Game: Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Action Replay Infinite Health: AU9A-D1GZ-UP7U2 37DD-U8PK-KB3TV 99 Lives: A4N8-M9DM-DV4PU W98E-65YX-W4P5X All Shines: W3CK-R4QN-XTKDW 2FWZ-2M47-0C3QY 4J2V-MTKB-2KNZK 6Z0E-YB0V-FPB2M Open Levels: APBY-U425-CE02D B4X9-JF91-NDGXM P2WZ-MHFA-AQHY3 Low Gravity: NHKB-3G4K-4PGK9 7R07-ZRZA-42W7X Super Spin: A18K-530W-K2PHB JJ5G-VY36-EMBWV Super Speed: 1NT6-7F4B-KFH9E 4F0G-7VT4-5JDGG Breath Underwater: FR5W-AF9D-VK48B MWER-KET0-VEC84 Have Sunshine Shirt: F7EK-WQA7-28PJ3 7UND-Q9A4-8RW3Z Recent Forum Topics » phpBB Updated » The Trifling Phantom » Our Future… Read more »

Super Mario Sunshine Review

Review by cyclone1993 This a Great Game! The Graphics are great the music is beautiful. The gameplay is awesome and the controls are easy to learn. The levels are somewhat hard. It actually has voice overs in it. In some places it is quite funny. It also introduces FLUDD, a small water pack that goes… Read more »

Super Mario Sunshine Glitches

Lost Boat Use the following glitch to get the boat on noki bay out of the boundary. First find the boat. (it is near the dock) Go full speed towards the boundary and jump off right before you hit the barrier. The boat should be out of the barrier but you can’t get it back.