Kamek, Chief Magikoopa
First Appearance: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)
Likes: Casting spells, being evil, reading
Dislikes: Mario Bros., Yoshis, losing

During Bowser’s childhood, he was taken care of by the powerful MALE magikoopa, Kamek. While Bowser did have technical control over his army, Kamek gave most of the orders, particularly to the strange Koopa species, the Toadies. Kamek’s power is higher then that of a normal Magikoopa, making him Chief commander of Bowser’s army! for a time, that is. By now, Kamek has grown older, and lost a bit of his power. He has retired into the Beanbean Kingdom and took up hypnosis. Bowser doesn’t seem to mind, as his replacement was Kammy Koopa, another talented magikoopa. Though there is no clear relationship between her and Kamek, there has been rumor that they were close students or even brother and sister! But there’s no indication of that. And although Kamek seems to be retired, he has also appeared in Mario Party 5 and 6, Mario Party Advance, and Yoshi Touch n’ Go! And when players do see him, be careful! He’s one crafy Maikoopa!