Game: Super Mario World

Super Mario World Cheats

Game Genie Infinite Lives: C222-D4DD Invinsibility: DD32-6DAD Start with 99 lives: 14B4-6F07 Start as Cape Mario: CBB7-6D67 + D4B7-6DA7 + 3CB7-6FD7 + 69B7-6F07 Start as Fire Mario: CBB7-6D67 + D7B7-6DA7 + 3CB7-6FD7 + 69B7-6F07 Start as Super Mario: 31B7-6F07 Extra Life in Reserve Box: E7C3-DD6D Starman in Reserve Box: 2DC3-DD6D Feather in Reserve Box: 60C3-DD6D… Read more »

Super Mario World Review

This could have been the best game ever made, but instead of getting better it somehow lost the style SMB3 had. Nevertheless, SMW is still a good game. Replay of this game is only decent; you wont start a new game every day. But since the game is long, and allows you to enter levels… Read more »