he is hit by a bullet.

Goten: “then who are these guy’s?”

Gohan: “probably a bunch of natural thugs.” A young women is almost hit by a bullet but goten pushes her down so she didn’t get hit. Then one of the thugs grabs a kid and tells the other side to stop shooting or he will kill the kid.

Everyone stops shooting. Thug: “yes yes just stop shooting toss your weapons over here!” the other side does as there told. Thug: “Fools!, now the kid dies!” but before the thug could say or do anything else Robin came busting through the window above. Thug: “what who the!” Robin takes down all the thugs except the one holding the boy. Robin: “let him go, now!” Thug: “just one question who are you and how do you know how to fight like that?” Robin: “I am the boy wonder robin, and I got my fighting skills from my trainer batman.

Thug: “so you do exist, it’s me or this boy.” The thug throws the kid out of the window. Robin jumps out of the window and grabs the kid and shoots out his bird grappler and lands them outside of the building. Robin: “what’s your name kid?”

Kid: “Conan Edogawa, and you?”

Robin: “Just call me Robin.”

Conan: “you know that guy inside who was shooting at the thugs, his name is Richard Moore he’s kind of a detective like your boss.”

Robin: “how did you know that.”

Conan: “off course everyone say’s batman is the greatest detective in the world.”

Robin gives conan a device.

Robin: “if you ever need help or you just want to talk press the red button, got it.”

Conan: “got it, and I wont show it to anyone.”

Robin: “I better go people are coming. Robin runs to the ally and comes out as tim, with a bag on his back.

Conan/jimmy-kudo side: “I must figure out who’s behind the mask.” Tim walks by conan and they both share a brief glance.

Voice: “conan there you are are you ok?”

Conan: “I’m fine just fine Rachel.”

Rachel: “I want you to meet the guy who saved me, his name is goten.”

Goten: “you must be conan, I’m goten, this is my little brother gohan and my cousin Timothy Drake or you could just call him tim. Tim and Conan share another glance.

Tim: “nice to meet you conan.”

Gohan: “hey conan nice to meet you.”

Rachel: “there’s my dad.”

Richard: “let’s go we have many things to do.” Conan and Richard walk off.

Rachel: “see you tonight on our date.” Then she walks off.

Tim/Gohan: “Date!.”

Gohan: “goten were suppose to look for the joker!”

Goten: “cut me some slack, it’s just 3 hours.”

Tim/drake: ” when it comes to joker every second counts.” Rachel comes back.

Rachel: “Hey goten your brother and cousin can stay over my house while me and you go out.”

Gohan/Tim: “deal.” Then she walks off.”

Goten: “we better go find a hotel you guys. So the three of them walk off to find one.”

30 minutes later

Gohan: “well this is a pretty nice sized room, if you ask me.”

Tim: “I would have to agree with you.” The three of them take showers. Around 6:30 P.M. they walked over to Conan’s house.

Rachel: “we’ll see you three later.” then Goten and Rachel walk off.

Conan: “no one takes my.” Gohan: “it’s ok Conan it’s only for three hours.”

Conan: “no it isn’t it’s for a weekend out of town!”

Tim/Gohan: “what that lying little, then who’s suppose to watch you?” Richard walks into the room.

Richard: “you guy’s keep it down in here I am trying to think.”

Tim: “oh great, so he’s suppose to watch us.”

Gohan: “so conan what do you do for fun.”

Conan: “I guess since it’s dark enough we could play hide and seek.

Tim: “you count conan and we’ll hide.” Conan: “ok, no hiding outside or in Richards room, got it?”

Tim: “I’m fine with that.” Gohan: “same here.” then they run off and hide. Tim comes into the kitchen.

Tim: “I have a good hiding place.” Tim opens the cabinets and moves the food to the side and cramps himself in and puts the food back in place and just sits there.

Gohan walks into Rachel’s room and close’s the door behind him.

Gohan: “let’s see I shouldn’t make this to hard for conan to find me, so I’ll hide in the closet.” Gohan move’s Rachel’s clothes to the side and pulls himself up on the metal bar and then he puts the clothes back in front of him and waits.

Conan: “90, 100, ready are not here I come. he looks around for about a minute.

Conan: “ha, at least they pick better places to hide then Mitch.

12 minutes later

Conan walks into Richards room but he sees no sign of either one of them.

Conan: “ah, they even hide in better places then Amy. 2 minutes later.

Conan/Jimmy: “um, it looks like I will have to use my detective skills to find them.”

Conan walks around for about three more minutes searching for clues.

Conan/Jimmy: “I don’t recall Rachel’s door being closed.” Conan walks into the room.

Conan/Jimmy: “I’ll start by looking in the simplest places, like in the closet or under the bed.” Conan looks under the bed.

Conan: “nothing here”. Then he opens the closet and searches a bit and finds gohan.

Gohan: “well you found me, we better go find Tim drake.”

They search a bit.

Gohan: “look there, it’s shoe prints in the carpet leading to the kitchen.”

Conan: “let’s go check it out.” They both search the whole kitchen, even the cabinets but they cant seem to find Tim.

gohan: “let’s go I don’t think Timothy Drake is hiding in here.” Conan and Gohan begin to walk out.

Conan/Jimmy: “um, something bothers me, that cabin door isn’t closing the whole way, off course why didn’t I see it earlier.” conan runs up and moves all the caned foods out of the way and finds tim.

Tim: “darn I was certain you guy’s weren’t going to find me.”

Tim: “conan do you have any game systems?”

Conan: “yah, Nintendo 64.”

Gohan: “boy, how low Tec.

Tim: “you can say that a million times over.

Conan: “I guess we can just watch TV.” The three of them sat down and watched channel seven witch was a news channel. 7 minutes later.

Conan: “look there’s been shoot out down the street.” Richard run’s into the room.

Richard: “you three come with me there’s been a shooting down the street and I have to go investigate, try to behave.”

The four of them get into Richards car and drive down the street.

On the scene

Richard: “so inspector Meguire, what clues do you have that might lead to the killer of these two?”

Inspector/Meguire: “not much, but the gun or guns used were a type of Pistol.” A smoke bomb comes from behind a near car and knocks everyone out. The last thing Conan sees before he falls unconscious is Gohan and Tim getting dragged away. 48 minutes later. Conan begins to wake up, Conan gets to his feet and picks up a green scroll. Conan puts the scroll into his pocket.

Richard: “ah, someone must of gassed us out.” Richard and a couple other guy’s investigated for about another hour and called it a day. At 10:36 P.M. Conan read the scroll witch said: “What has a big face with two hands but no legs?”

Conan: “ah, what does that mean and why would they kidnap Tim Drake and Gohan.” Conan reads the scroll over and over.

Conan: “It just doesn’t make any since, hey maybe if I look into Tim’s bag I may get some answers.”

Conan walks over and opens Tim’s bag only to see the Robin suite straight in front of his eyes. Conan: “well well this clears some things up, the guy’s who kidnapped Tim knew he was Robin.

Conan looked at the scroll again but this time he saw the numbers 12 and 6 at the side of the scroll.

Conan: “what what does that mean.

Conan/Jimmy: “um, I see now this isn’t just any old scroll it’s a riddle.”

Conan: “ah!”

Conan/Jimmy: “I cant believe I didn’t see this earlier, A face with out legs with hands, the 6 and 12/ It’s a clock but not just any clock a big one like the one in the middle of the city, That’s where they must of taken Tim and Gohan.

Conan: “oh no, they were taken at 6:00 P.M. so that means there going to be killed at 12 A.M. according to the scroll, but I wont let that happen.” Conan throws his glasses off and takes all his clothes except his boxers. Conan puts the robin suite on and try’s out all the gadgets.

Conan: “well, I guess I can go now.”

At the clock tower

Joker: “I knew you two would show up after we went threw that portal, you followed us along with another guy so where is he?”

Gohan: “he’s on vacation.” Joker: “what makes you think I’m going to believe that little man?”

Tim: “um, so Jokes where are all of your partners?”

Voice: “I’m his only teammate for the time being.”

Joker: “oh it’s just the riddler.”

Tim: “who’s that?”

Riddler: “just some annoying guy who got in our business who calls himself Venom.”

Gohan: “he looks like a pure man to me.”

Joker: “no he fuses with some alien suite.”

They tie Eddie Brock up right by Gohan. They start electrifying Gohan, Eddie, and Tim.

Tim/Drake: “Is that all.”

Voice: “no the parties just begun.”

Conan comes flying down in the robin suite and kicks Riddler and Joker from the controls but before he could set the three of them free a buffed Joker minion punches him onto the wall.

Robin/Conan: “Let’s dance clown face.” The minion and Conan begin to fight but conan is to fast for him so conan tricks him into punching the wall witch part of it falls on top of him.

Tim: “hey Robin see those three levers, push them down. Joker comes behind conan with a chair and knocks him to the floor.

Joker: “see you four later, this bomb is set to go off in 3 minutes.” Joker runs off laughing. Robin-Conan gets the three of them free.

Conan: “hey tim this suite rocks it’s bullet proof and.” Tim cuts him off.

Timothy/drake: “how did you know it was bullet proof?”

Conan: “I fought a little crime before I got here, well we better get going before we go kaboom.” Gohan fly’s out, Conan uses the bird grappler to take him, Eddie brock, and Tim out. On there way almost out the end of the grappler snaps and the three of them almost get blown up.

Eddie Jumps to his feet and brings the venom suite out.

Venom: “hold on to us.” Then he shoots his web out and they escape by one second. Police men walk up to them. Conan throws the Robin suite off into the corner. Eddie has the symbiote make a police suite.

Eddie: “hello officer these kids just helped me take down the suspects. Policeman: “good job!, we better call there folks and tell them to pick them up. Richard/Moore: “I’m already here.” Before they left Tim whispered to Eddie to meet him in the woods. At 4:A.M. Then they left with Richard.

Later around 2 A.M. Goten and Rachel came back because they had heard what had happened.

Rachel: “you ok conan!”

Conan: “I’m fine.”

Goten: “I heard you were found in your boxers Conan what happened in the clock tower?”

Tim: “none of your businesses, oh and goten you have some explaining to do. At 4:A.M. Goten, Tim, Conan and Gohan snuck out and met Eddie Brock in the woods.

Eddie: “so are you sure them two went into this portal?”

Conan: “yes, all of us are going to go.

After about 37 minutes the portal opened and sucked them all in and took them back to the mushroom kingdom.

Chapter 13

Darkness to the Light

Super Buu attacks/A tiny big problem

Tim: “yes we’ve made it back, back to the mushroom kingdom what I’m still a kid.”

Gohan: “not me, I’m back to my normal self. Conan: “will someone fill me in?” They tell conan there story and he tells them that he was a guy named Jimmy Kudo who was turned into and so on.

Eddie/Brock: “I say we find the rest of your friends, then we can make a plan.”

Tim/Drake: “good call brock, we better get moving.” The first three they run into is #17, Falco, and Link.

Link: “hey you guy’s are friends of Leonardo, the turtle who studies the art of the ninja.”

Conan: “who are you?”

Link: “I’m link, and this is android 17 and Falco.”

Falco: “so did you find the Joker?”

Eddie/Brock: “yah but he got away, he was working with the riddler.”

#17: “well we better fill them in on what’s been going on since they’ve been gone, Super majin buu has been destroying everything, we’ll need all the fighters we can get to face him.”

Goten: “so where is he now?”

Falco: “Kong Jungle, we better get a move on.” Luigi comes running towards them.

Luigi: “let’s go he annihilating the monkey’s and apes.

Goten: “Conan and Tim you stay here this is to dangerous.”

Link: “goten what is that pink spot on your neck?”

Goten: “it’s nothing, let’s go.

The fighters got to Kong Juggle to see Donkey Kong fighting for his life along with Knuckles and Mikey.

Mikey: “darn when is Leo going to show up, we cant hold him.” Knuckles kicks Buu into a tree.

Knuckles: “take that you bubble gum peace of trash.” Buu fly’s out of the tree and kicks Knuckles into the Water.

Luigi: “Buu!”

Super/Buu: “well well, my Favorite plumber just in time to be blasted to another world.” Buu tries to blast Luigi but he jumps up and fires two green fire balls at him witch send him into a puddle of mud.

The symbiote suite goes over Eddie.

Venom: “it’s our turn!” Venom and buu duke it out for about a minute before venom goes flying to the ground.

Venom: “he’s tougher then we thought.” Buu sends out a big blast witch sends falco into the ocean.

Mikey: “no, he’s gone.”

#17: “you’ll pay for that.” Gohan and #17 team up and start bashing on Buu. Buu fly’s away. Knuckles comes out of the water.

Knuckles: “yah keep flying, you got lucky this time.” Shadow the hedge hog comes floating down.

Shadow: “what did I miss?” The suite goes off of Eddie.

Luigi: “Just a little fight with Buu.”

Shadow: “what do you mean little I saw big explosions.”

Mikey: “well I guess you could say we had a big battle, we lost falco he’s Dead.”

Goten: “I will destroy buu for this.”

Shadow: “you guy’s better come on, there’s going to be a big party at Peach’s castle tonight, and since the princess is gone mario is going to bring down the house.”

Link: “sounds cool you can count me in.”

Mikey: “I love parties I’m defiantly in.”

Luigi: “you could say were all in, we could all use it to rest are minds a bit from fighting.”

Eddie: “it looks like I have some shopping to do.”

Gohan: “I’ll go get Conan and Tim, I’ll see you guy’s at the party tonight.

#17: “later Gohan.”

Later that night at the party

Mario: “I would like to thank everyone for coming to my party all I have to say is enjoy.” 5 minutes later Mario and sonic are arm wrestling.

Link: “Mario wins!”

Goten: “hey mario I like you and Luigi’s twin tuxedos.”

Sonic: “you like mine to?”

Goten: “yours is alright I guess, I’m just playing yours is great to.”

Vegeta: “Mario, Sonic, the gambling has started, come get a space in line.” Shadow pushes Yoshi out of line. Yoshi starts crying.

Shadow: “shut up cry baby.”

Leonardo: “wow, that’s a nice neck alas you have Knuckles.”

Knuckles: “thanks it’s made out of real pearls.”

Vegeta: “so Leo are you in line to gamble or to give away free money?”

Leonardo: “very funny vegeta, what are you doing in line you don’t have that much money.”

Vegeta: “that’s because I know I’m going to win.”

Leo: “we’ll see about that.” Eddie brock is sitting outside the castle talking to #17 and a Toad, all three of them dressed up in tuxedos.

Eddie: “and that’s when we merged to make venom to take down Spiderman, but after failing so many times one day I became a hero.”

#17: “I use to be evil like you once but I changed also.”

Toad: “so you guys are in this world to fight glordge?”

Eddie: “right.”

A plain comes down and ka/lion jumps out in his nice dress pants with a dark gray shirt.

Eddie-Brock: “the parties inside kid.”

Ka-Lion: “thanks.” He walks into the castle.

5 miles away in abandon subway

Man1: “why are we meeting down here, they say he plumbs in the subways.”

Man2: “Don’t worry that plumber thinks we split mushroom kingdom months ago.”

Man1: “he took down all my men single handedly I cant even sleep nights.”

Man3: “Mario.” Man 1 and 2: “ah.”

Man3: “yah he ruin me to, but you can kiss those worries goodbye, a gladiator works with mushrooms to physically make himself stronger in a lab cooperated by cortex in space, wild a.”

Man1: “yah we got the money.”

Man2: “where in.”

Man3: “gentlemen meet Tiny.”

Man1: “a are you sure this guy can take down the mario?”

Man2: “just because he has big muscles doesn’t make him some kind of superman.”

Tiny-Tiger: “There is much more to me then meets the eye.”

Back at the party

Luigi: “Darn!”

Vegeta: “hand over that 200 gold coins luigi.” Luigi hands him the coins.

Vegeta: “you see Leo as I was saying no one can beat me.”

Leonardo: “well I beat Ka-Lion with ease, so it would be to easy to beat you.”

Vegeta: “one day me and you.”

Link: “I like that beat/song the Mexican hat dance is playing.”

Mario: “I’ll be right there.”

Luigi: “Mario where are you going?”

Mario: “I’ll be right back, keep the party going.” Mario got back in his plumber clothes and drove off in his kart to go plumb.

Mario: “There’s not a big pipe leaking, I’ve been bated.”

Tiny/Tiger: “The mario I presume, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Mario: “Talk to me, you can start with name and motive.”

Tiny/Tiger: “I am Tiny Tiger the last fighter you will ever face in a brutal battle to the death.”

Mario: “sorry to disappoint you but I don’t fight for sport.”

Tiny-Tiger: “then fight for the light forces.”

Mario: “what do you mean?” Then Tiny throws his pitch fork at mario but he doges it and beats on Tiny.

Tiny presses a button on his chest witch makes him get big and buffed, his legs aren’t slim anymore.

mario tries to fight Tiny but Tiny Tiger is to tough, he slams mario all over the place.

Tiny/Tiger: “With Crash, Spyro, Mickey, Bugs, and Mario gone all the lands are mine.” Tiny the tiger walks off thinking Mario is dead.

Mario: “toad need pick up.” Toad picks Mario up who is in very bad shape. Next day after the party.

Mikey: “I wonder what happened to Mario, he looked pretty beat up.”

Shadow: “he got jumped by kirby and his friends.”

Link: “very funny Shadow.”

Leonardo: “have any of you seen Yoshi or Boshi.”

Goten: “Yoshi went to go fight crime, that’s what he told me and Boshi’s with Eddie and Vegeta up talking to Peppy Hare.”

Leo: “never mind.”

Yoshi: “um usually the malls packed today, where is everyone.” Yoshi comes across many bit up people who are dead.

Yoshi: “who could have done this?” Yoshi sees that some creature had killed every visitor that day.

Yoshi: “no wonder it’s not packed, there all dead.” That second droll comes down from the wall, Yoshi looks up and sees the creature. It jumps down and almost bites Yoshi’s head off.

Yoshi: “what kind of creature are you?”

Voice: “my name is Draco and I am looking for the turtle creature called Leonardo.”

Yoshi: “I’m yoshi and you’ll have to go through me to get to anyone else. Yoshi jumps up and kicks Draco into Ross. Yoshi and Draco fight for 4 minutes.

Draco: “your pretty good little one.”

Yoshi: “thanks so are you, but don’t let it go to your head.” Yoshi starts throwing eggs at Draco but he doges all of then except the last one witch gets him right in the face. The two of them fight again. 3 minutes later. Draco: “take this.” Draco tail wips yoshi into the water fountain. Draco jumps up and almost drives his nails into yoshi’s neck but Boshi shows up and kicks him onto a desk.

Draco: “ah another little fighter.”

Boshi: “you ready to go down big guy?”

Draco to himself: “I cant take the both of them, alright it’s time to flee.” Draco throws the desk onto yoshi and boshi when they push the desk over, Draco was gone. 2 days later.

News: “the mad tiny tiger was defeated in battle by mario with the help of his pal sonic, where tiny went know one knows, whelp that’s it for now.?”

Luigi: “alright everyone are you ready for an adventure at my mansion?”

Link: “ok Luigi you told us about your mansion so let’s just go check it out.”

Shadow: “I’m agreeing with Link.”

Conan: “yah Luigi let’s go.

Chapter 14

Luigi’s Mansion part 1

Sonic: “um, I cant wait to get to the mansion, I’m excited to see what’s inside.”

Eddie-Brock: “Hey Luigi, do you have any weights at your mansion?”

Luigi: “oh yes, I have plenty of those in the Rec Room, you can use them tonight when we get to the mansion.” The whole gang keeps moving along on the trail to the mansion.

Conan: “Goten what is that pink thing on your neck, wait is that a hickey?” Goten: “it’s nothing, just forget you saw it Conan.”

#17: “you know goten, it sure does look like someone was.” Yoshi interrupts there their conversation. Yoshi: “hey guy’s.” Conan/Jimmy Kudo: “What happen to him it looks like he just seen a ghost.” Boshi: “ha, finally you show up.” Vegeta: “Where have you been we have all been looking for you.”

Yoshi: “it’s nothing very major, we better get moving on.” Luigi: “you know he’s right, when it gets dark animals/predators come out for food.” Leonardo: “I’m not to worried I have my twin katana to protect me.”

Vegeta: “ha, so you rely on those swords of yours to protect you?” Goten: “you know Leo your swords can’t protect you from everything.”

Leo: “I knew that.” A pitchfork comes flying from out of the bush’s and almost hits Link, Link does a back flip and doges the metal pitchfork. Link: “who’s there?” Tiny Tiger jumps out of the tree and try’s to throw darts at link but he blocks it with his wooden shield. Tiny/Tiger: “you got lucky elf boy.” Boshi: “Wait a sec, I thought Mario and sonic took this creep down.”

Mario: “so Tiny I see your still up and moving, by the way what happened to your mushroom device?” Tiny-Tiger: “don’t you remember when you and that hedgehog sonic defeated me, my device was destroyed.” Link: “what the heck do you want?” Sonic: “if it’s a rematch you want it’s a rematch you’ll get.”

Tiny/Tiger: “no, I’ve come to make a deal.” Luigi: “were listening.” 5 minutes later. Tiny-Tiger: “so if I help you on your quest to stop this glordge guy you’ll help me find my master, Dr.Cortex?” Luigi: “yes.” TinyTiger: “I’m in.”

Sonic: “your out of your mind Tim Drake this flash guy cant be faster then me or shadow.” Shadow: “yah, I would be surprised if he were at least as fast as Amy Rose.” BeastBoy: “Trust me guy’s Flash is faster then you think and he can beat any of you in a race with his hands tied behind his back.” Shadow: “there’s only one way to prove it, and that is to have a race between the three of us.” Robin/Tim: “you hedgehogs should get over yourselves you cant beat wally west in a race.”

BeastBoy: “well in that case we should put in bids, my money’s on West.” Sonic: “Android 17 what time is it, look it’s the mansion!” Juunanagou: “it’s 9:26 P.M.” Luigi: “alright everyone stay here, I have to go check on something Luigi goes to the gallery and sees that the ghost’s that were in the paintings were gone. Luigi: “oh no!” Luigi runs back out to were the rest of the group was. Luigi: “hey where’s vegeta?” Gohan: “he already went into the mansion.”

In the Anteroom. Vegeta: “well this room’s pretty empty.” a large object jumps onto vegeta. Vegeta: “it’s killing me ah licking kill!” Luigi: “stop!, Simba he’s our guest.” Simba: “my bad, I thought he was a burglar.” Vegeta: “what, he’s a talking lion how is that possible?” Luigi: “come you two, we have to get out of this mansion and fast.” the three of them get out of the mansion. Leonardo: “hey where’s my brother Mikey and Gohan?”

Luigi: “what do you mean.” Robin: “they ran in after you along with Yoshi, and none of them have come back.” Luigi: “it’s probably to late for them, this is the plan.” Tiny-Tiger: “hold on a second, what plan and first off what’s going on luigi.”

Luigi: “I know this may sound strange but ghost’s are lurking around in the mansion.” Sonic: “ghost’s, you know I use to see ghost’s when I use to be a bit younger but.” Luigi: “let me finish.” Sonic: “but at your age how ridiculous, ha ha ha ha ah ,ah ha.” everyone laughs along with sonic except Knuckles, Robin, Conan, and simba.

A blue ghost swings the mansion door open and grabs sonic and takes him into the mansion. Sonic: “ha ha ha ha ah ,ah, ah help ah help please someone!” Sonics Plea for help can be heard throughout the mansion. a long moment of silent. Tiny/Tiger: “so what’s the plan?” Luigi: “first off the part you guy’s play in it is heading back to the city where it is safe.”

Goten: “hold on a second Luigi, I’m not leaving until I find my brother Gohan.”

Eddie-Brock: “you know the kid’s got a point, I say we stay and fight!” Yoshi comes out of the mansion. Knuckles: “hey its yoshi, hey where are the others?” Yoshi: “what do you mean, I thought they already came back.” Luigi: “ok we’ll set up tents and handle this situation in the morning, I repeat no one leave there tent unless you ask me.”

Vegeta: “how come we have to wait until the morning to attack, why not now?” Android 17: “yah, and where are these tents?” All of them head to the lab to get tents. Luigi: “good the mansion door is closed, remember to ask if you need to leave your tent.” Everyone shuts there tents. 40 minutes later.

Beastsboy: “man, darn it’s to hot in here, I need some air.” Beastboy opens his tent, and notices that the mansion door is open. BeastBoy: “I could have swore that door was shut.” a orange ghost drags beastboy towards the mansion. BeastBoy: “help somebody, please ah, ah.” A strong arm grabs beastboy and overpowers the ghost. BeastBoy: “it went into the mansion.” Vegeta: “you were lucky I was around or you would be with gohan and Mikey, you better head back to your tent.”

BeastBoy: “ok.” Vegeta: “where do you think your going the tents are that way.” Beastboy: “ah come on.” beastboy begins to head back to his tent. Beastboy: “hey wait a second where do you think your going?” vegeta stops in his tracks to the mansion. Vegeta: “well um, fine you can come with me but if the ghost get a hold of you, your on your own got it.”

Beastboy: “got it.” BeastBoy and Vegeta head into the Foyer. Vegeta: “this must be the main room.” Beastboy: “or you could say the entrance to the mansion.” The two of them head to the Parlor. Vegeta: “hey what happened to all the lights, this door was unlocked now.” Beastboy: “hey vegeta look at those pictures on the wall, they kind of freak me out.”

Vegeta: “yah, they are odd looking if you ask me.” The two of them look around the room for about 3 minutes but find nothing. Beastboy: “ok so where are these ghost’s, I haven’t seen one.” Vegeta: “luigi said we should of waited for the morning because ghost’s hate light.” Beastboy: “so your plan is?” Vegeta blows out the candles. Vegeta: “come out wher

e ever you are.” 50 seconds later. you here laughing coming from inside the walls. Ghost1: “well well, gohan said the prince of all saiyans would show up.” Ghost2: “it’s beastboy, you must be the brother of that green turtle, called Mikey.” Vegeta: “ha ha, so you finally show up.” Ghost3: “are you trying to call us cowards vegeta?” Vegeta: “what do you think?” Beastboy back’s up against the door and two orange ghost hands cover his mouth. Beastboy pulls away. The three orange ghost’s come out of hiding and attack them. Vegeta and beastboy soon realize that there hit’s just go right through

the ghost. After many blows vegeta is tired out and starts taking a beating same with beastboy. Ghost1: “you don’t seem to have a mouth for talk any more vegeta, what happened?” Vegeta: “why don’t I.” before vegeta could say another word the ghost knocked him to the ground. Ghost2 and 3 knock beastboy onto the couch and start pounding on his face and chest. Voice: “get away from my friends!” a flashlight scares the three ghost’s away. ghost3 drops

a key. Vegeta: “Leo, Leonardo is that you?” Leonardo: “yah, it’s me.” Vegeta sits up and grabs the key. Beastboy: “I didn’t know ghost’s could hurt that much.” Vegeta unlocks the door and they head into the Anteroom. Vegeta: “this is the room I met Simba in.” Leo: “have you guy’s seen my brother Mikey around?” Vegeta: “no, we haven’t seen gohan around either.” Beastboy: “darn this door is locked we need a key, hey Leo where are the other’s?” Leonardo: “al

l I know is that Knuckles, Shadow, and Juunanagou/Android17 are wondering in the woods.” In the woods

Knuckles: “I wonder what happened to sonic.” Juunanagou: “we all know what happened to him those ghosts got off with him.” Shadow: “um, if sonic hadn’t been laughing his head off he would have been here right now.” Knuckles: “we better continue our journey.” #17: “what journey, I thought we were just coming out here to get some fresh air.” Shadow: “hey did you here that?” #17: “what, here what?” Tiny-Tiger jumps out of the bushes. Tiny/Tiger: “we have to go, ghost are coming.” c-17: “what do you mean?” Knuckles: “he means ghosts from the mansion are coming for us.” The ghost’s popped from out of the bush’s. 5 orange ghost’s. Shadow: “there mine!” shadow try’s to hit the ghost’s but his hit’s only goes through them. The 5 ghost’s start attacking the 4 warriors.

Knuckles: “we cant touch them, how do we expect to beat them?” Shadow: “yah.” TinyTiger: “yah, do any of you have any bright ideas?” #17: “everyone close your eyes!” Shadow: “what for?” #17: “solar flash!!” When the bright light disappears. Ghost’s: “they got away.” Ghost1: “spread out and find them don’t let them get away!”

Chapter 15

Luigi’s Mansion Part 2

Knuckles: “Nice move Juunana, where did you learn it.?” #17: “after I was defeated as super android 17 I was brought back to life, I leaned it from my brother in law Krllin.” Shadow: “woh, check out this big sculpture of a dragon” Tiny-Tiger: “it’s holding a diamond with a key inside of it.” Knuckles walks over and grabs the diamond and pulls it off. The huge statue begins to rust the dirt off and it becomes a real dragon. Knuckles: “oops.” Tiny-Tiger: “Thanks a lot you idiotic echidna.” The dragons tail knocks the diamond out of knuckles hand, and swallows it.

#17: “just great that key looked important.” Dragon: “ha ha ha, you fools have awoken me, big mistake big mistake in deed.” The Dragon swings his tail and hits TinyTiger into a spiky bush. Tiny Tiger bust’s out of the bush in rage. Dragon: “it looks like he is warmed up, what his power level is only 34 that’s pathetic.” The dragon blows fire at TinyTiger but he doge’s it and throws his pitchfork at the dragon. The dragon shoot’s spikes out of it’s back and tail and blocks the attack.

Tiny-Tiger: “no, no way.” the dragon punches Tiny Tiger into a tree. Dragon: “that takes care of that one.” The dragon snorts out smoke from his nose. Dragon: “Who’s next?” #17 fly’s up and kicks the dragon to the ground. #17: “take this!” Juunanagou loads up a ki blast and fires it at the dragon. Shadow: “alright he did it.” The dragon jumps up and swallows #17. Dragon: “yes, now for the two little fury animals. Knuckles: “cheater, you cant do that.” Shadow: “you’ll pay for that you freak.” Shadow the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna begin to fight with the dragon. 2 minutes later. Dragon: “you two are pretty good, um now to see what there power levels are, well the echidna has a power level of 203 when the black hedgehog is at 198. Shadow: “what are you mumbling about, let’s continue.” Shadow kicks the Dragon onto a large tree.

Dragon: “nice kick, but not quite nice enough.” the dragon blows fire at shadow witch sends him to the ground. Knuckles: “you’ll pay for that, Knuckles hell flame burner.” Knuckles slams both of his fist’s into the ground, the ground opens up and fire shoots out at the dragon. The dragon falls to the ground. Knuckles: “nice try, I know your not beat.” the dragons tail knocks Knuckles into a tree. Shadow: “um well I have a move for you, Shadow expander punch!” Dragon: “ha, what a lame move you know ah.” The dragon is hit to the ground. Dragon: “what, what hit me?” Shadow: “my shadow can expand and I can attack you from far distance’s. Shadow starts attacking the dragon.

Dragon: “enough.” the dragons tail stretches out and knocks shadow into the ground. A Minute Later knuckles and shadow make there last stand. Knuckles: “anymore ideas?” Shadow: “I’m fresh out.” Dragon: “you fools really thought you could beat me, your all insane ha ha ah, what’s happening to me?” The dragons body begins to get bigger and more buffed. Dragon: “yes, you fools don’t have a chance ha ha ha.” The dragon explodes. There floating in the air holding a key is Android 17, he turns around and smiles at Shadow and Knuckles. #17: “I got it.” shadow: “alright, he got the key.” Knuckles: “I say we head to the mansion now.” Tiny-Tiger walks over to the three warriors holding his pitch fork. Tiny Tiger: “that Dragon had a bigger mouth then Spyro the dragon, yah I say we head for the mansion.” The four of them meet up with Vegeta and the rest of the team.

Vegeta: “well well, it seems you guy’s have found a key, so see if it works already on this door.” Knuckles: “so you must be vegeta, me and you haven’t really spoken, I’m knuckles and this is shadow.” Vegeta: “I already knew that, well I’m the prince of all saiyans.” Leonardo: “ok let’s stop talking and start unlocking.” Before Juunanagou could try the key on the door Luigi came in. Luigi: “We must get out now, If you guy’s are that anxious to face these ghost’s come with me” #17 gives Luigi the key, at that moment 4 orange ghosts came through the wall and grabbed Android 17 and Shadow.” Knuckles: “let’s go!” everyone runs out of the mansion.

When they get outside they meet up with Yoshi, Link, Robin/Tim, Eddie-Brock, Conan, Goten, and Link. Leonardo: “Link, have you guy’s met up with any of those ghost’s yet?” Vegeta: “darn, I cant believe I ran from those cheap looking acting ghosts.” Link: “Yes, we ran into a few back in the woods, they got one of the toads the other ones ran off in different directions.” Luigi: “it looks like we’ll have to split up and find them.” Link: “Luigi how do we stop them?” Voice: “that’s a really good question, Poltergust 3000.” Conan: “what, who are you.” Luigi: “hello Professor E.Gadd.” Boshi: “cool hair dude.” E.Gadd: “thanks, the only way to face these ghost’s is to use the Poltergust 3,000.” Knuckles: “what the heck is that?” Goten: “jeez would you guys give him some time to explain.”

E.Gadd: “the poltergust 3000, a advanced vacuum that sucks up ghost’s.” Boshi: “sweet.” Leonardo: “so where is this Poltergust 3,000?” E Gadd pulls the device from behind him. Goten: “sweet, so who gets to use it first?” Vegeta: “everyone knows the answer to that, it’s me.” Tiny Tiger rushes over and puts on the poltergust 3,000. Yoshi: “Yes, right on schedule.” Boshi: “what do you mean?” Yoshi: “It’s none of your businesses.” Luigi: “jeez yoshi I can tell some one woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” Vegeta: “fine all you losers can go first, I’ll go last, to give you guys a chance to suck up the ghosts with the poltergust 3000.” Boshi: “the best goes last, that would be me.”

Beastboy: “Boshi you can go one before last.” Boshi: “next time we end up in a situation like this I call last.” Goten: “ah, I see what your trying to pull boshi you want us to finish off all the ghost’s so you don’t have to do anything, right?” Boshi: “well um, that’s not true!” TinyTiger: “I better head to the mansion now and see what I can find.” TinyTiger walks into the mansion. TinyTiger walks past the foyer and the Parlor room and heads straight for the Anteroom. Tiny-Tiger: “this is the key luigi gave me, let’s see if it works on this door.” TinyTiger opens the door with the key, he walks into the wardrobe-room. Tiny/Tiger: “jeez it’s dark in here, after I suck up all these ghosts the lights should come on in this room.”

TinyTiger slips on a banana peal and looks up to see a green ghost eating bananas. Tiny/Tiger: “you’ll pay for that, take this!” Tiny Tiger sucks the ghost up with ease. 2 pink ghost’s come flying out of nowhere. TinyTiger does a back flip towards the next door, he lands on his feet and sucks up the two ghost’s. Tiny-Tiger: “that will teach them to mess with me” an orange ghost comes from behind tiny but he spins around and sucks up the ghost. TinyTiger: “what is that thing, it looks like a ghost but a humanlike one.” Tiny try’s to suck up the ghost but nothing happens. Tiny Tiger: “who are you?” Ghost: “I am Uncle Grimly, what are you doing in this mansion?” TinyTiger: “I know your an elder and all but.” This time Tiny Tiger try’s to suck up the ghost it works. TinyTiger: “he was off guard.”

The lights come on. Tiny Tiger finds Android 17 laying on the ground in the bottom left hand corner of the room. Tiny/Tiger: “#17 are you alright, it looks like he took a good whooping.” Juunana/#17’s eye’s open. c17: “Tiny, Tiny Tiger is that you?” TinyTiger: “yah it’s me, your going to be safe now so don’t worry.” Juunanagou sits up and pulls out a key. Tiny-Tiger: “where did you get that?” #17: “well, I guess I better tell you everything, after me and Shadow the hedgehog were pulled through the walls they took us to the Study Room.” TinyTiger: “Where is that?” #17: “just down the hall, well anyway there’s another human looking ghost in a rocking chair.”

TinyTiger: “let me guess he’s old looking isn’t he?” android 17: “no he’s a lot younger looking, well as I was saying we tried fighting the ghost’s but our hits just went right through them, finally the ghost’s separated us by bringing me to this room where I fell unconscious.” The two of them walk out onto the balcony to find a crying toad. The two of them talk with the toad and he stops crying. Toady: “I’m not the original toad, my name is toady.” #17: “we’ll see you later Toady we have a mission to complete.” Tiny-Tiger: “do you still think we have time to save Shadow?” Juunana: “yes, if we hurry.” The two of them run to the Study Room where they see Shadow sitting up against the hat stand in the down right hand corner of the room.

Shadow: “you two stay out of this, this is my fight.” TinyTiger: “what do you mean, who are you fighting?” A humanlike ghost comes from behind the table. Voice: “My name is Spiked Mike, well shadow I guess you are a coward bringing in your friends to help you win this match.” Spiked Mike is a ghost with blonde hair with a Mohawk, black jacket with an earring in his left air holding a chain to hit his opponents. He fly’s over and starts beating on shadow. #17: “Tiny now, suck that punk up.” TinyTiger: “right.” Tiny try’s to suck the ghost up but nothing happens. Tiny: “Darn it’s not working.”

#17 races over in desperation to help shadow. Spiked Mike: “stay out of this.” #17: “why don’t you make me girly guy.” Spiked Mike: “what did you just say to me?” Ghost in the rocking chair/Neville: “Mike!, you and your friends need to keep it down, I’m trying to read.” Spiked Mike try’s to hit Juunana with his chain but every time he try’s Juunanagou doges it. Spiked Mike: “man I’m tired.” Tiny Tiger Finally sucks up Spiked Mike. Shadow falls to the ground in relief. Neville: “what do you want?” Tiny try’s to suck up the ghost but nothing happens. about a minute later he yawns and TinyTiger sucks him up.

Tiny takes off the poltergust 3000 and set’s it on the ground. #17: “yah, we did it.” TinyTiger: “yah I guess we did.” Juunana: “yah, you might want to put the poltergust 3000 back on.” TinyTiger: “not now.” C-17: “no seriously you should put it back on.” Tiny: “I just said no.” #17: “You should really put it back on, one of those ghost’s could come and grab it.” TinyTiger: “I make the calls, thus you have no say in the matter got ah!” 3 pink ghost’s come through the wall and grab tiny and try and pull him in. #17: “Tiny no!” android 17 races over and grabs Tiny Tiger’s arm so the ghost’s don’t pull him in. TinyTiger: “no no, don’t let them take me, ah there pulling!” #17: “darn there over powering me, I need more help!”

Shadow the Hedgehog jumps to his feet and starts helping Juunana pull Tiny away from the ghost’s. Shadow: “ah there pulling.” #17: “then we’ll pull right back!” Android 17 powers up. Pink-Ghost: “wow his power level far surpasses the echidna, his power reading is 728, we’ll need more girls back here or he’ll take or Tiny Tiger.” 8 more pink ghost’s come. TinyTiger: “pull harder you fools.” the Pink Ghost’s pull tiny away. Shadow: “hurry shoot an energy blast so we can save him.” #17: “I cant this place must have something in the basement absorbing anything that hit’s the mansion, I already tried blasting myself to the basement”

Shadow: “what a bummer, I guess we better go meet up with the rest of the group.” The two warriors walk out of the mansion and meet up with the rest of the team. Vegeta: “whelp it looks like you owe me a twenty luigi, Tiny Tiger Didn’t come back.” Boshi: “yep, so hand it over luigi.” Luigi: “what happened, where’s Tiny?” #17: “that goof ball put down the poltergust 3000 and they captured him” #17 hands the poltergust 3000 to luigi. Link: “that’s weird.” Leonardo: “what.” Conan: “I’m following you Link, why did they take Tiny Tiger when they could have just taken the poltergust 3000.”

#17: “the missing people are in the basement, we can still save them.” Yoshi: “no!, there’s way to many traps down there we should wait.” Luigi: “who’s up next?”

Chapter 16

Conan: “last time on Luigi’s Mansion, Shadow the hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Android 17, and Tiny Tiger took down a humongous dragon and got a key to a new room but before they could open the door luigi appeared and told them there was only one way to take down the ghost’s and that was by using the poltergust 3000. Later TinyTiger was captured, one thing doesn’t sit straight with me why would the ghost’s take TinyTiger when they could of just taken the poltergust 3000, More action right now on,

Luigi’s Mansion Part 3!

Luigi: “the human looking ghost’s you two saw are the ones missing from the gallery, but I don’t remember any spiked mike.” E.Gadd: “Luigi, Vincent-Van-Gore may of created more ghost’s in the mansion.” Vegeta: “who is that?” Luigi: “he’s the one who makes all the ghost’s.” Goten: “well whoever they are they don’t mess with the son family, they’ll all go down.” Vegeta: “well we should stop talking and have the next group go already.” Conan: “me, #17, and Beastboy have decided to go, don’t worry us three will return in good condition.” Beastboy: “here conan.” Beastboy hands Conan the poltergust 3000 and he puts it on. Juunanagou: “let’s go you guy’s we have a lot of sucking up to do.” The three of them walk into the mansion. Robin: “I’m pretty sure they’ll come back.” Yoshi: “I really hope so.”

Juunanagou come this way I want to show you guy’s something.” they head to the balcony where he and tiny had found the crying toad named toady. Beastboy: “you must be toady.” Toady: “hey.” The 4 of them talk for about 3 minutes. #17: “we better get going, hey toady how do we get to that room with the broken window over there.” Toady: “in the same hall as the study room but be careful, there are fake doors that may slam you /vacuum on the door and see if it moves if it does it’s safe to go in.” Beastboy: “right.” Conan: “poor plants they look like they haven’t been watered in a long time.” #17: “we’ll come back in awhile to water them but right now we have a mission.” The three of them head over to the room

Beastboy: “looks like we made it to the Master Bedroom.” #17: “see look two human looking ghost’s.” Lydia: “finally the boy’s have shown up, hello my name is Lydia and this is my younger cousin who just turned 16, Leli.” Leli: “what is your name little boy.” Conan: “Conan Edogawa.” Leli: “well conan shouldn’t you be hanging out with my little cousins Henry and Orville, I know they can be pretty bossy but you’ll get use to it.” Conan: “try’s to suck up the two ghost’s. Nothing happens, Leli slaps conan. Leli: “mind yourself little boy, we don’t like to much air in this room.” Lydia: “you know Leli that green guy hasn’t said a word since he’s got here.”

Leli: “I know you’ve come to ask me out on a date, haven’t you.” she kisses BeastBoy on the lips witch leaves him speechless. Leli: “the answer is yes.” #17: “what are you ghost’s doing in luigi’s mansion?” Lydia: “what do you mean, this mansion isn’t owned by that mustache fool it belongs to me and my husband Neville.” #17: “ha, your husband is not around anymore.” Lydia: “what do you mean.” Juunana: “conan, now!” Conan removes the curtains and he starts sucking up the ghost’s with the poltergust 3000. As Leli goes into the vacuum she winks at beastboy and say’s we’ll meet again.

Juunana: “yes we got them, no thanks to Beastboy.” Conan: “yah, wait did you here that cry in the hall?” Beastboy: “yah, let’s go check it out.” The three of them walk into the Nursery and see Chauncey the baby. Conan: “ah he’s so quite.” Android17 collects all the money in the room. Conan sits and rocks on the baby’s wooden horse.” Chauncey: “what are you doing.” #17: “so he can talk.” Chauncey: “who are you talking about big bully?” Beastboy: “he didn’t mean to offend you, you just look like.” Conan: “cut the little guy some slack.” Chauncey: “who are you calling little.” Juunana gets annoyed at the baby and kicks a ball at him witch knocks him to the ground.” Chauncey: “you guy’s act like your so big and tough.”

Beastboy: “now you’ve done it Juunana.” Chauncey: “now I will shrink you all.” He shrinks the three fighters onto his crib. Conan: “where way smaller.” #17: “and he’s much bigger.” Chauncey: “ha, ha, ha you fools you don’t stand a chance anymore, in fact you never did have a chance.” Big bouncy balls start coming down. Beastboy turns into a Leopard and doges all the balls. A ball almost falls on conan but Juunanagou grabs him and fly’s him up. Conan: “now that I’m airborne, ah I have an idea.” Conan sucks up a ball and shoots it at Chauncey. Beastboy: “suck him up now!” Conan try’s his best but the ghost gets away. #17: “don’t worry we’ll get him next time.” C/17 and Conan land and start dodging wooden horses along with beastboy. Chauncey: “so you want to dodge my attacks.”

Juunana: “yah there pretty wimpy for someone who calls them self big.” Chauncey: “let me show you an attack that not even the great Luigi witnessed!” spikes start shooting up from under the crib. Chauncey: “now to make more balls come down.” it looks hopeless as the three struggle to stay alive. Beastboy finally gets a hold of one of the spikes and swings it at Chauncey Chauncey: “owe, that hurt!” Chauncey opens his eyes only to see a ball kicked from #17 knock him over. Conan: “now’s my chance.” Conan sucks up the ghost and they all return to there normal sizes. Beastboy: “I’m my normal size again.” #17: “we better get moving.” Conan: “no I say we head back to the lab, look a pink key.”

The three of them head to the lab where they meet up with E.Gadd. E.Gadd: “this is called a Portrificationizer, this will turn the ghost’s back into paintings.” E

ddie-Brock: “hey, you guy’s made it back I knew you would.” Conan releases the ghost’s into the Portrificationizer. Robin: “Link, Yoshi, and Boshi let’s go.” Conan: “Robin here’s the Poltergust and the Pink key we got.” Robin: “you don’t have to call me by my super hero name you can just call me Tim.” The four of them head into the mansion. They open the first door in the foyer with the pink key. Link: “man it’s dark in this hall.” Robin: “Let’s head to the right.” Golden bat’s fly over them. Boshi: “what there’s bat’s to, this is a job for the batman.” Link: “the closest thing to batman right now is robin, we better get a move on.” A ghost comes from on top of the wall and throws a bomb down, Link kicks it back up to him and it explodes. Boshi: “this is to much.” Boshi runs off. Yoshi smiles. Link: “darn, we should of came without him.” Robin: “boshi wait up!” In the bathroom Boshi hides. Boshi: “at least I’m safe now.” a white ghost wraps around boshi trying to squeeze him to death. Yoshi runs into the bathroom. Boshi in a weak voice: “help me.” Yoshi just stands there. Link and Robin finally come in along with Goten. Tim/Robin sucks up the ghost that was strangling boshi. Boshi falls to the ground. Goten: “that’s what he gets for running off without the rest of us.” Link: “hey yoshi why didn’t you call?” Yoshi: “It was just so sudden how I ran in and saw him like that.”

Robin: “forget it, boshi are you alright.” Boshi sits up really fast. Boshi: “I had everything under control until Yoshi came.” Yoshi: “sure you did, is that why you said yoshi help me?” Boshi: “you must of heard me wrong.” Goten: “that’s enough you two, we better get a move on.” Yoshi: “you guy’s can I’m heading back to the gallery.” The rest of the gang head to the next unlocked room witch happened to be the Ballroom. Link: “look it’s a bunch of shy guy ghost’s with swords and pitchforks, TinyTiger would of loved this.” Goten: “Link do you think you can take um?” Link: “of course.”

Link cut’s all of there weapons in half and slices there masks off, then robin sucks them up.” Boshi: “nice work Link, you or Leonardo the Ninja Turtle need to teach me a thing or two about swords.” Link: “sure thing boshi.” Robin: “look it’s the dancing couple.” Dancing/Couple: “what are you guy’s doing here?” Boshi: “Rapping.” The couple keep dancing. Link: “good answer Boshi.” Goten: “darn now how do we beat them?” Robin: “wait there’s a slight second when they, now!” Robin sucks up the dancing couple. Boshi: “good job.” Link picks up a key. Link: “I bet yaw it goes to this room.”

Link unlocks the room and the three of them walk into the Storage Room. Robin: “weird, the lights are already on in this room.” Boshi backs up into the button on the wall and the left side of the wall moves to the left. Robin: “nice work boshi.” Boshi: “thanks, the smartness runs in my family. They search the new part of the room. Boshi: “woh cool picture.” he rips the picture off the wall and finds another button. Boshi: “Robin I found another button.” Robin: “good, press it.” He presses the button the little chamber opens, a key shoots out along with sleeping gas. Robin: “oh, no.” Robin quickly digs into his utility belt and puts a device in his mouth to let him breath fresh air.

The rest fall asleep. Link wakes up to find himself in the gallery. Link: “what happened?” Vegeta: “you got gassed that’s what, Robin, Eddie Brock, and Knuckles are in the mansion right now.” Leonardo and Shadow walk in. Shadow: “it looks like the elf guy is the only one who has woken up, goten and boshi are still asleep.” Simba walks in Simba: “hey, luigi said dinners ready.” Back in the mansion. Knuckles: “so this is the storage room where they were put to sleep right Tim drake.” Robin: “yes.” Tim takes out a small flash light out of his utility belt and shines it down where the gas came from. he puts his flashlight away. Robin: “it appears to have come from the basement.” Eddie/Brock: “I say we go check somewhere else.”

Tim pulls out the key that came out before the gas. Tim: “I say we find the door that this key goes to.” They search around in the mansion and find a room the key goes to. They walk into the Fortune Tellers room. Knuckles: “hey this must be that room luigi was talking about, if you shine light on that globe some ghost called Madame-Clairvoya will appear.” Robin pulls out his flashlight once more and shines it on the ball and the ghost appears along with music. Robin: “you must be.” Madame-Clairvoya: “yes, I am Madame Clairvoya what have you come to ask of me?” Robin: “what do you mean?” Knuckles: “she can read into the feature 49 day’s.” Madame-Clairvoya: “better make that 100 years, my powers of seeing into various features for each person.”

Eddie Brock: “sure you can, then who am I?” Madame-Clairvoya: “Your Eddie brock also known as venom you and the alien suite bonded together to take your revenge on Spiderman a.k.a Peter Parker.” Robin: “cool.” Madame-Clairvoya: “your the third robin also known as tim drake, you became robin after the death of Jason Todd, and your Knuckles the Echidna guardian of the master emerald right?” Knuckles: “yes.” Tim: “so what is your main specialty?” Madame-Clairvoya: “bring me dropped items and I will give you information on what’s going on in this mansion.” Eddie: “alright, trust us we’ll be back.” The three of them walk into the Mirror room. They suck up all the ghost’s in the room and a chest appears. Knuckles opens it and the element of fire comes out. Knuckles: “I guess we stick this in the vacuum.” Robin loads the poltergust up with fire he lights all the candles in the room and a key comes down from the ceiling.

Robin lights up the floating candles in the hall way. Eddie Brock: “let’s follow those candles.” they follow the candles into the Butlers room. Shivers: “what are you guest’s doing in my room?” Robin sucks the ghost up. Knuckles walks over to the down left hand corner and finds a jewel. Robin: “I found a rat hole over here, I guess I better scan it. Tim scans it and he goes into the hidden room. Robin: “wow this place is neat.” Tim collects all the gems and coins in the hidden room and returns to his friends in the Laundry Room. Knuckles: “look, I found sonic’s right shoe in the washer, we’ll take it to Madame-Clairvoya in a little bit after we head back to the lab. on there way out/ when they get to the Foyer they find another human looking ghost.”

Gas-Masker: “My name is Gasmasker.” Robin: “so your the one who shot out all that sleeping gas.” Gasmasker: “your right.” Gasmasker is a ghost with a gas mask on with a jacket that is brown with a black hood and a tank gun of sleeping gas. Eddie: “venom time.” the alien suite covers Eddie Brock. Venom: “yes I have waited for a good fight, let’s do this.” Gasmasker shoots out his gas but the three warriors jump out of the way. Knuckles: “take this.” Knuckles try’s to kick and punch the ghost but it goes through him. Gasmasker punches knuckles to the ground. Venom try’s to web him but nothing happens. Robin: “um, I get it fight fire with fire.” Venom: “bird boy if you have a plan let me in on it.”

Robin slides down the railing of the stairs then he jumps up and glides to the ground right in front of Gasmasker. Gasmasker: “say goodnight robin.” Gasmasker try’s to shoot robin with his gas gun but robin deflects the gas back to Gasmasker and he falls to the ground. Robin: “time to suck him up.” Robin sucks up the ghost and heads to the gallery along with knuckles and venom. Back at the gallery. Luigi: “alright vegeta where up.” Luigi and vegeta and luigi enter the mansion and start searching around. Vegeta: “would you stop humming, it’s really getting annoying.” The two find an unlocked door. Luigi: “welcome to the Conservatory room, I see Melody Pianissima isn’t here.” Vegeta: “how would you know?”

Luigi: “we would of heard her playing the Piano before we got here.” Vegeta: “then where is she?”

Chapter 17

Conan: “Last time on Luigi’s Mansion, our team collected many of the ghost’s from the many that where suppose to be in the gallery, we even met up with some new Ghost’s like Leli, Gasmasker, and Spiked Mike. Luigi and Vegeta are searching the mansion there’s just one thing where is Melody-Pianissima?”

Luigi’s Mansion Part 4!!!!

Vegeta: “I don’t know where this ghost is you where talking about but I found another key in this juror.” Luigi: “that’s the key that goes to Billiards Room, the pool table room.” They walk into The Pool Table room.” Vegeta: “so you must be Billiard the ghost right?” Billiard: “yah that would be me, what do you want?” Billiard hit’s the balls up and they fly around the room almost hitting vegeta. Luigi finally gets a ball and shoots Billiard with it. Billiard: “oh that hurt.” Luigi sucks up billiard up. Vegeta: “hey luigi that was cheap I didn’t even get to tell him who I was.” Luigi: “we don’t socialize with the enemy, not to much anyway.” The two of them head into the Projection Room. Luigi: “weird there’s no ghost’s in here, no way there’s a key sitting on the table.” Vegeta: “why am I getting a feeling.”

Luigi: “what kind of feeling vegeta?” Vegeta: “whoever is in the basement is toying with us, look how easy it was to find those last two keys and how the ghost’s keep dropping the keys without much of a fight.” Luigi: “you know vegeta, for once I’m going to have to agree with you on that one.” Luigi: “this key is to the Dining Room, we better get a move on.” Vegeta: “No, something is going on in this mansion I can just feel where being set up.” Luigi: “we sure can’t stay here, we’ll discuss this later.” Luigi hums on there way to the Dinning room. Vegeta: “who is that fat guy?” Luigi: “that is Mr. Luggs.” Mr.Luggs: “who are you calling fat.” Vegeta: “who do you think I’m calling fat, there’s only one humongous fat guy in front of me, I’m kidding.”

Mr.Luggs: “you are?” Mr.Luggs begins to feel better. Vegeta: “no I’m just giving out the facts your fat and over weighted.” Luigi: “gosh, vegeta sure does know how to tick someone off.” Mr.Luggs gets really mad at vegeta’s remark. Mr.Luggs: “no one makes fun of me!” MrLuggs starts shooting fire blasts out of his eyes. After about a minute he gets tired and Luigi sucks him up with the Poltergust 3000. Vegeta: “nice work, now let’s move on.” luigi and vegeta head into the Kitchen Vegeta: “Luigi do you have any thing in your fridge?” Luigi: “don’t open it.” It was to late the fridge knocked vegeta to the ground, and a ghost appeared. Luigi destroys the ghost with fire from the poltergust 3000. Vegeta and Luigi finish off all of the ghost’s in the kitchen and get the element of water. Vegeta: “alright, finally where getting somewhere.”

Luigi shoots water on the door and the fire goes out. Vegeta: “so this must be the back yard.” Luigi: “no it’s called the bone yard, well it looks like Spooky has a friend.” There is a new ghost dog and his name is Spikes, the dog of Spiked Mike. Vegeta: “I like how they both have spiky collars other then that they don’t look to friendly.” The dogs attack the two. 2 minutes later. Vegeta: “there unstoppable, isn’t there away to fight these guys?” Luigi: “no.” The two of them just sit there as the dogs charge them down. The door swings open behind them and Simba the lion king attacks the two ghost dogs and defeats them, the ghost’s disappear. Vegeta: “wow.” Luigi: “you mind telling us what’s going on simba?” Simba: “well it’s a long story but any way Leonardo and Link got tired of waiting around so they snuck through the mansion, they went to the ghost called Madame-Clairvoya.” Luigi: “what did she do to you?” Simba: “well we had to focus our minds then she could send us into the sprit world but only for a little bit.” They search Spooky’s dog house and they make it to another area.

Vegeta: “is this the back yard?” Luigi: “no this is called the Graveyard, for the record I don’t have anything called a backyard.” Simba: “I found I jewel stuck up in here.” Vegeta: “hey look that grave over there is glowing.” the three of them walk up to it and lighting comes down and now they must face the 2nd boss/Bogmire. Vegeta: “let’s attack!” vegeta gets knocked to the side because he can’t touch the ghost. Luigi and Simba beat Bogmire with ease. After they regain there size they get a green key. Luigi: “good another key.” Simba: “I forgot to tell you guy’s we gave Clairvoya sonic the hedgehogs shoe, she said sonic has been captured and something about the light and darkness and the chosen demands.” Luigi: “that’s very interesting, I wonder what she means.” Vegeta: “interesting, yet not helpful to this mission.” When they return to the lab they find it empty.

Simba: “wow this place is a mess, it looks like someone was in a hurry to get out of here.” Vegeta: “yah you sure said it, I wonder what’s going on.” Luigi puts down the poltergust 3000. Vegeta: “darn now I have that stupid humming of yours in my head luigi.” Luigi: “I get it now the dark and the light the 4 demands are.” before luigi could say another word, two red ghost’s fly off with him. vegeta picks up the poltergust 3000 and him and simba run back to the mansion. Vegeta and Simba finally meet up with the rest of the group in the study room. Link: “there you guys are, the ghosts captured E.Gadd.” Simba: “they got luigi to.” Shadow: “darn, those where the only two who knew the mansion that well.” Conan: “no there is someone in this group who knows it just as well as those two.” Eddie-Brock: “who!”

Conan: “this person has been working with the ghost’s all along, there’s only one person who could of pulled it off.” Eddie-Brock: “yah right none of us where working with the ghost’s.” Everyone agrees with Eddie and they begin to clear the room even Tim Drake. Conan/Jimmy: “There is only one way to get them to believe me.” Conan uses his detective bow tie and knocks out Eddie Brock, Eddie falls into the rocking chair and falls asleep. Conan: “now to make this bow tie sound like Eddie.” Conan hide behind the rocking chair. Eddie/Conan: “wait, the kids right.” Everyone walks back into the room. Knuckles: “so Eddie brock who is it?” Conan/Eddie: “this person, didn’t use the poltergust 3000, and why would they it would be annihilating there own partners.”

Boshi: “so who is it spit it out.” Conan/Eddie: “for starters this person was late joining our group.” Shadow: “are you saying it’s tiny tiger?” Conan/Eddie: “no they where the first late person.” Link: “really, are you sure it’s not simba.” Eddie/conan: “I’m positive, the betrayer is you Yoshi!” Conan’s theme song begins to play. Knuckles: “teh.” Yoshi: “what me!” Eddie/Conan: “yah you don’t act so surprised, remember when you, gohan, and mikey went into the mansion your the only one who came out and when we first saw you, you where acting weird.” Boshi: “that would explain why you didn’t help me in the bathroom.” Yoshi: ” ha ha, nice theories but do you have any proof?” Android 17: “you gave yourself away, back when I said we can still save the others in the basement you said/ Yoshi: “no!, there’s way to many traps down there we should wait.”

Yoshi runs for the door but when he opens it there is a big surprise, two boo ghost’s grab him and take him away. Yoshi: “help guys please!” 1 minute of silence. Leonardo walks up to vegeta. Leonardo: “well it looks like you’ll have to carry the poltergust 3000.” Vegeta: “what, oh I almost forgot.” Boshi: “ok this is how it’s going to go.” the lights go out in the room and you can here screaming in the dark and everyone runs out of the room. Vegeta: “darn those ghost’s got simba and conan, what is going on in this mansion?” Link: “hey, everyone’s all split up.” vegeta: “I know.” Leonardo and Eddie Brock have the green key from Bogmire. Leonardo: “Look we can open this door now.” The two of them walk into the Courtyard. Leo: “check out this statue.” Eddie Brock: “that’s pretty cool.’

Eddie walks up to the mail box and finds Gohan’s glasses. Leonardo: “good, now we have another lost item we can report to Madame-Clairvoya.” Ghost’s start coming out and Leo slices them with his swords. Leonardo: “that will teach them to mess with a ninja turtle, hey did you here that.” Eddie: “it’s coming from that well.” Leo: “you stay here, I’m going to go check it out, if I’m not back in 5 head in.” Eddie: “right.” Leo heads down. Leonardo: “yes, I think we’ll need one of these.” Leonardo picks up the lantern laying there. Leo here’s Yoshi screaming, he walks over and looks through the lion head where he can see yoshi getting whipped and dragged away. King-Boo: “I told you not to fail me yoshi, what is taking my minions so long?” Leo heads back up to see that the shed door is opened and Eddie is talking to a toad. Eddie Brock: “he say’s he found one pair of your brothers chucks, he already gave it to Madame-Clairvoya.” Leo: “we, hey did you see that it looked like some little robot was taping us.” Eddie: “it was probably nothing, hey look over there it’s a chest full of gold.” Leonardo: “look I found another key.”

The two of them open up the Rec-Room, and as soon as they do the ghost named Biff Atlas drops his weights and turns around. Biff-Atlas: “well well, it looks like you punks have made it this far.” Eddie: “so your suppose to be the strongest ghost in this mansion?” Biff-Atlas: “that would be me.” Leo: “sure he’s big and tough looking but he kind of looks stupid to.” Biff Atlas: “what you want proof I’ll give you proof!” Eddie Brock: “ok let’s see out of me and you who can lift more weights.” Biff and Eddie begin lifting the weights, after it gets to 500 pounds Eddie Brock transforms into venom. Biff Atlas: “well I guess you are stronger then me, but in a punching match I would win.” Venom: “Leonardo go bodies with him.” Leonardo: “I’m not in the mood for that bull, me and my brothers would do that stuff all the time.”

Biff-Atlas: “so your chicken?” Leo: “ok only this once.” 3 orange ghosts and two boo ghosts: “there about to go bodies let’s go get more ghosts to watch.” Leonardo and Biff Atlas warm up for a minute punching the punching bags. Eddie: “are you two ready?” Biff: “I’m ready when he is.” Leo: “let’s get this over with.” Many ghosts heads pop out from many sides of the wall to watch the match. Eddie Brock: “ready begin!” Biff atlas and Leonardo the ninja turtle begin going bodies. They stop after about 30 seconds. Biff-Atlas: “no face shot’s.” They begin pounding on each other again, Leo begins to pull back. Red-Ghost: “I knew Biff was going to win.” Leo remembered that a crowed was watching him so he started making Biff move back and that is where the ghost’s start cheering. After about another minute Biff Atlas falls to the ground.

Blue-Ghost: “that was tight.” all the ghost’s leave. Leonardo: “you loose.” Leo puts on a smile. Biff jumps up and punches leo to the ground and fly’s through the wall. Eddie-Brock: “darn he got away.” Leonardo stands to his feet. Leonard: “at least I won the match.” Eddie and Leo search the room for any keys, Leo finds a key when he uses the walking machine. Leo: “this key just leads us back to this hall.” The two of them run into Robin. Eddie: “hey Tim, your last name is drake right?” Robin: “yah, cool you guy’s unlocked this door.” Eddie: “actually we found it on the other side of this door.” Leonardo: “hey robin you wouldn’t happen to have a lighter in you utility belt would you?” Robin pulls out a lighter and hands it to him, Leo lights up the lantern and hands Robin his lighter back. they open the unlocked door once more and walk up the stairs. Robin: “we must be careful none of us have been up here before.”

In the Kitchen

Knuckles: “I wonder if we’ll ever find sonic and everyone else.” Link: “there’s a chance we will and there’s a chance we won’t.” Vegeta: “shadow is taking a little nap by the fire in the Dinning room.” Knuckles: “I don’t blame him I’m a bit tired myself.” Link: “but we still have a mission to do.” Vegeta looks in the fridge. Vegeta: “well it’s pretty empty.” Knuckles: “vegeta don’t you think we should be hunting these ghost’s down instead of sitting around doing nothing?” Vegeta: “we will, in time.” Knuckles: “I’m tired of waiting around, I’m leaving!” Knuckles leaves the room. Link: “darn doesn’t he know we should stick together?” Vegeta: “I say we split up and find out what’s going on in this mansion.”

Back up stairs

Eddie Transforms back into venom and climbs on top of the wall looking for any of the ghost’s that may pop out. Leonardo holds the lantern, and Robin has his little flash light he got out of his utility belt. Robin: “so Leo you have two other brothers?” Leonardo: “yah besides Mikey, Raph and Don are my two other brothers.” Leonardo: “there’s two ways, one of us can go straight and the other can go left.” Robin looks up and doesn’t see venom anywhere. Robin: “they must of gotten Eddie.” Leo: “your right.” Robin: “here take one of my lighters you may need it for if your lantern burns out, I’ll see you later.” Leonardo: “Robin be careful.” Robin: “I will, same for you.” Leo: “got it.” Robin heads straight and Leonardo heads to the left. Leonardo opens the first door he comes across. Leo walks into the Astral Hall. Leonardo: “looks like I better light up those candles.” Leo lights up the candles and four shy guy ghost’s appear with pitch forks.

Leonardo: “I mean you no harm.” The shyguy’s attack. Leo pulls out his two swords and does battle with the shyguy’s for about a minute then he cut’s there mask’s off and destroys them by staving them in the face. Leo opens the next door and enters the Observatory-Room. Leonardo: “this room is pretty cool, I wonder what you can see through that telescope?” Leo looks into the telescope and sees space. After he’s done the room changes. Leonardo: “what happened!” A white path of air forms to Conan’s bow tie. Leonardo walks on the path and grabs the bow tie. Leonardo: “got it.” Once Leonardo touches the tie green asteroids start shooting down at him, Leonardo runs across the path and leaves the room.

Robin enters the bathroom of the hallway he’s in. Tim sees a shadow of a fine ghost chick. Robin: “owe hot mama, darn I need to focus on the mission.” Robin opens the curtains to the shower and his face goes from a smile to a surprised face. Robin: “she’s fat and ugly.” Miss-Petunia: “ah what is a little kid like you doing in here, I thought you where Henry or Orville they always walk in here hoping Melody is in the shower.” Robin: “I have no idea who those two are, my name is Tim but you could just call me Robin.” Miss-Petunia: “shut the door your letting in all the cold air.” Tim/Robin: “I see she doesn’t like cold, I have an idea.” Tim digs into his utility belt and throws a tablet at Miss Petunia and it freezes her then she gets sent back to the gallery. Robin leaves the bathroom and heads to the next room. Tim walks into Nana’s room. Nana: “who goes there, is that you Henry?” Nana turns around in her wheel chair to see Robin. Nana: “the legendary Robin.”

Robin: “that would be me, also known as Timothy Drake” Nana: “ha ha, I know what your here for you’ve come to send me back to the gallery right?” Robin: “yes miss.” Nana: “two bad it’s not going to happen, now leave my room.” Robin throws a bird rang at her but she melts it with her laser eyes. Robin: “jeez and I thought only Clark and.” before he can say another word she fires another blast. This time Tim deflects it with his cape and sends her back to the gallery. Robin: “I guess I can search this room for anything valuable to this mission. Leo has checked all the rest of the doors in his area but there all locked. Leonardo: “well, it looks like another stairwell to another floor.” android 17 comes from behind Leo. #17: “good your still here, I thought I was the only one left.” Leonardo: “hey you think we should check it out are wait for the others?”

Android 17 starts walking up the stairs. Leonardo: “I guess that answers my question.” Leo follows him. They walk into the Safari Room. Juunanagou: “wow, I like this room.” Leonardo: “yah, there’s a lot of dead animal skins in here.” two blue ghost’s appear behind them as they talk. #17: “you know since me and vegeta will be staying here for awhile I guess I’ll sleep in this room.” Leonardo: “What are these suppose to be Leopard rugs?” The ghost tighten up there fit’s and throw a punch but Juunana and Leonardo jump back and kick the two ghost’s through the wall. Leo: “come on they really thought we where off guard, there crazy.” #17: “I can since more approaching.” Leo pulls out his twin katana swords. Many ghost’s race into the room and attack. Leo and Juunana take down the ghost’s with in 5 minutes.

Both breathing rapidly fast. Leo: “they where tougher then I thought.” #17: “you could say that again.” A golden chest appears in the middle of the room. #17 opens it and out pops a key. They walk around trying all the doors in the next hall. Leonardo: “none of these rooms go with this key.” #17: “this door is unlocked.” The two of them walk into The Artist’s Studio. Leo: “you!” Vincent Van Gore turns around to see Juunana and Leonardo. Vincent-Van-Gore: “well well if it isn’t the teenage mutant ninja turtle Leonardo.” Leo: “so you do know me, but how?” Vincent-Van-Gore: “I have my creations spy on you, besides your pretty popular now that you took on and beat Biff Atlas.” #17: “yah I heard a few ghost’s talking about that bodies match.” Leonardo: “I didn’t know I was so popular with the ghost’s.”

Vincent-Van-Gore: “I say we finish this.” He sends all the types of ghost’s to attack them. After about 8 minutes Leo and #17 defeat all of his creations. Vincent-Van-Gore: “oh no, you’ve destroyed all of my wonderful creations!” Juunana loads up an energy blast and sends Vincent Van Gore back to his painting. #17: “he was getting on my nerves, he had to go.” Leonardo: “at least he won’t be able to make anymore ghost’s.” #17: “yah, we better keep looking around.” A chest appears and Leo grabs the key and they head off. #17: “hey that’s the only door we haven’t tried.” They open the last door. They both walk out onto the balcony. Leo: “it’s beautiful up here.” It starts to thunder and a big rain storm comes in. Leonardo manages to see through the rain a bit. Leo: “Is that Gohan?” #17: “where?” Leonardo: “follow me.”

#17 runs behind Leonardo and they open up a new door witch leads them into a new hall of doors. #17: “those two doors are the only real ones.” beastboy comes running into the hall. Beastboy: “I thought I saw sonic run to this place.” #17: “um, that’s strange we thought we saw gohan enter this place.” Beastboy: “hey maybe they went into one of those rooms.” The three of them open both doors with the two keys they found Beastboy walks into the Telephone Room and #17 and Leo head into the Armory.

Will they find and defeat the remaining ghosts?”

Chapter 18

Leonardo: “Last time on Darkness to the Light, Luigi and Vegeta had there first team up in the mansion. Vegeta discovered that the ghost’s where just playing with us, that would explain how we kept getting keys to new rooms so easily. Luigi and many others have been captured by boo ghost’s that are lurking in the basement. I took on Biff Atlas in a little match of bodies and won, currently Beastboy, Juunanagou, and me have found two new rooms find out what happens today in,

Luigi’s Mansion Part 5/The final blow

Beastboy messes around with Conan’s bow tie for a minute and realizes that it has a different tone if you turn the knob on the tie. Beastboy: “sweet.” the telephone in the middle of the room begins to ring. Beastboy answers it and here’s the voice of a boo ghost on the other line. Boo-Ghost: “King Boo is that you?” Beastboy changes the bow tie to a different level. Beastboy: “yah this is king boo, what’s up.” Boo/Ghost: “are you feeling ok Master?” Beastboy: “I’m feeling just fine dude.” Boo-Ghost: “well anyway when you get the chance where ready to get our next target, the 3 you said to keep around will stay untouched.” The ghost hangs up. Beastboy: “darn I didn’t get to ask who the next target was.” Beastboy Turns around. beastboy: “well it looks like I found another door.” Beastboy walks into the new room and explores. Beastboy begins messing with the music boxes. The clock work soldiers come to life. They start shooting at beastboy. After being shot down beastboy turns into a gorilla and smashes them. They dissolve and return to there paintings. Beastboy: “Yes I took them down!”

In the armory

#17: “wow, I wonder how old these suites are, since me and vegeta will be staying here he could keep his saiyan armor in here.” Leonardo: “the armor couldn’t be that old, the ghost’s made this mansion remember?” #17: “I’ll go check out this next room.” Juunana walks into the Ceramics-Study. Leonardo: “I guess this rooms all mine.” Leo opens all of the treasure chest’s and the last one he opens a ghost jumps out. Leo: “you had me scared there for a second.” Leo slices the ghost in half with one of his swords. #17: “sounds like Leo is having a party in there.” Jarvis the ghost pop’s his head out of one of the jars. Jarvis: “well well, well you must be that android who’s been lurking around the mansion.” Juunanagou: “how did you know I was an Android?” Jarvis: “ghost’s have been flying around telling me about this android guy with long black hair, they also told me how you defeated that dragon.” #17: “they where watching us, why didn’t they just capture us right then?”

Jarvis: “hopefully you’ll soon find out, so what brings you to my room filled with these lovely jars?” #17: “actually I’m looking for guy’s like you so I can send you back to the gallery.” Jarvis: “is that so, well I have a game, I will poke my head out of one of these jars and you have to blast me.” #17: “so if I hit you that will send you straight to the gallery right?” Jarvis: “right, but you only get three try’s ok.” They begin the game. The first time he pokes his head out Juunana shoots his blast to late and the second time he shoots to high, the final time he blast’s Jarvis. #17: “alright, he went straight back to the gallery.” Leo and BeastBoy walk in to the room. Leo: “beastboy said he found away to get to the roof in the Clock-Work Room.” #17: “nice job beastboy.” Beastboy: “hey did you guys here that.” The door begins to open. Leo pulls out both of his swords and #17 pulls out his gun, beastboy gets into a fighting stance.

Knuckles the Echidna walks into the room. Knuckles: “Hey did you guys check out that tight armor in the other room?” #17 and Leo put there weapons away and Beastboy returns to his normal stance. Leonardo: “yah we did check out the armor, it was pretty nice, Beastboy found away to get to the roof you want to come with?” Knuckles: “sure.” #17: “you guys go on ahead I’m going to go find goten.” Leo: “be careful.” #17: “I’ll be just fine.” Juunanagou walks off and explores the mansion. Knuckles, Beastboy, and Leonardo head back to the Clockwork room. Beastboy: “all we have to do is stand on that platform and it will take us up.” The three of them walk onto the Platform and as soon as they do the lights go off throughout the whole mansion, they head up to the roof. Leo: “look over there, some more Shy Guy ghosts.” Knuckles: “yah, it looks like there having a ceremony of some kind.”

The Shyguy’s turn to see the three warriors standing there. They point there pitchforks at Leonardo. ShyGuy-1: “Let’s see if he’s really tougher then Biff Atlas.” Leo beats the ghosts with ease but one of them runs off and Knuckles runs after him. Knuckles: “oh no you don’t.” he chases him to the right side of the roof. ShyGuy-4: “come get me, I’m up here you red stupid Echidna!” Knuckles jumps up to where the chimney is then the ghost moves out of the way and Knuckles falls in into the Sealed Room. Knuckles: “darn it’s so dark in here, I can’t see a thing.

In the Foyer

Vegeta: “darn I can’t seem to find anything around here. The toad in the foyer. Toad: “hey vegeta I found this key down in the Breaker Room.” Vegeta: “thanks, now I’m in businesses.” Vegeta goes searching around for witch room the key belongs to. He finally finds the room witch appears to be the Twins Room. Vegeta: “so this must be the little kids room, woh cool a dart board with darts. Vegeta plays with the darts for about a minute. vegeta: “yes I got a perfect shot right in the middle.’ Vegeta walks over to the bunk beds. Vegeta: “this fits just right for Trunks and Bura.” Vegeta gets board of looking around and starts vacuuming the whole room. On accident vegeta spins the toy planes. Vegeta senses two ghosts behind him, one to the right and one to the left. Henry: “who are you.” Orville: “yah, and what are you doing in our room mister messing with our stuff?” Vegeta: “first off my name is vegeta.”

Orville: “mister, where are the rest of your friends?” Vegeta: “I have no idea.” Henry: “I see you’ve come to capture us and send us back to the gallery, well if that’s so we’ll play a game.” Vegeta: “and what might that be.” Orville: “hide and seek mister, if you can find witch box’s we’ll be hiding in you can send us to the gallery.” Henry: “what he means is will go willingly, now be a gentle man and leave the room.” Vegeta leaves the room and comes back in several times. vegeta: “darn I still haven’t found both of them in one game.” Robin walks into the room. Tim: “maybe I can help.” Orville: “a new customer, this should be good.” Henry: “so Robin, I’ve heard so much about you and Batman.” Orville: “ok you two go out we will hide and you will seek.” Robin begins to catch there pattern on witch box they will be hiding in next.

Vegeta: “this one.” Orville: “not bad mister.” Robin: “this one.” Vegeta: “no not that one this one.” Robin just opens the one he thinks. Henry: “hey Tim Drake cheated, cheater.” Orville jumps into his plane and starts dropping down missiles, and Henry gets into his truck. Henry: “this is something even Luigi didn’t see.” Machine guns pop out of both sides of his truck. Robin and Vegeta spend about one minute dodging the two, but then vegeta sucks them into the Poltergust 3000. Vegeta: “good job Robin” Robin: “thanks.” Juunanagou walks into the kitchen to see Shadow and Goten sitting at the table. Shadow: “the ghosts got Link, we tried our best to save him.” #17: “darn.” Goten: “so I guess that means my brother is somewhere in the basement, we have to get past those traps Yoshi was talking about.” Boshi comes from out of the kitchen drinking a glass of ice water. Shadow: “goten managed to get the element of ice for the poltergust 3000 up in one of those rooms up on the 2nd floor.” Goten: “I believe it was called the Tea Room but I’m not sure.”

#17: “did you here that, it sounded like a piano, coming from the Conservatory.” Shadow: “let’s go check it out.” Boshi: “you guy’s can I’ll be right here.” #17: “stay here until we get back.” Boshi: “don’t worry I’ll be right here.” Shadow, Goten, and Android 17 leave and head to the music room. When they get in there they don’t see any ghosts. Goten: “I wonder what all that noise was?” Shadow walks around and taps on all of the interments then Melody Pianissima appears along with yet another new ghost. #17: “and I thought there was only one musician in this whole mansion.” Melody: “afraid not, I’m melody and this is my 17 year old sister Nelody Pianissima. Shadow: “you two don’t look to much different, Nelody just has her hair in a pony tail when you don’t and she’s wearing a skirt.” #17: “must you give out so much detail, sorry about this hedgehog he just wants some attention.”

Nelody: “I heard that your green friend asked Leli to go out with him, have you guy’s come to ask us the same question?” Goten: “well it depends on how old you guys are.” #17: “you stupid idiot were not here to.” Nelody: “what are you two mumbling about over there, well any way as you both know I’m 17 and Melody is 26.” Shadow: “and I say less talking and more fighting.” Shadow try’s to kick Nelody but she slaps him to the ground. #17: “shadow that was really uncalled for” Melody: “you tell him handsome, by the way do any of you have a sweet spot for music?” #17: “um, I know a lot about music.” Nelody: “really.” #17: “try me.” Nelody plays a song on the piano. #17: “that was in super mario brothers 3 and the composer was thinking of water.” Melody: “nice job.” Nelody: “how about this?” She plays a different theme. Shadow: “that was from super mario 1, the composer was thinking of the sky.”

Nelody: “jeez you two are smart, what about you goten do you know anything about music?” Goten: “not really?” This makes Melody and Nelody mad, they shoot there music notes at goten. c-17 blasts the sheets of paper up with energy blasts. Then shadow forms a purple blast and sends Melody and Nelody back to the Gallery. Goten: “let’s head back to the Dinning room, Boshi should still be in there.” When they return they don’t see boshi anywhere. Shadow: “darn he must of run off.” goten: “we’ll just have to go look for him, I say we stick together.” Shadow: “I say we split up.” #17: “I highly agree with Shadow, we can cover more rooms.” Goten: “we’ll meet back here in 30 minutes.” Shadow: “ok.” As soon as the three of them split up you can here goten screaming, 5 boo ghost’s drag him to the basement. Shadow: “whelp that’s to bad for him.”

In the sealed Room

Knuckles wakes up from his little nap to the sound of raining and thunder. Knuckles: “I better check out what’s in these chest’s.” Knuckles gets up and opens all of the chests and fines many treasures and one key. Knuckles: “I haven’t dealt with ghost’s since Pumpkin hill.” Knuckles scans the hole and gets shot out into the hall way. Knuckles try’s the key on a few doors then he opens one. Knuckles: “This must be the Sitting Room.” knuckles take a seat on the couch. Knuckles: “I really do like this room.” Knuckles gets a jug of water and begins to drink it. Knuckles heads into the Guest Room, there he sees another ghost that should be in the gallery. Sue-Pea: “wow a moving little stuffed animal.” Knuckles: “I’m not a stuffed animal I am real, made by flesh.” Sue-Pea: “I know it’s you Orville or Henry, you can take the suite off now.” Knuckles throws the rest of his water at her.

Then she starts crying then knuckles kicks her, then she returns to the gallery. Knuckles: “now that she’s been beaten the room seems not to be upside down anymore.” Knuckles walks into the hall to see Leo and Boshi being carried away by ghost’s and Robin running after them. Robin: “no it’s to late.” Beastboy: “darn they got away with them.” Robin: “we have to get to the breaker room to get these lights back on.” Beastboy and vegeta head to the basement to see what they can do about the situation Vegeta: “beastboy hold that flashlight up for me so I can get a view of the switch, thanks.” Vegeta switches the switch up. when vegeta turns around all he sees is a flashlight spinning on the ground. Vegeta: “no beastboy!” Knuckles, #17, and Shadow run into the room. Knuckles: “they got Tim and Goten, where the only 4 left.”

Vegeta: “you know what’s strange there attacking us when we are in groups, there where many opportunities when they could have gotten me when I was alone.” Shadow: “he’s right, here’s the last key we found.” #17: “let’s finish this.” The 4 remaining fighters head into the next room. Vegeta vacuums up the dirt then they head into a new hall way. Vegeta: “ok me and Knuckles will take the second door and you and shadow can take the first.” #17: “alright, you two be careful.” Vegeta: “what ever happened to Madame-Clairvoya?” #17: “I’ll tell you if we make it through this.” They split up into there groups. Shadow the hedgehog and Android 17 head into the Cold-Storage. Shadow: ” look it’s another ghost.” #17: “hey maybe I can light this thing up.” Juunana pulls a lighter out of his pocket and lights the wood.

Sir-Weston: “what are you two dumb nuts doing making fires in this mansion, you’ll kill us all.” Sir Weston makes ice shoot from under them and ice falls down on them. Shadows shoes light up as he dodges the attacks finally Shadow and Juunana form an energy blast together and send him back to the gallery.” Shadow/Android 17: “alright!” Vegeta and Knuckles enter the pipe room. Knuckles: “if we can reach that knob over there we should be able to disable the traps down here.” Vegeta freezes the green asset with the Poltergust 300. Vegeta and Knuckles walk under the water and turn the knob together.

They meet #17 and Shadow in the hall. Juunanagou: “this is the door to king boo, everyone be careful.” they enter through the last two doors and see king boo with his back turned. Vegeta: “king boo you coward why have you been hiding down in the basement and why have you been toying with us!” King Boo: “Just to let you know vegeta I only wanted #17, Knuckles, and Shadow but it seems your still in the living world.” Shadow: “what do you mean?” King-Boo: “come to me my pets.” all of the people that where capture where turned into ghosts. Knuckles: “oh no!” King Boo runs off, then they attack the four remaining fighters. Two minutes later. Shadow: “we can’t fight them there our friends if you guys recall.”

Vegeta: “there!” vegeta presses a button on a switch witch make the ghosts fall to the ground. Knuckles: “what did you do?” Vegeta: “I’ll explain later right now we need to go after king boo.” #17 and Vegeta fly there former partners to the top of the mansion. King Boo stands there along with Biff Atlas and Bowser. Bowser: “hello, vegeta and android 17 it’s been awhile wouldn’t you say.” bowser pulls the time sector from behind his back. Bowser: “hey vegeta does this device bring back memories?” Vegeta: “yah it does.” Bowser: “well all of you say your goodbye to each other because your going to four different corners of this universe.” Shadow cuts bowser’s speech short by snatching the sector. Shadow: “not without this you won’t.” Bowser, Biff Atlas, and King Boo attack the four. Biff Atlas beats on shadow and takes the sector. Biff Atlas: “Yes you fools can’t defeat us now we have the sector on top of that.” Something grabs the sector and takes it up into the air.

Biff Atlas looks up to see who took it. Biff Atlas: “how did you do that?” Voice: “because I’m the Batman.” Batman fly’s down and kicks Biff Atlas to the ground.” Bowser: “the batman!” King-Boo: “what, what is the bat doing here?” Batman: “I’m here to stop you, and now that I have the sector in my hands I will break it in two.” Biff Atlas jumps up and bear hugs batman from behind witch makes him drop the sector. Bowser Picks it up. Biff Atlas: “now I have the bat in my grasp.” He smiles and squeezes harder. Batman slams his head into Biff Atlas face witch makes him fall back to the ground. Batman: “where’s robin?” Knuckles: “he’s been turned into a ghost.” Batman: “you will pay king boo.” Biff Atlas jumps up to grab batman but this time Superman fly’s down from the sky and punches Biff Atlas to the ground witch sends him to the gallery. Bowser: “well, well the superman is here.” Vegeta: “I thought you two where killed by Grundy, is there any more survivors?” Superman: “no where the only two left, we’ll explain later what’s going on.”

Bowser jumps into the mouth of a big metal bowser robot, then the mouth closes. Bowser: “We’ll finish this later I really wasn’t expecting the batman, or superman.” King Boo Jumps into a plane and him and bowser fly off. Vegeta: “they won’t get away that easy.” Superman puts his hand on vegeta’s shoulder. Superman: “we’ll let them get away for now, we need to go check on the others.” Batman: “besides there’s an old friend of yours in the mansion right now checking on the others.” Fox Mccloud lands his arwing on the roof. Vegeta: “fox is that you.” Fox: “hey vegeta, hey #17.” Knuckles: “I’m knuckles the echidna and this is shadow the hedgehog.” Fox: “nice to meet you, I heard about what Super Buu did to falco he won’t get away with this.” Shadow: “hey fox what is the condition of our friends in the basement?” Fox: “they turned back into there normal states.” Superman: “anyone want to help me bring the bodies out side?” Knuckles, #17, and Batman head down. Shadow and Fox shake hands.

Fox: “it looks like the rain just stopped, what do you know the suns coming up now.” Vegeta, Shadow, and Fox watch as the sun comes up for a whole new day.

The end of the Luigi’s mansion saga.

Next Time on Darkness to the light.

Batman: “Tim what happen to you, your a kid again!” Robin: “Bruce, it’s a long story.” The warriors must prepare themselves for the next battle, Glordge and his empire aren’t to far away. Ka-Lion makes a return and what’s this he brings his father Ma-Lion with him all this in the next chapter of Darkness to the light and much more.